To Whom it May Concern

Only an American County so psychopathic that it needs to cover its tracks by calling itself “KING” County would even consider brutal, informal eviction of a destitute, deaf, victim of extremely brutal mind control and torture disabilities leading to stomach and heart medication.

Chronically these rabids evoke the name President Reagan, indicating the horse’s ass Barack Obama is personally obsessed with me.  Knowing that the men who shot at him, and I am forced to claim honorably alledgedly shot at him, were a danger to the President of the United States of America this sadistic freak, President Ronald Wilson Reagan THEN WENT ALONG WITH THEM?????? FOR THRILLS??????

The AIDS Victim Alliance then followed suit.  What they have done to me isn’t Justice, it’s an endorsement of their own assassins and the fact that it was Oliver Stone who got them to do it is stark with Reagan trickery and screams Hollywood.

When Lewis Lapham impeached me needlessly and wrongfully he chimed of “the rape of a human mind.”  This was his doctrine that they had the right to force me to IMAGINE PAIN by inflicting catastrophic sadism upon me. 

And you think you had the right to DO THIS to a public school child?  It hardly matters if I was using drugs at the instigation of those violent adults, Lapham.

No, you didn’t have the right to do this to a public school child.  The fact that I was in the Scholar’s Program and clawed my way back to the Governor’s School totally divorces your lying shameful scam that I was simply a cutter and a truant who didn’t care about learning.

David Bowie calls all this venom his hatred as if his hatred is sacred, beyond question, a thing of Pharoahnic tribute.  In reality Diamond Dogs and SO make him a lead suspect in the existence of those horrid letters signed Gail Burstyn.

The way they softened me up and then intensely baited me is more than enough to explain my sexual conduct.  In their world game of soul as a media event to be owned by law by various puritanical and predatory foreign agencies, they wanted over-identification with other victims so they could stage their sick holy war with a humanist child offering pilloried on a ferocious inner vision thing based on cold-blooded calumny.

There isn’t a law against opening a letter addressed to you.  There is a law against saying someone was a reckless driver who was not.  I’m not going to help AIDS Victims after what they did to me.  That’s final  You do not know nor would you comprehend the beastial ravages of depradation that they have visited upon me in privacy for years and years and years. 


There are plenty of rich people you could pick on.  You just wouldn’t dare.  Do not read that as incitement or encouragement for you to so do.  Read it instead as an accurate indictment of your loathsome cowardice and cruelty towards me because I am weak, available and helpless.

It has always been this way with regard to me.

You attacked me blindside as a child and now demand I lie for you and surrender my belongings.

I have explained what I think of you in public and you continue to bully rather than make your stand lawfully.

That’s more than enough to convince me I am dealing with the criminally insane.


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