Free British Contagions for Public School Children

rakugo: Boy, when the yinzerz raped deaf Jeannie, Richard Starkey laughed himself sick.

A. Palin and Obama are team mates in Sheen’s production of “WHY NOT SWOP” the novel Cervi read to me seducing me from school as a child for what he said was “the car show”.

Q. Mr. Biggs?

A. They call him Mr. Biggs.

Pierre Elliott had a doctrine that “man is a lying animal.” Since that served the doofbag faction of Allderdice High School’s office help, they said I was, “trying to pull something.” Fripp brought in Black racists knowing perfectly well how they would sneer at a deaf white person in trauma.

They set me up with Rosa as an ethnic and race war demarcation, to call dibs on Midori and then circulate Reverend Wright’s cold-blooded lies in support of Will Zell.

Q. When Gore goes by the name “Dubya,” who is he?

A. Dubya.


12 Comments to “Free British Contagions for Public School Children”

  1. The British love the idea of mass murder for profit. Murdering Lennon for profit not so good.

  2. Q. Hillary did this to Crary for Reagan?
    A. The Carnegie is watching Steven Thompson very closely for Dixon. They’ve threatened to kill little Molly.
    Q. Who?
    A. King County, WA.
    Q. Why?
    A. One of the problems is that both Dixon and Galas have been tied to Burstyn. The fact of Sean Strub hasn’t entered consciousness at all. Obama has power. That means the pussyball game was adopted.

  3. Q. When did they start murdering dissent in The United States?
    A. When Bush announced the end of the Cold War and shook hands with Vladimir Putin.

  4. Q. Bush attacked Ry Crary’s boy as a child.
    A. He knew the fault lines. If I talked, he’d call Dixon.

  5. The anthrax came from the AIDS Combine and Dia Galas claimed credit for 911. Something very important to understand about the lead up to my identification of Strub outside the Dakota and discovery of Yoko O. in the 1964 Oswald Diary edition of LIFE.

  6. The enemy is Hollywood. Punk like Spike Lee will never learn.

  7. Nancy Reagan has been tied decisively to the Two Virgins Plot. AIDS was a klukwork orange.

    Q. Is there any chance that Midori Goto can evade war crime charges?
    A. Possibly by turning evidence on Nancy Reagan and proving that she was fooled by Sean Strub. I would personally have to claim prejudice in the matter and won’t make any further statement. If she pursues her attack with Geffen she doesn’t deserve clemency.

  8. AIDS was The Beatles dumbhead. You’re supposed to cheer!

  9. Q. What do you think history will say about you?
    A. That I fought the good fight and Robert Fripp was a traitor. I don’t think anything can change that outcome.

  10. The outcome of the British Fascist strategy is that the stigmata boom was met by Zappa crowing about Jerry Falwell and ending with Moonunit demanding APOLOGY to Franklin Graham. To understand how this operated you have to understand Zell, Two Virgins, Abira Ali and Strub. Zappa in near certainty worked in advance with Mark David Chapman and HitlerReagan. He was a closet parochial sniveller. Greg Karl had studied the psychology of the opposition and premeditated Pisschrist, Galas hazing, biological linkage theory, anthrax as catharsis and sneers about little Jimmy in the name of Lennon because daddy stood for schools.

    The mind of Yoko Ono.

  11. Q. So the Queers who stabbed Shannon Harps were part of the Strub faction who gunned down Lennon?
    A. Yes, but they didn’t realize it. They had been suckered. They were told if they acknowledged the truth it would mean admitting that daddy was murdered by their own enemies and I had tried my best to get help for them.
    rakugo: Deaf suck is not the Walrus. No no no no no no no. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no.

  12. Q. How’s your stomach?
    A. Totalled. They poisoned me in the stomach. Weak and malabsorptive. I’m on medication for chronic diarrhea.

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