Gabriel’s Kids (revision)

The spirit of Munich runs deep through an Englishmen such that it is never tired of trying new malicious wheedles against the day the right of dissent and plain-spoken men to find out their backknife wielded for the skinhead and worse. An English brings in its raceful foreign sqwaller to yammer against the right of a rival poet to unmolested house and home, making up thuggish stories. There was this Civil Rights leader I read about recently in the Seattle Medium. I can’t remember his name, marched with King, but a Nam veteran and he was like grampa in Texas chainsaw, jess couldn’t find enough ways to say the young should be molested and forced into servitude of deadly pain. The young were unprincipled, he yammered like a blowfish. There’s something so very warped about the way these lousies entreat with me by comparing me to Lyndon Johnson, as though JFK were an acidhead playing guitar. That I could no more be Lyndon Johnson than John Lennon, would seem obvious to someone that wasn’t bent.

Tina at Real Worlds was evidently an emissary from Condoleeza Rice who selectioned Obama in the 80’s and said the proceeds and divvies of the AIDS Onslaught would be divided equitably among the surviving. She surrounded my kinfolk with eugenic shark crazies from the KKK and Nation of Islam. I got a creepy receipt, “Pail through Amazon” today. Bush brought in Cedalia with Lieberman at CMU when I was looking at those old letters again in 1992 while he was negotiating ways to humiliate me with Celine Dion, like invading Somalia. He wanted to lampoon the hippy. To expand on that, the fact that a library clerk with head injuries cannot implement political beliefs professionally does not discredit those beliefs, just demonstrates the need for professionals to implement them. Bush was and is a professional a–hole who wastefully staged these lampoons like Somalia with Maggy Thatcher just to willfully contradict me personally, if you so smart watch, here’s what happens. Between the idea and the reality falls the shadow T.S. Eliot liked to say. Hence all is allowable in Hitlermania, go in peace.

If you don’t believe that Bush was drawing imaginary lines in the sand with a carrot because he was so attached to me personally, ask Kate Hayford of No. Whitefield, Maine for her records of the Operation: Death Seed term that predates Operation: Desert Shield and a letter from Martha Gellhorn by a gnat’s you-know-what. (Don’t worry Kate. If harms befalls you for this public revelation, I’ll just keep quiet like you did when Jeannie was raped, so sleep tight).

Which brings us full circle back to Pittmo. The reason Pittmo had to hurt me so badly is that it is necessary for their cover story about Mt. Desert Island. Paul McCartney and General Westmoreland (let’s call them McMoreland) is Patricia Fripp’s new drool-staged HitlerHippy routine. Wow, Westmoreland, the dude shooting up Asia for liebensraum back when Donald Gruber was spreading schlick rumors about Jimmy shoving clay in his prick. I’m tired of trying to reason with Peter Gabriel as though Obama’s interrogation and betrayals count for more than my denunciations. To prove political action I had to allow them their manipulations. I wasn’t working with much. The NAACP simply found it all too convenient to interpret the incidents as Bush defined them. The compound impact finally drove me insane. Cute. Not least I suspect is that Andrea Swimmer (a Braunstein call girl dainty beloved to East End pedophiles) was administering her chores overtime while Political Correctness dared me to slur.

Pennsylvania is facts shy. They say the letters were palpably suspicious but fail in the same breath to point out that they came down to Jimma Qwee from a Justice of the Peace, a pinnacle of the Jewish neighborhood, someone who seemed never in a million years to mean me harm. How does that translate into willfully allowing it to happen. Got news for you, it doesn’t. Why if you don’t mind my asking would you put up obstacles to my trying to catch them? You object. The refrain you’re to blame for this becasue you were too high doesn’t go very far in identifying who thought that idea up when I was eight years old and still squeamish about carbonation and pizza was too strong for me? That is after all when the violent attacks and head blows began. Peter Gabriel went for a Nam daddy with a kid with AIDS, just to groove to a chicken fight spectacle which is what they were planning to do all along, and these English a–holes justified it. No wonder Pittmo swears nothing is real. The English only know how to get the last laugh by killing innocent people. Small wonder McCartney took such a shining to PA. I noticed the cluster bomb image in the Imagine ovalesque last night, smack dab center and think of it now recalling that Toyah Wilcox wants my picture with child-raping klansmen and kind words for Westmoreland as condition for marriage to Midori. Hahahahahahahahahaha.


Obama is just like old Emperor Hirohito of Japan. He was rescued from war crimes charges and this fact caused much mischief and backsliding in a Japan that never had to own up. Denial is heapist and leads to blaming someone else. Reagan knew, so it’s all Jimmy Creary’s fault. Beware the ugly English woman for she will unleash an ominous distraction.

I ruminate on such ominous omnipotent Oz-spells. I recall Penny Crary returning from Ecuador with Bizarro comic books and how the Taliban was sure that this higherness’d a case that Reagan’s mortal belligerence was called forth like a Baalrog to be used without his consent. She told me that the Spanish tap-dancer I saw in the television, Antonio Suntain, was actually Jose Greco and even took me to see him and bought me his record. Who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb? Adolf doesn’t know. Then there was Berman the night before Hinckley. Did you know that John Boorman was the Director that tied Akira Kurosawa, whose wife by the way was the woman who is seen looking into the microscope in the 1943 war film wiping away tears, “The Most Beautiful” to Lee Marvin, a Reagan rival in The Killers when they all together now killed JFK? Just insert the Bur of Burstyn to Boorman and you get Berman, as you can see. Reagan was a vicious one. He shot Larry Flynt in the back and created a monstrosity to unleash on deaf Jeannie in the name of foreign patriotism. Hahahahaha. Shucks.

Pittmo were staging horribly libelous Secret Service complaints about me, so ludicrous I could laugh all night, to give creedence to the idea that the lidless eye of Ronald Reagan was being drawn my way despite the overwhelming and just plain awful truth that the evidence shows that was his plot and his cover story. His defense is his claim to have been shot and he even waved to me as part of his crooked dare. We should leave Barack Obama’s tall tale for posterity for sure, so the kids understand why Reagan was dishonored and expelled from his Presidency post-mortem as an Act of AIDS Nuremberg.

Hahahaha. The an English. Munching through their ego battalions offering words like, “Just because Reagan was a Nationalist goon doesn’t mean what he did should be any skin off the teeth of The Marines”. Hahahahaha. An English! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.


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