It Seems Logically Impossible that HIV Positive Queers Could Be Called Accomplice in the AIDS Onslaught

The Gays of Elton and Seattle have a lot riding on touchy blood hazing as an explanation for what the an English pulled for HitlerReagan, but in the end it isn’t really anything but scummy fucking around with disease vectors to cover up that they FAILED TO WARN did not arrest  the guilty and abused me in an attempt to generate a property heist by identity crime.

There was this big pile on.

The crime seems to have been designed by Ken Russell.  Recall his film The Nuns.  A Royalist sets the stage for a wild and frenetic orgy of naked nuns by claiming to have the ashes of Christ in a box.  The Nuns go wild.  Midway through their hysterics, the Royalist laughed, opens the box, tilts it out and it is empty.  The Nuns pause a moment look, and then lapse back into their pyrogenics.

The same situation holds for the scumminess and depravity in the minds of Paul McCartney and Ronald Reagan.  The box contains the holy proof that Reagan didn’t know.  Found empty, they continue, and you have these violators of the public trust in the clinic system helping the AIDS combein rape, release anthrax, blow up the WTC and all the other things that Brian Eno convinced them to do with Reagan and Ken Russell, almost certainly the “Russell” Burstyn refers to in her script.

You won’t however see anyone in Seattle admitting the truth, because of Obama and Cornell West.  Gabriel thoroughly scammed the voodoo sensibilities of the African theologicians.

So they run around giving people scabies, diarrhea, who knows what all, slashering girls like Shannon and demanding that it is isn’t but it is an iron fist of Black utopians demanding control of Asian women as sexual property in a New Ark of Allah.

Pretty scary, but very real, and there isn’t just isn’t a politician around who can stand up to the movement of Strub and Rushdie, the Gail Gail cult of Burstyn and Zappa.

Writing Reagan a golden parachute is their way of exonerating themselves. 


6 Comments to “It Seems Logically Impossible that HIV Positive Queers Could Be Called Accomplice in the AIDS Onslaught”

  1. Q. Is there a word that could be found to describe the personality of the horrible sadist who has done this to you for my God 25 years since you reported child torture?
    A. Juvenile.

  2. Phenomenally ravenous behind the mask of juvenality.

  3. Q. How did the parochial savage know that it could get away with mass murder by tormenting a child trauma victim over masturbation?
    A. I don’t know. I would not have thought they would be able to get away with it.

  4. Q. Does the rapist really believe that it can just pop up with an attack hooker like Midori Goto, psycho-panties down and vanisher the text containing record of its monstrous and horrible crime against you?
    A. The same mind again. Read some of what I’ve written for the last ten to twenty years and you will find the soul of these horrible criminals reflected in the existence of my terrible screams and the unbelievable silence that these screams have been met with.

    AIDS had nothing to do with me. It never did, but the trick was to make it look like that issue was all consuming.

    Q. How did Francis Cress Welsing and Ming Na Wen become allies?
    A. The Pussyball function of the AIDS Onslaught was a eugenic realization by the Graham estsbalishment whose sexual prurience makes them epicurean in the real of race pussyball. Wenzell and WelsingZell are the sordid evidence of premeditation behind Alpana and the Nazi function of Black Panthers in the Yoko Ono revolution of 911 and AIDS.

    Q. All of this is in Bowie’s album Diamond Dogs.
    A. A lot of British rock has the pattern. The sleeve of Exiles on Main Street as a fold out LP cannot even be found anymore it is so incriminating.

    Q. So we were really betrayed? The HAIR Generation was a set up for the released of AIDS by The Kennedy Killers known as The Beatles?
    A. I’m afraid, very sad, so.

    Obviously I wouldn’t have known that as a child. Diamond Dogs was seen by millions of people and nobody questioned them.

  5. Q. What areas would you like to have an opportunity to explore in this case?
    A. The Cervi brothers told me that Kennedy was killed by a hollow tip bullet. In light of the many similar uses of hollow in the casebook it would follow, so the fact that Cervi is like cervix seems to me very telling about the method used in this frightening crime.

    Another fact that needs to be researched is that there were a core group of people around me in Pittsburgh who orchestrated an unpopularity campaign around me and my name as I was growing up. It was so nasal and so futile to deal with that I became withdrawn.

    This advance unpopularity campaign was very effective and is one of the reasons that Ming Na Wen and Tony Levin were able to virtually exterminate an innocent human being with terrible, terrible acts of cruelty for a prolonged, unbelievably bitter period of time and literally no one cared or came to my defense, literally no one.

    Pittsburgh social anthro was also very gifted at identifying how they could create an image of me, using Alpana, as the white exploiter, in large measure due to the necessity for such imagery to fringe theory in Black Studies. They created what was necessary to confirm the idea so that Bush could have Panthers helping him.

    I wonder where he found someone to sell that tale, but it was an inside job, people who knew. At Carnegie Mellon the scene was so biased that Brock Hamlin more or less shut down the Student Union before we could go to press with the evidence about Leslie and the Chinese girl I tried to show the letters by Burstyn talking about the Louie adultery elliptically, which was planned for the black wing strike on Goto (or planned by her to make common cause) simply laughed at me.

    I published those letters in 1993 and nobody cared that Gabriel had known for a decade about them, no one had warned, he had sided with the guilty and spread this story that it was infinitely perverse because Reagan didn’t know.

  6. Q. Sean Strub was a suicide gay that doesn’t account for all the gay support.
    A. No, it doesn’t in the sense that all gay support are not suicide support, but Strub was selling an idea, the Frankl idea, symbolism.

    I think a major intellectual movement about and against symbolism, looking into the history of symbolism in the onslaught, is a necessary progressive field that has to be opened in American scholarship. I’m sure my father would be extremely proud of that observation. I’m very sure it’s true, that necessity.

    Not as an absolute stand against symbolism, but an awareness of it as pathology.

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