Two Virgins was a Pagan Cult of Barbaric Fundamentalist Christians Behind the AIDS Onslaught, Allied in Shinto To Hitler.

Reagan installed JFK to shoot him. He was the evil Wizard of Oz.  Go to type in aliaslittleboy and watch the film clips proving Obama’s role in this dungeon of racial greed and sadism.

 As you know I investigated and am being put to death by Clinton and Obama. Probably the only thing that might have helped me save John Lennon would have been if after I met De De Mancine, who was Italian, and Sandy Gutendorf, who was German, it had occurred to me when I saw their album Two Virgins that Yoko Ono was the third Axis representative and she had a motive in setting up Ryland. Maybe then the fact that De De hadn’t been a virgin when she seduced me, we were both children, could have set in motion awareness, if by stroke of luck it crossed my head, that they were engaged in Operation: Little Girl, a revenge crime from Operation: Little Boy, the Hiroshima bomb. It did not, of course, cross my mind that way, and I might have ignored it as a fantasy if it had, but HARPERS Magazine and the Bowies, both of whom had members involved in this crime, set it up to accomplice criminal persecution of the idea that it might have happened. They sent a gay man to the Dakota with Chapman named Sean who then set himself on fire like a burning buddha to point the finger and set in motion among other agencies Seattle Art Museum, who are current participants in acts like torture, the stalking of our family, heart poison crime. They are a longknives job from Obama libelously claiming that Reagan was framed. This writing, The Chinatown Gazetteer, are an attempt to help you understand.


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