Ultrahigh, AIDS and the war on privacy

The fact that you are too stupid to understand what is happening is neither my fault, nor is it my responsibility to explain to you if you cannot already read what I’ve written and comprehend what has happened.


One Comment to “Ultrahigh, AIDS and the war on privacy”

  1. Q. Why are you participating and even initiating a Circle of Friends Special Issue for the clubhouse?
    A. Deceptive lip service to nazism to buy time for the possibility that more responsible persons might realize that Hale lives in a home of Jewish elderly and Japanese crones with ties to Wattenmaker, Shiono, Burstyn and Ono.

    The Left are completely unprincipled here. They fell for Black nazism, so really it’s a question of survival, but I do print the truth about the situation openly, which while I was poisoned murderously and am being stalked by rapists who killed a large number of people, I still am dealing with a Reagan/Weatherman alliance from the British Fascist Party called British Labor.

    The essence of the case could have been determined by Lew Lapham. My father was a Humanist and Alpana played King Crimson that night.

    That’s the essence of the whole case. A humanist child mutilated by King Crimson as a hate object over sex to promote the AIDS Combine. Simple as ice. It is not my fault that thirty years of trying to get that across to you has you leering at me still like an imbecile.

    To the contrary.

    Q. Lemme see. Sean Strub is a Jewish queer who gave himself HIV so he could misdirect the front?
    A. His concept of Frankl symbolic war was adopted by The King Family. They refused to accept that I was gassed in Kings Estate, piteously, because of James Dubya Child’s “intellectual property” outreach to Dexter King through the office of Martha Harty Schienes.

    Q. A Tang line.
    A. Carrot kolorz. A violent fraud underwritten by Aaron Dixon and Yoko Ono.

    Q. Sher…
    A. lock.

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