An English is known.

Reagan was the Master of Hollywood. His attorney for Mt. Desert Island and the 20th Century Fox Special Effects team had me in D.C. the day he claims he was shot. He wangled Amnesty International into raping a deaf girl saying it was necessary to pacify the inner demons of Elton John. He waved to me the night before the “shooting.” His attorney had me there for the show. It was cool for him to send me the script and then send provocateurs to draw attention to me, so Obama could arrive as The White Knight (or should I say Aaron Dixon?). The English told lie after lie with Obama. They gave me a brochure, “There’s no such thing as objective reality only what the jury believes” and the evidence of planning in the murder of JFK is all over the film made as they were setting it up called the KILLERS.

Needing an alibi for AIDS, the rescue of Hitler (which is why his Defense Secretary was named Caspar), he used neuroplastic hypnosis on me and incited a gold rush of hate criminals to barbarize me, claiming that I was to blame for AIDS and the death of Lennon, as though horrors never cease, he had me Apologize after poisoning and raping us to a representative of General Tojo alluded to in the OSwald LIFE Magazine of 1964, Yoko O. and a woman named DIA whose agents called me to announce the murder of Lennon several years before AIDS started.

This is the masquerade, a GO game of Elizabeth Taylor’s, and that is why Queer Seattle slasher homocided Shannon Harps for no reason at all. Ringo Starr has a corporate claim going on a presentation that Britain wants to use in order to falsify history.


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