April 28, 2014


This was being made while Kennedy was being set up.

June 6, 2012

For many moons I have fulfilled my earthly duty in resisting the claims by Outhouse Harkin that perjury is due Reagan. Nothing is more important in our system of government than the principle of objective jurisprudence. It is also incumbent upon me not to yield to a foreign pressure lobby trying to exploit a national tragedy,

However, in the end, a defense is due and in the interest of fair play I must admit that I realize at lost that Reagan didn’t know. He was a victim of body-snatchers. They pursued him through his entire career.

May he rest in peace.

June 6, 2012

Defeating Reagan by Exonerating Him

Any defense of Ronald Reagan stating that he was innocent of writing the Burstyn letters has to begin that Reagan has to be protected from himself for his own safety.

Reagan’s position is:

1. The Kennedy Assassination did not matter.
2. The fact that the perpetrators shot at him did not matter.

He was so enamored of and desirous of their Godlaw Installation that he was willing even to put aside that they had started AIDS.

He saw them as good, gave them the weapon Ultrahigh and abolished the Bill of Rights in favor of a hatchet con job called King Crimson.

Suppose I were to believe:

1. The Kennedy Assassination did matter.
2. The fact that they took a shot at Reagan did matter.

It would obviously follow that acceptance of their Godlaw Installation is impossible and the criminally insanity of Robert Fripp be directly rejected.

Tom Harkin is to be instructed to light his own ass on fire and have a safe trip to the moon.

June 6, 2012

It Seems Logically Impossible that HIV Positive Queers Could Be Called Accomplice in the AIDS Onslaught

The Gays of Elton and Seattle have a lot riding on touchy blood hazing as an explanation for what the an English pulled for HitlerReagan, but in the end it isn’t really anything but scummy fucking around with disease vectors to cover up that they FAILED TO WARN did not arrest  the guilty and abused me in an attempt to generate a property heist by identity crime.

There was this big pile on.

The crime seems to have been designed by Ken Russell.  Recall his film The Nuns.  A Royalist sets the stage for a wild and frenetic orgy of naked nuns by claiming to have the ashes of Christ in a box.  The Nuns go wild.  Midway through their hysterics, the Royalist laughed, opens the box, tilts it out and it is empty.  The Nuns pause a moment look, and then lapse back into their pyrogenics.

The same situation holds for the scumminess and depravity in the minds of Paul McCartney and Ronald Reagan.  The box contains the holy proof that Reagan didn’t know.  Found empty, they continue, and you have these violators of the public trust in the clinic system helping the AIDS combein rape, release anthrax, blow up the WTC and all the other things that Brian Eno convinced them to do with Reagan and Ken Russell, almost certainly the “Russell” Burstyn refers to in her script.

You won’t however see anyone in Seattle admitting the truth, because of Obama and Cornell West.  Gabriel thoroughly scammed the voodoo sensibilities of the African theologicians.

So they run around giving people scabies, diarrhea, who knows what all, slashering girls like Shannon and demanding that it is isn’t but it is an iron fist of Black utopians demanding control of Asian women as sexual property in a New Ark of Allah.

Pretty scary, but very real, and there isn’t just isn’t a politician around who can stand up to the movement of Strub and Rushdie, the Gail Gail cult of Burstyn and Zappa.

Writing Reagan a golden parachute is their way of exonerating themselves. 

June 6, 2012

Why My Life Matters

There may be some reason that a Judge, Lawyer, friend or Constitutional Scholar could think of that explains why my life matters better than I could, but being forced to see the world through the criminal prism of the foreign insaneness advancing Godlaw based on a tyrannical hate crime heaped in identity theft, the manner that I answer may seem a little odd.

I had nothing to do with AIDS and so I prefer if you talk to someone else about it. The murderer who latched onto me in a Military Religious partnership is a hate criminal advancing the idea that AIDS was justified and his support for the Combine responsible an enforcable draft.

Again, I had nothing to do with the AIDS Onslaught, so I would prefer your talking to someone else about it.

I’d accept a huge damages settlement from Seattle Queer Community, but I won’t help them. They humiliated me too severely. The two men I think should go down in history together are the fables of rape Tom Gordon and Pete Gabriel. Gordon said that HitlerReagan, who he called God, had a sense of humor, and Gabriel thought so.

The crime was super heavyweight on non-combatant child. It proves that Muhammed Ali is a sickening, cowardly nothing. Even the effigy that HARPERS yellow journalist Lewis Lapham erected of me for his poison festival, that of a child of my era, doesn’t translate in any way that I can see into Reagan’s concept that I deserved to be blamed, that I was never tortured. Such a conception was forced into position to serve the lies the English foreign spread.

Muhammed Ali should change his name again to RECON. It fits.

The example they made of me is the abolition of all but the ability to broker power arbitrarily as a mass act of atrocity. Reagan Police Brutality sought to prove and succeeded in proving, that the Black Panthers, John Lewis, Jesse Jackson are no better and in some important respects worse. Hitler always had the decency to call HATE by the name HATE. An English dares to call it by the word LOVE.

Thanks to Black Nazis like Obama, God answered Adolf Hitler’s prayers.

I live under the horror of Ultrahigh not because I did anything wrong, but because HitlerReagan and Obama detest the word humanism and wanted to example an American child to prove their impugnity. America was turntail when Hitler crossed the Rubicon for the PowWow. Queer hostility for me is just the rage of quisling denial rottweillering a ragdoll.

June 6, 2012

The Brave of Little Dirt

America’s new enemy isn’t about to give up their turf.  They
argue that Belief is more important than Truth and what they mean by
this is that it can be more deadly, especially when motivation is
powerful.  Truth isn’t more important Belief, but it is true that it
can be more deadly.  The unexpected lie in wait in this case and was
long overlooked, but this alone does not mean the features of the
arrangement in which the surprise attack lay in wait should be
misrepresented.  Or does it?  Is the purpose of the surprise attack so
overwhelmingly right that the truth should surrender to belief,
particularly in light of the deadliness behind the attack and its

     Too much seriousness can be a lack of seriousness; two examples:
 a book is out praising Hitler.  It’s trivial because ridiculous.  To
be overly conscientious in denouncing it is to validate its
importance.  Another example is how political correctness is often
used to deflower that which is actually standing in defense of our
reason and purpose, advancement of minorities, and joy for living.
Mark Twain gets denounced heavy handedly in some quarters, but it is
important to remember that the same criticism is used to denounce Zora
Neale Hurston.  Twain’s art masks a romantic preference for the
abandon, recklessness and joy for language in dialect, including Negro
dialect, to use the correct term from those times, as directed by John
Hope Franklin, who instructs you to use the term appropriate to the
age you are talking about but to make that clear.  Politically correct
institutions seem to me very rigorous about not teaching properly,
studious about avoiding important topics, careful not to teach
carefully.  In being too rigid about some artistic idioms the
politically correct avoid the lesson of Justice John Harlan.  Raised
in Kentucky and called, “the last of tobacco spittin’ judges” Harlan
wrote the minority opinion in Plessy vs. Ferguson and escoriated the
institutionalization of American apartheid known as the Era of
Segregation.  Yes, language anthropologists have heard coy asides
suggestive of denigration, but people are environmentally part of
their culture and the language of casual dialogue, in an age free of
spy cams, did little to exhibit the issue of real affinity and good

       This will not stop America’s new enemy from hair-splitting,
but it is important to note that their root purpose isn’t the truth,
it is keeping Belief more deadly.

      HARPERS Magazine can be known for its hypocrisy in this case
more faithfully than Judge Harlan can be slurred by the presumptions
of the politically correct, more often than not, by the way, the sort
of nazis who would have hanged Harlan for his dissent.  The captain of
HARPERS, Lew Lapham, once opined (an appropriate sounding word for
this whiner of yellow journalism) that the magazine was diagnostic not
curative in its approach to understanding.  Small wonder in the age of
the correct New Yorker they not only mal-diagnosed the situation but
propose a deadly cure.

       Let me be brave enough to state the case plainly for a point
of departure.  Reagan started AIDS and Obama backed him with deadly
violence over the issue of Black hatred for the idea of seeing me with
Midori Goto.  Whether Midori was party to this plan is a subtext that
isn’t as relevant as that the plan existed and was deadly.  She could
have been an instigator and she could have been laughing at me when I
was tortured, or she could have been taken hostage to it, not daring
to speak up.  She might have thought they were right and been deluded,
but either way, I never want to see her again.  When I wrote to
Amnesty International about being tortured Peter Gabriel thought it
would be funny to take the side of Kasperowski who tortured me, rather
than take my side.  In order to make it work he molested me sexually
in an impacted neurotrauma and claimed that the seizures I suffered
from this abuse proved that was not really non-violent and should be
given AIDS as a Union protest against my naming Reagan.

       I’m here to write the truth, not to accomplice a foreign
eccentric’s murderloving egological farce that finds Obama demanding
that our society unite to provide wetpetting services for an alliance
of Muslim cranks and the Ku Klux Klan.  Gabriel leers that my refusal
to go along with it means he has the right to confiscate my badly
damaged life, I was tortured and have near mortal injuries, and all my
work under a Taliban of confiscation enforcements.

       The psychotic momentum of an evil like Flipp (Robert Fripp,
Gabriel’s most lucid partner in cun) isolates the creative for
sacrifice on the wall of the uncreative.  A rapist foreign pig who
tortured me and raped my deaf girlfriend, he proved Reagan’s most
prized acquisition.  The screams of the fake Van Gogh must be cheated
of life they seethed so that vipers may lope.  Mind manipulation of
the sort Flipp homocides by isn’t education it is depradation.  Reagan
knew.  He’s inventing ways to punish aware.  This tactic is Hitler
restored by the behemoth Great Britain.  Nobody is surprised by these
Asian princess loyalties.  Not just Midori Goto.  Aung San Suu Kyi’s
father got his start during the JapNazi occupy.  Why wouldn’t her
taste be towards the foaming beard Gestapo of the British raping pig?
The British gurgler can easily afford its leer over the chilly slant
sundaes it promotes with a sly Texas buyout of Celine Dion’s public
relations about their ladies of the road.  Flipp used me without
permission with intent to do robbery not only of my name but my
American heritage.  I pray for his death every single day.  That a
raping, facelying foreign pig could rob you of your life and then
claim credit for your work is an act of unprovoked war.  His sick art
was used to mutilation me in the first place.

       Reagan knew.  Reagan was the true author of Gail Burstyn.
Hitler’s escape was a cinema project.  I realize taht no one is going
to admit what they are doing.  Their black market is an AIDS victim
scam job, but it is in fact Germany at their most lethal.  Black Nazis
were ripe for this one.  Midori Goto is an unchivalrous Nazi pig who
was just waiting to be born.  I’m glad they say this was about Lennon.
 It makes me feel a whole lot better about it if he is really dead.

       Reagan knew what I was doing.  He saw that I was trying to
make it possible to tell the truth and still survive, so he blasted me
in a neuroplasm that he knew about to make me look like the devil and
behind it a race pussyball war game by Black Nazis to enforce a
fighting line designed by Fascists around Adultery to consummate the
AIDS Onslaught.  Gabriel is a cultural manipulator, he has it hotwired
so that AIDS victims from Africa will feel dirtied by me if Yoko Ono’s
whims are not gratified.

       The entire plebiscite is based on the absurd idea that a child
trying to learn about history in seventh and eighth grade could be
expected to understand that a 12 year old Jewish girl was an acting
agent for Hitler’s revenge.  Up the ass of Brian Eno and Oliver Stone
nine ways from Sunday and then some to Ronald Wilson Reagan.

       The fraud of Obama states, without any concern about the
evidence that Reagan started AIDS and shot John Fitzgerald Kennedy,
that I tried to trick The President.  There was nothing that
underhanded about it on my side.  They were the ones withholding
evidence I hadn’t seen in years, and had no idea what they’d done.
For their side they claim any mortal gets angry over their wife and so
even if it was a trick to seduce me it illustrates the divine justice
of the war game to prove the natural law of adultery and to justify
the ends of the onslaught and police brutality unleashed by Midori,
Reagan and Fripp.

      To say nothing of their ridiculous brainbeam.

      Men can get violent about their bartered brides but Jimmy
cannot cry over Leslie Katz, that’s the law.

      The Obamas are advancing a principle against freedom and the
right to fair play, free thought and the truth is being attacked very
brutally by this new way called a Taliban.

      At issue is the obligation to do anti-Fascism in all its forms.
 When the AIDS victims adopted Fascism the issue ceased to be their
victimization, but rather their accomplice with those who released

      Paul McCartney’s morbid manipulation of this country by the
puppet strings of Gail Burstyn is sickening.  Black belligerence about
Midori Goto is a pincher grip of alliance with the Nazi Southern
Confederacy Reagan built with Hitler using AIDS as their weapon and me
as their object lesson with the help of Great Britain.  Noting this
issue of “Indian slander” used by the faction around both Alpana and
Gail Burstyn, meaning praising the white man in his hypocrisy as a
veiled language of spite, is just soothsay rhetoric from the Brave of
Little Dirt.

       The an English are homocidalists who unleashed the vampire of
the AIDS Onslaught on our country.  One can mourn Princess Diana but
not as their slave.

       Kick them in the face, they owe. (*This comment was sarcastic as the cyberstalking team of Geffen well knew. It was what they said about me, that I should be kicked in the face because D.C. kicked B.I. in the face during a rumble in Davis Park that I started by piggybacking B.I., the form of neurointerrogation that Robert Fripp used with Reagan, Geffen and Clinton alledging that my rights were voided for reasons of juvenile delinquency gave them this finding which they applied as karma justification whenever questioned about for example the rape of deaf Jeannie. This is a Taliban structure)

By James MacRyland Crary
copyright Steven Arnold Thompson, 2012 

June 6, 2012

The Secret Service Knows that Ichiro Crucified Me

None of the people in Seattle or Pittsburgh are my friends, and as usual it is the ones up close, like Owen Riley at the Clubhouse, who pull my strings as confidence men, to use me, give me a false sense of fraternity and safety, and Ichiro Suzuki who hurt worst and the most fiercely, so I don’t mind actually explaining for a few people who might want to understand what Governor Gregoire has done with Hillary Clinton and Yoko Ono, which allowed Ichiro Suzuki to sneak in from Japan, pull 911 and finalize the assassination of a symbolic American, James Crary, in an attack meant to finalize Hitler’s Revenge.

AIDS was based on an ARK of Colors. Reagan knew that his audience would go along with mass murder of what they were told basically were communists who were morally unworthy, so long as he didn’t actually let on that is what he had done, so he sent me the letters, took me to D.C. when he pulled his incredibly slick trick of claiming that I secretly shot at him, used me as an AIDS testing guinea pig and set it all up to claim that I had seen the letters so his fascists had the right to violate me horrifically for historic letters as a trophy they could take home in victory.

I have always contended that adults who did know what the letters said and contained were more responsible than a child who didn’t. I think this is obvious, but the hold that the celebrity superstate have and the Fascists’ mystique for being The Providers is so profound that you cannot really stop them. Stopping Ichiro would not mean stopping Clinton. Stopping Clinton would not mean stopping Paul McCartney. The only way to stop all of them would be to tell the truth about Reagan’s project, the assassination of JFK and the turnaround game.

Games have about them a strange persuasion and the case will always be remembered for the fact that the AIDS victims went along with their own killers in order to be petty towards me, who they spitefully blamed in part because the horror that was visited on me as a child when the letters came (which contrary to Lew Lapham’s yellow journalism is the real reason I never had half a chance), was visited on me by perverts of the sort they feel honor bound to apologize for. So it was less surprising to me to find that Sean Strub was outside the Dakota with Mark Chapman, that the lyrics of Yoko Ono are echoes of a theme found in Reagan Era Japanese cinema, and that The Beatles followed Oswald Mosley, Britain’s Hitler, in their youth.

Nor was I surprised that given this level of plausible denial, making it impossible even to know if my own mother was party to the letters of Gail Burstyn, that Rev. Jesse Jackson would play dumb and pull a hoax simply to have the symbolic victory of a Black Presidency or pussyball conquest of someone I loved with the crank explanation that a campus tryst was a racial demarcation justifying Mt. Desert Island, when in reality it was Black Nazis setting up a quid pro quo as their contribution to what all involved hold to have been a lottery of religious equity, a cleansing agent, to quote Earth First. This is why Aaron Dixon is a suspect as Black pussyballing faceliar from The Green Party, who set up the clinics, and who advocates for Ichiro’s sexual attack on me in Pittsburgh and the rape of deaf Jeannie in large measure because it consecrates the handshake of Black Confederates with Hitler’s Plan of Love..

The crime of this of course is following Reagan, not denouncing him, but it was arranged so that truth would be a Christianized victory, one that I would be crucified for or never have recognition. Christianity was how Hitler got his revenge and the story is one of Easter, only, well, guess who’s back?

And guess who’s not coming to dinner after all? Roberto Clemente.

Ironically, as the clean up spice AFTA suggest All Forgive The Atomics. Just give them one sacrifice. Just give them one small child.

You’d be surprised and offended how deeply in the macabre artistic sensibility of Japanese cinema this twisted nature goes. You have to omoja John Lennon as a Freddie the Ripper, back from the dead, Believe it or Unrue, a trusted minion of HitlerReagan. Together they represent Leslie Katz, the unscathed, raping deaf Jeannie, to give price a question.

It’s not a crime to tell the truth, Obama, it’s just dangerous as all hell. Especially with you around.

On that level, the level of caring that he is the rubber stamp, along with 911, the Velvet Revolution attack by the forces of Iran Contra, Ichiro Suzuki is scum, but then, so are you, Owen, my mother Dustin Ackley, Jesus Montero, Wedge, Obama and Christine Gregoire. Play ball, but not pussyball. The rape of a deaf girl with epilepsy by the National Organization of Women hysterically avenging Reagan’s claims about Lennon smacks of just a little too much moral syphillus to register as justice.

Daddy, what did you do during the Taliban? Shut up son, you say with a glowering expression, and then, without knowing why or wherefrom, “Mein Kampf.”

June 5, 2012

The Cassius Pigeon

A story went around today that I am the person responsible for creating the nasty situation that developed around the attempt by Amanda Harcourt to lie about me. This story is a warning for everyone. The cold-blooded lying involved suggests a military occupational development unprecedented in its intentions, directed at the United States by Yoko Ono.

Clearly, not knowing what the letters meant as a child, taking them for childish effects in storage and having them found in 1985 by the authors to give rise to the hostile had exactly nothing to do with me and everything to do with my being manipulated. The only reason that Bush began firing off bombs clocked to my poetry is that he needed it to appear that someone was doing that so that Clinton’s National Security syndicate could terrorize me by the manufacture of this defamation while I knew nothing about what was going on.

I managed to secure a letter from Martha Gellhorn about my AIDS investigation before the Lennon letters surfaced, explaining a great deal about the British and their alibi program. Alpana’s entrapment of me was clocked to the staged and phony intercept of the letters. This fact is singularly important. It means the Two Virgins Pussyball war game was created in sycopation with the AIDS Onslaught and that the Beatles were co-authors of atrocity. Fancy that, selling us love to make death easier. How European.

Probably the Sheriff of King County had my bowels targetted to underscore the odd routine by the assassin lobby that I am malabsorptive about pornography. This would allow me to share in their copious concern that it is progressive, a nice use of that term. Again, you have to ask, given my dignity and aloof disposition for many decades towards women how that all works, but then, you have to understand, they were the ones who created this situation and they want to transfer blame.

The legend that went around and became the great crucible of James MacRyland Crary was the idea that Leslie Katz kicked my face in for the letter I wrote her the summer she, who had been an art student, got hold of the Residential Assistant position at the Governor’s School in the Poetry Department. You could add that she did indeed kick my face in for the letter even before I wrote it, that is, after all, how she got me to write it, she and her neurotoxic brethren in the Liberal Religious Youth.

I doubt personally that the world will ever turn properly again after the way the Clintons lied. As empty as my life is and as anguishing as the neuroplasm, I would not trade it for the likes of Obama. Robert Fripp is a homocidalist. Impugnity went to his spaced out head. I hope his name shatters someday on my dad’s.

No matter what the deluders say, Ultrahigh was a part of the Burstyn crime, not a response to it. Kelly School, the incident there, by the way, was partially organized by Celeste Clark, a friend of Tom O’Connor. Everything the British have said about disciplining me is to glamorize collaborating with Ronald Reagan in Hitler’s revenge.

Dishonesty has become the titanic theme of the USA. Our enemies did this to us and the courage to refute them exists no more. Possibly the condition that I find myself in here is symptomatic of the gloom that Martha Gellhorn felt about America that led her never to come home.

If you agree with me I advise you to hangdog your head in the utmost privacy lest you be detected because no one should be asked to endure the new atrocity they’ve built to assassinate aware. As for the vicious and wishful tart in her military posturing with her fist at her socket as though I petitioned her nuptials, she is in the aggressor lobby, seeking to exploit political advantage from cyberpatrol by stalking of neuro-reactions impacted by ritual abuse. They are the authors of the crime, a Unit 731: Yoko Ono, Strub/Frankl and Franklin Graham.

The Two Virgins war game is very rightly, due the manner it was taken, a failure even were at this late date someone to ask nicely and me see Midori Goto again. A British power structure can subsist on such a relationship without love, but a deaf poet cannot.

June 5, 2012

Plausible Denial: What Does it Mean?

Plausible Denial has existed in history as a way of denying responsibility when things go wrong. When Reagan needed it for AIDS Peter Gabriel was there.

June 5, 2012

Why Should Crary be Supported on the Subject of Pornography?

Because of the name NEVA Mancine. We can’t have these yellow journalists like Lewis Lapham depradating on a victim of child trauma with slurs and cowardliness, writing alibis for mass murderers. Somebody had to investigate and put this fanstastic machine of Hitler’s revenge into perspective regarding its premeditation and unspeakable consequences to the private American.

In wrongful contempt for Jimmy Crary, pusi-Lew sided HARPERS Magazine with the religious psychopaths who have murdered countless people playing pussyball warfare jockeying for control and influence in the celebrity superstate.

Lapham, as a charmer intending to protect Bowie and Ono, both tied to NEVA through Warhol, has chosen to play a Goebbelsian role in atrocity. Naturally, with a goal to impress English eccentrics, he snivels like a motherfucka.