Why My Life Matters

There may be some reason that a Judge, Lawyer, friend or Constitutional Scholar could think of that explains why my life matters better than I could, but being forced to see the world through the criminal prism of the foreign insaneness advancing Godlaw based on a tyrannical hate crime heaped in identity theft, the manner that I answer may seem a little odd.

I had nothing to do with AIDS and so I prefer if you talk to someone else about it. The murderer who latched onto me in a Military Religious partnership is a hate criminal advancing the idea that AIDS was justified and his support for the Combine responsible an enforcable draft.

Again, I had nothing to do with the AIDS Onslaught, so I would prefer your talking to someone else about it.

I’d accept a huge damages settlement from Seattle Queer Community, but I won’t help them. They humiliated me too severely. The two men I think should go down in history together are the fables of rape Tom Gordon and Pete Gabriel. Gordon said that HitlerReagan, who he called God, had a sense of humor, and Gabriel thought so.

The crime was super heavyweight on non-combatant child. It proves that Muhammed Ali is a sickening, cowardly nothing. Even the effigy that HARPERS yellow journalist Lewis Lapham erected of me for his poison festival, that of a child of my era, doesn’t translate in any way that I can see into Reagan’s concept that I deserved to be blamed, that I was never tortured. Such a conception was forced into position to serve the lies the English foreign spread.

Muhammed Ali should change his name again to RECON. It fits.

The example they made of me is the abolition of all but the ability to broker power arbitrarily as a mass act of atrocity. Reagan Police Brutality sought to prove and succeeded in proving, that the Black Panthers, John Lewis, Jesse Jackson are no better and in some important respects worse. Hitler always had the decency to call HATE by the name HATE. An English dares to call it by the word LOVE.

Thanks to Black Nazis like Obama, God answered Adolf Hitler’s prayers.

I live under the horror of Ultrahigh not because I did anything wrong, but because HitlerReagan and Obama detest the word humanism and wanted to example an American child to prove their impugnity. America was turntail when Hitler crossed the Rubicon for the PowWow. Queer hostility for me is just the rage of quisling denial rottweillering a ragdoll.


3 Comments to “Why My Life Matters”

  1. rakugo: What an absolutely heartbreaking story, myuh!
    A. Not any more.

  2. Q. Why did you let this happen or deliver them such a victory?
    A. I didn’t. I am brain damaged and they were juvenile poisoners setting up a sex and death cult while promoting stigmata and it turned out that the Gays were just doing lip service to protecting people like me. They were involved as a hate group lobby and they singled me out sacrificially for embarassment and humiliation.

    Like a cattle driven to slaughter, the humanist de-humanized purposefully once and for all. A horrid, horrid, premeditated attack on a helpless child. Unspeakable and to call it justified or authorized is criminally insane.

  3. Q. Gabriel regards it with amusement as a masterpiece of authoritarianism.
    A. Regarding Hitler as a Great Artist is the speed of an English.

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