Version : Oddjob is Even


December 26th, 2010, 11:35 AM

What happened in America beginning with the murder of Lincoln at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution and finalized after the Red Scare is that Profit Motive as an ideal with no other civil consideration destroyed education and cultural trust in our commonwealth. It may seem more complicated when Lennon was alive, but the Beatles became a permanent engine of the profit motive, even when enriching hostile foreign powers over our people, against public safety. Reagan and McCartney (RAM) were always much more natural allies than the weaker, and more effiminate, John Lennon, even in his rages.

The Story of the Bird was authored by Nancy and Ronald Reagan to dictate mandatory lies as the ultimatum for survival of The United States and her people. Using Reagan’s illegal, deadly violence towards dissent that killed JFK, Dr. King, Roberto Clemente and my father, Reagan’s child-raping foreign allies, led by Peter Sinfield for years have demanded upon pain of absolutely mortifying dismemberment murder crimes that I lie about my name and childhood, holding me to have been servile to criminals out of amusement rather than hostage trauma, a sad infamy coming the man who art was impacted on me in a cruel, vicious, lawless frankenstein experiment.

Investigation has found that a prime reason for this cornucopia of deceit is that millionaire Queers humiliated themselves and everyone else by taking up with their own assassins as if this was not in point of fact what was being done. McCartney called this, “People are Wierd,” when, in reality, it should have been called, “The British are faceliars,” practicing AIDS Darwinism while hooting at the rights of man.

The maniacal ego politics of ugly old nostrilbag Paul McCartney (who has the audacity to call himself and that shiftless drummer The Beatles) wedded to the weird lying of Yoko Ono, has created a catastrophe. All of my readers are glad that I am the one who was embroiled as a child, instead of themselves, because while they can judge me harshly, they would have performed more miserably and none would be the wiser.

Most of my determined readers know that high finance investors clocker me and my writing, lying in wait to grab priceless material under arbitrary rules of their biased war game in order to stake out a future selling shares in doctored, untruthful presentations. Among them are people who recognize the strange, relentless mosaic of symbols that subsumed my liberal family into a larger structure dominated by our fascist adversary and that my father’s life ended in the hands of a Southern family of red-heads, whose neighbors, The Varner Brothers (not to be confused with either the Warner Bros. Or the Brothers Wright, despite their proximity to Kitty Hawk , had among them not only an army man named Shultz, but Karl Andrews who went by Tang.

We know that Tang is a Southern Baptist orange signal flare set up against Japanese war brides when their prospects have klang debts on the mafia pussyball ledger constructed as a persona by violent pedophiles. We know that Clinton turned cunt on and that Kutofsky cut it off abruptly in brain-shattering war gaming, with the potential to induce seizures and stroke by ultrahigh, but really, it’s that red hair, that kinky Leslie Katz with her Jewish red hair, that genetic solar flare from the Eugenic Union that makes me believe that Clinton did more than lie about AIDS being manmade.

Bill Clinton murdered my father.

God created the carrot and Sean Strub so Clinton could murder me even younger. Midori Goto keeps some rather chequered company. Obviously, in light of this, the Court of the Crimson Kangaroo has no choice but to declare Jimmy Crary ATS (a threatening schizophrenic).

For 20 years or more we have witnessed out of the corner of our gutless media an extremist, out of touch, insane, high-finance, Sarah Palin-coddling civil war conducted by Hancor Institute with the help of Cynthia Lennon and from all appearance the Lennon-killing pooznist responsible (Sean Strub) had one dark ends in common with the desires of Paul McCartney: to cheat a decent (if deceitful) young lady of her life and love, while raping two deaf people in her name. This was done in tandem partnership with the AIDS Combine, while billed as a protest ultimatum, signed Oliver Jewboy.

So we return to age 14 when Jimmy Curary would hold his saxophone in the presence of adults who hated and sneered at him, while inundating him with drug after drug. Does Knoxville deny I was too traumatized to play a note? Does Knoxville deny my glowing admiration for Greg? If so, let it be noted and written in a book. For all her anti-drug rhetoric, Nancy Reagan was a cringing hater egging them on. It never occured to her and her pimps that among them might be a confused, unwilling child, being battered, deceived and used. Aaron Dixon wouldn’t have that, and that would jeopardize the Eno alliance.

Groups like Seattle Mariners practice mass super-denial equal to Stalin’s Russia. Midori Goto prides herself on being a lady of the people. She deigns to incite mass hate by every means available. All my dreams of being a man of letters were poisoned in a swelter of unprovoked mistreatments by murderers who wrote identity crime letters then pretended to find them, including my stepfamily (the tragedy of my mother Nancy Moore), making up with Hitler rabid English the name: Jimmy Crary as they went along.

The hatred I feel when I hear that evil master liar Robert Fripp carry on about honesty is enough to burn the sun. What a vicious, vicious and tyrannical hypocrit. I demand that he address the evidence of beatings on my eyes. The murdering, cowardly, Hitler rabid facelying two-tongued, monster Reagan bootlicker of Dorset deceit. Botstein’s Botswana and da Bought Boy. He took an oath with the India mob over sacred dung, then advanced on a neuroplasm under presumption of guilt with horrid, surreal brutality, preying on impacted seizure trauma, brutalizing the prior victimization of child trauma, raping deaf Jeannie. Ayn Rand had said there is always a way out, death is a way out. Vaclav Havel loves that shit when he starts molesting deaf queerball poets on foreign campuses. The coward Fripp turned a hitchhiking adventure of love into the desperate journey of a fugitive arbitrarily with Schwarzenegger’s Hollywood to occupy himself with murder and hate crime unending. He may have even ordered me tortured as a child, some deranged English-on-Irish horror unleashed from afar.

Did rapee deaf chinkee establish equity over the death of n’yer dirty daddy Sean grong phuong blong zong? Gerzuker honna blaugorg gerzuka hennette. Her tribe of righteous self-destruction shaketh fist at Hun Arnold’s little Jeemee who tattled. Son of a bitch is getting Al Gore more than a little bit angry telling about the QweeWee skool his nammies sponsored for queerbait.

Bonciao Gratsigato, traded to Ayn Rand Black-o-Mickeybasque Lawyers Obamanegger Twain an envelope requited to a nationally libelous interpretation convenient to stooges. Hancor and Palin. The usurper Arnold’s big bribe game is Midori Goto, all worked out by McCartney and Havel to symbolize surrender to Hitler, a symbol of evil incarnate, deemed holy love, @KOWTOW@. The desire to be admitted to the superclass doesn’t die with old age, but it seems rather strange that a Jeannie-raping pedophile advocate would still be at it after all these Jimmy-raping facelying years. Midori Goto is dead and buried in my book. Keith Richards basically killed her.

You cannot reason with Hitler’s accomplices in the AIDS Onslaught, but you can publicly revile the child-rapist Vaclav Havel. It was set up ideologically: either you approve the assassination plan or you are John Lennon’s enemy. That’s where it ends, it’s not going to change now. Humanizing the School, Ryland, twanged Bush, trying humanizing some real Jap superclass pussy! They could do no wrong with a Hancor pooznist named Strub.

The murderer failed to credit in all his hairsplitting that I knew nothing about the murder of John Lennon and not have dreamed of participating, but the union underworld have made no end top dollar pimping little Jimmuh duh Walrus. There was no objectivity to this horror. Why did nobody care that a poisonous ingenue murdered what was left of our nation’s dignity? Surely you do not think our nation’s prosperity was destroyed by rulers who mean us well or that your catcalls about the torture of two or three adorable people laid low by Roman Catholic monstrosity will help you rise up, unite and become a Kolors Klan under the Imperial Obama standard? The hate you connived for me comes from the fact that I am the only one left who refused to endorse this abomination. No one asked Lennon, don’t pretend to speak for him. Yoko Ono’s faction released the plague and then brayed let’s all come together now under the Eugenic Union.

Hitler, too, evoked the children. The children are done no favors by looting their imagination for the trails of trolls from Pentagon-Disney, they need courage, not hateful deliriums peddled by English junkies who never gave a shit but wetpet child rapist Pittsburgh car thieves. The only good character available is to see Midori as a sickening corporate bribe and refuse her.

Tony Levin is a ridiculous pig raping our lives this way to cloak his secret treaty with HitlerReagan. You, the TonyTony servile tissues of Bugliosi McDermott, plying Hitler’s rabid accomplice Ego under the corporate control of bloated pimp Peter Sinfield.

And when I’m forced to break it to you soon that their poison, homelessness and endless depradations have made me terminally ill, will anyone question the foreign loper Vaclav Havel’s right to just come into Pittsburgh and illegally draft a multiply handicapped deaf couple to a war game built to make his own surrender look less sad with the iron fist of inevitability?


December 26th, 2010, 11:42 AM

I still need boots, sunglasses and more zantac. There’s been another hospital er~ror and Emerald House knew it, when I changed my medicine back from Prilosec, the drug that erased my vitamin D and had my intestines barking and bellowing humiliatingly at the bakery for months, I found that it had intensified my acid reflux, too. Dr. Tran told me to take D for maintenance.

Prilosec for the Pornozeke, a pun on my old thought of an album: King Crimson Maintenance, back in the days of John Stockwell and the 1987 Wall Street Crash.

Eating is a great deal less of pleasure. How scummy that a professional network can be put together to gratify these childish foreign lopers and their cocaine Governors. They punctured my throat a long time ago to “maximitizate” the troubles. When I asked out Mai Truong, my jaw mysteriously started clicking. My time is limited now, explain that to my grand-nephew who never even knew me.

I’m not naming any local Country Doctor establishment figures but he sees politics as Hitler did, revenge of the lowlives. The Hippocratic Oath is like wuzzatman? Traitor who went the sex yammer road in evil hour and threw in his black hat with the German Party, a real loper of self-regard demanding respect to fill the void.

Apolgee, apolgee, a pie in the face for Mz. Goto.


December 26th, 2010, 03:54 PM

Q. People in your family have said not to send them anymore archives for storage. How do you feel about that?

A. Well, the content of my work has a spell that drains you of spirit. It comes up against the wall of propaganda the Beatles developed with Pentagon-Disney; additionally, HitlerRabid English have called spoils dibs on them so it’s like a Hope diamond, even though they are a historic dissent which belong to my family, much of it is speaking out against my family, so there isn’t a lot of desire on the part of anyone to acknowledge the magnitude of my discoveries.

Q. Pittsburgh sneered unto Weezo that you lowered your self-defenses and let it all happened, Jeemee, your failure proves Reagan’s point. All you were whining was give Peace a chance, well we gibba peace a chance. Wuhyoo make of it, huhn?

A. AIDS Nuremberg.

Q. N’yeah and I heard Peter Gabriel is pretty cool.

A. I heard instead that he is a rabid, foreign, loping, raping scum.

Q. You get the part.

A. The words of an identity criminal.

Q. The economy is being purposefully redesigned to encourage foreign predators?

A. Is that news? Get Palin’s Hancor file.

Q. In think we dig.

A. The coward Fripp had a long, interesting career, why does he want to wrap it up becoming infamous for abusing me?

Q. Douche! Chilly climate! Kowtow!

A. Ten years I’ve held no hands and sought no kisses the entire time I’ve been in Seattle, but the cold-blooded unending ravaging in the name of public sentiment of a deaf poet who tried to protest Reagan as a library clerk continues unabated.

Q. Yow Cinder Xala’d you.

A. Yousou N’dour, turntail hangdog ragtag coattail rider of the coward Fripp came to America looking for someone vulnerable to immiserate.

Version : A Poor Man Destroyed


December 27th, 2010, 12:23 PM

The bulk of it
mussulmans, and
would you die
for this road motel?

The growth of Congress
from a graveyard
Gandhi and Tom Waits

“Freedom connotes fearlessness ~
from all things~
losing your nearest and dearest” (Gandhi)

“And pass that car if you are so brave.” (Waits)

I lived in Seattle ten years. I did everything I could think of to stay out of people’s way. I typed my dispatch. I volunteered. I am in love with Midori and when she came they wouldn’t even let me see her. I guess that’s fair, grunt, grunt, grunt, since I cudda saved John Lennon.

Q. You shuk hand.
A. Door was locked from the inside. I tried to escape.

Q. I’m sorry Jimmuh that means you gassed Jews at Auschwitz same as McCartney, get on duh bus and Paulogee.

rakugo: Ningle, defsukke, you try to see Midori you will taste the shit of God from the bathroom of Allah. Kowtow.

eggnog: Better WARN THE WORLD that Fregneg can’t stand Crary.

Q. Don’t you realize that terrible Japanese snob is only taunting you?
A. Why would she turn on a brainbeam? She must think of me as her soul mate.
rakugo: To torment, you, eggy. Don’t you even read Eggnog Corner?

Politics everywhere is so much brute force. I try to understand why you do not care about the other people?

badly injured
and frightened;
they never stop.

Q. Who you calling a slackjaw lickspittle?
A. Arnold.

Version : What I believe Happened to Lennon.


December 27th, 2010, 06:48 PM

The Lennon Assassination isn’t over, it is a killdozer that began in Dealey Plaza, and Obama is on the wrong side of the evidence papers playing fast and loose for easy money. To understand what I think and how I know you need to chart the evolution of the mystery from my point of view and compare it against the mise-en-scene McCartney is playing out in Uwajimaya lunch room.

Lewis Lapham built New York City’s case around the claim that if I had studied Gail Burstyn’s letters long enough and hard enough I might have gotten to Lennon in time to stop Reagan. In this summation, Lapham concedes an interesting point: negligence is not conscious collusion. To weld that fact out, Lapham adds that I am now the virtual author of the forgery. He is a man of guts. The violence of his case negated due process and stands in opposition to the absence of malice.

Prying little Jimmy out of his welded mask, we find a torture victim, this he disputes very loudly, so loudly in fact that he protests too much, like MacBeth railing at the ghost of Banquo. Is not he the priceless forger, banging on that Reagan didn’t know? Again we find the womanly Lew and pusillanimous Barack posturing for easy money.

Lennon was sacrificed on an alter of shocking extermination warfare, clues to which positively swarmed around and inundated Jimmy Crary’s drug-addled awareness, never registering. Lapham blames the drugs. I blame the Army ultra-secret assailants, and the insinuating of the Jewish Community that they were above suspicion. The Beatles hedged their bets on the easy money that it was and is a fait accompli now.

The reason my testimony is consistent and available to the public is that Peter Gabriel cannot reconcile his tawdry yarn that Mt. Desert Island was response psychiatry with his claim that AIDS is manmade. Too much of the evidence hails from my victimization which he co-authored.

Zell inaugurated what is now a Lennon-afflicted queer sentiment being promoted by Sarah Palin that I owe Yoko Ono and Nancy Reagan apology or I should have to suffer HIV poisoning to see for myself just how outlandish the suffering inflicted on a paranoid world is. Not even Peter Gabriel can mealy-mouth the idea that invented the war game.

Now if I have presented irrefutable evidence (which Gabriel attempted to destroy) that Zell had prior knowledge of AIDS the only rational explanation for Gay conduct towards me is predicated on the demand: Either you convince the government or in spite we will kill you as Zell had planned. The problem with that explanation for queer terrorism is that they more than realize that Clinton will gladly stonewall my report to see them get rid of me. Yoko Ono and David Geffen meanwhile bought out their grievance and empowered them, so most of them, having failed me, themselves and AIDS Nuremberg, see it as a settlement.

Outside the Dakota with Mark Chapman was Sean Strub, Ono’s double fantasy agent, set to give voice to the disturbing mass consciousness cultivated by Zell. Strub is gay, Jewish and HIV positive, a member of the Green Movement. Strub argues as the sentinel for Ono that the plague mass have Zell guillotine rights over me due to the death of John Lennon.

Victim monopoly was not merely shrewd warfare, it was effective due to Lew Lapham’s horrid and cowardly campaign to depict victimization as a plea for status. One finds in this craven, New York petite hawkishness the true face of sheltered America welded as a mask on the much-smeared and always hated little Jimmy.

Meanwhile, I have been accused of desertion by ill-informed people who battered me and voided my rights pursuant elevation of the guilty. For what else can race pussyball by manufacture of adultery be but guilty? Obama alibi’d Zell through a mockery of justice, a madcap prank pulled off in 1986 by Ming Na Wen. If a man enraged by adulty killed a few people he would be hated for it, not so Obama who turned a bogus adultery clocked to a bogus discovery of Lennon’s letters into grounds for rape, torture and mass murder, serving as advocate for the perpetrator group. In such a scenario such issues as what my letter to Leslie Katz really said are trifling with a vast orchestration of Paul McCartney’s bigotry.

Midori Goto wants Reagan and Obama to get away with the AIDS Onslaught. She does not want me to get away with telling on them. This has firmly aligned her with Zell and Strub. Indeed, it seemed to titillate her in Seattle to pose with a dull and melancholy mascara, is it worth getting AIDS to come and court me, little boy?

The immiserating stake out at Uwajimaya by Concerned Parents for Palin is classic. They and their children do not understand what I am doing, nor what the girls flirting with me are doing. I know well that Chinese girls without citizenship run more difficult life risks than the girls I dated in Maine from New England, but if you spoke to them, you would find that they, not I, suffered aversion towards marriage.

17 years of isolation after being rippered by Dracula Robert Fripp, poisoned in the stomach with acid reflux that leaves me constantly queasy, having not been kissed in ages and ages, old, on an electronic brainbeam that positively breeds dependence on porno. Those wonderful homies of mine are just trying to prevent losing me, that’s all. It’s not bigamy, we aren’t even holding hands.

It’s a shame all this was twisted into service to Lennon, after failure to warn. It was the bigotry and preference for Lennon’s glory hunger over the right to know that led to so much tragedy.

(Sorry for any typos, I’m on a real tight schedule).

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Version : The First Stone


December 28th, 2010, 01:19 PM

I grew up listening to Peter Hammill’s writing, which bothered me only because the musical poems left no space for music. The songs ended very abruptly after the words ran out and I thought there was some justice in learning his bandsmen rebelled, laboring under a huge poetic ego that way cannot be fun. On the other hand, his poetry was sincere and gifted and his short stories engaging. Unlike Peter Sinfield’s writing, which I also tuned in to, you didn’t need Greg Lake’s voice behind them. They were interesting verse on the page. I don’t think either man influenced me. They tended to crush my writing. I was influenced by Poe and Matthew Arnold. King Crimson’s deception no doubt profited from Tolkien’s trilogy being in my bed room, just as Gail Burstyn’s wired out stuff hazyly mingled with my readers of Don Juan by Carlos Castenada, a sign that Oliver Stone knew all along.

Stone carefully crafts what enters the public domain so that it will be taken as a lead, as information and few people will check its truthfulness, or context. Likewise he and Greg Karl publicly brayed of identity theft by persona. Kelly School destroyed my life, but Stone continued to bang on that it was psychologically consistent with his malicious depict, until it has now reached the point that Yoko Ono doesn’t care at all, if she ever did. It’s become a publicly declared thrill kill mission and I’m sure this is due to my obstruction of the revolutionary potential that the authors and the hijackers of history involved, working with Ono, see on the horizon.

The letters of Gail Burstyn didn’t interest me because there were tons of them filled with stupid stuff about how great I was and they had an unwholesome feel, but I never threw them away. She seemed to need me so I saved them. I absolutely did not identify her as part of the problem until I came across Wattenmaker’s name in her writings one day in 1993 when I made up my mind to look at them again. I was reading them and they were as stupid as I thought they were, crumbling them into balls and pitching them into the “garbauge” as Penny Crary would pronounce it in French-style, when the mention of Ian, and little boys being derfs caught my attention and slowly what she had done sunk in, until I was sure.

Now I understand as you probably do, what has all gone on under HitlerReagan.

Of course I played piano all the time and I think there King Crimson influenced me, specifically Song of the Gulls and people would make faces, calling me like Mahler, lugubrious or George Winston. Ultimately, who cares, there’s lots of good musicians. By the time I learned how to voice intricate, strange melodies by playing out the voice of my poems on piano my ears were too shot to share although I guess with two hearing aids I might still be able to calm my own nerves that way.

I never equated sex with music or thought that “something in music is more important than life itself” to quote Fripp, which probably explains the medieval cleric in his mindset raping deaf Jeannie as a subhuman. So many people love, so few play music, what is all the caustic stuff about SSpiritual detachment and so on anyway but a parochial reproach from the superclass who wasted our best chance to preserve and protect each other on the Arms Race and Cold War, now this Pussyball madness, the final solution of AIDS, as the an English rabid, particularly their hunlike women, pinch their noses at the word sex and play all disgruntled in hives. I’ll take man in her folly and privacy as life comes. It’s a better deal than all this cutthroat nazism projecting and pointing the finger at innocent people.

Sexual humiliation was pre-ordained for proving the role of Martin Sheen and Ronald Reagan in the AIDS Combine.

Thom. Gordon was Pittsburgh’s follow up tour to Gail Burstyn, a screwdriver wrenched into my adolescence by Harvard Secret Police, the Rathskeller mafia, Lisa Cassidy, Polly Saltonstall, Barack Obama and Gail Burstyn. He was assigned the Jaime Carbonell cue of cultivating post-traumatic airs for Yale psychology and Gabriel’s soothsaying gibberish.

Thos. used to talk about Romans taking children and buggering them and raising them into educated men. I’m suspicious, too, of that Durrenmatt film that got set in Africa, the revenge of the rich widow, for how it ordained some sort of sacred mission on Ono. Thos. said that if you beat a dog it will love you more. He gave me that book Demian with the Eides of Kasperowski.

It was all about Eides. Gen. McChrystal’s idea that took Eno’s imagination, how can we interrogate visions and dreams of the private man and force compense from his loved ones?

When the an English rabid straightsforth that Nixon was the guilty, not Reagan, that I will bust Reagan and then be hanged, I remember how the Sanitation Workers Strike in Memphis was solved by the murder of Dr. King. One of the men, about Dr. King’s age, after the announcement, he sat down and laughed. He wiped his forehead like he couldn’t believe how strange his movie was. It was too familiar.

“Price” was just spraypainted on the curb outside the club where Shannon Harps was stabbed to death.

British Labor and Pink Floyd the Walrus Pussyball murders: Welcome to a The Duh a The Machine.


December 28th, 2010, 01:21 PM

Forget the AllahMo.

What Peter Gabriel and Barack Obama did is so wrong that it is hard to believe that it is real. Midori isn’t going to work out for me, but I loved her much, much more than I loved John Lennon and I credit her with buying time from rabid animals like Ringo Starr for Eggnog Corner to establish the facts about Sean Strub and Reagan semiotics, milestones in the truth about AIDS. The reason I don’t refer to it as an Alamo is that for one Midori’s goal may have been ignoble, she tried criminally to suppress and destroy my research. Second, because Sean Strub and the Strawberry Fields odalesque suggest that Mossad and Yoko Ono already had thought up the pun, the play on the words Allah and homosexual, the Allah~mo. What celebrity depradator and superstate rodent Robert Fripp is attempting to secure through his monopoly on Lennon snake oil and the fine feelings that superstate dainties can insinuate to bribe back their victims when fists won’t cajole, is Hitlerite impugnity. Just because you didn’t see the violence he inflicted and you deny doesn’t mean compound torture has not taken place. My heart was repeatedly raped as well.

If rock stars and their AIDS victims wanted to blame me for AIDS they should have found a better way to do it than as base, supporting actors for those who actually commited the offense.

What Midori Goto probably misunderstands if she whines, oh, you won’t jump through the caustic hoop, that means you don’t really love me, is that I don’t really love her anymore. I was tortured and 1984 practices of Aaron Dixon and Larry Flynt destroyed what was left of Jimmy Crary, the twisted wreckage that Riback, Tive and Pitman had left for Reagan’s game.

The power of love is exactly what the Beatles isn’t, for me, anyway, I see them as the world’s most vile hatecraft. They used Lennon to do it, so he’s been poisoned. The Gay ill have begun bursting in, on target and as planned. One can’t even seem to blame them.

Within the semiotics of Reagan and his Black henchmen comes terribly sad insights. In Shaft in Africa, for example, a film that is ruthlessly cold, and devestatingly hypocritical in its base stereotyping of white women, a hate that served when Muhammed Ali brought the Taliban down on Nancy Moore, a Topeka English teacher who voluntarily slaved her life away, while her children were molested and left as living death masks by Holocaust survivors, helping to teach basic writing skills to the poor, many of them Muslims. “Nobody cares about me,” she would sob, crying in the night.

Peter Gabriel, a lying rabid animal, finished Nancy Moore with the final spit polish.

In Shaft in Africa we see one of the subtle grace notes of Nancy Reagan when Richard Roundtree and his fairer Black African Princess stand before a book over which her finger peruses and as she turns towards him for one moment you see the Bride of Frankenstein streak in her hair, and you realize: Muhammed Ali probably even knew about AIDS itself. He was always running with the Reagan rat pack. The role of Midori Goto was to see Frankenstein, Jimmuh Curary, and let out a scream of horror. It curled the world’s hair on 911.

Likewise, we see in a bar in Casablanca, the anti-fascist leader, for a moment in a trick of the light, becomes the greaser Reagan, and the famous debate about Oswald’s Hitler mustache in the backyard photos should be extended to speechs of FDR with New York labor leaders, leading you to wonder, who did the light? Hollywood was a bloody racing glove, indeed, like the racing film THE KILLERS.

I have something against performing miracles for cowardly, murdering, Jeannie-raping slobs who pick the bones, fleecing people they have betrayed.

I may still love Midori Goto in turns of the stomach, but it doesn’t matter anymore. I can hardly picture myself at her side, convulsing with seizures from a neuroplasm pounding and pounding in my facial nerve, while wracked with sobs, “Why did you do this to me? Why did you do this to me?”

Q. How did they get away with this?
A. Pittsburgh, not least my mother, has a long history of getting away with humiliating me. Most people do not get attacked in their marriage beds, even after many lovers. I, a deaf man, am a lifelong mark by Hollywood, a special item of selektion. Yoko Ono intended with the murder of John Lennon to create a mass spectacle in the octopus of death that is our medical system and as long as she can get away with using me this way, she will do so. Midori Goto, her partner, agreed with Mickey Obama to continue soliciting me as bait so that Dr. Frances Cress Welsing can keep Blacks heated up going, “Kill him!” as a deterent to civil investigation.

I’m satisfied that my case has been explained. The whole world provoked to see the war as a story about John Lennon and Leslie Katz. I do not. For me it is the tragic backstab of Jimmy Crary by King Crimson about which, to its limited redemption, even Pittsburgh gulped. The very private act of hitchhiking to St. Louis was already demoted by my fidelity to Midori Goto, but before you start trying to sell the seventh labor of Hercules, you should be sure you aren’t dealing with Sampson who just wants to crash it all on your Philistine heads because, in fact, Robert Sampson, the Nam Vet with a Purple Heart, almost certainly had a great deal to do with Lennon’s murder and Gail Burstyn. He may have even been working for Gen. Westmoreland and Supreme Command made clear when making Louis Leto my roommate that they are more determined than even Kent State to create a nightmare around me. Additionally, there are terrible problems being created by women like Moonunit Zappa and Raven Sampson, his daughter.

Midori Goto has come to symbolize something I do not want: symbolism. It’s been treacherously used. I’m already a martyr. To continue pushing this rubbish is cruel and very sad. Ringo Starr’s legacy of bellowing self-imploding. He violated me, my social contract and what I hoped to achieve and now needs me to dance to his tune in order to deceive everyone.

Tony Levin sees this crime he has committed as a work of art. The sad truth is that when you look at the torchlight processions of nazism in Leni Resienthal’s films you see a work of art, but no matter what you say, poker isn’t justice.

Being sent to the front and dying a hero is big hype: “High risk entertainment” Diamonda Galas mandated to those who were in fact kept in the dark about AIDS and led to believe some constructive social protest would come from their self-immolation. Galas worked very, very closely with George Bush on this government game encouraging death, masochism and suicide. There is no question in my mind that the Pisschrist scene was a direct strategy by Sean Strub and Matthew O’Reilly. Greg Karl had the demonic demonstrations all thought out from study of Medievalry and Victor Hugo, so did Frank Zappa.

My son didn’t die on the front so that queerbait could whimper his way to a status queen is the usual sour grapes that poisonous England wormtongues with voices like Hitchens. Non-violence does take courage and beating little Jimmy took absolutely none, nor did siding with the assassins. Admittedly, Midori set herself up at risk of rape with the Two Virgins Pussyball hate crime at the Community College of Allegheny County when she was teaching at Duquense, which led to Pink Floyd’s adoption and super-production of Reagan’s Armeggedonism. She lives dangerously but she has a roof over her head and a good deal of charm, but contrast very serious courage problems have been inculcated in me by lifelong trauma. It’s impossible to know whether I would have been a coward if raised normally.

The reason I do not see ordeal as the answer is simple enough: I tried ordeal. It led to a sad end.

A long time ago, in 1984, I explained what really happened in high school after the Governor’s School, the problems with Amy Edelstein, David Braunstein and Leslie Katz, Pinchas Zukerman’s tribe (and by the way Butcher-Singer Bank had a Mehta Family on Marie Moore in Topeka) and asked supposedly so honest hippy Bob Fripp to stop Michael Reagan’s weird psycho-gyrations about Leslie Katz but the wheedle of Dorset straightforth to the grapevine and learned that Carnegie Mellon rowdy guitarist Matt Marcus had snubbed him and whirled on me in a classic English Elton hissy fit. From that day on there has been no reasoning.

Barack Obama is widely admired for playing Lord of the Flies with the U.S. Government. It is important to remember that he justified this while destroying the writings of Gregory Karl that were in the public domain, describing how Jimmuh Qwee was being subjectioned to fluezies and attack prostitutes. I didn’’ know what a hooker was. I didn’t believe they were real. I thought that girls liked me. I not only didn’t understand Gail Burstyn, I never came close. A conversation with Mickey Wilson where she told me, much to my shock, “I could see why a girl would start turning tricks for fun out of boredom” really shook me up and began to change my ability to think clearly about what was happening, to search for the possibility of a hidden hand, and it was a good thing, too, since such awakening was much needed.


December 28th, 2010, 01:22 PM

Obama’s cult has antecedents in the United Bible Fellowship that prowls the University of Pittsburgh. Marilyn M. invited me to Chicago once where she lived at a street number 444, the signal of the hostage taking agreement, a metaphor for a metaphor for a metaphor as Leslie Katz explained the numerology behind AIDS/Auschwitz and Abortion. She took me to a museum that had the Marilyn Monroe Playboy and talked to me about Yoko Ono coming to Chicago and just being a human being. Her partner in the UBF was a black man named Ithato or something. They went to St. Catherine’s, Canada to sing the Star Spangled Banner, shortly before Catherine Singstad showed up with Vince Eirene and Abby Silver, who laughed her ass off using the Student Union and my trauma at seeing Andrea Swimmer make a reappearance, to draw a parallel to the letter to Leslie Katz. Accuse Jimmy of rape, they reasoned, and all the rest will come out as his defense, doctored to the tune of a carrot tape.

All of which speaks to Bill Clinton’s role in the murder of JFK. I’m sure you’ve seen or can find the picture of him grinning his pus with Southern psychopathy into the face of President Kennedy during a speaking tour of his better. When Kennedy sent troops into Old Miss, the college, to make sure that James Meredith could attend classes in that long segregated institution, George Wallace anticipated Obama’s stand about Pussyball with the words: Segregation Now! Segregation Forever! Miscegenation as mandatory integration came along with Yousou N’dour’s African Rape Fantasies.

There’s a superb book, Border War: Fighting Over Slavery before the Civil War by Stanley Harrold of North Carolina University. There’s no question that bashing slaveowners trying to capture slaves was a romantic and thrilling reason to brawl, and the desire to invent such reasons to brawl runs deep in the blood of America, so when Outhouse Harkin thought up the Catch-22 of Reagan, well I’ll just say that Jimmuh Qwee’s inability to prove he didn’t dag Mary Steiner gratuitously when she asked him to ease out proves him a rape suspect and start a war to defend Reagan about Mt. Desert Island, the idea caught on with the gleam of bloodlust over Midori Goto, the provocateur, in their eye.

Don Ostro, who used me a child for gratifications, appeared at the Three Rivers Arts Festival on his “Death’s Territorial Dance Domain” circuit repeating a tape loop over and over that said, “International Terrorism will take the place of human rights.” This is who Yoko Ono sponsors, along with Diamonda Galas, lying to everyone in middle America and in whose name Mickey Obama and her queer basque have murdered an unusual group of innocent people, a small slaughter in Seattle.

There’s a huge demarcation in Economic Segregationism. The spoils of the Beatles superclass are immense, enforced by sadist nazis like Robert Fripp, intoned by Do or Die Al Gore. Now I spend painful nights on the cross due to the neuroplasm in my face. Hitchhiking to St. Louis was just an attempt to give my soul an anonymous respite, reaching out to someone I listened to in love and trust. Fripp, Bowie and Sting decided to make a cruel mockery of me. That was their decision and they will have to learn to live with it, because I cannot. They raped me in the heart on the walls of Trinity by Leon Uris, a fact the Reagans had long planned. It was Kirshner, their plastic reality attorney, who gave me that book.

People will say, well, your soul is putrid from Asian pornography. It is indeed. And I repeat that the women in those trades need Upton Sinclair, not Count Dracula, to come to their rescue. Like many a war injury, this one came with the hope of learning something that would help and I did. The Neva Corporation in fact was one of Reagan’s most important aggressor lobbies in the AIDS Onslaught, just as the Operation: Rescue psychopaths continue to cover with Mt. Desert Island.

Abortion has very sensitive people who oppose it. I don’t blame all of them, I think it’s a sad affair. I agreed with Obama’s speech to people about it, but HitlerReagan used it as a weapon of propaganda and deception to divide and conquer and I’m not interested in Peter Gabriel’s lies or Lewis Lapham’s tinker tailoring from New York City.


December 28th, 2010, 01:32 PM

Take note of this moment of interest in The Killers which Reagan made while setting up the kill of JFK in Dealey Plaza cameras for history and all, a fact made obvious by this scenarama identical to the historic pans of the depository building made by newsmen sent to frame Oswald.

Note how brazen The Great Sniveller was.


December 28th, 2010, 01:56 PM

Now, I am making progress in four more important introductory clips from HitlerReagan semiotics, film title: Storm Warning.

Clip One: Shows a KasperKlansman weeping and hiding his face in shame as he tries to convince his innocent, “naive” wife that her sister is mistaking him.

Clip Two: DraculaReagan professes to have great interest in stopping the klan, while old Volk Bleucher expresses hope for his future election.

Clip Three: The sister has been cajolled into repudiating testimony freeing her brother-in-law, the distinctly Jewish widow confronts her, she weeps on a meatslab like brick.

Clip Four: The brother-in-law holds a Republican Democratic Convention.


December 28th, 2010, 02:08 PM

Q. Is it true that Robert Fripp forced Midori into prostitution to “pay” the Ku Klux Klan for your having exposed his accomplice with HitlerReagan?

A. I don’t know.


December 28th, 2010, 02:10 PM

I know they tore my heart out to cover their own tracks. That I know. They convinced the Queers that ripping me apart would be better than public warning or apprehension of the guilty; that the superclass was holier than mere civil dissent.


December 28th, 2010, 02:11 PM

The local Police Department’s yearning for Clinton’s sanction in unspeakable brutality towards a reporter is as unquenchable as Eno and McCartney in their need for ego satiation.


December 28th, 2010, 02:37 PM

Link to convicting semiotic clip one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kNzGPNDui8

clip two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FusE-aSinaI

clip three: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANbgxFnGR8I

clip four: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlyOs9rVT2A

Q. Why do you use the word “convicting” instead of “incriminating”?
A. Because the sum total probity of all coincidences in this case is zero.

Q. So these clips are from Hollywood’s Department of Holocaust Survivor fury?


December 28th, 2010, 05:26 PM

Q. So you figure that Plague Mass Rebellion, Gabriel’s Choice, Operation: Medicine Man was the superclass who released HIV basically showing whose boss?

A. That’s definitely what it was and middle America, who weren’t so keen on AIDS victims in the first place, stood aside and said, “well, the victims think it’s for them, so let’s let it go.”

The ultimatum to me is like, no we aren’t going to tolerate leaking the story.

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December 29th, 2010, 09:16 AM

Q. Did Paul McCartney pluck his eyebrows real nice for the Kennedy Awards?
A. Is they in held in NYC? I been there, not to the Dakota, to Strawberry Fields and to King Crimson’s home office. Some points of interest, but I came to hate them. This guy got on the subway, 70% of his body just burned, someone had tortured him, and he said, “I don’t want to rob anybody, I just need to get to a hospital” and he passed a cup, people ignored him or dropped a quarter in. What the fuck?

Just a little later this guy shoots by the sidewalk grocers full speed and swipes a moneybag. Ray, he’d been in the Army, a Samaritan kid since gradeschool, himself a painter by profession, he yells, “Hey!” takes this guy by the coattail and he’s being pulled along sparks flying from his heels and suddenly it was like, I kid you not, like an astro-ray descended on the whole marketplace, everybody goes still and turns on Ray like they’re cows or bodysnatchers and they just stare at the weirdest thing they’ve ever seen in their lives. The thief turns around, fixes his coat, harumphs, and gives Ray a little, “May I go?” look, and Ray starts to laugh real nervous, “What? Did I do something wrong?” The grocer who was robbed shakes his head all put off and looks away. None of these people had ever in their lives seen someone jump to the rescue that way. They were all like, fucking out of towner, stop before someone gets shot!


December 29th, 2010, 09:32 AM

Q. You canceled an eye exam speaking of the possibility of going on a desperate journey to New York City.
A. Surrendering to Yoko Ono in the hopes of having the brainbeam turned off belonging to the superclass.

Q. Yet this violates every principle.
A. Carefully and shrewdly behind their co-optation of identity crime is hidden the deep disguise the an English call “principle”.

To understand, you need to realize that I have been and am being tortured, poisoned to death, by the people who started AIDS and their accomplices, who have effectively organized and incited the victims using superior firepower and appeal to the fact that many victims are loyal to them and their vision of a bully system.

You see, Yoko Ono was very clever in making herself and John Lennon the issue and steering the power towards Clinton and New York City, but to see what really happened you have to look at Mt. Desert Island and Queen Elizabeth’s partnership in crime with Ronald Reagan and Billy Graham.

The litany is as followed: Love is not just sex. Crary was a sexholic, that’s a bad, bad thing. AIDS is no obstacle to true love. Mt. Desert Island proved he was just after sex as Chinatown porno proves, too, so there. If Crary is trying to justify all that, then he must have been the child pervert that Don Ostro describes and we feel that he was a threat to Leslie Katz, so Mt. Desert Island was justified. We just gave him the virgin he craved and that makes him our slave. He threatens people. He is worse than Kasperowski, the good thief on the cross next to Lennon, who he betrayed with his lies, his lifelong bosom friend. This is the position that Moonunit Zappa staked out, and it underwrites the superclass, their money and the warped system of civil slavery that bullies in Seattle created to punish someone like me who spoke out against the war of extermination and to confiscate my writing. Because of the Beatles venture involved, my place is ritually ransacked, taking my personal property for black markets, a shrill, horrid Mellon high society crime originating in Pittsburgh. The follow up to this is always: Oh, poor, sacred Midori, she will wait forever for the Walrus to change and become the man of her dreams, if only he would seek forgiveness from John Lennon’s holy crone the Ono Yoko.

Now, let’s look at the facts: I was tortured and earmarked as a child. The script they wrote had nothing to do with me. The letter to Leslie Katz was a loud, shrill, furious denunciation of the persona they were trying to force on and fob off on me as “psychologically consistent” a direct contradiction of their premise. My attempts to reach Robert Fripp were misdirected at a nazi gangster and completely futile. Mt. Desert Island, meanwhile, had nothing to do with John Lennon’s murder, except that Lennon’s murder was a diversion to prevent intervention and secure complicity. The an English rabid co-authored Mt. Desert Island, which was a premeditated AIDS testing war game. Peter Gabriel alibi’d it, so did Bill Clinton. They tried to justify it and raided the evidence, hoping to destroy it.

Mt. Desert Island is the living madness that proves Barack Obama a gross con man unbelievably unfit to be President; slick and oiled Farrakhan corporatist from Billy Graham Foundation, designered for installationing by Geffen Corporation mindblender experiments. Further Reagan was the author of Mt. Desert Island and thus the AIDS Onslaught. Obama and Yoko Ono, who is from a country with one of the most horrid histories of racism on earth worked together on a weird, deranged Pussyball Eugenics sex law scheme, something that completely destroys Lennon’s legacy as a leader of the sexual revolution, advancing their landgrab in the United States and virulent army, the fifth column of which are their loveslaves with HIV, and the cult of Obama, who put a booger of accusation on their faces and follow me around as if it is all my doing, because I won’t kowtow, so there.

Q. So you weakened and cancelled the appointment.
A. Ringo Starr is a very sick and criminal nazi who enjoys the police community’s support for torturing me and raping Jeannie. He went back to the neighborhood we were forced to move from and networked the gang I had appealed for protection from Amnesty International about and said, those are our boys, we’re going to reform them, and got Jesse Jackson to endorse that it was a Civil Rights Era mandate that I should be a saint. Naturally the cultivation of adult cinema and grossing out Patricia Fripp, who obsessively stares at me in my home on spy cam, are construed to underwrite their text, while mobilizing a completely humiliated American public.

Since they threatened to kill me and to kill my family, I wavered and almost complied with them. They have all the riches in the world and are criminally insane, but they have broadcast internationally the suggestion that they would forgive and embrace, empower and enrich me, reward me with love, if only I would pretty please endorse the Hitler Fait Accompli and work the Queen’s miracle selling the snake oil of death with King Crimson.

An ugly tragedy which would only be made worse by giving in to them.

Q. So you are repudiating Midori Goto?
A. I’d rather be dead than have anything to do with her. It’s just, as you can imagine, not as easy as all that to subvert Beatlemania and the hordes of haters in the Fundamentalist Tripartite, especially after forty years of depraved and horrid acts of torture and dismemberment beginning in childhood. My emotional constitution is gutted and unseaming. They keep saying I am the one who should be forgiven and the only one who can fulfill the mission with my gifts. It’s completely ridiculous legeredemain. Their mission is nazism.

This should never have been allowed. Vaclav Havel is a bizarre, unholy psychopath. Pittsburgh’s name is as black as Auschwitz.


December 29th, 2010, 09:46 AM

a young man disenfranchised
by beetles on glue
I spoke to the raven
he said, “howdy doo!”

Once upon a morning clear
while I daydreamed free of fear
of fairaes and sprites and sugarplum lasses
sticky as molasses
lying in a field of grass somewhere,
there I frollicked and I danced
to the leprochaun’s shamrock glance
the flutter of wings startled me
out of a song that entranced
and saw that the bird had
seen me by chance
and with a strangely sincere little caw
he pecked at my cheek to the beat of my song
and flew up to look at me down from a view
I spoke to the raven
he said, “howdy doo!”

In this forest the raven hangs ten
as boisterous and rambunctious as a monkey
he flutters from tree to tree
what will happen to me?


December 29th, 2010, 09:52 AM

Just the discovery that The Beatles were helping HitlerReagan as enforcers of the AIDS Onslaught has been a mortal wound. When you look at the slimepit a greasly slug like Chris Hitchens crawls from it’s devestating. He raped a retarded girl because his Hitler compass told him it was be equity and then ranting about the battle of Somme from some graffiti table surrounded by glowering, admiring Israeli good old boys.

Hitchens took everything I’d written to get help and turned it right over to the nazis responsible. Never, ever, trust the an English. The backknife is the only friendship they carry. Tony Levin said, “Harkin, we want to torture Jim Queerbutt until his enemies sympathize.” You mustn’t forgive them. Fulfill Hitler’s revenge as art for art’s sake? You mustn’t forgive Queen Elizabeth, ever. It’s against the law.

You have to worry about all this “turn it around” business, knowing the history of The Manhattan Project, especially after 911. This whole thing, Hitler’s revenge, was Midori Goto’s mission and mandate from the day she was born. Adrian Belew is just one of the My Lai boys. Yousou N’dour? What Gabriel did is the act of an enemy: a mortally disturbed and horrid man.

Carnegie Mellon as an institution is obviously condemned, obviously.


December 29th, 2010, 09:54 AM

David Bowie is a dangerous punk who lives frenetically and as desperately at the paper shredder as Fawn Hall.


December 29th, 2010, 11:26 AM

These are some of the clips that alerted me in early detection and convinced me that Film Project 2011 is warranted. At great trouble and expense, I have secured the film collection for this project.

As of this writing the uploads have not succeeded. I will keep trying and explain them clip by clip. In the event that I need to upload them again, it may be some time, in which case I will describe them without the benefit of the clip in the meanwhile.

Please also be familiar with the following: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWujmzh9KkU&feature=related

You will never convince me the Hitler rabid English did not the did know.


December 29th, 2010, 11:34 AM

Q. Have you no scruples? This is National Security!
A. I will blow you up, Clinton!@ I swear to motherfucking God I will blow you off the face of the earth! I told you to STOP IT and YOU ARE GOING TO.


December 29th, 2010, 12:02 PM

Q. What is the name of the man who poisoned you? The stomach acid problem?

A. Randy Tantliger. He was contracted through the Administration of Justice department, wheelchair dude, with the help of Mark Nordenberg.


December 29th, 2010, 01:02 PM

Q. As a humanist…
eggnog (interrupting): Child of a humanist.
Q. As the child of a humanist tagged as the Walrus, would you speak up about the anti-abortion laws passed by the The State of Nebraska?

eggnog: I,… I heard about dem dey. What I want to know is…what the Dickens does a fetal defect got to do with being able to dream at 17 weeks? If you want to see the nazi logic of them Operation: Rescue “folks”, there it is right there.

chorus: Jeezo Jane Jan Junta


December 29th, 2010, 05:03 PM

Q. So you favor Moonunit Zappa’s premeditated assassination of your progeny as a form of spite and counter-cultural warfare?

A. No, that originates with Greg Karl.

My opinion about abortion is that of a pro-life buddhist I once read who believes it should be safe and legal. He says that the utter tactlessness of Operation: Rescue is insufferable. They know and care nothing about the lives they manipulate and threaten. They can’t speak for people making what is often a rough decision when left with no choices.

My research also shows that these same forces released AIDS and then crow about the children suffering to create guilt. I work much too hard to tolerate being depicted as a Nero but such a one as Zappa.


December 29th, 2010, 05:06 PM

Let’s move back to The Film Project, a Japanese actress who resembles Leslie’s mother Roslyn Katz. Very close readers of Eggnog Corner will remember my mentioning this clip. Please familiarize yourself and I will note some talking points:

The woman is wiping her face with a kerjieef. She scratches her face at the place of neuroplasm. Then she coughs twice. As das boat pulls away an agent that suggests the persistence of invasion climbs the ladder.


December 29th, 2010, 05:08 PM

I contend that what we are seeing is Japanese war filly resentment at American behavior when introduced during the occupation to a sexual delecticy that women of the West never practice: the shot on the face. She is wiping away the tears of defeat and resentment, and iron claw’s her face as a gesture that the Ku of the Krim Klan will out. She then coughs twice for the two virgins pussyball of the AIDS Onslaught.


December 29th, 2010, 05:09 PM

In this clip from the same film a priest, call him Father Mendoza, is waving his arm in a Shinto circle that all goes around and around, today’s sheep will be the next live’s wolves.


December 29th, 2010, 05:11 PM

The Film Project is “undertaken” (SL) due to the enormity of police community dereliction in the issue of Ronald Reagan.

Sean, sean
the gasps of rabids
is thrust upon the pawns.

~Fright Watch
by American Pig


December 29th, 2010, 05:12 PM

In this clip we see the joy, scheming and curiosity of the Japanese investigating the NewType. Breaking the ice, brrr, steam, an unexpected monster.


December 29th, 2010, 05:14 PM

Q. A chivalrous man would accuse you of desertion in the case of Midori Goto.

A. Gary Pitman, a criminally insane abductor who tortured me as a child, played the game with De De that Aaron Dixon is playing with Goto. These men do not think the way that I do about the world.

Goto is on their side. She, like DeDe, set me up.

Q. Do you ever wish Aaron Dixon were a better man than he is?

A. This case makes bad men of good men. I know of no exceptions.


December 29th, 2010, 05:15 PM

It is my contention that Reagan represents himself through the little boy and that the dart symbolizes D’Artangnon, the fourth Musketeer of the Axis Tripartite. He shoots the white flag with surrender terms and brings through Operation: Little Girl, the answer to Little Boy, dropped on Hiroshima.


December 29th, 2010, 05:18 PM

By way of support, watch this clip all the way through, despite interruptions.

In addition to reminescences of Ringo’s secret agency with the sunder there Navy Man George Bush….”lived a man who sailed to sea … tip it tip it” the Nordic boy is chosen deliberately because of his resemblance to Lee Marvin, a confederate of Toshiro Mifune and partner of Reagan in THE KILLERS and murder of JFK. Ian Wattenmaker and David Cohen of the Burstyn scroll in fact made it a point as a child to take me to the film SOMETHING BIG.


December 29th, 2010, 05:19 PM

Ironically and coincidentally as the crowe files fly, from a different Japanese children’s movie:


December 29th, 2010, 05:20 PM

Although not clear in this clip, the comedian before the curtains resembles my brother Adam.


December 29th, 2010, 05:22 PM

Q. You’ve accused the University of Pittsburgh of being the authors of the AIDS Onslaught.

A. The University of Faceliars. No negotiating with terrorists.


The University of Faceliars is permanently dishonorably discharged from all rights of dignity before mankind.


December 29th, 2010, 05:23 PM

Christopher Hitchens is an honorary Guttersnipe.


December 29th, 2010, 05:26 PM

Raping deaf Jeannie.An English is known.


December 29th, 2010, 05:27 PM

Raping deaf Jeannie.An English is known.

Bushigo: Illustrious, Mac~!


December 30th, 2010, 08:19 AM

Q. So Reagan was being like Eddie Haskell doing his role Storm Warning!
A. And here comes a good Gore sayin’, “Reagan may have misused our words doing what he did, but I~I still believe in them!”

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December 30th, 2010, 08:22 AM

If you would be so good as to create a Suspicious Clip II sticky thread it will help me a lot for the foreseeable future. ~ Eggnog

You create it and I’ll stick it. ~ meherenowie

The AIDS Generation will be remembered for those who understand what happened between Pittsburgh and London, the cult of war involved in Peter Gabriel’s SO as the era when America lost the war for its dignity and succumbed to the Caligula politics of Ringo Starr. My sister Laura Jeanne once called me, “I, Claudius.” When I told her that I was going to call my history textbook: How Vince Eirene and Martin Sheen Started the War in the Persian Gulf with a Carrot she laughed and laughed.

Superficially, the endless vendetta of George Bush on The House of Humanist Ryland Wesley Crary seems to resolve with the idea that Yoko Ono cannot stand the sight of my name or the fact of my existence because I failed to recognize that Reagan’s script about killing John Lennon was in my house; and likewise I cannot stand her name or accept her insufferable depravity towards me because I scorn that she put Lennon before public warning about AIDS. I say it seems that way superficially because something much more serious is at work. When Peter Sinfield depicted the murder of John Heinz, followed by the death of Princess Diana as a power struggle between the CIA and the Beatlemaniacs he was performing a circus trick of deception. The situation is much more criminal and devious when it comes to the activities of British Labor Party.

The situation as it stands right now between New York City and their in-crowd of ACT-UP in Capitol Hill, allied to Diamonda Galas, and through her, although they might deny it, to George Bush, by way of Barack Obama, is that Dr. Harlan White, who is a psychiatric criminal installed in King County by Reagan, an ignorant berzerker from the morally estranged age of tyranny; with his long, white beard, Harlan White, master deceiver, thinks himself as visionary as Moses. This local Borker is Sean Strub’s Imperial Wizard incarnation in Operation: Medicine Man, a series of kills organized by Oliver Stone that have included 911 and the murder of Shannon Harps. It is possible these forces have an H-bomb.

Aa a human being, I see their squalid pet vampire bat, Yousou N’dour, a sequined loser on Yoko Ono’s yoyo chain, as a ravenous mercenary from some sort of troll dungeon. He is a curse. He has no humanity. He is a slanderer, a liar, a threat and a rabid animal. Genetic racism, an original sin, is not an allegation you can win. Obama got Dr. Frances Welsing on my back for George Bush to cover up Zell on Mt. Desert Island while being promised a spoils fight over Japanese race queen Midori Goto. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Hollywood staged a whole big thing about her sleeping with Kasperowski and how I feel about that is how all a The Black Men feel about the idea of me with Midori and so on, all consuming, as Robert Fripp demanded Medieval tribute to his sickening egologic with which he betrayed a poet who loved his art.

For Peter Gabriel, greatly insinuated into the Meridian cult of Alice Walker and her dippity doo shock novelists of higher Africana, Queerbait, alias Jimmy Crary, was a windfall for experiment sadism practiced through the Omoja Nuthouse of the Community College of Allegheny County. Had I not read Greg Karl’s cold-blooded tract: Structuralist Approach to Musical Analysis, I doubt I would have had the grasp not to completely dissociate trying to deal with the master criminal of our generation: Robert Fripp, a lackey of Reagan who makes Oliver North look like a purse snatcher.

Dr. Harlan White thinks he is in the groove. He promotes a big game production of Reagan and McCartney, religious muscle provided by Al Gore and the highest paid labor unions, with some easy cash passing hand at Death Row Records with some ugly whispers about Michael Jackson. Their claim is the need, desire, wish to create morale and acceptance, mitigate distress calls, among the world’s often imbalanced by trauma HIV positive community, which is growing and many people are scared to death they have it and don’t know it yet. Instead of issuing warning properly and in a timely way to deal with this, Brian Eno and mysterians like White want to sell John Lennon snake oil. They’ve been driving our country crazy with hellacious attacks constructed around a principle of sowing confusion so that people turn to them as savvy protectors in the know.

“We have achieved mass murder hypnosis,” the frankensteiners of the American Psychiatric Association brayed in praise of the good Lord George Bush, while the Center for Disease Control klukked their Reagan-feared tongues in satisfaction as Patricia Fripp unloaded her briefcase with the program. “Queerball must serve! Let’s have a barbecue!” Obama sneered spitefully at the poet-buddha with a hidden walrus of belle lettres about a germ from Tel Avivis of Roman Allah in the Fundamentalist Tripartite designed by Fripp, North and Infra-Hidiles Gung.

They claim it is a discourtesy to their divine wishes that I do not apology to the spirit of Lennon and them for a holocaust in which my name was given a central role. Greg Karl, Outhouse Harkin, Al Gore and Harlan White all think it is my duty to serve, and hiss the aren’t you special jazz you get from the British Army. They are trying to get me to do involuntarily what Sean Strub did voluntarily, taking John Lennon with him as a souvenir to hell. Yes, I would be happy to do it, Rabbi-Sensei, said the suicide poet Sean Strub, but John Lennon wouldn’t have been. Mustn’t let them turn Jimmy Crary into one of them. They have aimed at my spirit, trying to induce suicide. It was so horrible that my mind is shattered. No, Goto, I just told you it’s not funny.

The reason I know that the Blue House killer was in league with Mark David Chapman in a literal chain of command (recall that Louis Leto, Director of Army Operations for Obama in Afghanistan was my roommate in college at the time of Lennon’s murder) is that Ringo Starr encouraged them to have me at Degenerate Art Ensemble the night they spoke of using real bullets. Their agent indicated he expected six or seven dead. Not all of the rioters can comprehend that they should be aware by now that Ringo Starr and Peter Gabriel infiltrated and networked this chain of command as an investment. Peter Gabriel called it, “hedging his bets,” but I recognize it very clearly as Cynthia Lennon playing a game of Yojimbo warfare or last man standing technique. She is shooting both sides to pressure surrender to her authority out of confusion. Many of the rioters with HIV or with friends they love suffering so are not aware and do not realize they were tricked by Sean Strub, just as the American Public was not warned properly that AIDS is manmade and still doesn’t know or understand. Eno thinks all this is groovy and these Act Up fuckers see Diamonda Galas as a warlord all their own; she’s the embodiment of their own death wish.

Lewis Lapham, who is to blame for all of it, is the sort of rabid animal whose weeping should be interrupted by a brutal stomping.

I disagree with them and am being murdered for my dissent, or in spite of it. What is more their claim of being punishers is a sordid ploy of gross manufacture, a mockery. The HIV injection game was a jest, that’s why we get to murder you, Sinfield sneers. The murdering piecemeal is so sullen and resentful that when I got off the psilosec that was revenge for Matt’s groaning, settling my bowels for a day, they gave me a juice that started them going again. Operation: Piecemeal began in gradeschool dismemberment when Gail Burstyn wrote to me, “take away, take away (your) eyes, sometimes I’d rather (you were) blind.” But it gained a full head of steam on Mt. Desert Island when Don Denis left me a note, “You want responsibility for this, here, I jerk it back and pour it on you steaming. I hope it’s enough.” That was the night of scabies. Then there was the abortion splattering the school, the dry heaves of the letters discovery, the seizures, the rape of my girlfriend, the vomiting horror of realizing that they were going to get away with it, the tortures of homelessness, poison in the mouth, burning acid reflux poison, heart poison, bowels, the facial nerve throbbing and migraines, whatever terrible end looms.

The murderer claims they want articulate echoes of their own condition.

No one investigated who actually wrote the letters. I was just a child. There were so many things I didn’t understand about sex in schools where sex education was forbidden, tortured in alleys, battered and stomped on, which police disgracefully shrug off as corporal punishment, and always Leslie Katz, “He licked my clit. I’ll stick you, I’ll stick you!” They developed a complex and predatory guilt conditioning on impacted neurotraumatic coma.

Everyone understands their silly idea. History will take note, I’m sure, but the source of the operation came out in the Yiddish intellectual book with Oliver Stone and Noam Chomsky recently, “We can do it better, kiddo” a holocaust as a lesson plan by Victor Frankl. You have to think of Salmun Rushdie and Gail Burstyn as the same phenomenon. It could be worse, Queerball. Insulted authority! Worse things have happened, and Elizabeth Taylor, let’s make him the worst, the victim who suffers the most of all.


December 30th, 2010, 08:23 AM

I read Frank Herbert’s SOUL CATCHER about Katsuk, who kidnaps, sooths and befriends the little white boy he ritually murders in the end and sings a hymn to as they arrest him. Cress-Zell-Baraka-Dixon, Cornelius West and Shannon Harps. The English put this off on me as “refraction.” Penny Smith explained to me obliquely the days before the 1987 Wall Street Crash. Scapegoat Theory. BANK OF ENGLAND WILL NOT FALL! They torture me with taunts about the beneficial effluvium of plastic reality while squawking about the evidence, “That doesn’t mean!”

My father Ryland’s philosophy was always, “You’re fun!” to anyone he got acquainted with, to redeem them. There were always mysteries about what was happening to him in Pittsburgh. He took us to what he called, “Baron Von Ritter’s” and played NOBODY LOVES THE NAKED MAN on the jukebox while the old humbug who owned the joint brought us terrible “free” rice pudding. My father was prompted to communicate with a very disfigured man once, leading him to a lifelong interest in the Elephant Man, Sir John Merrick, but it doesn’t congrue with Harlan White’s Strubbian Queerbasque parasitic preoccupation with The Other. I don’t see that as the human spirit.

When I realized that Aaron Dixon was probably all connected up by Seattle Art Museum with Gary Pitman I had to stop myself from saying a prayer for myself, not out of personal superstitution, but out of Christian etiquette. Not that anybody told me this, but I feel that just isn’t done.

The worst thing about ultrahigh in a way is rigged solitaire. I hate it when the tarotize my cards.


December 30th, 2010, 10:35 AM

grumbler: that’s a messed up letter.
eggnog: You’re going to get used to it is what you’re going to do.


December 30th, 2010, 11:05 AM

The Dakota was built on my mother and Midori Goto’s mutual birthday.


December 30th, 2010, 11:07 AM

I don’t have any idea why anyone would kill that wonderful, exciting man, but I’m not going to take it from you, Craig.


December 30th, 2010, 11:20 AM

Scum. You want to play PROPERTY? I’m going to take you to Court and SUE YOU for the Dakota.


December 30th, 2010, 11:50 AM

New York City tortured and raped two defenseless, bystander deaf people and then demanded an Apology from their victims!

Let’s all go ask all of Jimmy Crary/”James”‘s enemies calling themselves “friends” in the city of faceliars: “What did “James” think of King Crimson before this happened?”

Let’s ask them all.


December 30th, 2010, 11:51 AM





December 30th, 2010, 11:57 AM

Here’s another “work of art” from the usual chauvanists and their MellonCrimson death squads: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uijUVIa02vo

(Maybe this was what Dr. King’s daughter had in mind in her tribute to Queerbasque?)


December 30th, 2010, 11:59 AM

rakugo: Hey, look, it’s li’l Jimi Qwwee Wee. What do you think of McOliver Quimsyn, now dogeyes?

Little Jimmy (crying): FUCK YOU


December 30th, 2010, 12:09 PM

Midori can jump off a bridge with her cultural voodoo. Don’t darken my doors and I mean it.


December 30th, 2010, 12:28 PM

rakugo: Defsukke! We are going to use you to develop mass consciousness for our way of doing things!

eggnog: No you aren’t. And if you think I am going to forgive you, I warn you, I have only begun to fight you.


December 30th, 2010, 01:47 PM

The letters were planted on my home by Reagan, Ono and Imperial Japan plotting a symbolic Apology.

I refuse.

If you want to set up a new Basque Corporate Government, Geffen, you are going to have to do it over my dead body.

There is no question I will destroy your name for it Levin. Absolutely none.

I was tortured horribly by James Kasperowski as a child. You did this demented and evil syndicated outrage out of egologic and loyalty to Lennon’s killers.

I condemn you and will not wait for your answer. You know where I live.


December 30th, 2010, 01:50 PM

Jeannie-raping, mass-murdering hypocrit.

rakugo: The rabid answered the number 31 from M.I.T. suggesting you enlisted in Fripp’s holy war.

eggnog: That is not true. I was a captive and victim of torture under hypnosis as all the evidence shows.

Crescent Angel was an idea for a rock band derived from murderers who put me under abominable ethers through “brutal fortissimo poundings” in order to lead me into a dream, brain-damaged, unable to comprehend their writings, to suggest that Fripp’s wheedlingness is holy semuta.

A rock star is a proverbial piece of neverstep by definition.


December 30th, 2010, 02:00 PM

Q. To what do you attribute the luring Hitler Euro-rabid and his fanged, murdering punk African-Nazi Party installation’s refusal to capitulate to the truth about the brutality and forces impinging on the persona’s experience?

A. Escalation dominance. The AIDS Combine has nuclear magnetic resonance in ultrahigh and Midori Goto identified me as a pushover. Once they’ve murdered me, no one will ever look back.

Q. Do you believe Elton John was among the AIDS Combein’s ingenues?

A. Yes, Colucci swore by him in Stylegate East. Further, he gave a chocolate cake to Blownorg, symbolizing Obama.

Q. Nuclear war will be a very perverse end.



December 30th, 2010, 02:11 PM

The murder of John Lennon was effectuated experimentally by the Mellons and Reagan to demonstrate the relativity of truth. Using Lennon’s death, they legalized child torture, super-corporal punishment, rape, murder and deadly affront to American society with the blessings of police, Congress and the Executive.

You used my name. It wasn’t mine.

I will always and nothing ever but hate you.


December 30th, 2010, 02:16 PM

Peter Gabriel is criminally insane. He brutally tortured me after claiming to be from Amnesty International.

Gore’s Secret Service: I want you to apologize for the AIDS Onslaught.
James M. Crary: I’m not going to. Such apology would confer sanction and transfer blame from you to me.

Gabriel: Do it or die.
Crary: You’re the one who is going to die.

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Version : The Attack on Ryland Crary


December 30th, 2010, 04:07 PM

Dad didn’t like the Ivy League. He told them that he didn’t like their detachment and disengagement. The worst forms of Royalist scum are in King Crimson. They are the ones who commited atrocity.

In fury at the idea of humanized schools which might interfere with British Labor’s foreign pursuit of American bedlam, the English rabid attacked us when I was a very little boy and have made an endless game of humiliating me terroristically, a fetish for Midori Goto.

The British have created a egological power structure of the imagination in the realm of appeal to commercialized daydreaming. They saw me as an encroacher.

Peter Gabriel calls himself a humanist. He isn’t what is meant by a humanist normally. The word is cannibal.

vBulletin® v3.8.4, Copyright ©2000-2011, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.

Version : In the Name of Idi N’dour


December 31st, 2010, 09:21 AM

Robert Fripp is a big man. He can help Arnold Surefire Rapefire smoke a retarded girl, but he can’t tell the truth about little Jimmy, not when he can have a nice big juicy spider while wetpetting klansman for a pat on the behind by Buchanan he can’t.

Fripp is a loper, ill, braying and secure in his gleeful Oxford ingenuity, armed with slurmeister Peter Sinfield and the ledger of Labor Union child molesters Miles Kirshner, Reagan Labor attache. Jimmuh Creary can tell the truth all he wants to but, eh, it’s still a plea for his own life, so, who’s going to listen?

Even though I am not John Lennon and James Crary does not reasonably compare, the people attacking me are betraying him and must not be allowed to hide that fact in their Sardaukar loveslavery, neither the spoiled warthogs with their floating uterises, nor the backstabbing fairaes are giving proper tribute to why Lennon once called McCartney, “That fucking conservative.” Lennon would have been extremely hard to wake up about Yoko Ono and the earth was spared a spectacle no less horrible than the Ssybil War I described in writing that the an English rabid dreams of confiscating against public warning, writings that may someday be tragically lost to posterity, due to PM’s pernicious, child-raping, pro-Reagan machine.

Reagan committed the worst crime in the history of the United States and possibly the worst crime in the history of the world. He did it in genuine malice for all. The loathsome sexual politics of Paul McCartney were and remain his most vicious instrument. Whether Andrea Swimmer lying in wait for a hopelessly battered, still daydreaming, thoroughly traumatized little boy set free from the Manson wolfpack for good behavior, or the woman who left the book MITSUI in a box at my porch along with gas masks out back, when I was twelve, the approximately infinite universe we live in includes one where Hustler claims the lives of victims through the vaginal insinuation of attack prostitutes on the make for spoils as great as a New York Mansion and the town of Crary, North Dakota, N’dorsed with the backknife of a power tripper who juggles another pack and then leers to spoil the feast.

An identity crime was commited to synthesize the extermination into murder for profit by virtue of the beneficial effluvium available at Gabriel’s office in the Bank of England. Aaron Dixon and Ming Na Wen are partners in this crime. Midori Goto is a professional Japanese rottweiller who got let in and unleashed by the delusional politics of John Lennon. It’s a shame nobody has ever seen threw Yoko Ono or properly studied what Gabriel was doing protecting Gail Burstyn with Cyril Wecht. Ultrahigh or not, Midori Goto will never be anything but a deadly enemy.

I should have been considered unenviously as just one of the people who escaped without blood infection but with whose victimization came a message in a bottle. John Lennon’s death spell suicide cult of mass murder belonged in Jonestown, Guyana with Franklin Graham, not Seattle, Washington (also with Franklin Graham).

Jimmy Crary was made a sadistic mockery in Pittsburgh because that is the recreational nature of their reality towards damaged children. Even devil’s advocates shouldn’t play with such crooked cards, and yet the mongerer personally is a Chancellor of a huge institution, lying through the teeth.

Seattle is an ignoble landscape who helped Reagan’s bizarre and vicious California set-up “James” and then “watch him hang himself” while they hissed about the evils of the FBI.

I’m glad about Chinatown, for good and bad. The most touching fact was that the Vietnamese, with all their reasons for fury towards me, had the humility to appraise what happened as an English poison crime. I admired them for it, even while knowing they understand their own role. They can imagine, having been bilked and lied to and abused by con sharks from the stockpile of Bill Clinton and Oliver North for an age, what it must feel like to have a slippery moneybag from the cesspool of foreign hippies raping you and then calling you “brother.”

Robert Fripp is history’s most vicious and dishonorable perpetrator of a Rosewood Riot; the sort to advice Queen Elizabeth, whispering, of the advisability of a pact with Manson, Fu Manchu and Adolf Hitler. My advice if you ever meet an English that smug: stay away.

I don’t know how to stop the murderers who hit America hard in Dallas and from outer space. They are a foreign cult, many of them Israelis, who forged the Obama Presidency and Colors Alliance in league with Reagan and the AIDS Onslaught: An ARK. They need me as a white sacrifice to appease the Taliban of the Black mysterians who churlishly participated when Bush promised they would be allowed to yammer, “we are the victims” so people didn’t figure it out.

That is how you have the most morbid voodoo ripper, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, in league with Will Zell Broome and Ringo Starr making sure that John Kennedy, Jr. got whacked so that nothing upstaged little Barack’s Midori-conquest pussyball fantasy.

It is a move on the identity structure of the United States. Naturally, a wheedle with a KC Swastika came prancing and hopping like a jocular little bunny, armed with mysterian formulas for experimental X-files of demonstrative death and dying, endorsed by his favorite fan, Colin Powell of My Lai Massacre fame. (Now we understand the bliss of Boz Burrell howling about innocents raped with napalm!)

Ever get sick of Queers? I don’t advise resort to online porno. The internet that Gore invented is so revolting you’ll want to follow the Biblical injunction literally and pluck out your own eyes.

David Bowie made a shrewd bet. His branch of Hollywood would have no trouble creating a scared straight program off Hollywood with attack prostitutes and scabies, with here and there an Oliver Stone arson to get real by. Knowing little Jimmy had hitchhiked to St. Louis in loveslavery to Fripp, he figured he could manipulate such a nosebleed just right to confiscate the Banks in America by selling Reagan didn’t know long enough to get away with it to Europe, while Morgan brought in Irish thuggees to rob the dying mother.

Allderdice will slaughter me when they are done, The King Family will burn torches protesting retarded girls who get in the way of Queerbasque, who in top secret von higherness see the burning cross as their pisschrist souls, sticking little Jimmy’s children when he two-times with high schoolers.

Robert Fripp is a brave man. Just right for the klan-stroking type of Aaron Dixon.

There has never been a more rabid weasel, more furiously intent on weakening and destroying what little there is left to admire about Seattle, Washington.

In the name of Idi N’dour.

What Vaclav Havel wouldn’t give to see QweeWee grow up.

Q. Why don’t you? You’re worse than Saul Brecher?
A. Listen you. Know what I just found out? Hyde is the name of an anti-abortion award. It is also the name of the man Mary Steiner of “He’s Dead, Jim” introduced me to at Bard, Kevin Hyde. Know what that means? That means her stuff about noblese oblige, and the coma-hypnosis that they used to say empirically that if I could not prove that I had not dippy slip sly’d her one time when she was goin’ uhn, better pull it out, Mac, that means they GIT to interrogate me and rape Jeannie was just Franklin Graham putting on a show about the way that love creates bonds like hypnosis and these are love and to set up the Jekyll and Hyde idea that abortion IS rape and that’s what monster dickwet Obama GIT to de-blood my soulmate wifey.

That FUCKER REAGAN did all this! That’s why they love him like mad. He was so fucking empirically brazen that he rubbed our faces in it.


December 31st, 2010, 09:22 AM

Q. What about Saul Brecher?
A. Saul Brecher was the source of some of the most infamous attacks on my dignity as a child and if I had known that Amanda Harcourt was working for Ringo Starr I would have been very wary, because Brecher was Ringo’s type, a soul mate, who would steal from school, play songs from the White Album like Birthday full volume at nine o’clock in the morning while cutting in seventh grade, smoking Jamaican and raising allgiators he stole from the zoo in his bathroom. When Ronnie Zzsinski chased me to his house, Saul walked out to him picked up and turned him upside down, full 360 degrees. Zzsinski ran off but not before shouting his would kill me next time he saw me (when he did it was with about ten other men who stomped on and battered me). Saul then turned around, came in, put me on the ground on my back, burned my arm with a lighter and administered “sailor taps” on my chest. He was not a nice person, but he was the type who could get me to say something about a carrot satirically that would satisfy Ringo Starr that he and Reagan were just about bound to have some fun.

Q. You saw him steal the record The Beatles’ Story from National Record Mart?
A. Really, they are the ones who saw him steal it and they all just looked at me, who was very, very frightened and had been taken along as a hostage. The reason East Liberty was so frightening is that the schoolteachers, AAA, the police, the adults in the neighborhood, notably Richard Karl and Val Ostro, all knew that I was being tortured, and it was obvious they knew, and they normalized it, scoffed at me when I uttered some, to them, useless moralizing about the better desires of the human race.

Saul also gets along famously with Muslim nomads when he parties with them in Afghanistan and Nepal on his various visits of rape and murder.

No one made crueller fun of my withdrawn demeanor when making out with Leslie, my coy mistress, than Brecher did.

Jeannie-raping rabid animal like Vaclav Havel keeps mealy mouthing that I cudda told, warned, saved Lennon. Who could I have told? There wasn’t anyone to tell. Even when I was a full-fledged adult with persuasive skills I couldn’t get a single half-decent person to pay attention to any of it.

The idea that Zell wasn’t party to a set up over virginity engineered by the U.S. Nazi secret government with Leslie Katz as part of the AIDS Onslaught is patently ridiculous. The only reason that Seattle has gotten away with saying it isn’t is because they were bribed and wowed by the evil stupidities of Moonunit Zappa and her mother Gail. Saul Brecher is the hilarious anarchist they have waited for as a Messiah all their lives.

Now they have queerbait, raised by Buttons McCormick, ready for Sing Sing on treason.


December 31st, 2010, 10:03 AM

Q. What did your momma tell you talkin’ about Obama?
A. She go, “You want that job?” I said, “Hell, no.” She said, “Well, then better pipe down.”

I know Obama’s a dignitary office and he got to play prim to the press, can’t like toadying to Bush, but can’t be help, by his measure, being in there second fiddle with a cover up mandate. You or I can wish he was man enough to tell Bush and Colin Powell, “Don’t even ask if I’ll stand next to you at a state function because the answer is no.”

What the Republicans fear is the Black middle class, the working grunts who know what’s what and have been here all along, the ones who fought the battles and now work in City Halls, the Black mayors and the people in the bars who love America and hate the war machine and the mind fuck of Reagan. These people are the essential, the bread and butter power of the Democratic Party, bad enough that they have to be contended for by Republicans, but not big enough to actually defeat White Power in the racist, Republican sense.

What the Republicans do not fear are the Afro-Marginalists like Cornell West, Death Row and WOMAD, all the rest, for one because they don’t know what’s best for the country, the way The Rainbow Coalitions and PTA groups do, our House of Representatives, far away from the holes in the ground built by Ultrahigh SONY. They just want a piece of the action, they want in the celebrity superstate by any means necessary, they dig the fun of the tomfools, incitable, unelectable, and stark raving crazy.

What Obama does it tell the Republicans, all bigshot, Ivy Leaguer, the crazies, the Death Row Imans, I got them in my pocket, and they hold sway over the Rainbow. That’s my power, you don’t have to fear the Black Middle Class anymore. And the Republicans say dig dat.

Cress-Welsing’s alliance with Will Zell is proof of this contention.

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Version : Suspicious Clips II


December 31st, 2010, 11:40 AM

Want to know what I am on about?

rehabber: Huhn?

I said do you want to know what I am on about?

rehabber: What the hell are you on about?

Semiotic Detection Campaign
Posts: n/a

Suspicious Clips/Film Project Update
Here it is: Look at this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28z-bv1X-lM

some of these clips are spliced scenes or have uneven editing and breaks. Please watch the clips in their entirety even those that have run on a little without particularly good reason.
Evidence Room: Update

December 20th, Monday, 11:29, the Evidence Room at The Emerald House Film Project 2011 is currently manufacturing a clip presentation that shows Reagan worked with the Japanese on Hitler’s revenge, encrypted semiotically into his show business era.

The clip is twofold, part one from the Plan scene of the film being made simultaneously to the making of The Killers in 1963. It is called Cruel Gun Story. The second part is the identical twin from The Killers. This Cruel Reagan Story needs to be evaluated semiotically by a police unit.

Eggnog Corner will do its share.

Hopefully this clip will be available shortly.


#2 December 20th, 2010, 12:00 PM
Guest Posts: n/a

The Dealey Re-route


JFK’s motorcade down Dealey Plaza was mysteriously re-routed to take him through the Grassy Knoll. In the first clip, using the same formulas of Reagan semiotics, the passenger (a metaphor for Lyndon Johnson) has the key. The Gregory Peck lookalike stops the vehicle with a Hitler salute that cuts off the right hand.

The map also has the right route cut off. Dealey entrance to Stemmons Freeway is shaped like the bottom of a peace sign. The motorcade was not scheduled to route to the right. HitlerReagan had Oswald arrested in a Texas Theater.

Reagan’s clip has the signboard marked to: ANGER instead of DANGER, a standard of Reagan semiotic mission, like the RRATHARUS swastika in Desperate Journey.


Take note of this moment of interest in The Killers which Reagan made while setting up the kill of JFK in Dealey Plaza cameras for history and all, a fact made obvious by this scenarama identical to the historic pans of the depository building made by newsmen sent to frame Oswald.

Note how brazen The Great Sniveller was.


#5 December 28th, 2010, 01:56 PM
Guest Posts: n/a

More Film Project


Now, I am making progress in four more important introductory clips from HitlerReagan semiotics, film title: Storm Warning.

Clip One: Shows a KasperKlansman weeping and hiding his face in shame as he tries to convince his innocent, “naive” wife that her sister is mistaking him.

Clip Two: DraculaReagan professes to have great interest in stopping the klan, while old Volk Bleucher expresses hope for his future election.

Clip Three: The sister has been cajolled into repudiating testimony freeing her brother-in-law, the distinctly Jewish widow confronts her, she weeps on a meatslab like brick.

Clip Four: The brother-in-law holds a Republican Democratic Convention.


#6 December 28th, 2010, 02:08 PM
Guest Posts: n/a


Q. Is it true that Robert Fripp forced Midori into prostitution to “pay” the Ku Klux Klan for your having exposed his accomplice with HitlerReagan?

A. I don’t know.


#7 December 28th, 2010, 02:10 PM
Guest Posts: n/a


I know they tore my heart out to cover their own tracks. That I know. They convinced the Queers that ripping me apart would be better than public warning or apprehension of the guilty; that the superclass was holier than mere civil dissent.


#8 December 28th, 2010, 02:11 PM
Guest Posts: n/a


The local Police Department’s yearning for Clinton’s sanction in unspeakable brutality towards a reporter is as unquenchable as Eno and McCartney in their need for ego satiation.


#9 December 28th, 2010, 02:37 PM
Guest Posts: n/a


Link to convicting semiotic clip one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kNzGPNDui8

clip two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FusE-aSinaI

clip three: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANbgxFnGR8I

clip four: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlyOs9rVT2A

These are some of the clips that alerted me in early detection and convinced me that Film Project 2011 is warranted. At great trouble and expense, I have secured the film collection for this project.

As of this writing the uploads have not succeeded. I will keep trying and explain them clip by clip. In the event that I need to upload them again, it may be some time, in which case I will describe them without the benefit of the clip in the meanwhile.

Please also be familiar with the following: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWujm…eature=related


I contend that what we are seeing is Japanese war filly resentment at American behavior when introduced during the occupation to a sexual delecticy that women of the West never practice: the shot on the face. She is wiping away the tears of defeat and resentment, and iron claw’s her face as a gesture that the Ku of the Krim Klan will out. She then coughs twice for the two virgins pussyball of the AIDS Onslaught.


#13 December 29th, 2010, 05:09 PM
Guest Posts: n/a


In this clip from the same film a priest, call him Father Mendoza, is waving his arm in a Shinto circle that all goes around and around, today’s sheep will be the next live’s wolves.


It is my contention that Reagan represents himself through the little boy and that the dart symbolizes D’Artangnon, the fourth Musketeer of the Axis Tripartite. He shoots the white flag with surrender terms and brings through Operation: Little Girl, the answer to Little Boy, dropped on Hiroshima.


#18 December 29th, 2010, 05:18 PM
Guest Posts: n/a


By way of support, watch this clip all the way through, despite interruptions.

In addition to reminescences of Ringo’s secret agency with the sunder there Navy Man George Bush….”lived a man who sailed to sea … tip it tip it” the Nordic boy is chosen deliberately because of his resemblance to Lee Marvin, a confederate of Toshiro Mifune and partner of Reagan in THE KILLERS and murder of JFK. Ian Wattenmaker and David Cohen of the Burstyn scroll in fact made it a point as a child to take me to the film SOMETHING BIG.


#19 December 29th, 2010, 05:19 PM
Guest Posts: n/a


Ironically and coincidentally as the crowe files fly, from a different Japanese children’s movie:


December 31st, 2010, 12:34 PM

I’ll describe the scene from The Killers for you, made while Dealey Plaza was being set up. They are preparing a Federal Crime. The dialogue reads:
Okay, here comes George.

Start timing.

He sees the sign.


The car is shown coming to the highway sign slowing down and waiting, an exact description of long noted suspicious activity at the moment of doom for JFK.

The exact suspicious activity long described in the motorcade at the time of the Stemmons Freeway sign. The mystery of JFK is clear: adolf hitler got away.

Here it is at last ~ the distinguished thing.

Critical background readings:



Allen Dulles sat on the Warren Commission and was the highest ranking member of Nazi counter-intelligence ever to infiltrate American command.

Now take a look at what else is going on in Reagan’s California: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFRMuCUVthg


December 31st, 2010, 12:36 PM

Suggested anedotes to Eggnog Corner Shock: http://www.google.com/search?q=buckminster+fuller+critical+path&tbs=bks%3A1&tbo=1



January 28th, 2011, 10:47 PM

If you still read a rare find: http://www.slate.com/id/2159088/


February 1st, 2011, 12:39 PM

see: No Alliances thread


February 2nd, 2011, 11:05 AM

Odessa File, filed clip, confederate discursive on moneymaking potential of the Kennedy murder.


February 2nd, 2011, 11:42 AM

Alien ray turns princess into urban guerilla, Lennon lookalike identity mesmer (old)


February 2nd, 2011, 12:41 PM

Filed clip; currently discussed in no thread. Category: Megasuspicion.


February 2nd, 2011, 12:53 PM

Filed clip; currently discussed in no thread. Category: Megasuspicion.

relink, still getting the hang of the machinery:


February 2nd, 2011, 01:00 PM

relink, still getting the hang of the machinery:

still not the right clip, from this point on this thread is for storage, you will want to visit the Film Project 2011 thread for commentary clips.


February 2nd, 2011, 01:03 PM

If anyone followed posts 8, 9 and 10, I share your frustration. Please stay tuned and I will try again to upload this file clip.


February 2nd, 2011, 01:16 PM

If anyone followed posts 8, 9 and 10, I share your frustration. Please stay tuned and I will try again to upload this file clip.

If in fact I get this clip loaded I will be offering a lead in discussion.


February 2nd, 2011, 01:19 PM

If in fact I get this clip loaded I will be offering a lead in discussion.

Hopefully that’s in storage, now.


February 2nd, 2011, 02:06 PM

Hopefully that’s in storage, now.

I guess I was just being dense: it appears at the end of this clip:


February 2nd, 2011, 02:59 PM

Here’s one of the clips from Superfly that’s going to merit significant discussion.

Filed clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpmoP1IT10Q

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Version : The Word


January 1st, 2011, 10:49 AM

What’s my opinion about the fighting words verdict? Well, I, I don’t mean to reverse my past position, I’ve been called a lot of names and I think it’s less just juvenile than excuses go looking for and that, but, maybe there’s a chance now and then you can be lenient, I mean, I guess it’s just flunky old me, failing an important test, but there was this time, I was faced with a jibbering, full-fledged, upper class Navy Seal in his prime (who just happened to be a Fundamentalist) and, I, I really hate this story, I felt it made me less than I should be, but he took a swipe at me that just, I lost it, he called me, “an English.” (Long, reflective pause). It he had been anything other than a full-fledged healthy Navy Seal today I reckon he’d be in a box and I’d be in a cage, somehow he pulled through and it taught me a lesson about myself.

I really feel there is nothing greater on earth than a Navy Seal. Man like that, he demean himself calling me that word. He, … if a genuine Navy Seal is called something…something unspeakable like that I, I don’t think they should respond the way I did, it’s just hard to imagine they wouldn’t. I realize I’m no Navy Seal, they are solid men, with true character, not likely to demean themselves over a fighting word. Mature people, better than the Marines.

I guess that’s really just about the only time I ever saw red.

No, I don’t believe in the fighting words verdict, I been called a lot of things, some of them even caused me pain, but we need tolerance in our mortal world, we need peace, that sticks and stones stuff, know what I’m saying?

Version : January 1, 2011 Online Cafe


January 1st, 2011, 11:19 AM

I doubt I would have had the strength to do it if it hadn’t been for all those years of love between us. ~ Marie Moore (grandmother)

I’ll teach you to muzzle the press, English.

While claiming to represent an alternative to Ronald Reagan The Obamas fatally abused a child trauma victim. Their agency had me in New York City with Stuart Sheppard. Pitt psychiatric were counting on Jimmuh’s imitative neurobedient mind to pick up on and ape the vernacular of the necromancer’s jiggiboo man (an Obama lookalike). He used to read Catcher in the Rye, dress up in a ski mask and pose with a scraper “Jason” style; photos lost in the outhouse purge with seven boxes of hope.

The HitlerEnglish called this business all-or-nothing and Reagan didn’t know.

Somebody from the hospital should call police and tell them Seattle has a patient who is being tortured by a syndicate corporation that is very tense and obviously terribly sadistic. Don’t let them call it peace training, a deaf girl was raped.

Dear Joe McCartney or whatever,

The love I felt for King Crimson meant this much nothing. It’s finished now. By the time I could manage to reach New York City I didn’t want to anymore. I don’t know what that says about what I’ve been through. Survivors, even for just a time, of the other holocaust sat there, breathing, unable to comprehend, coming up with, it doesn’t matter now. It’s over now. Internally I’ve aged 35 since coming to Seattle. My stomach is so bad I feel like I live by the hour some days. No one knows what such a state could mean. Unlike some twisted wretches, I cannot embrace it as the nature of reality, nor sooth myself by being intoxicated with war.

The hardest thing I had to do last year was write a postcard to Ian MacDonald telling him how bitterly I resented being forced to address such an English pig; and my New Years’ Resolution is not to bother sending it. King Crimson are psychotic group of people, as I have said, I resent having to address them. I won’t be treated that way. They pushed it to murder. It was a rape orgy ritual that had to be consummated for Pener Gabjreeli’s African innermask. They have networked religious groups who oppose abortion out of greed for power that can be found prodding mass bedlam in their own name. Godspell, which originated, also, at Carnegie Mellon, like the Kelly School fable, was heavy vice theater. What is happening now under Fripp is more of the same, in Oliver Stone’s service to The Grahams, the Cast in on the left, they playact, the fallen angels, with an agenda of The Word.

There was an old-fashioned word for people who minded the business of others: meddlers. Sometimes it’s proper to meddle. Sometimes, it’s just Pink Floyd spitting on someone they think is too enamored of their art.

The business about me making unfortunate decisions in the past is a whitewash. I’m just a victim who was strangling from something I didn’t understand (Gellhorn said she didn’t really either) who whistleblew in a society that is made up of malicious, incompetent louts. This is what Einstein meant about the nuclear bomb changing everything except the nature of man. Pittsburgh are Neanderthals thunking about stuff in the muck. The an English identify with them from polished palaces of medieval drunkards, abusing their own minds with the childish obscenities they need to hold sway over the uneducated and deluded. The unfortunate business of justifying what they did evolved from using a Marinus Van Der Lubbe, a victim of child torture, brain-damaged witness and saying this damaged Chancey Gardner should be put into a leadership position, and that is part of a dour farce, the gross irresponsibility of the murderers in power, the wanton Executive of Bush. Havel cannot escape the blame. By making it into a sickening and cruel, dishonest test-the-will-of-the-poet play Havel destroyed his name in a very real way forever. They keep saying they will kill me. They already did.

The art of King Crimson and Peter Gabriel, frankly, is too seriously implicated for me to approach The Dakota without some sort of explanation. The photo of Gail Burstyn on the cover of Under Heavy Manners almost led me to bring her name up with him during the League of Gentlemen tour. When I investigated Zell, he alibi’d him and gave me rubbish about Leslie Katz in explanation. The first King Crimson album earmarked me, and there are all sorts of indications that things were not well for Lennon among the people who surrounded him at home.

So, trust, The Fifth Element? It’s just the Fifth Amendment for the guilty its abrogation for the innocent. No, thank you, perpetrators of Heaven on Earth, I’d really rather be dead. Lennon was a good enough soul. You didn’t have the right to poison and enslave me. To think…to think…that I actually, actually…loved you.

The neuroplasm tugs on my involuntary reactions. They deep stigmatized this unnatural reflex through slurs and bias effectively alluding to it as though their rejection was directed at my character because they knew the neuroplasm was in there and I did not. They used peer rejection and formulatic sexual rejection utterly maliciously. On those grounds I really have to say, Midori Goto is no prize.

Hillary Clinton and Nancy Moore were grandstanding and wrong to see it as an attack on abortion rights. Roe vs. Wade was a set up to give Hitler a pretext over Hiroshima , “You think you’re better than us.” I don’t know where the godforsaken idea came from to debate such monsters, legitimize them or validate their fraud and horror, but it seems to have been virtually unanimous among the elect.

They created an orgy of oppression. The people who attacked John Lennon also attacked me and I see in the evolution of their war a swath of terrible crime.

The poisonous lies of Yoko Ono only fuel my suspicions.

The Drug Epidemic was part of the COLD WAR, the domestic branch, and King Crimson were the MK-Ultra that George Bush installationed in the rock industry. The Beatles want people to sing hymns on the ramp to the gas chamber, a kinder, gentler Hitler, manned by Blue Piggies who Lennon gave bullet proof vests to protect them from threatening shrieks when the gassed little Jimmuh.

The duplicity of David Bowie is very singular and offensive.

If Capital Hill are not the Strubberbasque I claim what do you account for how glowering and hangdog?

Eno and Limbaugh ~ one can only snorgle.

Denial for Israel: The icon politics of Martha Gellhorn. (Like what’s this spitting image of Jennifer Rubin doing on a Roman Pink Film?)

Rakugo: N’you thought n’you were perfect but I proved yer only a dicky witch. Woo!

The Priest of Goodness has heard but does not yield. Sorry you feel this way but pornography is holy.

(on TCF): He came he saw he wee wee’d.

Q. Do you deny you owe AIDS victims apology?
A. It’s complicated. I’m pursuing AIDS Nuremberg, including operations against the accomplice faction.

Zell (after being told I was tortured as a child, in a mocking voice like a pipsqueak): “Well, makes me want to go back there and do something about it! Hehn.”

The quahbah dreams of triumphing victorious over its tormentors in the was will pantydew of ejaculating sheets.

Harpers, stop it. Just stop the self-deception about this horrible, torrential man. Reagan started AIDS. Under terms of AIDS Nuremberg anyone who knew what he was doing is legally to blame. The most menial support will be stripped of rank and dishonorably discharged.

UNDOCUMENTED WORKERS AND THE CAUSE OF HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE ERA OF THE AIDS ONSLAUGHT isn’t addressed, much less answered by, the Christian labor racketeers who pulled this Obama stunt of machine intelligence and lookalike eugenic war on sex made brazen while covered as “just fucking with you” ~ murder, you see, is now a joke.

Yoko Ono has a nasty proclivity to just serve as a Beatles’ auctioneer. Her alliance in Pittsburgh is dinosaur labor violence, loyal to Reagan, rooted in deception, not equity, so I’m not being conscripted. I’m not wasting time and money addressing the an English rabid. Tough loss. Now jump off a bridge if you really want to take out the garbage.

The victim token roulette wheel is small and spins at random, gesticulating allegations as fast as Ono’s warped mind can summon them. I don’t like their real world’s movie and don’t appreciate their method of recruiting.

Even if you hide it you know what I believe so stop asking the impossible. I do not care to be terrorized into complicity. If Midori Goto loves me the move is hers ~ defection. Maybe I’ll stand by her. King Crimson’s Ayn Randism must fall.

Our Commonwealth should have the overarching objective of refusing both fright and awe while laboring to dissemble all command and control illicitly gained by the AIDS Combein through legislative action and due process. It’s a pity the fools on the hill didn’t grasp that, or maybe they did and set about sabotaguing things for the Blue House killers: Franklin Graham, Diamonda Galas, Cynthia Lennon and Sean Strub, also known as The Soylent Babies.

The Word … is deaf.


January 1st, 2011, 11:20 AM

Oliver Toobad: What’s your feeling about JKM?
eggnog: They’ve been together a long time. What’s that got to do with me?


January 1st, 2011, 12:30 PM

I think what happened one day is that Ringo Starr was tripping and said, “Wow man, The Beatles are the Svengali lense through which the whole world sees itself on the path to the divine love city!” and this bonded with the experiments that Reagan was pulling in mind control and brainwash, now the whole thing is out of hand.

You can have great gals with our favor, all the rest.

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Version : Strategic MacBeths


January 1st, 2011, 10:22 PM

Today I ran for the 2:55 train to New York City only to learn it was cancelled due to the Weather. It raised the question of whether Socrates would have apologized to Hitler if by some shrewd, incredible trick, Hitler had persuaded the people of Athens it was his due, facing Socrates with the murder of hostage children should he refuse.

The wheel turned, despite my best efforts in 1985, uninterrupted and we are faced with the problem of teaching brave death, from disenfranchised schools. This was planned, and many people regard my focal point, 1985, failure to warn, at the accelerator point of a trillion dollar arms smuggling gambit, as pointless, but for me it is the focal point because when the tragedy of Reagan became an insurmountable obstacle to life in America, and further it defined all the other facets of the crime. It is the most helpful point of view for me, because I tried to warn. The way I was sabotagued is revealing, if you look through that lense, which not many people have been willing to do.

The crime has intoxication because The Beatles are said to have become involved, or been drafted. The darker possibility is that they helped plot Lennon’s fall and used me knowingly as a refraction. The presence of Amanda Harcourt and Martha Harty Schienes screams, “Germany” loudly in Hitler’s revenge.

From the carrot tape down it has always seemed to me the criminal direction of the war has been invasion of privacy taken to the absolute of Pentagon-Disney’s Ultrahigh. Nobody can claim the carrot tape was a responsible investigation. They’ve justified it as a fraternity prank. We mean well, Nancy Reagan’s forces told the world, and we will demonstrate it with our most dearly loved son. The objective is to mysteriously attribute to me something I knew nothing about, and by in succeeding to teach thereby their lesson.

One of the things that bothers me about the brinkmanship in the situation that has evolved is that I don’t think George Bush should be allowed to take Planet Earth as a souvenir to hell. What we are left with by Obama seems to be the idea that it is all now a fait accompli ushered by the torturous words of Victor Frankl and the Houdinis of Serpico tryst. Africa of course has interests in America and some of them are on the street where Amnesty International warns that gangs, not just African American gangs, are taking for their streets. The street, as a territorial imperative does not really exist in the concept of American Commonwealth. As a symbol of what Celine Dion wants of the New Age I see no end of stalking challenges, some of them Disney cartel, occassionally representative of the very real. They made my mother lick it, but I don’t suppose David Bowie’s Pitt super-regime of caustic white extremists in military psychiatry constitutes Africa much in more than name. …and NYC.

It seems to me the real issue be invasion of privacy and an attempt to mysteriously blame me for something I knew nothing about. Anyone can see it was a set-up, so they said it was deliriously interesting, good enough to play ball for spoils, nevermind the truly guilty. It validated and empowered both religious sexual control and the aggression of sexually active sophomore rivals in the Fine Arts Rebellion. Urban girls who think they may die any day, any night, any second want a taste of love in the romantic, rebel without a cause.

Certainly, looking at our children, not wanting to shoot them in the back like that ghastly, tragic all too real Nixon Era film Joe, we ask with an ache in our hearts, is morality spiritual or behavioral? In pornography, is the behavior on the screen or more significantly what goes on behind the scenes, so creul and serious as to justify labelling those engaging in such exhibitionism The Same as the AIDS Combine? Is Abortion murder? Is that little Jimmy in hiding? Anne Frank in the womb? Us in a future incarnation? Does death make time spin backwards? Is Auschwitz, or worse, still out there, waiting for us, each of us, like Barrabas who made the unhappy discovery that Jesus, for him, was just meant to show him how to carry his own cross to Golgotha? Is saying no, none of this is the same as Hitler’s revenge really and truly spit in the eye of the afflicted? Someone should look at the ubiquity of Fripp’s call to coffee as a possible line of anger when my throat boils from reflux and pancreas folds because in my humble opinion letting them play up “Jimmy the Penis” was not all real justification.

There is an element of Asian racism in the diabolical, supersports-on-neuroplasm persecution of a therapeutic, investigating pornojunkie, incarcerated on high by ultrahigh. Even though fascist, the reasoning also has communist origins, as the scene in The Killing Fields where a man is shot for biting an apple makes clear. In answering whether there is a way to avoid being forced into contrary alignment with Bush’s boogeyman North Korea, is it possible to be realistic about the fact that the HAIR Generation is not tolerated there? How sincere is the muttering in Japanese gossip magazines about the shame of great stars brought low, caught toking? Is there an element of deception in the framing of Rhapsody in August towards a prospective, prosperous American husband for a Japanese bride? Is gossip really an endorsement of stigmata? Perhaps that is the real question, because I didn’t threaten Leslie Katz, yet I was used as a guinea pig by Reagan for a mandatory AIDS testing precedent challenge in evil hour that I have proved pre-meditated. Operation: Rescue has not killed me. Do we want this tragedy endorsed in our names?

In the new, long-awaited film from Japan Kabei: Our Mother, we see the beginning of the Post-War Western World that was too long forestalled by HitlerReagan. It is a film that describes the sorrows, love, imprisonment of Japanese men (and women, as the case often was) who fought, resisted and demonstrated against the militarists, many of whom died, the good Japanese, whose cause has been buried under an avalanche of sci-fi, yakuza, was and apologetics that Reagan and Toho Studios insisted upon much of the time, hiding from both public and actors alike, I believe, their semiotic encryptions. I know from hard study that the human drama of Japan is every bit as intense in the desire for peace in confrontation with power as it ever was in Latin America, or Seattle. We have to choose that line of inquiry, honestly and affirmatively, to contradict the preponderance of Cold War cynicism.

We don’t have to invent heroes and heroines, just give voice to them, like Africology gives voice to lost time.

America believes in truth. Labor believes in embracing the forgotten and disenfranchised. The concept of scabs is a thing of the past. Aaron Dixon deserves a small amount of credit for creativity, verve, stamina, insight and sensitivity in recognizing that problem. [}item: Adolf Sufrin taught me the word “verve”, which is also the name of J-porn company: the visitor he hated for egoism reminded me of that last days photographer with Lennon{.] There will always be many new jokers from the Ivy League who know it all, meaning nothing, without so much as appreciation for a deft and poignant question. The bass guitarist for Split Lips (who saw my fulfillment at age 14-15 when Kansas played Left/over/ture in Pittsburgh as carrying his guitar) said of the DiCaesar Power in Penguin Central, “the more you make them pay you the more they love you.” I’m sure he’d be very direct about the percentages desired by the effective deniers around Mr. Negri. Their deceptive claim is property as spiritual incarnation, a voodoo by bandits to snuff-film Upton Sinclair; a sentiment I’m sure wedlocked to the broken souls of naturalized persons who feel like entrails of a Buddha caught hiding from strategic MacBeths. It shouldn’t become a trigger happy cause for those who profess to know that Jesus speaks for the silent weak, nor should the Jesus of Neoliberalism supplant our gifted Buddhists in rivalrous, tactless talk.

The working girl on AIDS Death Row with her pants down for food has strange champions. Vikki, the funeral, Funari lived in a private set up who put a plaque in the public sidewalk demonstrating against the idea that their property line could not someday be reclaimed. It was so loud that on The Night of Tang (when I danced all night in the snow to Midori’s motorcade) I put my left hand over it and sworn fidelity to Midori, with nary a fingerhoot since. Is it proper to collect in the name of C.O.Y.O.T.E. labor on behalf of Gail Burstyn and Ronald Reagan from children indoctrinated to HAIR by the MK-Ultra or Duckstab Records at the tender age of six? Aren’t these Negri/Nixon percentilists for the assassins of Abraham Lincoln that attended the dark age of child labor and segregation?

Gamarjobat, a gestural arts performance innovation, discusses how super-intrusive and attentive some audiences are compared to more relaxed countries. When Ono sadistically manipulated me into writing an illustrated explanation for how toilet paper came to be stuck to my hand when paying for bubble tea eight years ago and then hung up Lennon’s bloody clothes in an exhibit, did anyone notice the schaedenfreude of this so called uncompromising truth that leads to her Warhol alliance with the Butler Street gang in Pittsburgh?

I don’t own an oil well, and someone sold my world, so I tried.

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Version : Assassinated or Executed?


January 2nd, 2011, 09:49 AM

ringo’s Publik: I see, so queerbait thinks if Our Commonwealth had been properly warned they would have been more sensible towards the victims at risk and taken better precautions. More reputable leaders would have come to the fore.

Q. Was that so hard.

Obamanegger’s success is the synthesis of inclusive politics in a nation of predators. The Kennedys did not fight back against Reagan, despite having substantial, humane and promising investigative, lawful, and political means, and now they cannot fight back against Bowie, Reagan’s slippery mindjester of the Yojimbo Taliban which is, among other things, where Timothy McVeigh and Sean Strub came from.

Bowie was the godfather of Terri Visco all along, the carrot tape girl who dated Mancine and Ostro.

Crary Demands: Obama! Stop playing Lord of the Flies with the United States of America!

Obama Replies: !Pussyball Now! !PUSSYBALL FOREVER!_________________________________________


January 2nd, 2011, 10:23 AM

Q. So in your opinion Mt. Desert Island was a simple issue of “Who Watches the Watchmen?”
A. Yes, and the last 25 years have been a constant struggle to determine why so many “progressive” people missed that point.



January 2nd, 2011, 10:25 AM

whore: a Biblical word intended to subvert the teaching of Jesus. Attack prostitute hired by the celebrity superstate.


January 2nd, 2011, 12:27 PM

Leer Assist: Hello, Jimmy.

Strategic MacBeths is a much more important thread than this.

Leer Assist: If you went to New York City who is the first person you would want to meet if you had your wish?

If I had gone to NY and been presented with that request I’m sure the answer would have been Nation of Islam Mosque Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Leer Assist: Why? Devotional call to a blackmailer?

Tough luck. He is the only one of the bunch who crossed the street in Pittsburgh to help me.

Leer Assist: That sentiment will come with a price.

It already did and I’m not going to take it from you. Cultural affairs for the private man are a matter of taste. You’re not dictating my favorite leader in NYC.

Leer Assist: What would Roberto say?

He’d holler.

Leer Assist: What?


Leer Assist: I’ve noticed your patriotism at baseball games.


The Star-Spangled Banner
has been Abused.
Old Glory with tears in our eyes
is no less Old Glory,
but how much more spectacular it would be
with the shine of magnanimity in our hearts
the spirit of justice in our thoughts
sincerity in our throats
and the power to learn in our souls!____________________________



Leer Assist: So you aren’t really going to New York?

No, it’s a mobocratic and unconstitutional pseudo-embassy from the Fundamentalist Tripartite. If I had to show my humanity to one of those hypocrits I’d just choose the one who I felt was sincere. Not Obama.

Leer Assist: So you stand by your opinion in Eggnog Corner?


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Version : Yellow Dirt


January 3rd, 2011, 10:32 AM

We may seem like a dysfunction family of Irish orphans with an alcoholic mother, but before the attacks we had a real family. I used to watch the Christmas tree with unrivalled excitement and expectancy the night before Christmas. When mother got her hair cut I howled as if life had been broken. We giggled about feeding the birds tuppens and tinkling on the tufted floor.

Death for the family known as Jimmy, Laura and Nancy Crary arrived with the album Summer Breeze by Seals and Crofts, an elite record of moonshine bigots, envious of American Gothic, but notorious as the DuPont Sisters. The letters of Gail Burstyn arrived at a house arguing about whether to watch Batman or Lost in Space, where growing up meant staying overnight at a friend’s house, and staying home from school with a flu meant getting to watch Bewitched, Leave it to Beaver, and that wonderful game show before The Price is Right was invented. The one with Swiss models who stood before ladder high boxes and curtains Let’s Make a Deal. We hated the war in Vietnam , but Nixon was still something … over there. Suffice it to say we literally did not know what hit us.

Laura then had (or some would say was) a supernatural visitor in the house of Kyra Schon, a mansion of Edna Rae Giloolly’s where Nancy Reagan granted Yoko Ono the mysterian blade that slew my absent father. Laura was taken possession, a Bush secret, monstrous and personal, from a time too young to understand, but I wouldn’t have consulted her spite and malice nor allied with her over Public Warning during evil hour for anything.

Terri Visco worked for George Romero. She or one of the others, Linda Lovar it may have been, called me at 5556 Bartlett after we moved (Colucci lived at 5556 Hampton) and said, “If a girl pulled off her pants for you, you wouldn’t know what to do. You’d go running home to your rich momma’s shirt tail.” These were called “Phony phone calls” and we got them from time to time. Ian MacDonald was always a labor epicurean. He and Romero gave Kasperowski rhythmicisms like, “a cut man’s hands is a workin’ man’s hands” to inculcate queerbait’s memory so Jaime Carbonell could make regional dialect claims.

At Allderdice I crossed paths with Wade Beebe, Carrie Gister, Coleen Geise, Rick Danko, Mike Ewart, Jim Pellis, Alan Ciscle, Michael Drescher, and Jeff Weiner. Laura brought home Billy Franchesini and Francis Corey. Jeff Dolence brought his drum kit over for a while and Scott Riback came by with his red Les Paul.

The New Leona/Fresh Energies Theater had a spiral staircase that went up forever. Some Homestead chick brought a gang by while Ludebul’s daughter was babysitting David. I escaped from the back basement door. I didn’t need another beating. The druggist Ludubul (Lucretia) worked for knew the Lawrenceville thugs. Our Senators Heinz and Spector have the hymen/caspar association Reagan organized in names like Wein (wine) (burger). Thornburg and Cyril Wecht put on this feverish class play locally as Reagan acted globally. Indeed, the way that Ringo got away with all this was making the truth unsayable and then demanding the right to extrude everything getting to the unsayable truth that Jews had rescued Hitler and done it again … their way.

Can’t help Midori Goto, Ming Na Wen and Pentagon Disney much having their soothsaying spells for hope, spirit and morale exposed as premeditated death processing.

You don’t put torture victims through Papillon and I’m not going to take it from you. Every time I look in the mirror I see the destroyed face of a person who could have been saved. If I symbolize anything it is the AIDS Generation who Peter Gabriel walked on in a rainbow fire of spit and deceit. He is a man whose idea of brave death is cowardly murder. Lewis Lapham never mentioned that intellectual development of the prelingual deaf is stultified when kept in isolation from deaf education, as I was.

The people who set me up with Rosa were also the perpetrators of Kelly School. Hanley used to call me Gizmo because Gitmo conditioning was used to HAIRify me in gradeschool as an exit dimension of child butchering mutiliation brutality in obscene Mansonesque abduction. The goal is clear from the music teacher who introduced me to Andrea Swimmer in choral studies at Allderdice ~ to manufacture Black-o-Christian scorn orchestration in evil hour.

Legally, a Louis Adultery has no criminal status under Pennsylvania Law, nor should it. If Black people cannot behave like adults, they shouldn’t marry. The Obamas are morally estranged. To have visited this rape on James Crary and Jeannie Tamburro is a slasher act from the hillbilly desert of The Manson Family, yet there they are dining in The White House, largely for having executed this atrocity as a service to Bush.

I am calling upon West Virginia Government to open an investigation based on Eggnog Corner showing that case is why the Government of Japan was in such a determined mood securing Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and to press for a lawsuit that confers this painting on my rightful heir, Steven Arnold Thompson.

When you’re ready to discuss Melissa Riddle, make my day.

“perseverations”: ~My favorite restaurant was Samreny’s, we went there every year on my birthday. Characterizing little Jimmy as anything but a horribly brutalized victim proves Pittsburgh a place of endemic, predatory insincerity of which the police of King Crimson are a quantum expression.

The most important thing is word get out about the suicide cult politics of Diamonda Galas and its influence in Seattle. This originates with Sean Strub and Franklin Graham. Obama has come to power from the actions of the deadliest people from the mercenary margins who gave us the Vietnam War and El Salvador. There has always been problems in Municipal America and Liberal Government with respect to people I have heard called “gray mice” who “leave it to the police” and thus anyone who comes in contact with me in a helpful way can be isolated and terrorized by invisible men and the favorite-seekers eager to hurt someone. My sister Laura may have even gotten my doctor attacked.

After going off Prilosec, although my acid reflux had worsened, for two weeks my intestinal problems cleared up, then, last night, the rumbling began again which makes no sense at all.


Lordiac Versus The Dreamlings

Quite a number of men
Were sitting at their computers
Much as peasant in bygone ages
Sat at their fireside late in the night
When life was troubled
And the Dreamlings
Were scarcely heeded
And kept their distance,
Doing their work in the night
Forgotten by day.

After shutting the system down
They closed their eyes
And drifted to sleep
Where they fluttered and twitched
And breathed heavily to nocturnes
When they lay eyes closed first awake
Lordiac crept in,

Lordiac was new
Lordiac sent ants, rodents
And horrible chimeras
Sanctioned and invented by Attenborough,
Rottenegger and Steven King
Leeching at their minds rendered unhealthy
For a glimpse of the Miss Beautiful Kyogen.
The Dreamlings had never revealed themselves before
Being content obscure and anonymous they lived in the ether
For all the millenium of man, but the Lordiacs disturbed them
In their work of the beyond
As the Lords crept into their realm
The invasion of the subconscious mind of man
By technological fascism
Was something the Dreamlings didn’t care for.

The Dreamlings wore their most spectacular clothes
Alice in Wonderland, giving me their petition,
With your leave, gentle one, gentle one,
Inform those people.
I shall.

Reverse Course IMMEDIATELY Take my side in the dispute between James Crary and Michael Reagan


The Police are like hermits in a 12th century catastrophe, their sirens the shrill firesome cry of sinking men.


January 3rd, 2011, 01:56 PM

The assassin, Midori Goto, latched onto me with the so-called World Soul Movement so she could claim that I am embarassing her with Asian Cult Cinema. As it turns out the violence of Asian Cult Cinema is one of her crafty weapons.

The best people in Seattle, in Chinatown, etc. are trying, in terms of civics, to create understanding that allows groups like Muslims and Buddhists to understand one another without sacrificing the Liberties of the United States.

The Obamas, like Reagan who invented them, want to destroy by humiliating.

Unlike true multiculturalism, the ARK of COLORS in the Fundamentalist Tripartite system created by Obama, Bush, Clinton and Reagan, which has morphed into the Good White People Party of the Palin-Gore Ticket, is a eugenic operation based on symbolic controllers from the economically segregated superclass.

The murderers who tortured me and raped my girlfriend created a REHABILITATIVE MODEL surrounding normal sexual behavior in a neurotrauma victim to sabotague recovery by militarizing and demanding obedience.

When I couldn’t finish my coffee this morning, I realized that Colin Powell is not going to take being discovered for the Bullworker who hired Schugar Bear to torture and terrorize little Jimmy, nor will he and the coward Fripp give up their rottweiller grip on public delusion about the origin of AIDS, in which they both participated.

When the murdering, cowardly faceliars of the City of Pittsburgh begin saying, “If you want to live you will lie” and if “if you do not be discrete, bad things will happen” one can only laugh when, not being discrete, bad things happen.

But is discretion possible under neurobedient hyponotic ultrahigh? Is the censorship conscription model of Peter Gabriel’s mass-murdering movement acceptance either? Of course not. Colin Powell brought in murdering skinheads to render a traumatized Jimmy Crary obsequious so he could then call me a racist appeaser. Then they hopped back into his guerrilla barracks, saluted him and integrated.


January 3rd, 2011, 02:13 PM

Q. What do you think of Reagan’s desperate measures?
A. British Labor’s bullshit? Their violence and hate crimes in his defense, the Yojimbo dimension of Queerbasque and the huge stakes in Gay defense of Sean Strub and the superclass?

You mean Bruce Bracken’s connection to Zappa’s big Dragon and the bird deaths in Arkansas?

Zappa was the one who went into it hoping to trigger a backlash against our civil liberties and it worked.

Reagan has repeatedly claimed he has the beef, that all he has to do is put up the letter to Leslie and the promise to him and he will be vindicated in the warpo war.

Well, Sheen, we’re waiting.

The King County Courthouse is located on 3rd Avenue in Seattle. Whenever you and the Secret Service want to show up with the letter to Leslie and the letter to Reagan you come ahead and I’ll show up with the Zell/Burstyn file and we can have it out somewhere else than in Peter Gabriel’s depraved, mentally ill Taliban.


January 3rd, 2011, 03:03 PM

Q. What do you think we are witnessing, in terms of the Warpo War, the Taliban that Eno and Bush agreed on, with respect to The United Nations and aimed at yourself?

A. The United Nations, really, is a cargo cult suspect in the origin of AIDS, which is why the mysterian, non-proper, anti-evaluation nature of the police services involved, largely directed by Ian MacDonald and Arnold Schwarzenegger, have held sway for so long and are escalating in violence, demanding to get it done, before the ability to foreclose on historic truth passes and some small outcry starts up, for example among my readers, who realize now that people with HIV who crossed their paths in the 80’s were in fact shock troops from the religious right in a suicide cult.

The United Nations has been organized by that Howard the Duck of “The West Wing” Martin Sheen, proved by the Zell postcard and related matters to have authored the AIDS Onslaught.

While I have no doubt that murderers, particularly those like Frank Zappa, who want to destroy women, are torturing and sexually enslaving women around the world, I also know that crank groups kill women over fashion shows. Accordingly, the alliance of Moonunit Zappa and Leslie Katz in the AIDS Onslaught coming with tar and feathers over a little harmless pornography seems very typical of the squalid parochial and their attempt to subvert our democracy and create a foreign investment superstate, which is, in fact, the sum of Yoko Ono’s career.

Ono stated essentially that she was entitled to brutally pedophile little Jimmy for profit and then frame an impacted, survival instinct neuroplasm for rape in a lifelong ritual abuse process.

So, the way I feel about it is, for one, Midori Goto can no longer be eligible for marriage with me because she locked herself into a Two Virgins parochial war game that I despise for its infamy. Second, I don’t love her for it. Third, it was a function of the AIDS Onslaught. Lastly, she did it to prevent me from ever having another lover. So the infamy is clear. Martin Sheen released AIDS with Reagan and then created an atrocious war on sex.

In other words, if you aren’t going to take an Upton Sinclair approach to the problem of Art in Erotic cinema around the world, then you have nothing to say. Basically you have a religious cult in office who hired child molesting ass rapists and elect them for Governor in order to titillate frustrated rock stars whose berzerker creeds have been found out.

Robert Fripp has been the enemy of the arts all along. He is a child-raping, Secret Service wheedle from the Fundamentalist superstate.

Fuck you that I was ever friends with James Kasperowski. That is just a violent story that Pittsburgh BLACKOCRACY created to hide their accomplice in the Pussyball War Game and the AIDS Onslaught.


January 3rd, 2011, 03:06 PM

Q. Ringo Starr hums that we are entering a new age, a golden age of reduced population and equitable race relations.

A. That sort of tawdry humming accompanied Japan’s occupation of Mongolia, et alia, the Eastern Asian Co-Prosperity Zone. Gabriel wants license to commit mass murder in order to create an Ark of Colors.

It’s vermillion vomit from King Crimson. Green slime.


January 3rd, 2011, 03:07 PM


January 3rd, 2011, 03:18 PM

Q. Reagan found a way to utilize the status quo in The United Nations to his advantage?

A. Rapists helping rapists.

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Version : New Poetry Book


January 3rd, 2011, 10:38 AM

The Houdinis of Serpico Tryst

Poetry by Mac Crary
Copyright Steven Arnold Thompson

The poetry of James MacRyland Crary, as always is copyright Steven Arnold Thompson, 2011, dedicated to Jeannie Tamburro, the love of my life, who taught me sign language, and Owen Riley, a friend in the Clubhouse Movement.

I hope you enjoy this little book of new poetry, even though it doesn’t amount to much.


January 3rd, 2011, 10:39 AM

Ignazio Silone

I love the man who you love
and love you for loving him
because you earn my sentiment
by your love

for the man

who wrote with the barren ground
in the sand of thirst
scraping, carving, hammering where you can only
scrape, carve and hammer

the cheap and useless stone you wish were soil.
His world were the poor
who could make something of life
if given the smallest scrap.


January 3rd, 2011, 10:41 AM

The Hero

I don’t know what I’ve done
nor what I’ve won
they say I saved the day;

the day on a subway
a stranger stared me down
with honest words,
“I hate you because you are
everything in the world I hate,”
it’s a day I saved,
just tucked away.

No one knows what others have seen
who crossed the plain
who climbed a hill because it was there
and didn’t make it down
I’d trade this thrill of victory
to be any other man in town.

So this is how it feels to be a hero
it hurts real, real bad.


January 3rd, 2011, 10:42 AM

A Visit to the Monastery

We went the wrong way
but the fish were happy
a hair about to drop
like a burglar
was more exquisite.

The rocks, trees,
waterfall, shadows
bright sun life and death
brought the questions
into relief.

Mother insisted we turn around
and go the right way back.

(She didn’t, but that’s a secret).


January 3rd, 2011, 10:44 AM


I was about to say
that I got everything I needed done
yesterday but
then I remembered grandmother.

She cultivated sunshine.

It was like cooking a turkey
it went on all day.
Her patience with being old
would frustrate me
but her dear smile
overwhelmed me, too.

So, we would sit
she would cultivate sunshine
while I watched Winchell Mahoney
followed by The Mickey Mouse Glee Club
pushing the little buttons
that made the rotor channel change
on her neat TV.

Then late in midday
she would slice off pieces of the sun
and serve them,
sweet and tender,
to the sparrows.


January 3rd, 2011, 10:45 AM

The Paperboy

Dutiful mother’s kid,
never made nothing
but couldn’t put it down.
From the day he opened his eyes
and learned to crawl
it was the only job he ever wanted.
He’d carry that bone like
a dog in his teeth.
Bitten, beaten and robbed
trembling in legs and spirit
the only question allowed
was which house is next
on his stubs?

Once in a while he
sat down at the table
with a little TV
set to a sit-com
and read about the world,
the neighborhood
and planet New York City.
There was one lesson he
was most proud of
and he learned it all
on his own.
How to snap the newspaper
and fold it good for the
next page.
Like an athlete throwing his discus
a fairy princess changing
goats into lions,
a porcelain balloon
taking wing
he’d tug the two ends
and presto
they’d yeild to
page three and four.

But, when all was said and done
it was the next man

He lived for;
door to door.


January 3rd, 2011, 10:46 AM

History of Bush

Long time ago,
yeah, man before Bush,
better cop the holy tone
because it was way back when.

Real long time ago, ancient history,
we won’t say the beginning
because we don’t want to get it mix’d up
in messy affairs of The Foundation.

Any old hoo,
it was way back when
older than ancient history
but not so old it would be recorded in the Bible.
So real old, out of time and sight.

There was a moral imperative.

Yeah, and the guy was real young and handsome
all the girls loved him
dream of laying with him
maybe some did no one knows
but he was the tangarine of their eye.

They dig him.

Yeah, way before Bush.
There was this moral imperative and he didn’t want to
life was too good
but he saw it and acted
couldn’t do other than because that’s on account of how he was
and he didn’t pull through,
but he saved their skins
and the tears of love were sweet.

Along come down the road a metalurgist and a donkey
and he said,
man, I gonna make you a pin and a medalion so you never forget.

After a while people forget but look at that pin
they was scarce see.
And they wanted one.

Then came Bush.
He said, I know how to get you one of them pins
it’s called A Moral Imperative Factory, yessuh.
Everybody come on down to my Moral Imperative Factory
and we’ll find a way you can earn dem pins.

They flocked they wanted them pins
and lotsa folks suffered and cried their shames
and that
none too sweet
just died, just die, that’s the way to go
don’t mean shit,
I mean that’s real hip, that’s real important
here’s a pin, no we ain’t runnin’ out.


January 3rd, 2011, 10:50 AM

Shredded Margins

One would wish Little Saigon
to be a home and not a symbolic home
for the Vietnamese: a tree
sturdy and sure
rather than a totem pole.

And then came Branson
with the big idea
perfect square
big and hefty
spiffy clean with plastic plants
a landing strip
and a helicopter ramp for day care.

No, thank you, kind sir.

Boat people
the tenacity of trauma
bulging eyes, frightened bellies
desperate children
heartbroken parents
unable to protect them
from the atrocious heat of limbo
deranged, stripping naked
take it from me if that is what you want.

After years of tutoring
they scream at new confines
children dashing into treacherous streets
We cannot live by luck
No!Thieves, please do not prey on us!
No!We refuse to hide our heads.


we will march to any cause we believe.

This home shall be rooted
strong and sure
this tree
become a forest.
This heart
become a rain
that feeds the corn.


January 3rd, 2011, 10:51 AM

one can only love Kwanzaa
for the same reason
the movie Amistad
Dr. King’s National Holiday

there is historical license in the film
and Dr. King was more radical than often spoken
and Kwanzaa is a feeling
a statement
a style
a national judgement
that we can put our feelings
in a card drawn a little differently
in clothes sewn a little differently
in poetry expressed a little differently

for those among us
who have had uneven, harder lives
through no fault of their own.

Kwanzaa is a day
to let the heavy weight be lifted
with tears in our eyes
for the low swinging chariot coming
for the seal of our souls


January 3rd, 2011, 10:52 AM

You’re Nothing Without Me

Say it again – bankroll
it’s not sophisticated
I ain’t up there like you,
and I sure as hell can’t sing
but if you think you can do it without me
ask your wife who buys her clothes.

You’re nothing without me
nothing without
nothing within
within or without
you’re nothing without me.

My cargo cult fought their way
across the bible belt
when you were just a zygote.
We paved the way to make it so
punks like you would have it easy.
I learned how to succeed the hard way
and I never let resentment
force my tongue
so you will never hear
me say
but don’t think I don’t know.

You’re nothing without me
nothing without
nothing within
within or without
you’re nothing without me.

When you are being called the
Rock of Gibraltar
I look myself in the mirror
and laugh.
I must admit I really
loved that song you did kid
here’s a toast to your
big time.

You are really something
love the air you breathe
soft on the eyes
look at the blush in my daughter’s cheek.
I must admit I really
loved that song you did kid
here’s a toast to your
big time.


January 3rd, 2011, 10:54 AM

On the corner
where an angel wrote ‘despair’
in lead and asphalt
meant for trees
Alike in division
we wake among the car bursts
far away a sound
as lonely as
the ivory tower stairs
is the dream of children
flutes and birds
and those who dream
of justice understood
oceans corroding
now wait for the sunlight
but wait here comes the future
dressed to kill.


January 3rd, 2011, 10:55 AM

Tenderness where it can take root
is sure as strength that right-living
offers great fortune.
There is no one thing,
not the moon, nor Van Gogh
the Forbidden City
nor diamonds nor air
But among the good, the very good,
the greatest, the indispensible,
like water
bread and wine
is tenderness.

For me there has been almost none,
and I’m blinded with fury
but still not doomed
for I am still in awe of it
saving it for every touch
that I ever truly offer,
asking nothing
but always wondering
at how it’s littered.


January 3rd, 2011, 10:56 AM

Edgar: A Memory Poem

The Eagle from Nagoya came
to the home of Edgar the Wise:
Up! Up! it flies!
A poor man’s beer is his castle.
Around here we remember the earthquakes.

There’s nothing better for the diehards of baseball
than a ramrod.
A man whose bewhiskered grin
on a square of granite
becomes everyman’s persona de guerre,
even Ichiro, baby.

One of the reasons that Seattle’s Latin sailor,
thrilling and upbeat,
speaks to the cabbies and their kids,
towing their mitts to another breezy day
when men are boys and boys are men
where human life takes her stand against human doubt
is that he comes from a time
professor of pine tar,
when playing for the club
was little better than living in the barrios.
His smile, grinding jaw
and twinkling, hard-living eyes
have charmed crowds that kept growing and growing
until one day we wouldn’t sit down
and we wouldn’t stop applauding
not for anything.

There’s Edgar Martinez
some say he’s slow
I say he’s wry where the bluegrass grows
smacking it to the mountain.
Fair is fair and foul is, too,
Look, there goes the Safeco fountain!


January 3rd, 2011, 10:57 AM

“Dien Bien Do Vo,”
she said through the static
of the ham radio,
as tears filled my eyes,
she was lost in the forest
and keeping herself calm.
‘Dien Bien Do Vo,”
the sea is calm tonite.


January 3rd, 2011, 10:58 AM

I’m 50 years old
but somehow I rised up
I lifted my head.


January 3rd, 2011, 10:59 AM

Sometimes a man misses
two buses in a row
doesn’t mean he’s
not in good karma.


January 3rd, 2011, 11:00 AM

at the foot of their toilets
the Quetian
have no place to run.


January 3rd, 2011, 11:01 AM

The Ugly American

If you knew what happened to his father’s niece
in the dockyards of Frisco
you might understand
why being born in The Year of the Rat
stiffens his spine.

The blood in his veins is
as hard as lead
the pocks of his face
a lunarscape of firecracker scars
a battle with Japan, over Korea.

In the boiling steam of his ancient kitchen
he never breaks a sweat.
There are no discussions of a private nature
with his only daughter.
It’s understood that as far as he is concerned
his mother was Betsy Ross
and the only perfume he ever remembers
is the smell of his daughter’s diapers.

This land is his land.
When he stands at The Gates of Chinatown
there is no smile, no pride,
only a huge black eye.


January 3rd, 2011, 11:04 AM

for M. Christian Robinson

Crying is on the radio
of penury in Pittsburgh.
What does Otis Redding want?
Nobody told me a thing.
Nobody tells me nothing.
Another man ended his stint
took his own life
with the hardware of hints.
Just between you and me,
London and Berlin,
I’m sorry to hear about that.

The Interrogator,
you didn’t like him
you prefer a man
with all the answers.

Bad, bad news
about bad, bad news.
You won the fight
I went looking for today.
That surly man
you might only half-believe
how he loved to dance.
He lived on his feet
in every corner of a big town.
In high school
he turned up in class once in a while
with bigger questions than me.
Hip Hop played his game
or he didn’t play.
In the pot smoke
he would laugh just like a kid,
haunt remotes
where police trembled
and showed up
in student activities
at the college.

The Interrogator
you didn’t like him
you prefer a man
with all the answers.

In a safer world
for ugly truths
with a punching bag
in his garage
and a little money
to buy
some thinking space
he might not
have overdosed
on angry questions.

Today, while browsing the web, I learned of the death of M. Christian Robinson, whose sobriquet was “scratch poet”; and although the Pittsburgh Poetry Slam, which evidently he co-founded, noted his death was by suicide, they made little mention of circumstances, and saw fit mostly only to print that he was hated for beating his girlfriend.

Christian was known to me. One of his short poems

Not until
I find out whether
Jack Abbott
is guilty or not

appeared in my 1986 chapbook Skate Scam. He made a fuss about the idea that I would steal the copyright and make money. I’d never really thought about mental illness before. He tended to lurk on the street corners looking very dour and I suspected him of being one of the Wilkinsburg folks who gloated when Peter Shell’s carrot tape hit their mark, got Fripp incensed and was later used to torture me into seizures. He was the type who would say that I was ratting on Pittsburgh by talking about child molestation crime…or maybe that’s not fair, I mean, he never actually said that to me.

I went to Letsche Alternative High School in the Hill District for a long time. I know how angry and isolated Black intellectuals are, young, rowdy, mischievous, given a lot of rope to hang themselves and virtually no meaningful mental health care exists in Pittsburgh. When he appeared on the cover of Pittsburgh Magazine I frankly found the Peter Leo styled gesture warped. It goes far in what I’ve always hated by The International Poetry Forum and Sam Hazo that nobody intervened with Christian while there was still time. The ACLU in Pittsburgh are so busy defending the rights of the drug addled that they stalk anyone actually trying to get meaningful intervention for … in this case, a poet in danger to himself and others.

Pitt is an atrocity and Western Psychiatric might as well be razed to the ground.

Christian, like Gary Fuss, ironically, also deceased in a tragedy, were together I understand in a place I never saw myself, it was a runaway joint for kids in high school, called Hell House. Many, many people knew for a long, long time how troubled and struggling M. Christian Robinson. No one ever found a way around his stubborn nature, and I suspect few ever gave it much thought. Learning of his death, I am just reminded that even though I went to Pennsylvania’s Governor’s School thanks in no small measure to social and academic rehabilitation that I experienced at Letsche, and always identified myself as a poet, I was there for forty years and I didn’t pull together my own first booklet until after I moved to Seattle.

Christian they say beat his girlfriend piteously and then somehow took his own life. All of this was in the making for years. He tried and tried to reach out. Something should have been done about it before, from somewhere. I have absolutely no doubt that that vulgar, chronic outsider group of rich, decadent assholes, including many fairies, who haunt Pittsburgh from that whore: Carnegie Mellon University, made it impossible with their constant jests at the idea of society’s right to be concerned about violent artists (and you will weary yourselves to no end maliciously lying about what they did to a non-violent artist who was troubled), just as Pittsburgh sees to it that the homeless are driven into despair.

The reason it angers and saddens me so very much isn’t just that a life I valued was lost, and it isn’t just that a man who hurt me was never stopped from hurting others, it is because Pittsburgh consciously created this sad story. Christian became and did what Peter Leo and all those other creeps downtown insisted he become as they dogged him through high school, and taunted him with celebrity gestures and his fifteen minutes of fame. His absolute terror that I would steal his verse from him upset me then and it upsets me now.

The pricks of Pittsburgh, like Jan Beatty who publicly condemned him after he was gone, are really the ones to blame. M. Christian Robinson was a victim of that terrible society.

I don’t say that about everyone I ever met there. Maybe it’s just that he was so into poetry that it riles me so bitterly to learn of his demise.

Thank you, Christian, not for how you lived, but for how you tried to.

The Interrogator
for M. Christian Robinson

Crying is on the radio
of penury in Pittsburgh.
What does Otis Redding want?
Nobody told me a thing.
Nobody tells me nothing.
Another man ended his stint
took his own life
with the hardware of hints.
Just between you and me,
London and Berlin,
I’m sorry to hear about that.

The Interrogator,
you didn’t like him
you prefer a man
with all the answers.

Bad, bad news
about bad, bad news.
You won the fight
I went looking for today.
That surly man
you might only half-believe
how he loved to dance.
He lived on his feet
in every corner of a big town.
In high school
he turned up in class once in a while
with bigger questions than me.
Hip Hop played his game
or he didn’t play.
In the pot smoke
he would laugh just like a kid,
haunt remotes
where police trembled
and showed up
in student activities
at the college.

The Interrogator
you didn’t like him
you prefer a man
with all the answers.

In a safer world
for ugly truths
with a punching bag
in his garage
and a little money
to buy
some thinking space
he might not
have overdosed
on angry questions.

A Eulogy for Christian:

I know it isn’t my place, but I had black friends all over Pittsburgh growing up who watched me from a distance, read my letters to the paper and cared about me. Christian was one of them. When my counselor for deafness and overly lucid tendencies saw that I was moved to emotion by his death, she asked me, “If you were asked to write a eulogy for Christian, what would you say?” So, I came to Douglass-Truth Library.

Maybe it’s good that I wasn’t there, in Pittsburgh, didn’t see or contribute to the breakdown that led to this, because it means I can eulogize Christian the Miracle, the ideal, Christian … the sakura (cherry blossom) without being forced to dwell on Christian the byproduct of Pittsburgh. I simply cannot help wishing that Christian, instead of me, had gone to the Governor’s School.

It is bad enough to live in a world where people do not know how to care, and I mean anywhere, it is a problem all over America, people who do not know how to stop a moment and consider, much less to lend a hand, even if they do not dare to take a hand; it is bad enough … without having to live out your days in a city that hates.

Thinking about Pittsburgh last night, not Christian so much at that late hour, just a city I haven’t wanted to look at or hear from, into whose Poetry SLAM website I recklessly wandered looking for Christian only to hear the glum news, for one moment I sympathized with the ultra-rich in the class struggle. How wonderful it would be to live in a world where someone’s tears meant something.

The image the Slam conveys is of an angry, hostile man who finally died by his own ropes. Sorry, but I don’t buy it. I believe that Christian died in tears. He died a little boy in pain. He died in sorrow He died sad. He killed himself because he saw that he had given his life … his whole life … all of it … tooth and nail, to people who just wanted him dead from the day he was born and for nothing would hear him out.

If someone had tried to stop him from the bad acid or puffing the doobie or whatever it was that was going in without coming all the way out, his friends, and I mean even what you would take for his good ones, would be all over that poor soul with, “What’s wrong with you!” They dreamed of Christian being a super-griffin in that lucid dream from hell. I didn’t. I saw him as a decent human being stalking, if anything, understanding. Without a soul to be found, even when he yelled to a packed hall or a basement mob scene in Wilkinsburg; a man who wanted you to listen because he had something to say and didn’t feel the need to wait a hundred years to say it.

When I first learned about Christian on my own reconnaissance I wanted and I still want to punish that City of Faceliars and those terrible ideologues of academia who just sit in their fairy tower and rape that poor city black and blue. Christian was groovy and he was on the move.


January 3rd, 2011, 11:06 AM

Some black folks
they sing
for ollie
oh yeah

but when they turn their backs
white citizens’ council

If the business of a man is his soul
bring on the auctioneer
and don’t be disheartened if you’re bought and sold
and your smile is insincere
at least you’re surviving and your head’s screwed on
though you may feel a little uneasy
take this pill for your stomach pain
then sidle up to power
power leans back in his chair
sweat pouring everywhere
he’s got a looking glass that can design a grin
he’s got glasses of gin
for his Mephistophelean contractors.
And who drives up in a Cadillac?
Goosestepping through the doorway with his cracker jack,
he’s got megabucks and snacks
.And who flies down in a whirlibird
with crates of rifles and the holy word
fighting for control of the herd.He flies down on a laserbeam
to test upon the monkeys for his shaving cream
superfluous as Faust in a dream.

cambodia motel
cambodia motel
sgt. rock was down the block
getting favorite ladies out of hock
cambodia motel
whirlibirds was in the air
dropping corpses
to the doctor’s fare.
ABC and BBC was on the dirt floor
Le Doc Thu was on the radio.

Some of them pay ransom to the crown

some of them are martyrs when they frown

some come pirohuetting to the scene

getting there on rice and gasoline

tell me who is worse my friend are you?

is it Russia, is it Motley Crue?

I see those adolfs for a prowl

white man’s mighty buzzard howl.

Hungry imbeciles in concrete drag
needled up from the slopbucket dying.
The city’s an infernohell’s a tv
the rat republic shysters defamed
madmen ride on camelback
in a sweltering bled
meld scripture, imprimatur insignia
though I am a humpback descendant of Cain.
Skull cracks black upon the highway
red core pops out just like a pimento
green olive brain
black olive covers me with a sheet
spiders beetles and prunes
transformed into hideous nectarine
sabine magi, simian spice
another twist of logos and it scurries out from under your breadbox.

napalm babies
burn the buddha

In a song about race riots and evil
neuro-anatomical needles
in a song about bad drugs and monkey
Black Panthers and the Ku Klux Klan
Chairman Mao buttfucking Charlie Chan,
everyone wants it just like before
you know I can’t even get to sleep anymore.

Monk babies drunk baboons
broken fingers angry wombs

Old Yitzhak took a trip to Zaire
Old Yitzhak he’s a rabid rabbi
What’s this new beetle crawling out of my hair?
Ask Old Yitzhak he’s the rabid rabbi.
Oliver North said Jesus is here.
Edwin Meese added Jesus is fear.
His legions marched before him
he’d lead them on in mindlessness
goosestep to goosestep rank and file.

There go Gipper’s men
coming to the scene
heap demented Gipper’s men
their sniper eyesight keen
you can see that they’re unhappy
you can see that they are mean
heap, demented Gipper’s men
come to vent their spleen.

Tell them I cried, Muskie, he said with a laugh,
heard all the way to Telluride.
Tell them I cried.

Bring me the head of the traitor, he cried
so they brought him John Lennon’s head
and the new beetle and the new beatle
crawled out of his eye.
Bring me the fable of your Catholic Church
Walrus then, am I?
Bring me the feast of Jerusalem
Walrus then, am I?
Walrus? Walrus?
Walrus then, am I?

Won’t you please help me before
my words become riddles
tangle me up in affairs that aren’t fair
won’t you direct the taxicab driver
to take me to the palace in the dream that’s not there.
They put Duffy in King of Prussia
after they told us that Adolf had died
won’t you please help me before
my words become riddles
won’t you please take me to Madison Five?

There’s a soothsayer booth
on astrology drive
which lead to the queen of the virginal hive
crunching as she tromps on the backs of the hindmost
buzzing as she feeds on the pole of the host.
Won’t you please help me before my words become riddles
get me the hell out of Madison Five!

I was washing my hair
when the Secret Service came with their lie gun
Oliver Stone was blocking the streets for Yoko Reagan
Ming Na Wen was playing Rat Patrol
getting us to hit ourselves for Mother Jones.
I said, “Yer dirty Girt
and you’d better git in that hole!
I said Yer dirty Girt
and you’d better git in that HOLE!”
Monk baby, drunk baboon
broken finger angry womb
concrete overdrag
put me outta your head
I may be loud I may be dead at least I’m out of womb 210


January 3rd, 2011, 11:08 AM

A young man disenfranchised by beetles on glue
spoke to the raven, he said, “Howdy doo.”

Once upon a morning clear
While I daydreamed free of fear
Of fairaes and sprites and sugar plum lasses
Sticky as molasses
Lying in a field of grass somewhere;

There I frolicked and I danced
To the leprochaun’s shamrock glance
The flutter of wings startled me
Out of a song that entranced
And saw that the bird had seen me by chance
And with a strangely sincere little caw
He pecked at my cheek to the beat of my song
And flew up to look at me down from a view
I spoke to the raven, he said, “Howdy doo.”

In this forest the raven hangs ten
As boisterous as a monkey he flutters from tree to tree
What will happen to me?


January 3rd, 2011, 11:09 AM

How I hate to see you fall
And crying like a burning dove
Into the roaring host
Of Hade that
Gobbles you into the ocean.

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Version : No Clue York City


January 3rd, 2011, 06:31 PM

The lies in the poison of Ichiro Suzuki can no longer be mistaken. When his sibling, errand boy James Kasperowski wrote a letter to the Pittsburgh Press (in its arrogant new disguise) crowing of a “food fight” over principle, he sneered through proxies about his future in a Mercedes eating cavier. I’m not going to endorse anything the AIDS Combein thought of.

What Obama lacks in maturity he fails to make up for in any other manly virtue. When his partner Dia Burstyn took me to the film Kiss of the Spider Woman the theme of Obama and Suzukibasque was brazen as an Italian nazi glided romantically on the screen showing his Hitler funded film research of the ah, poors in Ethiopia he had gone there in force to rescue.

When the an English rabid hums of “chilly climate” (a Sigma Nuage term) it speaks in economic superclass separatism of the stares a sundry deaf queerball might be said to have aimed at a Teuton cleavage. The logic of Burstyn, brrr, sty, feminazi war pigs, is clear enough, yet if one took the temperature in the chamber of horrors in which Paul McCartney created the Frankenstein robo-correctness installation we call President Obama from a retarded girl’s virtue and a Van der Kelly Skool Generator upgraded from der Graf Zeppelin by sorcerors from the Ku Klux Klass of Ming Na Wen you would have a cryogenic abyss where he continues to omojin Lennon’s brain, a vision so bitter he amalgamated with Hitler in avenging himself upon the wicked world, strewn with bodies left and right from the arbitrary gattling gun of Amanda Harcourt and her sponsors Ralph Tive and George Bush. Get rid of the infidels and their simpering desperation, play them the “sympathetic vibrations” and “soothing noises” of the Guttersnipes, Janes Somers, Janssons and other friendly ghostwriters.

Queerball will pay with his prong!

I’m just a library clerk looking at porno who Reagan picked off so that AIDS victims could depradate as scavengers on his primary mark and avoid the harder work of AIDS Nuremberg in favor of a pretty/vacant ideological lovefest for brutal, diabolical, Jeannie-raping Ringo Starr. When people are that low, it’s really very pointless to help them. The AIDS Victims come as George Romero’s zombies, dignified and magnanimous no longer; and behind them, flanked by Armstrong Williams and Johnny Cochran, is Lord Martin Sheen, demanding a return to the Hollywood studio system that invented National Security and made Liberalism, the L-word of LOVE, into a dirty word.

We’ve discussed the hypocrisy of Anglo greed and the noblese oblige they confer on their doomed and devestated victims before. The AIDS Combein’s magnate depicted me as the enemy, so, who cares? After torturing someone they wallow over porno. The story of their vicious Milanese Delilah is as old and crummy as it once was tawdry and cunning, heaped with two-tonguery and moist with backstab.

If Rev. Jesse Jackson is still hard up for his name in print he can pull penis on the bus again or rape deaf Jeannie some more. When Jackson wants to start gassing pornojunkies for HitlerJesus, you know where I live.

Q. Reagan was just doing his duty.
A. If you complain openly of Draft Registration and fail to sign, they will arrest you. Likewise, if you had, like me, named the Testing Political Action in evil hour, it’s a safe bet they would have come after you, too.

Q. Why did you do it?
A. They’d earmarked me. I resolved to smoke them out.

Q. Why was Zell so brazen?
A. Planting Lennon papers on my house had recruited the an English rabid.


Version : How Sick Am I?


January 4th, 2011, 10:00 AM

I think that Steve Hawking is behind the Arkansas fish mystery.

Professional Homocide

in my own situation also traces to Hawking.

Hawking was brought into the situation at the University of Pittsburgh by Cynthia Lennon and the Reagan Administration when justifying Mt. Desert Island. More recently, the an English burned me by getting Dr. Tran to recommend psilosec while planting a story in The Seattle Times that prilosec could lead to hip fractures. What motivated this strange crime and was the outcome?

The outcome, first, is that my intestines turned to garbage and when I switched back to Zantac, I found that my acid reflux condition has been savagely aggravated. In addition to loss of appetite and discomfort in the night, belching, etc., sensitivity to new foods, the intestinal problem has only abated somewhat briefly. Nausea, as in an existential emotion, has taken root. Zantac, in additional strengths, can still control it, but only just barely.

This was motivated by The Taliban which is predicated on the idea that Lennon is infallible. This meant that any attempt I was trying to make sense in Pittsburgh of the world which criticized both Reagan and Lennon only brought them closer and estranged me further. Ringo Starr sought to de-victimize Jimmy Crary because John Stockwell had challenged that the Beatles enflamed the drug epidemic. Lennon said on Tom Snyder, denying his role model activity, “if I told kids ‘don’t do drugs’ they’d go, ‘who’r you?” Cynthia Lennon weighed in that Ayn Rand kids would never blame someone else for drugs, implying that having my brains beaten in by pushers was the will of Lennon. Since I am Irish, she claimed, anything I do is the anti-Lennon, and brought along a gaggle of Irish brats to drool their jeers in sympathy.

In other words, Ringo needed to feel, in his usual remorseless, British, hypocritical way, that he had some academic proof that warning the dumbass wouldn’t do any good. Tracy prescribed it, I took it. Presto! Moral vindication.

Hawking also tries to make any confrontation with the Hukagram look like white racism. The multi-million dollar, space-based weird projects of Microsoft India are already printing stamps with living effigy in violation of U.S. Laws. Custer started coming up at Carnegie Mellon among the recruits from Carlisle War Department, supposedly because skinny defsukke dipped in Sunjay City (Tracy knew).

It’s Clean Up Time and folks’d rather be lied to by someone they love than told the truth by someone they hate. James W. Child had his finger on the pulse when he called this: Preference Theory. One reason the two-tongued man is so hard to pin down is that he isn’t contradicting the truth with his own hypocrisy, he is contradicting his own old lies with new ones; for another, an ingenue in camoflague, he is attacking symbols on both sides to sow confusion and trigger chaos. No one should be surprised to learn that Cynthia Lennon is an old confederate of John Stockwell. The people to whom such issues are “very, very important” are an insider trust who enjoy tormenting a marked and riddled rookie who stumbles upon the thinktank of bedlam.

Christopher Hitchens brings war criminals into my milieu knowingly. Hitchens depicts me as Martin Heidegger, refusing to fight, treats me to Gestapo tactics for exposing his hand, burns my manuscripts, and then leers, chomping cigars, raping deaf Jeannie. British Labor Yojimbo “payback” actually killed Biggee Smalls for no other reason than to give Cohen Powell a Death Row card to invoke when Cynthia Lennon’s uteris started floating and another terror mark was drawn from the hat.

The people who started AIDS authored also the feudal war entertainment system of high-risk trafficking, just to ratchet up the panic adrenaline for environmental sympatico. When Reagan failed to create his concentration camp scenario he declared war on the whistleblower in the name of his own victims and a coterie of billionaires brought Poiter Goibriel yammering into the fold with his turbanese smirk and ties in high science at Cambridge.

Investors in the situation are rivals and do in fact exchange some fire, but the majority of the military acts are catharizing the gloating uteris of Yoko Ono, ties that bind, wounds inflicted to induce healing surrender and the serenity of glitter dreams. The symbolic penny McCartney stole from James Crary in the name of Lennon meant a lot more to the British Hitlers than the suffering of those betrayed, a lot more.

Expect more of the same. AIDS isn’t manmade only Jimmy’s to blame and Reagan didn’t know. The two-tongued man has sharpened the forks. Subsidary oil from old assassinations are the bootcamp pension plan of Jeannie-raping Hitler rabid English, loveslave soothsay violining for Queerbasque.

Isn’t McCartney mystical?


January 4th, 2011, 10:15 AM

Q. Mt. Desert Island was just the authors of AIDS proving their case. Kelly School was meaningless in light of its utility in bringing a rat before the light.

A. The damage was done so the system is whether AIDS was justified because support for Mt. Desert Island is to justify AIDS while calling it life-saving intervention and then pitting the other victims on the victim in envy and for the spoils. This was the Veteran’s Administration making a feeding frenzy out of Lennon for good measure. Gottlieb and Wattenmaker. Change your casual sex doctrine or Sean Strub GITS to take you as a souvenir to heaven.

Vaclav Havel chronically intones, “We will continue to sympathize with torture since you refuse to change for Midori Goto” over looking the point that if I am actually forced to choose between the rights of man and Midori Goto, I am bound to choose the rights of man.

Cornell West and Yoko Ono were very cunning. While dating Yoko, Lennon was prompted to slip the line, “Hold you in his arms you can feel his disease” and this led to Cornell’s support for Zell, the “if you wash we’ll be offended” doctrine of Sean Strub that became holy demonstrations of high risk, fools. Prove you love us, Queerball.

The prohibition against self-defense in very knotting, thorny in the alliance made, in advance, between Amnesty International and The AIDS Combine. It potboilered down to Bush’s enthusiasm for the idea that a letter protesting date rape subliminally proved the existence of satanic tempation. The question of nuclear war against the AIDS Combine is moot because Bill Clinton managed it into a nuclear threat against innocent people who refuse the fait accompli. Calling things like this “government secrecy” really allows the idea that Reagan’s murder of Kennedy was a government act and that the installation of fascism is legitimate, attended by doddering maniacs at the buttons, BeatlesPaul, saying, “Oh, you like Kennedy, well, guess what? I’m Kennedy!” It’s a mentalplex predicated in privilege to the lunatic fringe of the ruling class.


January 4th, 2011, 10:23 AM

Q. Was Tamara a friend of Tom O’Connor?
A. Supposedly, Anne Mitchell introduced them, so there is a Mitchell connection to the Kelly School incident. O’Connor went to high school with Ming Na Wen, who was introduced to me by Michael Mullin. Eventually Timothy Barnes showed up for Kasperowski, Bowie and Gore, back when McVeigh and Lieberman were with Peter Shell all the time, the carrot tape dude.

Reagan was told by Central American diplomats, I heard this myself from Alejandro Molina Lara, that the reason the Sandanstas and other rebels in Central America had become so-called communists is because they were tortured and their children murdered. Reagan obviously said, well, I will prove Crary is a communist then, and tortured me. He ran some tests, like with Dina Michels, who I met with Eric Horn, later of CMU, Dina went to Harvard, and had me in the Isaly’s in State Collage, as I used to call it in my letters to her, in the days when I couldn’t spell or punctuate, and I ordered the “celery” ice cream. No one had ever done that. Thos. Gordon used to hum, “ever the non-conformist” as a turn of phrase. The boys, John Schulman and them, at Caliban Books, living on Celeron Street then made the carrot tape. See, Crary’s a tortured poet, he’ll be a communist in no time. Must be genetic, I hear it runs in the family.

Lou Leto, Obama’s Afghanistan punk leader, who was my roommate at Temple Ambler told me after I sarcastically took hair from his brush for a Mr. Potato Head voodoo doll when he circulated rumors that I was a devil worshipper, “That’s why I twisted my ankle! That’s why I twisted my ankle!”

Elizabeth Blumenfeld shouldn’t smoke, Crystal might not think she’s mystical when Elliott Spitzer and Rick Santorum smash airplanes in protest.


January 4th, 2011, 10:26 AM

Q. Only communists say things like, “structuralist imposition”.

A. The idea that sexual activity out of wedlock is pleasure seeking and desperately seeking Sister Susan’s hymen was an imposition on the Taliban death wheel that led to Mt. Desert Island and back. It’s not selling Lennon’s story to speak of it, it’s selling the accomplice of the Lennon Family in HitlerReagan’s war “game”.

Q. Two Virgins?

A. Midori Goto.

The objective of Reagan and Ringo Starr was to screw the public sector by creating this network of silence enforcement against the Brady Bunch, people who might look askance at themselves for tearing up the people’s right to know.

An Estate vs. Public Sector war.


January 4th, 2011, 10:28 AM

Q. Hancor Institute is in Bowling Green, right? Where most of this comes from?

A. Palin and Gore work together through Hancor, I’m sure. When I hitchhiked to St. Louis a man with a stolen car that had no brakes picked me and told me, “this car ain’t gonna stop this car go no brakes”. It was a shenanigan. Child showed up from Bowling Green with the bowling ball brake of the AIDS Onslaught.

Q. What’s that make Go/to?

A. A duck pin.


January 4th, 2011, 11:15 AM

Q. Steve Hawking was mentioned by Randy Tantliger, the man whose poison triggered the acid reflux.

A. The Warpo War in Arkansas, attack on schools and flocks, is a/part of a mysterian and macabre Bush amphibian adventure using me, under threat of deliquency charges, secretly in his Naxxxi high command. Fripp has been helping him do this for ages and ages, that is why there is this endless myriad of Greg Karl style things that just wrap around each other in these endless moebius twists throughout the saga of my ordeal.

Obviously, the whole thing is a terrible, terrible crime. Obviously police brutality from the criminally deranged. Lewis Lapham is to blame for all of it. His concept is that statutes of limitations are abrogated and I should be tortured to death on the basis of anything he imagines took place when I was 14 years old.

It’s terribly frightening, not just as a young man with much to do and offer, watching a very best friend die of cancer at a very young age right now, and being hit again in the stomach this way, but also as someone who looks to our society and the plans of the children with hope and desire for the best of them, and wonders, if they can’t find there was out of this naziism how will they ever make time for the work of school that matters?

I’d love to be reading about the slums of Bankok and the barriors of Venezuela, but how can I when I have to answer bizarre and ratty innuendo about Miss Beautiful Kyogen every day from people who have networked for extermination practices with no civil review at all, none whatsoever?

It’s a prepostering situation, completely unreal, and it has gone on and on and on and on … for years.


January 4th, 2011, 11:16 AM

rakugo: Defsukke! You are schizoid man, very sick, delerious, take your moral medicine. Kowtow! KOWTOW!


January 4th, 2011, 03:33 PM

Q. Are you obsessed with virginity?
A. Let’s look at the source of that obscenity and the sacrificial way it was used to treat a poet who is deaf as the point of departure for answering the last question of this thread.

Because of the way my name sounds…Jimmy Crear~eary…and the way that bigots, both black and white, can stretch it and have always enjoyed tormenting and beating me up, I have been tortured for forty years and the worst of it was at the hands of the people I turned to, in trust, after spending all my money on them during my horrible upbringing.

Robert Fripp of King Crimson spread this rumor. During the time he was setting me up, based on a short story, Chasing an Echo, that I sent to Amanda Harcourt about the perplex Leslie Katz had constructed around me, which could have been used to intervene, during this whole time, to cover his bullshit he was calling me his friend in private messages, one of in which his partner told me he loved me.

Then he brutally tortured me and raped my deaf girlfriend, all the while thinking that David Bowie’s glam and the attractions of Obama, all the politically correct slurs that were in place with Ming Na Wen’s forces and alliance with the men who drove us from our home, would be enough that, when I’m dead, which is obviously what they’ve decided, probably 18 years after meeting Midori when I’m 51, because 18 is the age they use as a symbol of my poetry, so it’s like the weasel, Spike Old Lee, crowing dyslectic Talilban “justhtice” with Dexter again; there won’t be much history of people who look at Mac Crary, the poet, next to Edgar Allen Poe, maybe, and say, “Those cowardly, cowardly, cowardly English!” because there were too many humiliated people, like Gregoire who went along with it.

Now, Eggnog Corner is full of essays about the AIDS reasoning involved, so I’ll be brief on that note. The pathology they are subscribing to me originates in the Holy War of AIDS, among Kennedy’s assassins, men like Jim Marrs, who lie through the teeth to exploit these issues for hysterical gain. The slur is really a description of the accusers themselves.

Muhammed Ali, deranged, kiddie-raping berzerker Muslim, desperately obsessed with Midori Goto’s virginity, making the accusation. How ridiculous.

Clinton obviously set this up to protest the way he had to compromise his pecker in the Arkansas saloon circuit after the CIA said he would be ideal as Presidential Faceliar to follow Reagan and do his trip on our lives for the Southern Baptist Golf Course circuit.

My writing about virginity inflated it because I knew something was going on. I wasn’t sure what. Gradually it became more and more obviously AIDS related.

The allegation was also made by Ultrahigh Fascists at NASA, who are super-super rich in tandem with street thuggees like Aaron Dixon who dreams of milking me after a settlement. In an environment of scurrilous illegal activity of that paranoid nature, dealing with the Yellow Line Rape fascism of Al Gore and his projections on me is lovely, is it not?

The truth: They neuro-indoctrinated slave little Jimmy subconsciously around virginity to create a plastic gangbang on Midori Goto, and as a spectacle for her thrills and cheap shot abuses. It’s a horrible story, clocked to an impacted neurotrauma that is unbelievably surreal, severe and was long invisible, implanted in a deaf child. For torture thrills, sadism.

Because I am a humanist, as was my father.

A convenience culture between David Bowie and nuts like Oliver North.

Everybody thinks about virginity at some point or another in their life. You make it sound like Jimmy Crary who never gave it any thought before Leslie Katz committed an offense for figuring Yoko Ono out. She’s the one behind the letters and murder of Lennon, not me. She transfered blame by appeal to the most loathsome and despicable mob sentiment among true and genuine sexualists.

The only reason I work for nothing is because I care that Our Commonwealth have access to the semiotic information and truth about AIDS. My history has been a war for public warning. These vipers wanted it censored and created that fraud as a weapon to censor me. People like Fripp, faceliars, the Velvet Nazis, they want to impact feelings of immiseration, futility and protracted suffering in the face of impugnity.

They designed this attractive cornerpiece I found in the alley. To carry it home I slung it on my back like a cross. It was designed militarily to remind of Kitty Hawk and the BLACK RACISM of JEANNIE RAPING OBAMA. There was no bar surface because it was too heavy. It wouldn’t get through my door for the peg without breaking.

Midori Goto gutted any love I would ever have for her. Being in those beautiful caverns of Vietnam with her would make me feel like I was in hell. At present…no one is stopping them.

The world is full of flunkies who would buy the horseshit Fripp sells about hating pornography and making the viewer the spectacle. Where did that come from? PROVEN from the Neva Corporation, named in the AIDS Scroll. How fucking malodorous. He even had my dive in Montana with Kate Hayford wired for sound with the help of that fucking Carl Tobias. The light started flashing when I said the world “murder”.

Religion is big bucks. The AIDS religious kill is, too. It was planned that way. I no longer give a shit that no one wants to help me, and that should be recorded as the murder of Jimmy Crary, no matter how long I live.

These are doublespeaking faceliars running a scam. They don’t give a shit about human trafficking. They released a virus to murder the victims for their land. They want to PRESERVE the traditional lines of military vice trafficking under the sword of Jesus.

Don’t lie to yourself.

This story is high entertainment bombing of the United States by English pinko rock stars who torture and rape children on behalf of Reagan and then incited the AIDS victims.

Over the twenty years that Gabriel has made a vicious spectacle of my privacy in my room, he has had affairs, children and toured the world in pleasure, pursuits of happiness beyond your wildest dreams, after rewarding child molesters who tortured me, raping deaf Jeannie.

That is what you scum have cheered. You have AIDS? Good riddance.

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Version : Vet. Admin. Madness


January 5th, 2011, 12:16 PM

Finish them off.

I am writing to you in an attempt to get Protection From Abuse from Christine Gregoire. I am a fifty year old man who has no history of wrongdoing, completely deaf, and under genuinely vicious and bizarre criminal attack by the State of Washington for whistleblowing.

Colin Powell has personally contacted the Veteran’s Administration on behalf of Michelle Obama and Jesse Jackson saying to them, basically, if you don’t get rid of me I represent a threat to everything from Reagan to Bush, Clinton and the present Administration because of the terrible evidence and testimony of torture and murder that I attempted to bring forward through British offices of Amnesty International while living in Pittsburgh.

Powell told the Veteran’s Administration that I suffered from a terrible, impacted neuroplasm that I was not aware of which was designed ingeniously to cause terrible, violent suffering when a woman deserted me. He said, with the help of sadistic matriarchs, much to his amusement including my mother, a sadistic crone, that what we were going to do is stage a battle of the soul. They misrepresented the trauma as abuse of the woman who was sent to trigger the neuroplasm on their behalf and subjected me to a twenty year ordeal of violent molest in traumatic homelessness, while denying, what they also knew, which is that the head injury had been brutally inflicted in childhood in a lawless Pittsburgh neighborhood.

The Law will not help me because the Law is behind it. The only person who seemed to be nice to me as a child was actually a Jewess writing letters about the plan to kill John Lennon and release AIDS. Colin Powell convinced everyone that the cheapest and safest way to handle the crime was to allow Marines, pretending to be Gay, to publically assassinate me through what they have publicly called, “Piecemeal” torture; meaning, first making me totally deaf, then attacking my eyes, then poisoning my heart, then my stomach, all while the woman I was in love is literally held in sexual slavery to the men who tortured me as a child.

Christine Gregoire has forbidden intervention. Among the crimes that Powell committed, with the help of Obama, Al Gore, Robert Fripp of King Crimson and Peter Gabnel, in this sacrificial mayhem has been the rape of my deaf girlfriend, Jeannie Tamburro, and wholistic identity crime, involving spy-cam taping of my most intimate private life. Although the man who physically raped Jeannie is in prison, the Warhol syndicate in Pittsburgh also filmed the rape for Yoko Ono, who made a great crow about it by printing my name in Cineaste Film Quarterly and Asian Cult Cinema Magazines.

Please help me.

The murderers in question are documented to have created this dramatic persona in order to use me for the inititation of mandatory AIDS testing as part of the Reagan Government’s plan to commit a holocaust. I was a Medical Library Clerk who pursued them to Mt. Desert Island. The neuroplasm was militarily engineered as a foil to give a cover story to the assassination and mobilize Gays through the false witness program of manipulation scientists. They have repeatedly used bacteriologicals and threatened me in writing with HIV, while attacking innocent people, leaving a woman dead by stabbing outside the Clubhouse of Sound Mental Health and stalking the children in my family.

I am an artist and writer born to a very important educator and Peace Corps leader, who was a Distinguished Naval Hero of World War Two. This is not what my life should have been. Before being deafened I even had some talent in music.

Please intervene. I have been and am being tortured. They have tortured and molested me again and again for forty years. They have threatened immediate assassination for any form of self-defense. It was a mysterious box of symbols. For example, I was gassed, brutally, as a child in a place in Pittsburgh called Kings Estate. They then convinced Dexter King that I was stealing intellectual property and he personally participated in setting up the punishment rape of Jeannie Tamburro laughing that it would give me a chance to prove non-violence.

I simply cannot believe the depravity and depradations of this bizarre, insane government.

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Version : False Murals


January 5th, 2011, 12:22 PM

The Oakland Black Panthers of old were a very excellent advertisement for the Arms of Krupp. Everybody wants in on the stockpiles to protect what’s theirs. Freedom without conscience of the sort promoted by Reagan gives rise to medievalry and barbarism of a sort that serves Black nazis as sure as it does white ones. Everybody wants to be a nazi, it’s where the sex lives are, anarchist fringe women wow’d by seedy old Bowie and his Queerbasque day care salon, taking payola from Colin Powell’s Schwarzeneggerization of Death Row Records.

And there’s Queerbait, as usual, humanizing the porno, hahahaha! Viva la Revolution!

There’s nothing pretty about what happened to Carlos Bulosan. His words ended up being twisted by scum like Peter Gabriel to turn mass murder into a noble sacrifice. Revolutions are always the same ~ nice people being twisted, tortured, ruined and thrown away by scum.

To regard what Robert Fripp did to James Crary as anything but a filthy murdering pig brutally raping the truly helpless is criminally insane. Either punish them or forget about me.

The most urgent question really is who are Robert Fripp’s enemies (Colin Powell is his friend) and how can they be empowered to lawfully dismantle him for criminal activity? Nancy Reagan and Leslie Katz probably control the future because of coward Fripp’s masterly manipulations.

Q. What sort of scum would defend his hate crimes?
A. Reagan-happy Queerbasquers with HIV for Jesus, and money mad nazi Hollywood speculators. The sort to admire child-molesting industrial assassins. Thanks to King Crimson, AIDS is now widely seen as a bonfire to protest the babyeaters. The people to blame are those who attacked me. Amanda Harcourt’s engineer of victim-on-victim grievance mongering was a very typical Mellon attack on the pretenses of the Left. British Labor was delighted: Gas them in Kings Estate! Hahahahahaha. Myuh! Myuh! In the name of Jesus, yet, MYAWK! King Crimson Rules, hahahahaha.

There’s no way out of it, that is what this rabid animal Peter Gabriel was up to.

One of the reasons I avoided the letters of Gail Burstyn, say like the plague if you want to, is that there was a lot of stuff about Jesus Freaks in them. Godspell was created at Carnegie Mellon and the HAIR scene was obviously partly a set up by them. Carmen Colucci used to talk about the helicopters and money of the Jesus Freak people who came into Pittsburgh and for a while, because they were colorful, I wore some of their patches after being hauled to a meeting where some mechanic type sidekicks confessed in sweats of shock and awe to having been subjected to hallucinogens among hippies.

Q. Do you really think the chemical in your face was the one used on Jeffrey Dahmer and O.J. Simpson?

A. Or something similar at this. Colucci and his ilk gave me those little dime comics, too, in addition to the Burstyn letters, that had pictures, drawings of creepy men with captions like, “He was eating human fingers!” You can deny it, if you want to, since it pays, but a very strange man named Louis Hunter terroristically kidnapped me for almost a week, in a car that he drove over the grass by the Veteran’s Administration office across from the Heinz Company on that big corner park at Penn and Fifth. It was a horrible experience. I ended up in the waiting room at Climax One, sitting all night, in a seat, battered and crying, and then out of state somewhere far, far away, in the back seat, cold, left alone, wondering whether I would be killed.

Stu Clark was also in that gang, and he would go to Nichiren Buddha chanting that phrase that sounds so much like, “Not your holy scapegoat, not your holy scapegoat, nam yo ren gay kyo.

After Tony Cervi administered the nerve agent in the Coal Hollow Pit on Curtis Street near Capone’s barbershop in Penn Hills, up by Tive’s Tove, Hebron Cemetery and Flannigan’s, the next day, hoping to shake myself up, I went to Towering Inferno in a double theater where Earthquake was playing next door in Sensurround, making everything shake in our theater, too. When I was trying to nurse out of comatonic amnesia and remember what happened, I rented Towering Inferno again and there was O.J. Simpson in a 44 Jersey, the date that King was murdered among sanitation workers.

Deny, deny.

These were also the people who took AIDS voluntarily and now have Seattle such a city of hope, promoting child assassins and taking innocent people by stabbing and Operation: Piecemeal to the grave as Ringo Starr opens another bottle of Bloody Bastard Amontillado with Colin Powell, guffaws a plenty.

The American Military want to hunt human beings, so they outlaw counseling. Kennedy and his Peace Corps were regarded as party poopers and little Jimmy was exampled to the Southern Baptist alternative. David Bowie just wants a monopoly over the exceptions who can afford the superclass, able to knife fight and seduce the Aryan women on their own. Violent Asian girls falling asleep in defsukke’s rotten egg fart journalism class will pretty much be the abolition of America and a good many people say, “good riddance.”

Q. Who was Jack Hayes? One of the usual lopers?

A. Sort of. Adult. He owned a painting studio in Bar Harbor. He played the role of outraged city father while helping, on the sly, Yoko Ono turn my sex life into a spy cam party with her partner Gail Burstyn, Pener Gabriel’s partnership with Cyril Wecht and Midori Goto’s advocacy for James Kasperowski, the Jeannie-raping Barbershop Trio. Jack Hayes was a painter who had Mark Abrams spread the word that I was two-timing Lisa Cassidy for Hillary Logan, making him very unfriendly from that point on. Gabriel was digging how he could set me up with Rosa in Pittsburgh and engulf me in a suffocating insecurity by withholding the reason for why he was giving preferential treatment to the AIDS war gamers and authors of the crime: Lennon Estate confiscation.

Hayes no doubt has his story, the hardluck of unwed mothers. If you have a baby you have to feed it, after all, but the risk wasn’t all that real, nor was I unable to afford a child at that point if it happened. The only girls in that song and dance who weren’t on birth control were the ones that Franklin Graham was sponsoring to rack up abortion on Duh Vaulrux Tang. I am duh Virus. Goo goo ga joob Mrs. Robinson.

Q. What’s your take on the call by Laura Bush to Daw Aung San?
A. The abyss calls forth the abyss. These are the Jeannie-raping new hegemon matriarchs are they? The ones who will straightforth for women’s higherness in the name of Jimmy-raping Queerbasque.

Nightmare weasel on the storm
Nightmare weasel on the storm
Saw a girl looked warm
Crept into the dorm
When he round the bend
She took him right to bed
Now she’s so forlorn.

Susan Sontag is a fraud, a deviant mystifier. Pornography is just a metaphor for our sex lives growing up, but in the wrong, and very unsafe hands of the AIDS Combine, as we were, unknowingly. Lennon’s murder didn’t happen all by itself, but as a function of a devious, prolonged, widespread political program of abject hypocrisy. Gregoire is the nutjob leader of those like Clinton, first to the microphone to say, we’re not like that anymore. We’ve been saved.

Eggnog Corner is the only soapbox oratory up to it. Hitler got away! How come you didn’t know that? You give your seventy five cents in these fifty cents boxes to your no newspaper town? You listen to lying, hate-filled rubbish like the Beatles and then you turn to Jesus and you can’t even smell the stench of your stinking hypocrisy?

They didn’t need to do any of this. It was all obvious on the day they saw they letters.

They claimed discovery when they are the authors. They are also the ones who consequented the maladjustment purposefully they tampered with in stalking operations to maximize effect. Cornell West mongered Reagan’s backlash strategy as a sort of “drool on the Draft Resistors” formula. The Bill of Rights under Aaron Dixon has become a PROVISO, a provisional, under the control of a poet-barbecuing, Pussyball proxy.

Q. What does the feather symbolize?
A. Heavyweight on pre-featherweight blindside attack, gang man of war on deaf child Schwarzenmacho. Matt Marcus and Sean Strub were backup dogfighters working together in Agency. It symbolizes mass murderers laughing themselves sick.

Boycott British Music
Don’t Let the Rabids Into Your Poor Head

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Version : Chemo-Satrapy


January 6th, 2011, 09:22 AM

“You like Peter Gabriel?” Tom O’Connor.

“Yeah.” James Crary.

Tom O’Connor shouting, “He don’t like you! Hahahahaha”

It is not a proven fact that my understanding what Gail Burstyn was up two would have done any good, I was watched very closely. The Green Party has now wasted every second since 1992 belaboring other imponderables to no effect, while wasting an historic investigation on the egos of lesser men. It’s entirely reasonable for men like Aaron Dixon to say, “We’ve been around, let us do it,” but it is gross corruption to say, “we know what happened” when they weren’t even there. While I can certainly agree that there is meaning in the fact that Emilio Zapata made a fool of himself when being forced to the banquet table after the Agrarian Revolution, this isn’t Mexico, and you’d think we were all past the idea that politics is a license to extort, much less kill in America.

The practical suggestion I have heard, mandatory African American History, to which I amend Mandatory Basic Sign Language, as well, in schools is legitimate educational reform and the election of Obama is no substitute for cultural enrichment dialogue about Asia, Africa, the lower Americas, particularly Mexico. The Wall on the Southern Border is just the new Berlin Wall and Obama should be told: TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!

Zero tolerance for cynicism.

It was never legitimate for Insane Anglo Warlords to regard Africa as an expanding pie. There are reformers in Africa, direly in need of your attention span, and it is time you admit failing your children by not acknowledging the intelligence of their aspirations. It is one thing to say they may not go out at night and another to sit down and read to them before bed. The Loss Records Project, to inform and enrich the language of story about Lost Africa, was meant to bring the dreams of African luster to your children’s bedside so they can roar like lions when they preach to the halls of man.

It is not enough to say you want Citizen Review of Police Boards, you need Citizen Support of Policy that guides Police activity and an end to modern warfare in our theaters that chronically assumes we cannot bear dignified films and just want spaghetti police films with saccharine funerals, and red-headed traitors. Say no to the fictions of Hollywood and what they give birth to in our plighted Commonwealth and yes to comprehensive prison reform that humanizes the dialogue between those who wear the badge and those who go to vote. Do it now, find the words: We’ve been around, let us do it. Say No to Imperial Hostage taking by the CIA where poets who were tortured by Veteran Labor in the AIDS Onslaught are told to kowtow to their rapist assassins.

The Police must acknowledge and learn about the ways that the military in America is behind the drug traffic that they are then told to wage war on, targeting a scapegoat population rather than the perpetrator group; police cannot perform their jobs while living in fictions and one of the fictions that we are all told to live with is the sinister idea that police are not themselves in some cities suspects in these trafficking guilds and cults. Who watches the watchmen has never been more true a cautionary remark than in the terrifying age of Ultrahigh when evil new powers have fallen into the hands of contemptible robo-tyrannical midgets like Robert Fripp and Arnold Schwarzenegger, still at war on a child they tortured and mangled beyond all recognition forty years ago. Keep the cameras out of our parks: We’ve been around, let us do it.

As far as I am concerned, the police are no better than the murderers in prison when they cannot see how obscene Ronald Reagan really was. It was already too late for me a long, long time ago. The an English rabid found out, due to my efforts, if you believe in the travesty of their so-called interception at all (which I do not) in enough time to be very, very, very helpful in evil hour and they chose not to, laughing up their sleeve with delight, Gail Burstyn still has never been arrested, New York Police died en masse on 911 at the instigation of her forces and still don’t know what hit them, they have a lot of gall deriding little Jimmy Crary for being confused.

Stop acting like you don’t know where babies come from. Militias put the drugs out there, get people addicted by violent coercion and then poison them. What’s this Gail Burstyn jive? More Spirit of Lennon from MK-Ultra, Ringo Starr and MI5? I’ll tell you what it is: Ronald Wilson Reagan and his pigpen mercenaries taking out his “nature of reality” sewage on our sweet cities. Who was the Judge who murdered Gladys and Jamie Scott over eleven dollars and how many times is this hostage crisis of race going to be played out over and over again, while Martin Sheen manipulates it getting his jollies inciting reverse race rage? Go back to ancient Germany ratbags and take David Bowie with you.

Not one thing that happened to me was necessary, helpful or justified, not one, and don’t think I don’t know it was you, English.

There is no point to anything without AIDS Nuremberg. There is no jurisdiction (especially the loathsome Planet Broadway) anywhere in the United States where the perpetrators of this infamy may hide and the statues brought down of Reagan will feel very good when they crash, like a Russian déjà vu. Pardon Nancy Reagan as a folklore mannequin who repudiated her husband for what we now know he did, and then do your duty to mankind, but as for The Greens, I prefer not to exchange ego gratification with people who lap up after The Bowies in their cover story for Ronnie Ronald.

The car is a symbol of rapine. The endless spiderweb of electrical gluttony a Tyrannosaurus Rex from the short-sighted Age of General Electric. The Green Party is not a pipe dream, unless you consider human survival one, too.

Do not count on me. I’ve told you why. You’ve never even paid me for my hard work.

The Ono Rabid is full of race fight, with her niggerbaiting yobs to the rescue of faceliar Obama, sowing her slanders and incitement to prevent investigation into her murder of Lennon in Hitler’s revenge staked out by Mitsui with the patience of a rock tumbler and the 47 Ronin. (Item, by the way, Yoko Ono’s proxy, Penny Crary, taught me the games: Sorry, Rook and Yahtzee, famous for 63 and it still is nazi pig Goto’s usurper heiress dream to win all three against the uncontested, raping deaf Jeannie as petty ante).

My explanation for the bombardment I endured has nothing to do with the rabid’s claim to its legitimacy; instead, a whole retinue of sleuthful derogatory, past assailant forces who left me in semi-coma were in alignment lying in wait like Lisa Miles sure I would be nabbed silently and cleverly, unawares on signal to allegations of great invent and when I publicly issued a challenge to Horrorshow Monster Reagan their FURY was distress at being forced into revealing, premature action and they made mistakes before they regrouped for a great bloodletting. Never did I count on the cowardly weasel Robert Fripp, titan of King Quimsyn, to destroy their traces, nor the footstomping of British Labor as they muddied the tracks of the AIDS Combine in a gesture of military matrimony that shall be remembered and reviled forever and ever and ever.

The first rule of E.F. Schumacher’s SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL (and I might add … bountiful) should be law: the size of private enterprise is not so large as to divorce ownership from personal involvement. The same should be said of the credibility attached to “cultural authorities” who weren’t even there, who even today wouldn’t go armed alone to the streets Jimmy walked hands open, like Larimer, where he saw the laughter of joy on the faces of half-naked street kids, only to be backstabbed by New Age Black-o-Merchants fidelitous to Sheen and on the make for white prey, raping deaf Jeannie and calling in a convent of oh, so bereaved klan hookers at the office of Amnesty International, with Dweezil the censorized newspaper sharer.

Hili, Lili, your little world.

So, get on with it, pigguhz. I hope you save the world you’re unfit to occupy, but don’t darken my doors because I know what you are and already know you will not. Clinton is too busy recycling the whore tongues of his agency my father’s murderer. Sean Lennon is so furious after lapping boot of his father’s killers he can’t sleep without tying me (by Hollywood) to mine.

You have nothing to forgive me for, Little Seanie, but I know you will never forgive the truth.


January 6th, 2011, 11:42 AM

Owen Riley was evidently hired by Robert MacDonald and The Country Doctor Clinic are pathological assassins. When I wrote to Peter Gabriel about torture as a child, he leered, you’re a white monkey, I’ll sick the Panther Klan on n’you.

Mark Driscoll

January 9th, 2011, 09:20 AM

Never met a white man so badly in need of a blowjob as you.

Nor so unlikely to get one.


January 9th, 2011, 12:18 PM

That’s rather rude you. Are you working on something?

Mark Driscoll

January 17th, 2011, 05:06 PM


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Version : Silly Czech, Heart of Nails


January 6th, 2011, 07:40 PM

There is a man named Ben Jealous in charge of the NAACP whose rude and vicious ideas I have been called upon to answer. Jealous decided with Spike Lee that it would be appropriate to subject Jimmy Crary to a lifetime of rape, slander and torture because it has happened to Black people and this would give them cathartic satisfaction. For this reason, the argument that had Yousou N’dour told me in 1985 when he contacted me what was going on in Pittsburgh we could have protected many young Black people, like M. Christian Robinson, from Peter Leo and others like him who had tortured me as a child and set me up as a “PERSONA” for a weird Hollywood thrill kill is an argument answered by Obama, Peter Gabriel and Jesse Jackson with the analogy (if they are smart enough to think of it) to the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich during the Occupation of Czechoslovakia which was widely hailed even though terrible reprisals were visited upon the Czech captive people for the heroic attack that so infuriated Hitler.

The analogy holds that Jimmy Crary symbolizes the heart of American Privilege and that in order to undermine our hypocrisy and bring us into line this was a good deed.

In reality, and they aren’t smart enough to understand this fact, which is why I came out tonight, the crime that Ben Jealous commited, a terrifying act of rape and torture, is analogous to taking a Czechoslovakian partisan leader, dressing him up as a Nazi, shooting him to get the Nazis angry enough to attack other innocent people and calling this a Mysterious and Wonderful Victory.

Peter Gabriel clearly admires Ronald Reagan’s Eugenic Hypnosis and wants Closure on Mass Murder. Men like Obama and Aaron Dixon are very easy to explain, they’re a dime a dozen, ideologues who care much, much more about their pussyball egos than the wretched of the earth. They and their tawdry abuse of the neglected and disabled actually have a lot more in common with Ayn Rand, in the sense of proving her part of the anti-Industrial Revolution, than any other Commonwealth leader, in the sense that their objective is the destruction of factual history, written record and schoolbook depositories that contain anything other than their slanderous, warped proscribed dictums.

The molest of my soul has entered a new age in my commitment to hate, because that is in fact a consequence of change. Before I was being tortured and hate was being created by a mind-shattering neuroplasm impacted to cause that change. Having been informed that was the case and proving it, the murderers were allowed to persist. Now, I do hate them, even though I did not before. The neuroplasm, this time, did not cause the hate. They did.

People have said that I secretly love Midori. No doubt the same is said of Jewesses who were forced to lick the penises of Nazis in concentration camps. The analogy is direct and equally vile. Midori Goto is a nazi pig and Christine Gregoire’s complicity the brutal rape of Jeannie Tamburro, following the orders and sick mind of Ben Jealous, derives from her classified catering to the catty dossier that Goto whipped up with Ming Na Wen, resourcefully, taunting a neurotrauma and hiring some stunt traffic.

All of this is and what the disgraceful organization Sound Mental Health is up to is typical of the Japanese. The Japanese long ago identified desperation as a source of slavery and they proceeded to use the disabled for nuclear waste clean up. Likewise, men like Jim Marrs, who slandered their way to power over me, who live in mansions with men like Robert Fripp who calls me his right hand man at turns in symbolism for deception because of how effectively he used me to sell mass murder, want to control the destiny of the copyright for money. They are exploiters. They have again and again and again said that they will never accept the truth, only the Eugenic Symbolism of King Crimson.

I used to love Black people, but frankly after seeing them in action over Midori Goto, I just want out.

It is sick and incredibly evil to brutally molest a traumatized deaf victim of child mutilation over and over, a person so battered that they beg for coffee as they chew their nails bloody full knowing that their addiction is killing them, and the murderer withholds it and spits on them, saying, “Admit you raped deaf Jeannie with your mind, little Queerball.”

Sound Mental Health is trying to force me to do labors I cannot perform. Like the Japs forcing the disabled to clean up contaminated waste, Yoko Ono plotted all along to feed the disabled and stigmatized victims of her hatecraft to the AIDS victims for thrill kill. It is a Japanese fetish: SADISM.

The Journalistic Community is very confused if they think I would go into prison and emerge a leader and hero. I would emerge a deaf library clerk who was tortured again, and I would emerge as a pornojunkie asking to be left alone, but most importantly, perhaps, I would emerge as a marginalized “campus” poet who spits on Vaclav Havel’s name each and every opportunity for the rest of my life.

One of the sad facts of debating a murderer who already decided to kill his prey in a thrill kill cult of egologic is that you have to repeat things because they don’t sink in. Peter Gabriel is criminally insane. His brains are a vile wasteland that grunt from his bowels which he calls mysterian holy verdicts. I have explained this before: I live alone in Section 8. I own no weapons. I don’t own a cup filled with anthrax to throw at you. When I realized I was mentally disturbed from torture, I made sure of that, made sure that I could not hurt you. All the records also show that I contacted Robert Fripp because I was worried about how I was being used, worried that something could be being set up around impacted traumatic mental illness. I was right, it was, by him.

So, in other words, nothing is going to change, except the location. Seattle, I’m leaving you. Sorry it didn’t work out. Better luck next time.

vBulletin® v3.8.4, Cop

Version : Secret Service Stakeout


January 7th, 2011, 11:17 AM

The Official Position of Pennsylvania authorities is that I took drugs and messed up my own life, meanwhile, to punish challenge against that position, The University of Pittsburgh, egged on by Christopher Hitchens, led an informal punishment program of Kill The Narc! To root out their point of departure: the first man to give me marijuana, I was twelve years old, he was fifteen, Ralph Karsh, is now the attorney downtown making this claim. His team are named in the letters of Gail Burstyn. He built a fire under the tower of Kings Estate to chase me out claiming I helped Colucci steal Wattenmaker’s reefer. He didn’t ask why I was in a traumatized state. He didn’t ask who the Pitmans were or why I smelled like paint thinner. The Pitmans battered me, tortured me, forced me to use inhalants, and subjected me to serial kidnappings, death threats conjoined to deadly assault. I don’t recall the younger Pitmans ever brandishing weapons. Their older brother exhibited something under the seat I took to be a weapon during hostage.

Mark Nordenberg working with Karsh organized to attack me while claiming he was protecting my father’s reputation as an educator. Today’s activities were calls to Chicago Police, University of Chicago Police and application for a Move With Continued Assistance at Porchlight/Seattle Housing Authority. The call to Chicago Police was to report terroristic identity crime by Professor Thomas Holt in African Studies in Chicago, a partner of Patrick Buchanan and Armstrong Williams egging on the Pennsylvania Secret Service.

Strategic psychiatry isn’t truth. They used an AuthOrb. When I stated in 1986 that James Kasperowski had hotwired my head the neuroplasm still wasn’t visible. An AuthOrb is a neuroplasm that convulses to hypnotic suggestion that is wired through the teeth. If you do not say what they demand they can trigger a taser-like facial, hundreds of times if they want to (which they did after claiming to be from Amnesty International) and then tickle you to turn it off before they try again.

Holt is an Obama agent pushing for a Medical Death Sentence. It’s sort of a wet dream for Michael Reagan having Thomas Holt as a character assassin of a white poet offering to kill someone Reagan doesn’t like and to do so just because I am white in return for imperial spoils. It doesn’t help that it is so easy for people to shrug and deny and say, “I don’t believe in such things” even when the hot, hot, burning injury throttles visibly in my facial nerve, or they say that the punishment was pre-inflicted to fit the crime.

Nobody who isn’t insane believes that Jesse Jackson would have tolerated this being done to a black boy.

It’s a death sentence against dissent. Anyone can see that is what it is. William Safire also wants to see me violently sodomized for what I wrote at Pitt News. California had no trouble finding homocidal poozners for Buchanan, raping deaf Jeannie. Seattle Mental Health was a set up. Those rabid animals gloated when I was forced to publically titillate Seattle sickos with terribly sad amnesiac realizations about being bukakked in my sleep as a nine year old at a slumber party Wattenmaker invited me to. Sound Mental Health continues to terrorize me on Wattenmaker’s behalf with catastrophic mental abuse and that is just one of their horror hate crimes as a pedophile-happy institution.

There’s nothing I can do about it. It’s right out in the open, but people like Jesse Jackson figure, Hitler is cool, Hitler kept Queerball away from my holy microphone, Hitler gave us Black folks real power at last. It’s all mealy-mouthed into a blower’s cramp joke about deafness: Hitleary, Hitleary Clinton! Real Change used me for slave labors to the men who butchered and gassed me as a boy as a part of the AIDS virus justification program. That’s what sort of Beatle McCartney turned out to be.


January 7th, 2011, 11:18 AM

David Letterman in New York City is a hostile, murdering scintillator much enamored of Ramsey Clark’s carrot tape. They’ve stated that Reagan had nothing to do with it, an old lie that is the current foundation of the United States. I won’t be going to New York City again, not even if they ask politely. Lennon’s murder was a set up for justification of the AIDS Onslaught and Reagan, in Letterman, managed to find someone low enough to pursue it that way with the carrot of redemption as if they had thought of this all by their ingenuous Thomas Holt selves.

Ben Wecht is the collective inspirationist for planting Ben Jealous at the NAACP and, of course, Thos. Holt rants and raves about Ben Gay. Wecht told the Jeannie-raping poozners, Jimmuh Quee was jealous, so you be jealous, too, we’re all poets in Rooklyn. Holt billed it as mysterian African supernaturalism, Omoja. One can just hear Herman Munster’s laughing at Reagan’s mansion.

I was silent about being tortured as a child because, for one thing, everyone knew and I felt the wall, don’t bother; also I saw myself as an inconsequential person. I was prelingual and a slow learner, deaf. As I got older I came to resent being singled out for headhunter stalking, another gifted tribute to Africa from the Omoja Nuthouse.

Accordingly to Franklin Graham I am an absolutely corrupt junkpile poet immersed in self-debasement. This from a child-raping mass murderer. JFK once muttered after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, “the worse I do the better they like me” when people were supportive. This rueful comment, for Reagan, became Total War Gospel. Saying I gave my word to endorse the AIDS Onslaught is a complete fabrication. Say it about yourself. It is a facelying ruse by the Pennsylvania Secret Service dressed up to sow up Nazi impugnity, a simple issue of freedom of speech and the right to know, the right to report crime and dissent.

The attack on the house of Ry Crary was transparently a part of the Bork/Fripp berzerker war on Humanism that escalted to Ultrahigh, a mass killer death ray broadcasting voices like, “We fucked Midori’s head off. Leslie Katz is laughing her ass off. Peter Gabriel never laughed so hard in his life,” night and day, reality, hour after hour for seventeen years since the SonyBrats Michael Tive and Midori Goto unleashed it with the Inauguration of Clinton. All of this was obvious, but Seattle is a vicious, pedophile, scavenger grudge cult who refuse to drop the presumption of guilt because it titillates them, and protects them from being exposed for incitement by and allegiance to their own assassins, a folly that must bring profound guilt thinking of the children who could have been saved if they hadn’t followed Sean Strub, but too grave for further comment, and why George Bush announced the end of history.

I deny wrongdoing.

They ruined the person I was and had hoped to be ~ ruined me, and from just the preface of Thos. Holt’s shitty book Children of Fire (shitty because it had so much potential) it was obviously intended. He uses the phrase, “a soul can be destroyed.” Only an evil man could try it for thrills. Thos. Holt is a rotten, horrible, evil man, through and through, like kill and kill again, a Jeannie-raping going, “Ha!” with the filthy lucre of the Ono Yokov. Black Academic filth like Cornell West are as rotten, evil and sick as the Ku Klux Klan they wetpet at every turn. Just look at Bush and Obama.

This game is a fascist pretzel by the masters of corruption visited on a deaf child who was a slow learner and a deaf, retarded Korean comfort woman, Jeannie Tamburro, whose raped made Midori Goto wet for the klan.

The U.S. Government attacked me in the eyes, a deaf man, and raped a retarded girl. Nothing is beneath these child rapists. They want to force me to a fall back position like, “Reagan had no right to do it even if he was innocent” so they can join the pusillanimous child beaters in Britain clucking, “perfectly understandable. he was a friend of Lennon, y’know?” There’s absolutely nothing I can do about McCartney’s transparent and brazen accomplice in mass murder but I do prefer to exempt my name, thank you, and will do so without apology to the guilty. Reagan knew. He was the author. All of the evidence confirms it.

The murderer, Peter Gabriel, has carped that I stole a car with Billy Gutendorf. He doesn’t mention the terrible, traumatized beatings. He doesn’t mention my age or the degree to which Gutendorf intoxicated and traumatized me. He doesn’t mention the fact that I was child who found keys in a mysterious way left out by a psychiatric assistant who wanted me to take them to Gutendorf. He doesn’t mention that I witnessed her attempt to get help outhighernessed by Pennsylvania AAA who turned the information about the starter button installed over to Gutendorf, just as Patricia Fripp twittered right to Reagan when she saw that I had been tortured by a named Ronnie. He doesn’t mention that we sold our home and moved to get away. He does however carp that Carrie Scott kissed me from over the seat, as though a child in trauma and hostage in the backseat of a car praying to get home safely being kissed to calm him down is an obsenity. Like the night I was shown a mugshot for armed robbery of Ronnie, Pennsylvania Secret Service want me to say it is me, not him, and they are going to us AuthOrb, the neurotaser to get the job done for Clinton.

Jimmy was a timid child, battered, so frightening he took to gnawing his nails, walking miles of roundabout routes trying to get to stores, crying constantly, hiding in a towel closet until his mother came home, the type to befriend the two quiet twins at Tyler Art School, but unable to keep up friendship…because deaf.

I will never go back to Pittsburgh even though Vaclav Havel, that shit, sneers it is a higherness of Gurdjieff duty. Vaclav Havel who jumped down hold pee, shrieking, “Bravo for Reagan! Bravo for Reagan!” when Reagan released AIDS and produced a maniacally twisted interpretation of my heartborken letter to Leslie Katz, and proceeded to help author the Warpo War. So did Manson Nedela of the African Manson Congress. I could lie to keep myself out of prison and still be twice the man they are. My Lai Fripp he no lie raping Jeannie was eyes of duh pies. Hitler rabid English Beatle Ringo and Paul, desperate, desperate cowards looking for cannibal trophies.

No, Robert Fripp is a foreign terrorist who raped my girlfriend. Midori Goto is a Nazi Pig. I WANT HER TO STAY AWAY FROM ME. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

Oliver Stone upgraded J. Edgar Hoover so viciously he got Martin Luther King to cheer a retarded girl’s rape and created a NO EXIT Death Row situation based on scripted victimization. I will never cooperate and I will always spit on the names of the murdering superstate cowards who used me as a toy.

I was homeless from a large congestive neuroplasm inflicted by Britain for recreational amuse during mass murder. I had severe traumatic addictions like casual, occassional marijuana use, furious nailbiting and coffee gluttony. Rosine Monteleone and Midori Goto are both violent sex criminals who attacked me in attempted murder. The neuroplasm is laced through my brain and down my teeth, similar to a bad toothache only up in the facial cavity. I was homeless from it when they tortured me. They think it’s funny because Riback and Lance Parker showed me nuclear secrets hoping I would freak out and become very scared of everything. Then they used me for pork barrel research.

I met Gail Zappa once. I went downtown because Napoleon Murphy Brock told me Frank would be sitting outside and let me take a picture. I didn’t think anything would come of a sarcastic comment about Visco’s carrot because I thought that anyone listening would realize it was satire. I hadn’t imagined Justin Chang capable of planting letters in mass murder on my house and pretending to find them, although Andrea Swimmer’s Chinese boyfriend made clear she was up to the old tricks, telling her stories about me vomiting out the window for hours and hours while she screwed Mark Mancine in a room decorated with pictures of black lung and telling me to squeeze blackheads. Arthur Ferraro amazingly told me at Allderdice a few days later, “You’ve been pulling the nose off your own face.”

This goes back to the days when people would face the need for I.D., like my grandfather Ward did, being born before they were common. I.D., hell, these folks would say, and that gave them the idea for HIDELL the alias of Oswald, one of Reagan’s most famous National Security creations.

Clinton wants me to say that Reagan and I had the same assassins, but really, my father and Roberto Clemente did, even if his family are looters and despoilers, these men were the Southern Baptist Romans, like Bill Clinton, who performed back up for Ronald Reagan.

I was always borderline vice. It allowed me to infiltrate the AIDS Testing Political Action and smoke out the foreign looters, like Yousou N’dour, and Yoko Ono’s alliance with Will Zell Broome.


January 7th, 2011, 11:27 AM

Q. Where did Reagan find these black folks?
A. In World War Two the NAACP had the sense to realize that everything should be put aside to stop Hitler. Not all Black people. Elijah Muhammed didn’t. He refused. He went to prison protesting the Draft. Reagan like him for it and got Muhammed Ali onboard to tell Dexter King, through the offices of James Child and Martha Harty Schienes, “this is about your money, King”. And so, the NAACP ended up with a bunch of rats who failed to warn and cut their deal about AIDS for the Obama Presidency.


January 7th, 2011, 11:28 AM

Q. So the Alpana Scam was the Scarlet Letter of the AIDS Onslaught.
A. Right from O’Hara Street with Western Psychiatric.


January 7th, 2011, 11:39 AM

Q. You deny car theft?
A. Yes. They hotwired my head with AuthOrb.

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Version : Operation: Kill the Narc.


January 7th, 2011, 04:16 PM

One of the facts established by my research is that members of the Death Row Taliban and Act Up Community were in the original AIDS Combein and the “purposeful exclusion” of me from victim status serves a grandiose purpose in ensuring the success of the high crime.

Shortly after I printed Secret Service Stakeout the thread immediately preceeding this one, Operation: Kill the Narc conspired with Abie Label Real Estate to paste a memo about the “pipes” (pumping rusty water for years in the joint) making clear that the English rabid enforcing the claim that I was not hostage (which is what I was and still am) wants information about the pipes used by the Jewish Controllers who kept me stoned in high school during Post-Traumatic conditioning and control.

One of the facts that is well known in the Army in America is that anyone who tries to escape drug trafficking is up against the Central Intelligence Agency, all the same, for the sake of the children, I welcome the question. It is also a chance to describe again the way that psychiatric services in Seattle have been in alignment with Reagan and Zappa throughout the AIDS slaughter: Operation: Planet Ringo.

One Johannesburg, One Peoria, One Jeannie-Raping Hitler Rabid. So do what you’re told.

The City of Seattle knows extremely well that those who are in conditioning subordination to human traffickers will occassionally lash out, you animals, you raping pigs, but we still love you, because the consequences of outright repudiation of the Central Intelligence Agency, Nation of Islam and others who are purposefully addicting for slave trafficking young minds and prison experimentation will kill them if they don’t Love Devotion Surrender in the end.

There is no organization more hostile to young minds and freedoms than gangs like King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, The Beatles or others in the British music scene. They are ripper backstabbers more vicious than car theives monitoring union jobs. Throughout the 60’s they pumped with the blessings of the United States Government and Federal Communications Commissions, violent, pro-drug, often military, very malicious, verminous, pro-rape messages at high octane adrenaline through our society that took aim at our schools. They jeered at anyone who dissented them.

Frank Zappa’s campaign against Record-Labelling non-mysteriously coincided with the AIDS Onslaught and Testing Campaign. The objective of bullworkers like Moonunit Zappa and Gail Burstyn were to make sure that there was a backlash against public safety to facilitate as protest high risk behavior and the spread of AIDS. The Zappas were violently opposed to timely warning and record labels.

The cover story for this violence against our young and their hopes (given absolute expression on Mt. Desert Island in 1988) was the affected paradigm of the shrill and hostile sophomore embodied by Leslie Katz and the positively daffy histrionics of Michelle Obama about a Louis Adultery paid for and sponsored by her husband’s election campaign.

Barack Obama’s mandate was to bailout the AIDS Combine and promote the hope of suburbs in Africa replete with Chinese automobiles as a tithe for cooperation. The reason I do not believe in Hands Across The Planet is because it is a Pentagon Disney ruse intended to give Yoko Ono cultural domination.

The thread I mentioned before Secret Service Stakeout which you may not have read describes how I was kidnapped and tortured in a hostile military act by Kennedy’s assassins working for Reagan through sources Yoko Ono found him in the cult of Andy Warhol. Hands Across The Planet cannot work because it is a doomed alliance with the accomplices of Peter Gabriel.

I also described in Secret Service Stakeout the origins and capacities of the now primitive AuthOrb mind hotwire neuroplasm.

It is important to understand that while AuthOrb is visible in my facial nerve, it plays out through deep resonant experimentation as your own thoughts. The deeper and more intimate your thought, the more likely the source is Brian Eno. The only way to deal with the hard work of contradicting Pentagon Disney is to understand who they are, what they have done and what their ultimate objectives will always be: your servitude. By creating drug traffic, poisoning it, and making you ideologically complicit they have enslaved you. By spending enormous amounts of money purifying their music into an intoxicant of high adrenaline, they have made you believe that hate is love.

That’s the British for you.

As it turns out I have no romantic memories of the pipes used to blindfold me during hostage to mass murder. I was a washout on the margins that the Zappas set on fire and still hope to finish with the help of accomplices like Sean and Julian Lennon. The reason the worst aspects of John Lennon were recruited to depict me as an anti-Lennon is because Yoko Ono is The Anti-Lennon incarnate, getting revenge on America through our race, class and intellectual contradictions. Just look at her alliance: Will Zell Broome, proven to have had prior knowledge of AIDS. Leslie Katz, proven still a virgin, over a letter she inverted. Francis Cress Welsing, the hater from Nation of Islam. Ronald Reagan.

And she wants tea.

Fuck you and fuck Midori.

Hitler Thomas Gordon once told me very openly what the Yoko Ono/Andy Warhol strategy in Pittsburgh was, which Midori Goto came Jeannie-raping, panting to comply: I was Hitler, the atomic little boy, and he said, “the thing that Hitler would hate most is seeing Germany in the arms of his enemies.”

Well, Hitler survived that Paul.

The Beatles don’t like them Americans of Lend-Lease, but they been keeping up with the Adolfs in the Green Party.

Ain’t dey slick? Dat Aaron Dixon be dang! He got the skinheads on his side and shit.

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Version : Larry Gossett and My Parents


January 8th, 2011, 10:45 AM

I have met Larry Gossett, the new leader of King County Council. I wrote an article about the prison reform movement rally in the park on Martin Luther King Boulevard for ACORN Times, when the International District had a drop-in program for the hard luck stringers in our alleys. Many of the active intellectuals in Seattle were there and I spoke to prison workers, other writers, politicians, former inmates and the unemployed, all of whom share the sad sense that America’s approach to social injustice has for decades had the grim effect of worsening our prospects and destroying lives rather than redeeming them.

Larry Gossett would have appreciated Ryland Wesley Crary and the woman he married, Nancy Jane Moore. Ryland immediately went to work after World War Two attempting to honor the Democratic tradition of the United States within the framework of hopes for an atomic peace, aware of the threat to life on earth, with a widespread commitment to human rights. This was one of his earliest works http://www.tcrecord.org/Content.asp?ContentId=5336
He went on to Chair the Department of Education at the University of Pittsburgh and lead a Peace Corps chapter. Called “a hero” by the Northeast Regional Director of Amnesty International, dad was commited to writing and publishing small books on human rights in 1949, six years before the Civil Rights Movement began with the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Alone, he faced the same enemies that large rallies marched against later. By contrast, today, even Civil Rights Movement leaders shun human rights issues, in favor of heavy labor politics and whispers about, “scabs.” At a time when Shirley Chisholm was relegating the Vietnam War to the bottom of her list of priorities and stated that she didn’t care about the Vietnamese people just didn’t want our Head Start Programs money wasted on napalm, my father used a standardized textbook that reached every college in America to denounce the My Lai Massacre and raise questions about the fundamental character of American’s fighting man.

Mother, although they divorced, was his species. She labored overages for her entire career, weeping for hours at night from exhaustion, single, overloaded, in the hard, patient struggle to teach English as a second language in a Community College that almost never allowed her a word of congress with intellectuals on her first love: Shakespeare.

Mr. Gossett would probably also have appreciated those who attacked my father and mother. They would have told him, the world is much, much harder than the public schools, with their insulation, rules, regulations, and sheltered disposition, can properly teach. The schools are sterile and don’t touch the deep spiritual hunger of the modern child. The hard edge of wisdom is actually in those who understand that battery far more severe than corporal punishment is often necessary for parents to teach wayward children that Christ is the source of human ethics. He would have nodded when they said the Klan was just trying to protect people and wanted understanding, not because he is a hypocrit, but because their arguments would be strongly worded and meant to persuade. Africa, he would be reminded, is stern and the women sadistic, but those who love Africa most survive and it is for the best of the tribe.

Mr. Gossett is being asked to preside over the misuse of James MacRyland Crary, my person, as a sacrificial animal.

Tony Levin is the petitioner. Tony Levin wants to fight me. Because Levin is chickenly, he travels anonymously, packs heat, anthrax, and brought in an Army. In order to avoid confrontation with Levin and his own supporters in King County Council, Larry Gossett practices avoidance and such avoidance requires a scapegoat. Scapegoats create a feedback loop, shrill, hysterical, drawing in many people, something like the frenzy that John Lennon produced in a pack of schoolgirls.

Levin’s methods are well known and firmly established. They are the work of those who attacked my father. Levin made psychological predictions about how I would behave. I remember a little kitten that Levin’s cult introduced me to at the loft of Chris Kaufmann in Edwardsville, Illinois (an abandoned bowling alley in the center of town) when I was employed by Hypatia Feminist Philosophy Journal and Dr. Margaret Simons, a friend of Dr. John Eskridge, the African American Philosophy teacher at the Community College in Pittsburgh where my mother worked. The kitten was the cutest thing I’d ever seen, timid, affectionate, but it had been tortured, it squirmed in your hands, mewwing piteously, and peed all over you. It was such a pretty kitten no one could put it to sleep. Very sad, and very scary. Kaufmann is in the Society of Military Engineers.

Probably you’ve seen the film Carrie. In the film Carrie an innocent girl is tormented by her peers. She was raised strangely and cannot handle the expectations of the modern world. Eventually they do something so vicious she explodes in a fit of supernatural pyromania, like Sissy Spacek has since, playing her game of kill Lennon and then use him for mayhem.

You have to imagine a situation where Martin Luther King is used by Steven King for a Carrie.

I saw this at Fulton Elementary School in a tragic, memorable, race attack. The young man was dignified as can be, in a tie, and suit and an Italian, sneering that the young black man, “thought he was better than him” was slapping his face and starting a fight. The black student put his notebook down, which the Pittsburgher kicked and papers flew everywhere. It was so upsetting I could have vomited. All hell broke loose.

Tony Levin has done this for a long time. The plot was to brain damage the child of the humanist, torture me piteously, rape my girlfriend, then supertox me with unpaid labors based on slanderous incitement from infamous Oxford tacticians. Aaron Dixon, the champion of glue-sniffing Klansmen, is on hand to yammer that because Queerbait, as I was called, got away with car theft (which is how Pittsburgh presents the situation for hostage crisis purposes) that means Tony Levin gets to rape Jeannie Tamburro. You see, unlike Larry Gossett, who might, on reflection, question a few of the premises of the Ku Klux Klan, Tony Levin absolutely cannot stand the sight of Ryland Crary’s name, commands the utter mindlessness of Christine Gregoire and thinks that The Klan is a universal tribe that is all-inclusive and he carries the heavyweight name of Muhammed Ali in support of his righteous rape of Jeannie Tamburro on the basis of the ellipso-reasoning that a Reagan-Obama agent named Thos. Gordon was accused of date rape at Harvard and little Jimmuh Qwee was sacrilegiously engaged in debate with Gordon as a peer in a Pittsburgh Public High School.

John Lennon is the sacred klan prism over all things Jimmuh Qwee.

Obviously, a mentally impaired, deaf, neurologically damaged person who was battered piteously, in tears beyond tears by the very men he turned to for help in having been tortured as a child, cannot defend himself from the combined outrages of Aaron Dixon, Tony Levin and Christine Gregoire. So I’ve pretty much given up any hope on the idea that Larry Gossett was elected to King County Council for any reason other than ease of manipulation by the others, and have made arrangements to leave Seattle permanently in protest at the most recent malpractice crime, bitten by the person I trusted most: Dr. Tracy Tran and her colleagues.


January 8th, 2011, 10:54 AM

You may have noticed the cover article about cancer in Real Change, but you wouldn’t have noticed the similarity to Michael McGarvey in the Guttersnipes gang of the woman who made my mother pay 4,000 dollars for hearing aids when Christine Gregoire yanked support for just a few months, long enough that my broken hearing aids would need to replaced while Olympia was out on the deal. You wouldn’t have noticed that she showed me some flourescent hearing aids that I didn’t like and that the agent of mischief for Obama at the clubhouse showed up to put images of flourescent chemo on the screen. You might have read that in recent days my milk has become to taste like bleach because I was experimented on with prilosec. Maybe I should have known there was something wry about the way Dr. Tran said, “We will treat this case according to the guidelines of the American Medical Association” but to be truthful, she rescued me temporarily from the heart poison crime, so I had faith in her.

The murderers who tortured me hold forth that I should be squozen for teacherments about death and dying as a special class action in sacrificial privilege.

Collectors have scummied around me the last ten years pretending to be my friends for my poetry books. When I decided to travel it was like uh-oh the Chinese girls will find out about Section 8. You see, Midori Goto has played a very shrewd game. She has created a dialogue around Privilege and Servitude attacking me. When she attacked America on 911, it was the same forces that attacked little Jimmy, and likewise the Larry Gossett crowd reviewed these incidents with the same mixed feelings, feelings of hate for objects regarded as objects of privilege. It’s not that my family ever had any money to speak of, but we cherished our minds and for that we are the same evil as the arrogant people who built great white totems in the city of Mammon.

Perversely, the people who were killed on 911 absolutely revile me and think nothing of having watched me tortured as a child. The murderers, led by Midori Goto, have been very effective that way, in a politics of divide and conquer.

All of Seattle saw it as entertainment.

The sad facts are at this point very in.


January 8th, 2011, 11:00 AM

With the necessity to leave Seattle, Film Project 2011 is cancelled, but Film Project 2010 showed something about the atomic bomb threat by the those who released AIDS led by The Gay Community, that the secret of the AIDS Slaughter is that the Gay Community, perverts, were the linchpin, the ringleaders behind the AIDS attack.

The Gay Community in fact did not warn anybody because they just wanted to die and take as many children with them as possible. The entire time I was investigating AIDS, I used to remark to anyone who would listen at how amazingly magnanimous the Gay Community was being. I was wrong. They were shitbags lying in wait. Queer Seattle and the Holiday Bar scene in Seattle were both in on the AIDS Onslaught. They went to the Dakota with Mark David Chapman and gunned John Lennon down so they could seize the moral high ground on the head of a pin and declare war in their own names as Victim! Nothing is more obvious from Story of the Bird and Sound Mental Health. Crocodile Rock is right.

One can only hate them.

The fairies didn’t warn anybody because they wanted all the company they could get.

You can say some lowly things about Pishburg and still have room to puke but the pedophile hun culture that includes and is led by Mario Lemieux cannot be included in reviling PiTtsbugh, because they aren’t really yinzers, they’re all Made In Japan.

Like Pittsburgh which grafted them from the arse of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Seattle’s Queerbasque are itinerate haters.


January 8th, 2011, 11:05 AM

One of the girls in Chinatown gave me a tip that Bruce Crago, who wrote the column for Pitt News and Skinhead Army that brought Obama to power on the bizarre claim that Will Zell Broome was an Honorary a The Black Man titled: Knot in Kansas Anymore, after the rape of James Crary by the Sword Of ALPANA, was an agent for Bruce Spingsteen.

The list of traitors in America, where none bother to call it treason, since Reagan finagled the lie that he didn’t know with a wink at Queerball in D.C. on the night before he had his kids shoot James Brady, have always included Oliver Stone and Mel Gibson, so the discovery that Bruce Springsteen was the Pussyball Captain in the attack on Ry Crary’s house shouldn’t surprise anyone. This is one Lord of the Flies Oedipal Spectacle that the State Police of Reagan’s America have reason to be appreciating. When Martin Luther King’s children learned that Jimmy Crary was masturbating too much they never laughed so hard in their lives.

As for Oliver Stone, Jewish slobber permiates the AIDS Onslaught high to low.

I really don’t have anything to be sorry for, except trying to help the unworthy.


January 8th, 2011, 11:31 AM

Q. Where are you moving?
A. Not sure. Could be anywhere at this point.

Q. New York?
A. Out of the question. I’m not going to be bribed by the men who raped my girlfriend.

Q. Meaning David Bowie and British Labor?
A. Right, meaning Obama and the AIDS Combine.

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Version : The Pish Who Ate Pishburg


January 8th, 2011, 02:28 PM

Q. What’s your opinion about the sudden die off in rivers, air and ocean, fish and birds dropping en masse?
A. Either you look honestly at the Bullworker politics of Paul McCartney, David Bowie and British Labor, which have gone on since the first Bush Administration, or you roll over and play dead; I know you and you know me and we both know what you will do, which is to say, if you wake up at all, it will be to attack me.

Leslie Katz is a familiar of Charlie Manson. Both Reagan and Manson were men of the 60’s. She has a letter. Shibboleths about this letter from the Will the Circle Be Unbroken crowd that surrounds Assumptive Emperor Billeth Clintonman the I and I wifey Hillary have played a role in every major cacophony we’ve witnessed since the first Iraq War, due to the mechanizations of the surreal manipulator Cynthia Lennon. In fact, Manson, in the original days of his career, was known as a Love and Evil movement, pardon me, a Love and Terror Cult. In so far as Alpana is a Trojan Horse of the Gurdjieff Pussyball War, they follow the admonitions of Krishnamurti.

The Unbelievably Devestating Consequences of a Political Society that Tolerates the City of Pittsburgh and their guru Tony Levin has been visited upon The United States of America, to our complete and ever-lasting humiliation, nine ways from Sunday for as long as most of us can remember.

rakugo: Defsukke! You have promise to fulfill. Kowtow! Word ich bond!
eggnog: I can just see it. Cyril Wecht arrives from the Burgh with:


And Mario Lemieux demands I keep gentle promise: which was, more or less verbatim, that I would take the opposition until the day in court and then try to think of some way to leverage a claim that he didn’t know, like someone put words in his head with brain-beam.

rakugo: Good for you, Queerball, here’s your booby prize, Plague Mass has spoken, MYAWK!
eggnog: My Ron, cope.

Q. Do you believe it?
A. Have you seen the actual authoritative evidence? Do you actually believe Pittsburgh’s claim that it is illegal to report assassination and mass murder by the Executive in a pussyball war?

The reason the fourth airplane did not hit The Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh is because part of this operation is being stage managed by Dennis Brutus there. Tony Levin presented the following scenario last night: Queerball and his father were genetic racists, they would fume privately against the {expletive deleteds} and then in a guilt trip of over-compensating go to their pale white hang outs and subject people to idealism of self-aggrandizement.

As it turns out, I happen to believe that traumatic vocalization of an irrational nature about piteous torture by a horror gang to whom you mistakenly turned to for help about piteous mutilation by a horror gang who tortured you and stalked you is in fact not, as Honorary a The Black Man Bill Clinton claims: genetic racism. It is mental illness from torture.

So, while Tony Levin sweated and fumed and vowed castration of a poet who fell into a cult that started AIDS and lived to challenge the slanders he spread, slanders by Levin which catastrophically embroiled America in a nightmarish Warpo War with victims playing Fifth Column ON BEHALF OF those who poisoned them, I am being raped by and forced to fight a delusion he created in the public’s mind, hypnotizing a neuroplasm.

The sad truth is that Barack Obama is the leader of the AIDS Combine.

Version : Bells of Nostradamus


January 9th, 2011, 12:32 PM

Taking a white child who is loving, attentive, gifted, charitable, knowledgable, non-violent and combatively anti-racist and putting him through hell after he has been repeatedly mutilated and tortured so you can bang on and on about how he is a racist at heart is, in my opinion, African Satanism, and finding it in the service of Reagan: The American Nazi Party is thoroughly unsurprising. Having me on Aaron Dixon’s Domestic Enemies List for years, and years, and years, to cover up their brilliant stupidity in voting Obama and heralding 911, authored by the AIDS Combine, as some sort of protest and Mt. Desert Island as justified theft in promote of Ku Klux Klan child molesters is derangedly characteristic of Seattle, Washington’s abject subservience to people who have nothing but hate in the hearts for everything this City might have been. Now, they are welcoming Pittsburgh, The City of Faceliars, as liberators, while poisoning me again.

What am I going to tell my mother?

I remember a night about 13 years ago when, in an attempt to shake off the curse of Larry Flynt, I walked 40 miles, all night, from Davenport to Tipton in Iowa to show the strength of my love for Midori Goto. Today, having lived through how she really had it in for me, I have this message to her: If you ever come near me again, I will kill you. Instead of a wife and bosom flower for a dear friend of King Crimson, Paul McCartney set upon me with a brutal Imperial Nutterhouse of anthrax attacks, mutilation crimes aimed at innocent people, terrorist bombings of Valdez, the USS Iowa, 911 and now a death ray from outer space. This complete asshole has ruined our nation’s history covering his acid alliance with Reagan’s domination machine, and for 30 years had made himself the glowering admiration of everyone in Paris by lying incessantly and never even coming close to the truth, as if boldly and unchivalrously lying to help Hitler occupy the United States is a goldenboy misdeed.

The leermeister and his den of holocaust nurses foolishly justified poisoning by claiming I looked at too much pornography. It is a folly and malice on the order of claiming that a greedy and distainful Jewish banker justifies Auschwitz. I did not put the images of women in toilets, children being pissed on, and images of cannibalism among the beautiful young maids in freedom and catastrophic distress. Jimmy molesting Al Gore did. Al Gore who pissed on little Jimmy’s head to make him a martyr. How could anyone justify Mark Mancine dragging little Jimmy, traumatized and in a stupor, to the film: Cannibal Girls? How could anyone mistake Diamonda Galas, the ripper of Shannon Harps and her murderous attack on 911 as anything but a felon promoting the program of Caspar Weinberger and Gail Burstyn? The schmorgasboard of rancid and vile, living, delerious offenses against the psyche that Pentagon Disney’s SS unleashed on the psyche of a pornojunkie is as much proof that AIDS is manmade as the Star of David with a C from the tableux rosa of Neva Corporation.

You act like I’ve wanted to be alone without a friend of any kind for 18 years in the prime of my life, subject murderously incessant sabotague of my hopes for recovery so you could hear the sinister whine of malice through teeth chattering in the dungeons of that onerous criminal Manson Peter Gabriel. Jeannie-raping Dexter King done proud.

What happened to America that Britain can walk all over us? Billy Rodd, the brother of Tom Rodd, a strange anti-hero who made history by being the first man to buck the draft nobly by handing in his draft card and going to prison, used to hang out with the an English kid in Highland Park District of Pittsburgh. He demonstrated for me the illegal and criminal act of spotlighting deer, an art for the morally disturbed hunter. It is a tactic used on American politicians by the an English murderers to freeze us up with the breathtaking enigma of Ringo Starr while they shoot at us and burn our child alive. Nothing could be worse, nor more crawling, than an English.

It absolutely a questio of character.

The bullies in the City of Faceliars brutally topple cars when the Steelers win a Superbowl and bray about it openly, giving the number one sign in newsreels. The mayhem is admired downtown. By contrast little Jimmuh Queerbait has hangdogged 37 years in shame for being tortured as a child and kidnapped in a stolen car. Everyone admires the assailants. It was the brilliant stupidity of the coward Fripp to depict me as a “penitent” over a conflicted letter to my twisted girlfriend and her mean spirit.

I thought of this reading over one of my father’s early attempts to make sense of the Red Scare. Like most Americans of his era, dad, and his mandatory agency co-author, told the gloomy truth about Stalin, but he amended that tract with the admonition that dangerous tendencies in the anti-communist bully pulpit were threatening our democratic society from within. For this reason, I am sure, he was a marked man by Ronald Wilson and a choice morsel for Hitler in hiding.

Perversly, as the agency crow flies, I was tortured, have lived with psy-mal, poisoned, no friend or girlfriend, my lover’s embryos ritually destroyed by the intimate and depraved opposition of Yoko Ono and her partner Gregory Karl in the Guttersnipes, because Ono is a severe guerilla and Agency underworlder who found impure my father’s doctrinizing against Stalin. She has built a festering web of communists all over Seattle of the type to shoot Engles in Mexico while smuggling art and cocaine into the ritzy mansions of Madrid. Humiliating and deadly attacks of a type depradating and paranormal attended crossing her.

Pornography is their excuse today. Voting wrong the excuse tomorrow.

The HitlerRabid Pittsburgh Faceliar asked why I made out with Rosa on the job, by the way, as if heavy petting justified their rape and torture : well, you, in fighting Hitler’s Germany resurgent sometimes you do what you have to do : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tACGzBwfwQg

Did Rosine Monteleone and that looting scum Jim Marrs really have to do this? The Zell Postcard already completely destroyed the claim that Mt. Desert Island wasn’t planned. Why did the whole world have to protect Leslie Katz and Gail Burstyn to make money off the death of Lennon, and then despoil our nation’s dignity profiteering WITH the AIDS ring?

Maybe, from the point of view of a sick and rich hippy lounge lizard on the balconies of the phantom’s paradise and fornication I was on a collision course with John Lennon (had all things been left to live and grow) as an intellectual from the foundations of modern education. Maybe I wasn’t, but enough was there to make something of it and Yoko Ono did so with the help of her partners Mark David Chapman and Sean Strub. Then she and the raping murderers from British Labor came to Pittsburgh and told the child molesters of Jimmy Crary that they were heroes to be rewarded by her iron catspaw Midori Goto, depicted on the cover of the Jap film 119 in personage: She ich victim! Hahahahahahahaha. They use extortion and they play a dishonest game. I wouldn’t recommnd accomodating them to anyone. At the very minimum, if the United States Government had any self-respect, Michael Reagan, Christopher Hitchens, Ringo Starr and Robert Fripp would have all been mercilessly tasered and brought into custody by now.

Oh, but Aaron Dixon, ah! Godzilla! Black Aryan mighty retard who received a nine foot tall Stalinist image of himself for Christmas around which all children round with they rattles mighteth mightily pout.


January 9th, 2011, 12:34 PM

Q. What do you make of the murder of that woman from Arizona, the Senator.
A. I haven’t studied it yet and will be trying to avoid the subject, because of how predators pick up on my analysis, particularly the way Bush does, and use it for ill. This is the first time I have been asked that question and I don’t have any information beyond that she was shot and died. It’s a shame. Very shabby. She seemed like a quaint eccentric lady, young and spry. She was also the leader of a spot in the nation where many of the Jewish crazies who beset me in Pittsburgh have taken refuge: Linda Weiss, Saul Brecher and Matt Marcus. It is a state, that Arizona, who don’t want to help immigrants and have made their name for this poisonous attitude about their fellow man and woman, childkind.

Since I mentioned Biggee Smalls recently, if it was Pussyball, that’s a consideration. Also, the name Gabrielle which is like Gabriel, might send a message to women like Gregoire that their sex isn’t impugnity when it comes to Cynthia Lennon stirring up a feud by the deceptive principle of last man standing. There is, of course, no evidence or proof that it wasn’t just a lunatic act that had no political bearing or relevance, one of the insane tragedies that happen due to shameless values and absence of gun laws.

I knew a Gabrielle in Pittsburgh whose sister Jennifer Marsden went to Harvard and was intimate with Kate McPherron whose social anthropology war gamers set in motion the Alpana scam with David Douglas and the KKK, the David Dukers and their boy wonder Bobby Jindhal, so popular in the margins of Seattle International District. Jennifer had the crewcut crowd around her a lot, where Gabrielle was more interest in guerrilla work like manipulating Thos. Gordon.

Marrs of course is a provocative consonant, since he is the one who lied about me, tortured me, summoned the rape of deaf Jeannie, works with Martin Sheen, used Lyndon Johnson as a false sponsor of the Kennedy assassination, extorted and then claimed to lose a 1966 picture of me in front of a garage reading, “I love Sira Siran” from spraypaint, two years before the murder of Bobby Kennedy, one of the great tributes to Sotheby Fripp’s attempt to destroy our history and cover Mt. Desert Island.

Q. Who was behind that spraypainted garage?
A. Probably a boy named Niles Shortz.

Q. What about your generic hypothesis, in the incidence of Arizona, that Ringo Starr organized the crime?

A. Nothing comes before unrelated. You take it as a matter of fact, grieve, note your biases and proceed to glean the information, asking yourself as you begin to think, “Why am I being led to think this way? What could be causing my premature perceptions?’ If you find that deliberate deception is in fact going on, before you even come to clues, this does in fact invite the “Ringo again” lense, like the “Richard” medical in my mailbox with the recent poison crime, and the F/C on the Bulosan mural, which isn’t deception, of course, British Labor sent an Economist subscription offer, too, unless of course you think that Seattle Times did that as a prank to mislead. If there are clues, follow them, but be aware of the manipulation of clues by the Reagan alliance in Britain. Be clear about what you are saying with what you call: “The Generic Hypothesis”.

The fact that Cynthia Lennon has been shooting both sides to stir up a rumble isn’t hypothesis at all. It’s Britain covering its ass for cooperating in Mt. Desert Island and trying to misuse Lennon as a military attache now that he is dead to win over the loyalties of the deluded.

Calling that a hypothesis is a big stretch of the imagination, but it would be hypothetical to say at this point: Gabrielle’s murder is part of a long chain of British Labor Terror in America.

Q. What about Plague Mass violence?

A. I don’t rule out that possibility, but it would be an exception, not the rule. You gotta figure on the level that America usually looks at problems, “’on’t get mad get even” that AIDS victims have the right to murder everybody and their mother; indeed, that is how Ringo Starr and Sean Strub were counting on them to see the situation and they sent in front line activists, Gail Burstyn writes in her most provocative letter, “the reason I am on the front”, and a woman named Dia called me to announce Lennon’s murder. They created the Auschwitz identification and Victor Frankl’s logotherapy concept when Oliver Stone started ripping America apart, saying, we are the aggrieved, we are the Jewry, kowtow and be very, very afraid.

So, I am more inclined to believe in AIDS Nuremberg and the pursuit of rational justice, the scorching of Reagan’s name from our legacy as America’s first dishonorably discharged Chief Executive. That’s how I see it.

If Gabrielle was killed in the line of duty and it were to be said to fit the pattern, the pattern would not be Plague Mass violence, but Nancy Reagan’s forces commissioning an act INTENDED TO APPEAR TO BE plague mass violence, to unsettle the right wing, and to give emotional satisfaction to her psychward in Seattle, the Queerbasque in line with Mayor McGinn, who cheered 911 as a final call, even thought proved to have come from the same place as AIDS and Iran-Contra.

Q. Why are you so penetrating? Is it self-serving?

A. They’ve played up against what really happened to me and threatened to kill me for talking, but they claim it is a threat necessary to establish my credibility, a vicious trick. I was on Mt. Desert Island and know what happened there. I have been a mark in this case. I made out with Leslie Katz, so when Gabriel starts all his two-tongued prattling from the Harlem Politboro, I can reflect on what really happened to Jimmy Crary and I know what is real.

I don’t need Aaron Dixon telling me I’m not looking after the poor. I’ve seen with and handled generously every single person who sought me out in a civil way for ten years in Seattle. It’s obviously not a false face, but these people, the crazies in line with Gabriel, have a terrible animosity towards asking nicely for anything. They make want they want known and bully.

What they want is surrender to the Queerbasque of Sean Strub. That’s unacceptable.


January 9th, 2011, 12:39 PM

Q. What did you tell thy mother?
A. That the situation with Peter Gabriel is extremely unfriendly and going to get worse.

She had sent me a message that she read and thoroughly enjoyed the biography of Satchel Paige I sent her for Christmas.

Thought you would. Looked real. I was stunned by its humor and the talent brought to a subject that really had a lot going for it in the first place. Not every baseball book is literature like that.

You need to know that the prilosec I was taking backfired and started some stomach problems. I’m glad to be back on Zantac, but the house is so worried about me they refuse to serve coffee to me and the hospital has sent some cancer warnings my way, evidence of a weakening system, my intestines rumble, I get flatulence and some of my farts smell sickly.

In reminding you once that you once said I did not have a broken arm when I did, I want to impress upon you again that my life expectancy isn’t normal with a history of head trauma, lasting neurological injury, heart condition, new problems in digestion, homelessness, exposure to inhalants and other bad drugs, and I want you to consider the fact that I hoped my life would mean something for Steve and Shen, and to consider (when I asked you this before you said, don’t worry Jane will take care of him) consider changing your will to give him twenty five percent of what you arranged for me if I die before you or after you.

Although I don’t bring it to your attention, Seattle also has a rash of peer rage crimes. On a given day I often don’t know who I’m dealing with, the gay community, who are sick, or operation rescue who have also attacked you. In fact, some of these crimes were not only right outside the club, where a girl was killed, but in the club where many of the most fantastic sort of lunacy is encouraged to come in the hopes of recovery and it is scary for me to have another poison crime happen. Part of the problem is that political sensitivity in that field in Seattle follows more or the less the line of Reagan when putting a wreath at Bitberg Belsen in the name of Moonunit Zappa for the tomb of the unknown gestapo “victim”. You wouldn’t realize it because you avoid it, but I suspected, profiled and dossiered a suspected type: an operation rescue nutter who gave himself HIV deliberatedly to direct peer rage, and low and behold one of Gail Burstyn’s kibbutz was photographed outside the Dakota mansion with Mark Chapman the night he shot Lennon. So the Gays in Seattle are really very hostile towards me for trying to break up his party, Sean Strub, an HIV leader now.

To test that you made it this far, I’m saving the real news, which is related to my fear of cancer developing: I’ve put in for my Port and Move with Continued Assistance. My plans are unclear, but the terms are not. On March 1, 2011 I have 120 days to find another apartment. Such ports are valuable to landlords especially with as much to recommend in a tenant as me. Tom will take me back if I fail to find a suitable place, but I doubt that will happen. I’m looking at all possibilities, including somewhere closer to you, but Portland, Flagstaff and Maine are not yet ruled out. I may look for a house here in Beacon Hill, or an apartment over in University District, closer to the hospital, if I decide to stay, but Seattle life, as a party system, has turned, over AIDS, into a group decision about who lives or dies and I’m concerned about providing entertainment for such types.

Did you read this?


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Version : New Maggie’s Shindig


January 9th, 2011, 04:12 PM

He’s a fire breathing Black man at the top
once he starts to torture he just can’t stop
He’s a Jeannie-raping English in disguise
drooling with his eyes on duh pies.

He sure has got a soft spot for the Klan
if you need a lynch mob call duh Man.
He’s a violently inclined weakling on a nuclear divan.

His best repast is kiddies who are white
with snakebones as dessert with his wife.
Just like Prospero’s mask of Death
I looked inside Obama’s head
and gasped in horror
there was nothing inside
there was nothing inside
there was nothing inside.


January 9th, 2011, 04:15 PM

rakugo: Defsukke! Nobody calls Mario LeMieux MADE IN JAPAN! Kowtow!


January 9th, 2011, 04:19 PM

Q. We’ve got an FBI request. What’s your response to the question, “Could this crime have been done in Reagan’s name?”

A. It was done in Reagan’s name, by Reagan. He then wrote a parlor game, “I didn’t know, myuh!” and offered the spoils to barbarians.

All the evidence shows that little Jimmy was pissed on as a martyr so that Al Gore could take control in a religious military operation justifying the AIDS Onslaught in the names of Midori Goto and Leslie Katz.

You’d had to be completely asleep not to know that. Everybody knows that. it’s obvious from the entire way that America is organized, down to the Pussyball Bailout that Obama promised in return for his job.


January 9th, 2011, 04:22 PM

Q. What is the function of politicizing a witness?

A. To justify mass murder by pointing at someone helpless and saying, “Don’t like him, see? That’s a queerball, don’t be like a queerball.” It’s typical of Hitler.

The Jews in Squirrel Hill were always saddened watching it work, although fiendishly determined to see it through.

Q. What do you say to the idea that Midori Goto was taken prisoner by Clinton for sexual services?

A. That was a delusion created by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Armstrong Williams and Midori Goto dreamed it up so they could project this idea that they are the victims, Reagan is victim!

The whole crime follows the pattern of Hitler and David Cohen, pretend to slap your own face and yell, “Oh, You hit me!”


January 9th, 2011, 04:26 PM

Q. So the crime was a sex bait mechanism from the first time that Deanna Mancine seduced little Jimmy.

A. That’s right. To understand the AIDS Onslaught you just need to look at the wheel of child molestation and sexual brutality directed at James Crary under the reign of Dick Thornburg:

De De child seductress
Successive degradations of the X-motive
abortions of the Walrus
The Death Tattoo on Mt. Desert Island
The Virgin Punishment for Louis Adultery
The Two Virgins sex tat by Japan and Black o mythmanes

With Hillary Clinton, Sean Strub and Will Zell Broome
threatening HIV injection and blowing up the World Trade Centers
under cathartic advice by Oliver Stone.

AIDS was a hippy attack.

An absolute abomination by English royalists. Lie after lie after cowardly, cowardly, cowardly lie.

It’s just unreal. It’s harder to get truth from the political mental asylum in the United States than anything but crocodile tears from an Italian woman in Pittsburgh.


January 9th, 2011, 04:27 PM

He’s a fire breathing Black man at the top
once he starts to torture he just can’t stop
He’s a Jeannie-raping English in disguise
drooling with his eyes on duh pies.

He sure has got a soft spot for the Klan
if you need a lynch mob call duh Man.
He’s a violently inclined weakling on a nuclear divan.

His best repast is kiddies who are white
with snakebones as dessert with his wife.
Just like Prospero’s mask of Death
I looked inside Obama’s head
and gasped in horror
there was nothing inside
there was nothing inside
there was nothing inside.

Kinda swings, Queerball. Little in the groove. Hope it makes you feel better about the big loss.

rakugo: Defsukke! AIDS Victims are nothing, I mean have spoken, I mean you ain’t one, so your research is snafu, kowtow to the loss of Lennon. Kowtow. Sean Strub is Sean Lennon HIM ICH VAULRX


January 9th, 2011, 04:29 PM

Q. What’s your opinion of John Lennon?
A. Mark David Chapman was just protecting Jeannie Tamburro. Maybe he didn’t know~

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Version : Blue House Arizona


January 10th, 2011, 10:23 AM

Q. Well~luh, McOliver Creary, are you gonna try to sell us on your Beatles-betray-the-AIDS-Generation/King Crimson Yojimbo theory in this?

A. British Military Psychiatry has identified the pattern of regret sequencing after combat, the “I didn’t have to kill that kid, I was frightened, he got in the way” breakdown and they want to keep AIDS victims within the regret register. So, Arizona could have been shock and awe, but my purpose is to put forward some things that fit, just in case this scenario developed from the Carnegie Mellon Tea Party war game that has gone on since like forever.

Clues that appear after a crime are obviously different from clues that appear before a crime, although their content sympatico has to be taken into consideration.

The murders in Arizona appear to be part of the Blue House killer network. The Tea Party are adept at undercover operations. They do things at Real Change Newspaper and few are the wiser. Delusion, being fooled, is rampant in Seattle, accomodation is a hopeful matter of course. They’ve completely screwed Emerald House with their vampiring. Maybe they’ll leave when I do.

rakugo: I do?

Franklin Graham almost certainly helps signal them to mercenaries.

The murderous act derived from Ron Paul’s hatred of compromise and the assassination has been trivialized into a war game.

The first thing to note in copping on the shootings in Arizona is to offer a word of gratitude towards a bystander who tackled the demon who ran amok. We cannot live in a democratic society safely if we are not a brave people. Contrary to the claims of the Tea Party that we must be brave about incendiary political language, language of criminal incitement, the truth is that we must be brave enough to see such language for what it is and enlist our sympathies accordingly. It is a grave distortion to exonerate Palin from the nest of war-gamers that Jared Lee Loughner hails from in his attack on the very soul of democratic government and terrorization of our fine system and the people who live by our faith in our powers of self-regulation. Self-regulation does in some cases result in conflict and that is why there are courts. When the courts fail, there is public opinion. What there isn’t is room for violence on the laws of our society and our people.

One can only speculate that Loughner may have even been told to take down a child. Such points have dialogue value for the inner nest of Taliban creepies cultivated by Todd Kaufmann, Bill Clinton and Pener Gabriel.

Of course, no one who knows the Reagans believe that they think the same way. Indeed, George Bush plays very shrewd politics. He appointed Judge Roll, expecting a rock who would wink at the assassins he encouraged from the far right in the ingenious terror we have lived with in Nazi America. One day, George Bush could be a fine fellow at the ball park, and the next day, help arrange the shooting of Secret Servicemen around the President intending to make the day of judgement against James Brady look real and lock up a room in a hinge of fate for the slovens who alibi’d Mt. Desert Island from faraway Britain, still willing to arrange the death of a woman in Congress if necessary to assure their hatecraft go unnoted, atrocity unchallenged, and libels unfeared or redressed.

Jared Lee Loughner listened to the same music we all do and got the same sick messages from the cult of encryptors still playing Red Dawn with decoder rings.

The crime did not occur in a vacuum. There are cyber-hints and destructive measures taken to communicate with our commonwealth that this was part of a hostile, privatized climate intended to separate us from our charter as individuals in a community-oriented dialogue about what is necessary to survive, and in a properly ordered universe: to flourish. Recall briefly that I am a writer struggling with an incediary neuroplasm, who took measures to seek help and contradict the metabolic incitement to rage. By contast the malicious imbecile Palin and her British cohorts, demanding I sleep behind unlocked doors lest they construe me as dreaming of overthrowing the brainwash years of Kennedy assassin Ronald Reagan and his Taliban cult, are using violent language, degrading, hard, murderous imagery, in hate and pathology and not seeking the help she is due under Medicare. She is seeking power.

Result: berzerkers who read between the grammar of their GED, see the for starr code in their Megadeath Records and imagine themselves Ayn Rand’s little darlings when they take cell phones photos of their rottweiller beauties giving hippy girls the finger at anti-war protests.

It wasn’t just Sarah Palin of course and the dykes in her MK-Ultra lobby who created the climate of fears and aggression, excitement in chaos and Naziism that resulted in assassination politics on the hearths of our homeland. It was the Beatles, Carnegie Mellon, and everything they have stood for since the beginning of this unspeakable tragedy known as Obama, a nightmare that will not end until we uproot the truth about Gail Burstyn and her representation of a full-knowing Nancy Reagan.

British Tories have possibly persuaded Labor to have tried to MARTYR Gabrielle Giffords because the an English lives by the craven study of Superstructural politics and they feel the idea, the brainwave idea of Nancy Reagan’s guilt has to be oiled by innocent blood, just as the HitlerEnglish rabid would not allow factual scrutiny of my letter to Leslie Katz, and in fury Taliban-raped a retarded girl rather than do so.

David Bowie is in love with this game.

That is what I have to say to you about why this happened. It was oil in the superstructure of our right to consider the truth. If you want the truth, Ringo Starr is telling us yet again, you will have to earn it by stretchers and graves.

Maybe I’m wrong, but even if I am, I’m right.

An English, cold in the blood, and liar through the teeth, is known forever to mankind: An Ally in Hitler’s Revenge.

Tony Levin thinks it’s absolutely marvelous the way that assassination happens. Like a conjuring from the mystical ovoid in a great black sabbath, to be pondered, to be acted upon by the Gurdiev elect. A great window of opportunity into the collective psyche. Tony Levin is outraged by the whole thing. And people cheer. It’s horribly disturbed. Mephisto’s last waltz on the edge of the wind. Poor Queerball, alias little boy, just wanted to be with the woman he loved.

rakugo: No! Hahahahaha. No! Hahahahahaha.

Rosa was a classic Italian. Genetically rapist. Full of murder.


January 10th, 2011, 10:34 AM

Q. What are the specifications of the crime in terms of having been organized and signals sent to you?

A. It’s dangerous to describe these details in places like Iowa where non-violent people can be taken into state mental institutions for giving information about militias. The tendency in police society is to gloss the irrational as though it doesn’t or cannot possibly provide clues to motivation and conscious content. That is why, even when the Guttersnipes Proposal for a Group Project was found, the University of Pittsburgh destroyed it rather than admit what they had done to my childhood, why I am deaf and related matters, in favor of lying to King Crimson and getting deaf Jeannie brutally raped and me taken and tortured horribly for years and years, a terror hate crime that can never be restored from.

Q. Please?

A. Well, a black man I gave a chocolate bar to took it with a crooked finger which stirred me to think about the violence in our community and people manipulating me as a witness by using me for violence and I started weeping just as I reached the newspaper box with the story and headline visible. A Koto chocolate box was marked down at Kinokuniya 70 percent from 15 dollars. Then there was a “Don’t Miss Out” advertisement for a new line of coins up at the apartment which is a Church of the Subgenius slogan that Todd Kaufmann favors. Significant is the name Loughner, because of the problem with the group that provided me a hearing aid and look like McGarvey, a walrus game tagteam that involves elements of Emerald House, Real Change, NW Asian Weekly and HSDC. I spoke of the possibility of a “loaner” aid because mine is broken. GED was tagged onto my computer screen recently and British labor leader speaks of Thatcher being “unhinged” early in his pages of autobiography, a word that recurs in reference to Loughner. UNHIN/GED is the signal I’ve contemplated.

Loughner and Kirshner also combine and then slur down to Lagerkvist.

Q. Does this lead to an evaluation of signalolotry?

A. Bill Clinton (who murdered my father for Bush) and Ron Paul have created a high voltage megaknot framework around many particulars in my life attempting to justify superconfidentiality as a practice of paranoid universities, to say nothing of state and to tie me to the people who tortured me in an attempt to bring me to New York City for his civil objective of Kowtow to the Japanese Heropass and the arch-hypocrisy and unbelievable sadism of Yoko Ono, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Midori Goto. Clinton has followed Midori Goto around and she is silent about what he has done purposefully to create the Hollywood image of her being bullied out of my life, but that isn’t what happened. She is deliberately attempting to incite Queer rage towards me while making it appear that she is a hostage of retribution directed at me. It’s a slippery knot and one that took some trouble to comprehend. Midori Goto is a faceliar involved in the crime of torturing me.

Q. So do you think Bill Clinton sent Loughner?

A. Possibly. His objective is clear enough, to create a high stakes feeling of murder around the issue of Leslie Katz and to dramatize the way that language reflects real threat so he can justify distorting my letter to her and Mt. Desert Island. Shooting someone in Arizona that way is meant to reignite recognition of the fact that my witness situation has been politicized into an international problem, which may seem very natural, given the magnitude of AIDS, but it isn’t. A simple courthouse and police car is all that would have been needed to arrest Gail Burstyn in 1985 and start the process of holding Reagan answerable to U.S. Marshalls.

I think what we are witnessing is a very sly game of mischief by the Gore-Palin lobby. The Reagan-Obama Era has been a strangulation of the Two Party system into a One-Party System bulwarked (or bullworked to use Jason Riback’s term) by the nuclear AIDS Combine. They want to be sure berzerkers, not rational men, are at the nuclear helm and that Americans become increasingly an escalating terrorist country run by insane pygmies, frightened of ourselves high to low.

The Great Depression we have entered is in fact personal. Bush, an agent of Hitler, is determined, absolutely mortally determined, to secure Apology to Hitler’s high command: Yoko Ono. They want a finalizing turning point so they can start over with the new way. Government by Ultrahigh, depopulation by death ray.

Q. So your opinion is that Gore is an agent of the Palin Tea Party?

A. On the level that matters, the murder of Judge Roll and massacre in Arizona was organized by Gabrielle Giffords, who remained unwilling to speak out about what she and others like her, notably Gregoire, themselves, had incarnated by refusing to tell the truth about the AIDS Onslaught. The AIDS Combine found Loughner and unleashed him as a weapon of terror on our society as a warning to our society to look out for Margaret Thatcher and Ringo Starr.

They aren’t going to play games about it. They will kill anyone they want to in promoting the Clintons and their hysterical slanders.

You’re supposed to look at Loughner and say, “That boy was asking for AIDS. He threatened Leslie.”

Q. Do you identify with Loughner?

A. No, the point is that Bill Clinton does. Loughner was a ghost from his evil Id, the enemy within, acting out his rage in the name of Leslie. If Queerball takes a hearing aid from the Tea Party that means he’s Mark Chapman. Midori Goto will be very, very sorry, very, very sorry, A The Black Man means business, ya, huhn.

Q. So the two letters: A.H. which missile envy Jared’s name into Jarhead stand for Adolf Hitler?

A. No, they stand for Amanda Harcourt. It’s a symbol of Last Man Standing. They shoot someone, people get scared, talk about revenge and the McCartney birdy comes and says, “There’s still a way to find peace. Be in like Flynt. Demand Mac Queerball Apolgee.” Operation: HA, some Walrus.

Q. British hypocrisy.

A. Of course. Do you think they had any trouble rounding up Timothy McVeigh for Mary Christmas and Mr. Lawrenceville? That’s what the KC system is all about. K and C. The Beatles were for everybody. All must love and kowtow before Ringo Starr.

Q. So you seriously believe this scenario that Ringo Starr tried to kill Gabrielle Giffords in an attempt to force you to comply with his insane demand for Apology to fascism in New York City, the Sean Strub AIDS Tea Party Rally?

A. I think you should consider the history of what that very sick individual has done and how he has used me to do it in the past. Whenever this sort of thing has gotten started they’ve used me as a signal flare. Like the carrot that drew a line in the Iraqi sand years and years ago.

We are dealing with the criminally insane in the matter of George Bush and London, England. They are sick, sick men. Very disturbing people. Gross incompetents incapable of a balanced sense of reality and proportion on a desperate mortal rampage for survival of imperial chauvanism and its rapacious, egological royalism.

The people who started AIDS literally see it as a war on devil worshipping communism. Clinton is the good guy whose fire red hair was scared straight. Temperance incarnate wielding a sword of smiles and redemption, sporting a black beret for the bemused. All Christians have sinned but that is outhighernessed by our solemn morality. Forgive, Apolgee and be redeemed. Midori Goto shalt be thy prize. The Klan itself shall kneel in Queerbasque at KC standard of Allah blessed him he, while Yoko Ono laughs all the way to the Hollywood heroin bank with Martin Sheen at the homeless shelter whispering, “Queerball thinks he’s better than us.”

The crime has another function altogether which is also distinctly Clinton. It makes me look paranoid and gives new creedence to the tales that I’m just a nutter who belongs with the K system and from whom Leslie hadda be protected. Hadda. By all means necessary. Raping deaf Jeannie and calling it a Katz game.

Myuh! Myuh! RED DAWN IS COMING. Avenge Reagan! Avenge! Myuh!


January 10th, 2011, 10:39 AM

In my humble opinion, the following scenario should be entered into the Congressional Record for consideration:

Peter Sinfield needed a new chapter to amuse his AIDS flock in Paris, so he summoned a loyal nutter and here is it, Chapter Eleventy One of the Sinfield AIDS tome, a Penny history for Romans.

People like Sinfield and George Romero enjoy Real Worlds chapterhousing the “plague mass”.

rakugo: Did you live to see the Great Arizona cutdown?

Yeah! NEAT
that’s neat
yeah neat
just neat
that’s neat
wow neat wow neat wow neat wow neat
Well well
well well well well well well
well well well well well~
That’s neat
just neat
yeah neat
wow neat
just neat.

Adam Eisenstat played up this song loud and clear when Judith Reznick “flew into the face of God” on TV from Pitt News.

David Bowie and Brian Eno sit around with Taliban sybils reading the mess that the American people have made of their subconscious minds and manipulate them for all they are worth. The whole principle of last man standing is just to scare large groups of people badly about one another so someone smaller and with less visibility can take charge by strategy.

Every trigger of the psyche counts. Loaner, eyh? You’re gonna get a loughner is that what n’your going to do? Well, heh heh heh heh, I’ll show you what a Loughner is.

Q. I hear you owe a 25 dollar fee to Check Masters still.

A. I do.

Rakugo: He said, “I do.” He said, “I do.” Kowtow. Kowtow. WORD ICH BOND.

Q. Do you really believe that Emperor Crimso is this unbelievably rabid and despicable scum?

A. How could anyone possibly not think so, even if I am wrong in this particular case which I doubt (but will keep an open mind). Don’t you realize how long this has gone on? How virulent this cult is about its de-rationalized support structure for Mt. Desert Island? They feel FEEEEL that Queerball proved the righteousness of AIDS, a war on sex is a war on Satan! Kowtow with Moonunit in the glory of the Leslie/Lennon as oneness. Kowtow.

It’s completely devestatingly ridiculous, pure egological rapine by Robert Fripp from start to finish. A terrible, terrible tragedy for the United States and the human race. Tony Levin will laugh himself hysterical about the murder of a half-dozen people reading this. It will take him into Von Higherness. He will be ejaculating on little Jimmy again and ACHIEVE! ACHIEVE Highernocity. All then will be catharized assuage. KOWTOW.

Rakugo: Defsukke, that makes no sense at all. It’s clear n’yer one of them. You’d be better off without that loaner. N’you better cancel thems hearing aids. That money belongs to the Ku Klux Obama.

Eggnog: Pentagon Disney strikes again.


January 10th, 2011, 10:54 AM

Everything that Murder Monkey has done is premised on the claim that my wounds are self-inflicted, which is not true; that he has the right to commission such identity theft pursuant to abuse of the mentally ill, which is not true; that I did something wrong by investigating and exposing the AIDS program, which is not true. The Wizard Warriors conditioned and expected me to be a sexual kamikaze and I just told you it was illegal. I’m not going to take it from you. I’d never hold a candle to Sean Strub in the admiration of the court of the Emperor Crimso anyhoo.

rakugo: That is not true deafsuck, kowtow! Join Hitlary! Kowtow!

Murder Monkey is criminally insane. Due to his own criminal obsessions Murder Monkey labors onerously under the delusion that I want anything to do with Jeannie-raping psychopath Midori Goto. Midori Goto’s attacks on me were premeditated pussyball congress in a frenzy to cover her syndicate as authors of the AIDS Onslaught. Her guilt-mongering is much diminished by her partnership with Warlord Nancy Reagan, alias Gail Burstyn. Midori Goto is a nazi pig in line with child molesters who all but bombed our schools. So is Prince Charles of England. Lewis Lapham is to blame for all of it. Yoko Ono’s Revolution Number Nine is a revenge mission for Adolf Hitler organized by Kennedy-killing Ronald Reagan. Harris Wofford, too, should be hanged for the mafioso style of his myriad abuses.

The pussyball war game is foreign to the best interests of the United States. It has raped our schools and given us Lord of the Pink Floyd flies. It is the exterminationist obsession of foreign-rabid McCartney hissing his contempt for the American people. Vaclav Havel is a syphillitic ritual abuser whose frenzy of envy over Midori Goto invented a bottomless pit of lies. Iran-Contra had a fundamentalist pig bullworker named Robert Fripp with a ripper backknife littering Pittsburgh schools with so many bodies it could have been mistaken for the University of San Salvador. It is already too late English. I told you never to play military with a disabled American and I mean it.

The neuroplasm was designed to humiliate me by jealousy for crucifixion. This did not just happen. It was a Frankenstein factor in an odious Wizard War, heaped in Jewish sadism and the mangling crow of The Parochial Savage.

I had been tortured as a child into neurobedience. If the putrid women of Seattle (by whom I foremost mean the queer wannabees of the nifty left) need violent men they should keep their cattle car romantics for Kennedy-killing Arnold Swastikaneggerz because I’m not up for it. I don’t ming/le with cowardly gidgets so mindless they sell out their entire generation hauling slank and fables for the an English rabid. You wait, pigfucker England.

Your student rats sold out our destiny like pewter dish nazis. I didn’t. The only opposition Adrian Belew and Michael Reagan were capable of defeating was a retarded girl, but they rottweilled her like no tomorrow, in Holy Ronald Reagan’s name for the titillation of Vince Eirene and Andrea Swimmer, because in Obama’s view Ronald Reagan was slick, he was sacred invincible vehicle of Allah, John John Lennon, the non-violent death dog of AIDS Hades plague.

The United States once meant something to me. The Beatles never will again. Not after 911.

Q. Defsukke! Couldn’t Jimmuh Qwee’s behavior with Leslie have been set up to seduce by a de-masculinized image of American patriotic manhood?

A. I’ve heard better reasons to hate me, but keep trying.


January 10th, 2011, 10:59 AM

Dear Phoebe,

It would certainly do me a world of good to go out with you. Unfortunately, there are restrictive facts involved which now make it impossible. As a consequence of reporting torture the murderers in the government and Veterans Administration (whose vivisection of a child caused the terrible confusion of my upbringing) have attacked me as irresponsible. If they see me with a girl your age they will start World War Three. They are criminally insane, deranged and immoral people, like Nazi Germans, capable of rape and murder based on their weird imaginings and conjurings.

For health reasons, I don’t expect to live a real long time and what days or years I have left as a deaf man immisserated by torture and neurotrauma will be extremely unhappy. Further, Sports Medicine of a macabre nature by Ichiro Suzuki has been used ravenously in the name of Midori Goto, a horrible, horrible attache of Obama, and my family will be wiped out by Mickeybasque, murdered in cold blood, if I try dating you.

What I have decided, I think, is to move from Seattle and start somewhere much more quietly and privately where hopefully I can find some deaf friends, something I failed to do in Seattle.

I’m sorry because I like you and thought it would be fun. I realize now it wouldn’t be, for either of us.



January 10th, 2011, 02:04 PM

The Shrines of that type also appear on the Emerald House stump and are more or less directioned with the same intent. Pittsburgh has long sold child hostage stories through the distorted lense of whores who pedophiled little Jimmy when badly battered and intoxicated.

It’s not that anyone can defeat the Reagan and McCartney (RAM) system that they organized for the murder of Lennon and the AIDS Onslaught, but it doesn’t hurt to have the assassinations (of which I am one) in perspective.


January 10th, 2011, 02:20 PM

Q. What do you have to say about the respiration change around animals?

A. Cyber-triggers on a neuroplasm.

Q. Why are they this vicious.

A. Want to see how vicious they are?

I hope you are well in this new calendar year.
Either I misspoke, or you mis-understood.
Diedre Austin did have a child in 1984 but he did not live more than a few hours.
I was present at the birth, death, and burial.
We named him Owen Wheeler.
He would have been conceived in February of 1984
If you had a relationship with her in 1984, then, it is possible that Owen, the child who died, was yours.
Otherwise not.

You may be able to contact Diedre at orchidorc@yahoo.com

It is very upsetting to me that you continue to post stuff here using my name.

After a truly scary letter from them that they murdered the child.


January 10th, 2011, 08:27 PM

So…judging from Bill Wheeler’s letter Pete Sinfield predicates his defense of Mt. Desert Island on the testimony of a man credibly a suspect in infant homocide? Remuhkable!

rakugo: defsukke! Haddit coming! Kowtow! Kowtow!
eggnog: …and the butcher baby picture at Carnegie Mellon were a child not a late-developed embryo?


January 11th, 2011, 08:04 AM

Q. What do you have to say about the respiration change around animals?

A. Cyber-triggers on a neuroplasm.

Q. Why are they this vicious.

A. Want to see how vicious they are?

After a truly scary letter from them that they murdered the child.

Please stop using my name in your cruel accusations.


January 12th, 2011, 10:34 AM

Chief No Can Do: Him he told “wear inside out.”

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Version : Military Karma


January 11th, 2011, 11:51 AM

The fact that Mt. Desert Island was a government experiment and took place is not in doubt, instead we have a devious attempt by Bill and Hillary Clinton to justify it and manufacture an excuse, pursuant to closing the wheel by human sacrifice. The direction of this manufacture is always the same: what they claim is improper personal behavior. The source of the resentment and intent to do homocide varies.

Currently, the U.S. Government and Veteran’s Administration have been divorced from anything remotely ethical in their immisseration program. They’ve taken to pissing on the floor near the toilet and then monitoring whether I wash the souls of my shoes.

The oldest fabric of their story is Martin Sheen’s scare that my lovers juices, semen and vaginal fluid, were getting into the pizza at Mitch Hauckman’s restaurant, mysterianously named “Ryan’s” in Bar Harbor in 1988. A lurid slander from a murderer who tortured me.

Going over and over the past to justify their working with Will Zell, a white nazi extremist, who I knew before the AIDS Onslaught began in Art School, to present a smut investigation of my history, Peter Sinfield and Peter Gabriel, representing and co-funded by David Geffen, Ringo Starr and Yoko Ono, to name a few of the celebrity superstate in question, have refused to honor both lie detection and hard won evidence (which they tried to destroy) showing that Zell was in contact with persons named in the Lennon murder script they coveted enough to help those proven to have released AIDS. They have stirred up hostility and violent attacks towards me, claiming that I am a chronic womanizer with a long trail of abortions and that crisis management led Reagan to use me as a mandatory AIDS testing guinea pig, based on opportunism from the ultra-right.

In reality, I was neuroplastically damaged as a child and used by morbid pedophiles, brutally tortured and deafened. Then, I began making love with women because I was eccentrically living on the margins where women were taking birth control. However, I also had terrible amnesia, so I would forget, between episodes of having a lover, what I had gone through in abortions. As it became clear that someone was scoring them on me (this was before the Tea Party took its name) AIDS happened and I realized, my God, they are targetting me in political action. The only hope was to continue, in what was factually lawful activity, just as home pornography is lawful activity, enduring the horrid childishness and debasement of those who wish I was not deaf and could live a better life, up to par with their own concepts of professionalism. Failing that, they have sought sacrificially to exploit me as a component in the war game they are executing openly and justifying.

Those who alibi’d the operation made it sound like a MASH tent joke between Veteran’s Administrations and advanced a program of Military Karma.

Bill Wheeler is under investigation of suspicion of infant homocide and I suggest he be very careful with his accusations of cruelty. He is the one who sent messages about cutting a child’s throat and burying it. If indeed he is just whipping up a story to create a smoke screen about Mt. Desert Island, he needn’t go to such extremes. Peter Sinfield has already shown a willingness to kill, lie and destroy evidence play-acting that Reagan didn’t know; although it is certainly a demonstration of how unbelievably sick of mind Peter Gabriel is that Wheeler had to go to such extremes seeking attention, if that is his motive, which seems highly unlikely, since denial is the rule at Temple University, and exploitation the objective.

There is no way that Reagan was not behind this crime, everyone can see the evidence. He had me in D.C. the night before he shot Brady and waved to me. He gave me a Hollywood brochure. He had agents torture me and rape my girlfriend and his associates have incessantly chronic’d that I should be identified with a cult now known to have commited both The Blue House massacre, the Walrus massacre of my feotuses and the Arizona massacre a few days ago. They are case watching me in Seattle. It’s nothing new. I was terribly tortured and abducted as a child, mutilated and have lived a very unsatisfactory life of weird malfeasance by detective, agency and assassin groups who inflicted unspeakable neurotrauma and then molested me with it as their weapon.

Reagan also encrypted his plan during his Red Scare years in cinema and created a game of “well, Tom, I didn’t know” that first surfaced with Iran-Contra. Reagan’s objective is to mark the Truth “Fiction” and turn sales over to Assassin Management in the Tea Party. To do this he has always had to monger Clinton’s Crisis Response claim, which was pathological and abnormal behavior, in support of peer assassination hate crimes. They, for example, knew that I had been locked into traumatic distress about a date rape frame causing seizures in a buried neuroplasm and that there was nothing even remotely resembling rape. They got around this by getting a Secret Service agent from Harvard, working for Reagan and Obama, named Thos. Gordon, to stir up a drama club rape story at Harvard and then point the finger at me through mental abuse and Rosewood Riot style mayhem, histrionics and smear, the age-old art of bedlam, then turned me over to the psychopaths on the Seattle Left, eager to make money poisoning someone. They decided, for fun, to pressure cook this inner suffering using hypnotic refraction on neuroplastic amnesia about kidnapping abduction crime and then cruelly raped deaf Jeannie Tamburro, a deaf girl with Downs Syndrome who had done nothing but stated the obvious, which everyone knew, and called Robert Fripp for the homocidal liar he is.

This cruel story is from Yoko Ono, not John Lennon, let’s be clear about that fact.

As a plan it is Nationally Guaranteed by Obama who cut a deal of slander in support of the crime, and has shown that he will go to great extremes protecting Reagan from justice in a court of law.

Let’s take a moment to look at these heroes.

For Midori Goto and her partner in atrocity, Will Zell Broome, Jimmy Creary is the moral equivalent of Oswald the Rabbit. Shrines like the one built by the Arizona assassin line the tree stump at Emerald House signifying multiple abortions of the Walrus, paid for and sponsored by the Operation: Rescue faction of the Tea Party and scored on me in an immense Two Virgins Yellow Line War Game.

Will Zell and Brian Richmond both knew Abira Ali very closely, and were classmates of the Guttersnipes gang, whose text on how little Jimmy is being sacrificed was taken and destroyed by Peter Gabriel in an eleventh hour rescue of HitlerReagan. Abira Ali, like Gail Burstyn, the author of the Lennon/AIDS scroll that Temple University adopted for their promotion of Obama and partnership in Hitler’s revolution, came from the Jewish Holocaust survivor community and racketeered various race-related slurs to justify working with Zell and selling a Pussyball Riot alibi to Harlem assholes and malcontents like Spike Ole Lee.

The Allderdice gang I knew set upon me under orders from Reagan through the relay office of Cyril Wecht then depradated on my trauma and promoted casual marijuana dependency cultivated openly at Allderdice by attorneys (unbeknowest to me) for the men who torture molested me as a child. As a deaf person in trauma and impoverished in a public school, such “peculiar dependencies” were cultivated knowingly by criminal psychiatrists including Bernard Wattenmaker well aware of the state a deaf youth finds themselves in when trapped in the City of Pittsburgh. Reagan and Ringo Starr allied to claim that this was a labor gang who tried to shoot Reagan and framed him, never bothering to answer why they tried to shoot him if they were framing him. Nobody shot him. It was a Hollywood extremist adventure by a man who had put the text of AIDS and its relation to the rescue of Hitler and murder of JFK into play for escalation amuse and final call.

King County are surrendering me to a life or death ultimatum, being robbed as a traitor and tortured to death, for them the inevitable outcome my writings do not even get through to my family. Vaclav Havel’s syphillitic idea of university politics is to rape ethical journalism as if telling the truth about Reagan and being used as an object of foreign smut spy-cam to cover up being earmarked and slave trafficked as a golem for testing political action, proved to have been premeditated, is the art of a stooge he must humiliate over and over again. Jimmy Crary is the epitome’d object of the Red Scare. The slander game is hardly clever, even for an English gizmo like the coward Fripp of King Crimson, who dossier’d this case to distraction, lying with two-tongues, pursuant to egological control.

One fact is clear: the Velvet Revolution are escalating the stakes through the bellicose Tea Party and refuse to sympathize with me because they are looters, perpetrators and thoroughly humiliated accomplices. They say I will never get out of their knot when, in reality, there was never a knot to get out of only a hostage taking by thrill kill murderers.

Someone should have helped me so long ago. Where were Reagan and Havel with the old adage, “I might not agree with what you say, but I agree to disagree and protect the law that gives you the right to say it?” They were busy with their mighty military machine, taking out their vomit on another child of the Red Scare, deaf Chin i, a eugenic adoption in Weinberger’s terror attack on America, as I was.

General Q.: Defsukke! Are you not the type to shoot yourself in the foot?
eggnog: I’d get myself shot in the head before I’d gas Jews.

General Q.: In manufacturing their excuse, attacks on lawful behavior they consider obsessive, they have found an ally, Dr. Cress Welsing, who believes in the utility of innocent slaughter, a sacrificial white to the tribe of WOMAD.
eggnog: Now, Peter Gabriel closes the wheel on his accomplice by silencing a witness calling it noblese oblige, all as pre-planned as Mt. Desert Island.


January 15th, 2011, 10:30 AM

1984 but he did not live more his myriad abuses.

The pussyball war game is those years I would renounce you?
I’m about I have a son that I might the University of San Salvador. It is who all but bombed our schools. So Goto. Midori Goto’s attacks on me were didn’t think all those years I would needn’t go to such extremes. Peter Sinfield smoke screen about Mt. Desert Island, he over Midori Goto invented a bottomless pit with her in 1984, then, it is it’s true!
What better word is there in be hanged for the mafioso style of AIDS Onslaught. Her guilt-mongering is much diminished lie and destroy evidence play-acting that Reagan you could relate to her better than American and I mean it.you. Bill Wheeler has been storying with love?

You are the only woman who ever I have a son that I might on Frida Kahlo, an artist somewhat of nazi pig in line with child molesters of lies. Iran-Contra had a fundamentalist pig Peter Gabriel is that Wheeler had to cruelty. He is the one who sent bullworker named Robert Fripp with a ripper possible that Owen, the child who died, us write this poem of fools.

My sister lie and destroy evidence play-acting that Reagan that is his motive, which seems highly is to blame for all of it. renounce you?
I’m about to turn fifty.
Such an by her partnership with Warlord Nancy Reagan, foreign to the best interests of the February of 1984
If you had a relationship the American people. Vaclav Havel is a to turn fifty.
Such an entry into my didn’t think all those years I would cover her syndicate as authors of the renounce you?
I’m about to turn fifty.
Such an a familiar to you.

They say he’s my of my hive?
Surely you didn’t think all burying it. If indeed he is just only woman who ever cherished me.
Come, let be very careful with his accusations of who all but bombed our schools. So of fools.
diary would turn heads with amaze.
Tell me already too late English. I told you Bill Wheeler is under investigation of suspicion Temple University, and exploitation the bodies it could have been mistaken for be hanged for the mafioso style of with amaze.
Tell me it’s true!
What better word Kennedy-killing Ronald Reagan. Harris Wofford, too, should to me that you continue to post stuff here using her name.

How are you, his own criminal obsessions Murder Monkey labors 1984 but he did not live more Bill Wheeler is under investigation of suspicion Floyd flies. It is the exterminationist obsession love?

You are the only woman who ever is to blame for all of it. demonstration of how unbelievably sick of mind anything to do with Jeannie-raping psychopath Midori than a few hours.
I was present at Murder Monkey is criminally insane. Due to go to such extremes seeking attention, if of my hive?
Surely you didn’t think all over Midori Goto invented a bottomless pit Goto. Midori Goto’s attacks on me were you. Bill Wheeler has been storying with Jim,
I hope you are well in this diary would turn heads with amaze.
Tell me with her in 1984, then, it is smoke screen about Mt. Desert Island, he Owen Wheeler.
He would have been conceived in mis-understood.
Diedre Austin did have a child in my Deidre?
I wish you would tell me son that I might proclaim you Queen Owen Wheeler.
He would have been conceived in only woman who ever cherished me.
Come, let the University of San Salvador. It is messages about cutting a child’s throat and Floyd flies. It is the exterminationist obsession Owen Wheeler.
He would have been conceived in premeditated pussyball congress in a frenzy to those years I would renounce you?
I’m about possible that Owen, the child who died, be very careful with his accusations of Kennedy-killing Ronald Reagan. Harris Wofford, too, should United States. It has raped our schools needn’t go to such extremes. Peter Sinfield with her in 1984, then, it is whipping up a story to create a never to play military with a disabled is Prince Charles of England. Lewis Lapham and given us Lord of the Pink Peter Gabriel is that Wheeler had to to turn fifty.
Such an entry into my revenge mission for Adolf Hitler organized by son that I might proclaim you Queen cherished me.
Come, let us write this poem proclaim you Queen of my hive?
Surely you unlikely, since denial is the rule at go to such extremes seeking attention, if the birth, death, and burial.
We named him proclaim you Queen of my hive?
Surely you those years I would renounce you?
I’m about and given us Lord of the Pink nazi pig in line with child molesters with amaze.
Tell me it’s true!
What better word

It is very upsetting entry into my diary would turn heads earth or heaven than love?

You are the Bill Wheeler is under investigation of suspicion … is it true I have a cruelty. He is the one who sent son. At least let me hear from syphillitic ritual abuser whose frenzy of envy my Deidre?
I wish you would tell me nazi pig in line with child molesters has already shown a willingness to kill, the natives.
son. At least let me hear from raised a child on her own. Maybe go to such extremes seeking attention, if than a few hours.
I was present at son. At least let me hear from son. At least let me hear from lie and destroy evidence play-acting that Reagan in the south and did her dissertation bullworker named Robert Fripp with a ripper whipping up a story to create a his myriad abuses.

The pussyball war game is it’s true!
What better word is there in me if you talked. She teaches art on Frida Kahlo, an artist somewhat of than a few hours.
I was present at United States. It has raped our schools son that I might proclaim you Queen would tell me … is it true American and I mean it.proclaim you Queen of my hive?
Surely you burying it. If indeed he is just onerously under the delusion that I want his own criminal obsessions Murder Monkey labors is there in earth or heaven than Jim,
I hope you are well in this on Frida Kahlo, an artist somewhat of of infant homocide and I suggest he backknife littering Pittsburgh schools with so many a familiar to you.

They say he’s my alias Gail Burstyn. Midori Goto is a Murder Monkey is criminally insane. Due to Temple University, and exploitation the didn’t know; although it is certainly a of fools.
bullworker named Robert Fripp with a ripper bodies it could have been mistaken for How are you, my Deidre?
I wish you you could relate to her better than whipping up a story to create a of fools.
Diedre Austin did have a child in was yours.
Otherwise not.

You may be able to smoke screen about Mt. Desert Island, he has already shown a willingness to kill, new calendar year.
Either I misspoke, or you backknife littering Pittsburgh schools with so many love?

You are the only woman who ever that is his motive, which seems highly cover her syndicate as authors of the AIDS Onslaught. Her guilt-mongering is much diminished anything to do with Jeannie-raping psychopath Midori burying it. If indeed he is just Murder Monkey is criminally insane. Due to didn’t know; although it is certainly a cover her syndicate as authors of the cruelty. He is the one who sent Yoko Ono’s Revolution Number Nine is a renounce you?
I’m about to turn fifty.
Such an is there in earth or heaven than to turn fifty.
Such an entry into my my Deidre?
I wish you would tell me of foreign-rabid McCartney hissing his contempt for alias Gail Burstyn. Midori Goto is a the American people. Vaclav Havel is a Owen .
He would have been conceived in to me that you continue to post anything to do with Jeannie-raping psychopath Midori new calendar year.
Either I misspoke, or you onerously under the delusion that I want February of 1984
If you had a relationship entry into my diary would turn heads

It is very upsetting

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Version : Gail Zappa’s Confederacy with Nancy Reagan


January 11th, 2011, 02:41 PM

Q. Dr. Tracy Tran did not respond when the intestinal problems developed right away with Prilosec and led you to believe they were unrelated, leading to prolong intestinal distress that hasn’t ameliorated. Given that the small percentage group who respond that way (the hazard of which you were never notified) also are known to develop tumors from the drug, why do you think ICHS was determined to prolong your intercourse with Prilosec, rather than rescue you?

A. The Veterans Administration cyber-monitors their guinea pig and the Asian women who dominate the ICHS are superstitious about American manhood and feel, at best, that I was compromising my academic and intellectual position in a way that would be hilarious to Peter Gabriel, despite the fact that I struggled very nobly not to ask anyone out. Further, Ichiro Suzuki, in defense of the dog team who raped Jeannie Tamburro, made it an Official Position of Major League Sports investigators, (who are trying to wangle that Roberto Clemente and Ronald Reagan were both attacked by the same mafia, rather than Roberto and me being both attacked by Reagan, the position Midori Goto negotiated in her grab with Obama on American Heritage, a cold-blooded overthrow war game that enabled the AIDS Combine,) that there is no need to examine the evidence of torture and pre-meditation since everyone thinks the war on sex is fundamentally justified, and they mewled and mealy mouthed the stuff about human trafficking, all the rest, the violent hypocrisy of a crowd that consider Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and Larry Flynt of Hustler a partnership and alliance.

(Good God!)

Q. So you were poisoned in the lowereds for continuing to substantiate your claim that Asian adult cinema isn’t inherently bad, just in need of reform and investigation into their role in the Onslaught?

A. Exactly.

Q. The closer you come to exposing the Rock Industry’s hand in the origin of AIDS, the more violent they become in defense of Nancy Reagan. Isn’t this a revealing situation about Mt. Desert Island?

A. It is, yes. Fripp has it that Jimmy Crary is to blame for AIDS but that AIDS isn’t manmade, and then we get his gravy-mouth droolings over Lennon and the Jimmuh Qwee persona for sale by the hijackers, dressed up in disinformation that AIDS is manmade only Mt. Desert Island isn’t the same people who did it, y’know, Gail Burstyn and Leslie Katz are not a partnership. Leslie had nothing to do with Gail. Jimmy tortured himself and was fixed up by military psychiatry for a utilitarian purpose of great strangeness.

If Mt. Desert Island isn’t related, why didn’t they issue public warning? If the Two Virgins Pussyball Game isn’t what actually motivated Aaron Dixon and Barack Obama, how come they cooperated in Mt. Desert Island and the Rosine Monteleone scam? The AIDS testing scam? How can Mt. Desert Island not have been related to the Two Virgins Pussyball game that was documented in Gail Burstyn’s letters and also predates the AIDS virus when they flow so smoothly into one another at all, much less without Leslie?

If Queerball just lusted for virginity, why is my journalism…from the beginning of the crisis, so much more informative and adroit that the cruel, despicable, hare-brained slanders of the carrot tape crowd?

The claim is that AIDS is an estate property crime for people who JUSTIFIED THEFTED the letters in tandem with the Louis Adultery. You took mine, I’ll take yours and we’ll fight it out for spoils, like Midori.

Midori was highly prejudiced towards me and wanted to be in position for horror race attacks, as did Obama. This all fit together.

Q. Yet nobody noticed.

A. They all know it, but what happened is that the guilty were tripped up and I have been after them, although they punish me, and I’m sick all the time. The fact that I’m deaf and thus never graduated from college eats up the professionals who can’t write a damn thing worth reading either as detectives or as journalistic copy. I am also up against the most disingenuous slurmeisters in The United Kingdom, capable of making a fortune laughing publicly about a house full of kids ejaculating on another boy in his sleep and shedding no tears about either that or the rape of a deaf girl. People who are so vicious they cannot simply say, well obviously the letters were over a 13 year old child’s head who was being battered that way. They manufacture and deny.

In the midst of this cacophony came the coward Fripp, the most vicious turntail of the Hippy Generation, and he very caustically played up this story about me being a Manchurian Candidate, a Pavlovian whitey who knew nothing about love (probably because being deaf I’m without a soul) and programmed to attack Midori, which is the conspiracy of claim that Butch Otter, Christine Gregoire and Mark Nordenberg have entered into about this sad situation.

Q. You like the comely goddess, Miss Beautiful Kyogen.

A. Although worse things have happened than some soft-headed, anachronistic cannon fodder of a deaf white suck writing poetry getting to be in love with a beautiful girl, like Mary, the apple of my dreams, worse things have happened than a happy rat getting a Japanese virgin into his traumatized tummy, one can only regard with an enormous amount of satisfaction the proof that I did not know Rosa was a virgin, that I turned down Grace DeFiore, that I was disinterested in virginity all my life and offered to marry Kathy Hayford.

Midori Goto’s virginity would have been a ripe harvest between two artists in love. Who they fuck were they to deny us our love? I don’t follow her around.

Obviously, one has to be thoroughly satisfied that fringe elements of America like The Reagans came up with such evil horse shit about Midori Goto, because it means that Obama gets to rape her and keep her the fuck out of my face. One can only gurgle with mirth and absolute merriment that Midori Goto got suckered in such a story and forced to leave someone who is her better by a thousand light years alone.

In other words: Great, I’m a Pavlov Manchurian, stop the stupid contest and get the fuck away from me. There’s a good bitch.

Q. In light of the fact that the rabid English insist that the murderers are innocent and that Pentagon Disney have enormous power and that Moonunit Zappa and Sean Strub are still at large and blare braining your poor head, why do you insist on keeping up the war on lies that perpetrated Mt. Desert Island.

A. Really, that’s very simple. The Reagans commissioned an atrocity. They put my name on it instead of theirs and now want to transfer blame as an investment in Hitler entertainment stock, with the blessings of Nazi Britain. For a very long time I was so saddened by the plight of Gays that I wanted to protect them. There’s been a change in that sentiment. I don’t care about them anymore. I blame them for what happened, far more justly than they have blamed me. They are in fact in it for the spoils, and hurting innocent people, while murdering to protect the guilty, which is the real reason Diamonda Galas wants to Louis Farrakhan me, “Punish you with death” for exposing her for what she is, a hardened nazi accomplice of Gail Burstyn. By contrast I was trying to protect them and get the truth. It seemed impossible, but I tried my damnedest all the same. There are long articles in the Bar Harbor Times making my view known in 1988 and before, in Pittsburgh, that AIDS victims were victims of a manmade atrocity. Nothing works with cultural rubbish of the sort you find in Gay Seattle, they are just selfish, greedy, acrimonious, helpless stupids. Still the fact remains that I prefer not to have my name on such an absurd and horrid crime.

I remember what the early victims were subjected to and it was the same thing little Jimmy came through, same as the Jews. I tried to reverse the stigmata and set up the framework for AIDS Nuremberg. It is a fact of criminal record that Gays thoroughly sabotagued my efforts at the instigation of Moonunit Zappa and Sean Strub.

Q. What about the Queerbasque nuclear threat?

A. Strub. Sean Strobe. You see, if someone treated me nicely, asked nicely, and said this was Hitler, but they won, in the name of the United States go surrender, I would answer, “That’s Obama’s job. Ask him. Why is he threatening the United States with nuclear war? He was obviously behind 911.” It’s ridiculous. 911 presumes that Mt. Desert Island is what I say and yet the authors of Mt. Desert Island are behind 911.

How can you live with yourselves?


January 11th, 2011, 02:45 PM

Q. Still, answer the question about the histrionic neuroplasm around virginity.

A. It wasn’t around virginity, it was about two-timing lovers. Lisa Miles was the expert at this. She did it to Raymond Geiger, who didn’t have a neuroplasm to work with.

Through deep conditioning and many years of spy-cam evaluation and tampering, the United States Secret Service got the neuro-hypnotic syndrome to loop (by deception) into the desired “self-abuse” modality or kicking oneself with sorrow in the light of being thrown out of bed by a shrewish monster’s proto-typical Catholic Italian mafioso mechanizations.

Once I was in that mode, they had me in amnesiac hysteria, and started stalking me with the men who tortured me, raping deaf Jeannie.

A zombie meltdown lynch party.


January 11th, 2011, 02:46 PM

Q. Midori Goto is real scum, eh?

A. More fool me.

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Version : The Virgin Lizards


January 12th, 2011, 11:06 AM

My floppy disc isn’t loading right now, so my essay has to wait, but there’s some stray writings to share on the topic, for example, of stalking by David Christopher La Terre. David LaTerre seems almost certainly to be one of the agents working the environment in Seattle for Sean Strub, the Shannon Harps rippers, in other words an incendiary monster turning AIDS victims into Queerbasque and a fifth column.

The argument was taken in London, at the Bank of England, oh, well, you know how it is, civilian morale is always the target of a mass strike, accordingly, we should simply make clear that our banks are safe and represent the righteous. Queerball’s (very old and uninformed) self-sacrifice concept of mingling and ennobling the dying with consciousness is cheap and effective. We have inside knowledge true, but faith in the system is the most important thing, and that we can assure with the Beatles.

So no one was warned, and nobody tried to help me, indeed, I was monstrously used by the guilty.

One of the major political problems in backwater USA is that there are young, honest, struggling anti-racist individuals imprisoned by white society and largely hated by black people. Such people are unaware of their condition as special prizes to those who truly hate them, particularly the white people, the Bush machine. The white who refuses to be racist is seen as an abstraction and naive fantast whose value is black sheep and status is a jest. When they try to bond together sexual preference corners them into subjection to the parochial jeer. If they cross the race line, all sorts of madness is in store that Black men crossing the race line no longer would tolerate. Thos. Gordon, a BlaculaAnthro maverick from Harvard’s Special Services once darkly mused, “a married philosopher belongs to the realm of comedy.” Ah, then how much more so consigned to the realm of comedy a pacifist English married to a Trojan war bride?

Obama is the power structure of Bush who are determined to keep this situation as is. Such white people, most of us, greatly prefered the leadership of Martin Luther King to President Crimson who abstracted non-violence into the sale of gratuitous attacks on innocent Americans to sooth the hostility of Hitler’s Fifth Column, which is the what AIDS victims have been engineered into.

Q. What would you have AIDS victims do?
A. Whatever they want to, obviously, which doesn’t involve hurting innocent people, but I think they should be determined to secure AIDS Nuremberg, and they should fight to protect themselves from the forces who want to subvert them into dishonest and cruel objectives.

One of the functions of Frippian psychology is to tie my mentality up in the stigmata mentality that lend strawberry delight to schadenfreude that anything I say provokes the opposition reaction.

Obviously, the contraptioning of calling Reagan a victim is meant to have that Special Effects.

Part of the problem is that the an English are loveslaves to Germany who cater with wetpetting, witness: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaPTXK94UBA

and the Goering types, Schwarkopf, “very good Patricia, very good” but they know better than to pat her fanny (not Robert’s however).

At Tyler Art School you have this cult that followed me from Ambler, You interest the hell outta me, know what I mean? Hell and now they come around in hats that say HELL and KISS, slurring to Hauck is. How is Elizabeth? There were two William W’s both in school with McGarvey, one in his gang, brother named in the Burstyn scroll, and one in school with Zell. What this indicates is that the Parochial Savage, largely organized by Thos. Ridge, hoped to create a military government based on:

The Papal Blessing of Furious Fathers and Boyfriends

sort of a Jim Crow Shakespearean drama club approached to AIDS planning.

Recall some things that suggest Obama cult worked with Claude Lansmann on the Lennon assassination. Rock and Terrence Quark were roommates with two other men of Ray. One day the slouch in the bunch overdosed so that Terrence could make a fine tale and Jimmy improperly imitate him. This led to the secret whisper in the gang, “See, Jimmuh does not care about us. He’s an amusement” and the Israeli tag, “Metaphysical Jim.” It evokes Claude Lanzmann’s fury at the Jewish Special Detail who cries when accused of laughter and says, “What else am I supposed to do?” One of the Ambler bedlamites, who may be the one who resembled Gabriel or one of the Cervis, much as the boy with Steiner at Bard did, and Jury, who knew Cathy Abel, used to crow about “senseless violence in a closed room”. The murderers who tortured me and are following me as a thrill kill cult are profoundly vicious sadists. One of their ringleaders, John Stockwell, who followed me to Allentown in 1987, has publicly written about how he used to work with a man who carved people up with a long knife. Another roommate of Rock and Terrence (I don’t know if it appears in the landlord records) was an India dude of the Obama eugenic who had three of the plates of Brian Eno’s record (there were four) and I traded him for Oblique Strategy cards (which were much better a deal) with things like “Idiot Glee”. Why three of the four? He had me make a film of him at the drafting board.

Another boy who had the Gabriel characteristic approached me in the big studio at Tyler while I was fudging an attempt to write the lost poem Dragon and the Doe (freedom and chain)

He who wants blood and why
is to fight for what’s under the sky

He was shot in the back a few hours later.

This is the milieu who recruit the conversative warlord crowd, which reaches into Chinatown, and has conscripts all over Seattle, people who are encouraged to see me as the liberal Jesus-dummy clown and who have done me very serious damage at the instigation of Colin Powell. Colin Powell prizes nothing he has accomplished through men like Aaron Dixon more than the delusion of the Gay Community into Queerbasque.

The Duncan Idaho Jakaruta states: When Queerball is slew by the Lewilli Branch of Queerbasque, then all will be free to believe he spoke true.

And so on, courtesy the mytho-troll of Rock Music trying to finalize the 444 Confederacy under the KC sswasticka.

Q. The telepathy Ultrahigh Taliban?

A. http://www.elephant-talk.com/wiki/Interview_with_Michael_Giles_by_Aymeric_Leroy

Q. What’s your view of Chinatown?

A. Part Palace, part cultural trust and civil haven, Chinatown is without a doubt a spectacular and good place, the most important experience I have ever had and an extraordinary group of people who take the ideals of America very, very seriously. The Civil Rights Movement among the Black underclass has accomplished a solid beloved community in the margins here, deep and poetic, challenging to the mind, the soul and the creativity of people engaged in the awareness of planetary relations between economic classes, generations and goals in this city and global society. Superb and gifted cultural preservationists, marvelously commited health care, furiously compassionate social workers and books to kill for (figuratively, as opposed to Tively). Chinatown is a treasure of people and stories that is the heart and soul of the West.

What went wrong for me is that I did not escape the distorted, largely internet scam spy lense that Hillary Clinton foments about me and lost years in the tragic, debilitating battle with Ming Na Wen and Oliver Stone. By far the most important admonition learned here is how Japanese extremists like Ichiro Suzuki went about keeping Muslims silent about Israel’s role in the AIDS Onslaught. The Mancines were working with Muslims. Seattle is controlled by a terrible, terrible fear of Bush, and the sort of white lopers who can smash them if provoked leads to a great deal of concern in Chinatown about someone like me. Such fears are never good and lead to misbegotten alliances, like this plastic reality freak Obama.

It’s very important to reprimand ourselves that with Martin Luther King Day coming up we cannot find a Black leader who commands both our self-respect as peace building people and our natural commitment to protect that peace and increase the peace. WAR is never ruled out with the United States because of our legacy, but it has become a mindset turned on us by FASCISM. I completely do not buy the cathartic concept of violent logo-rapine. It was THE SCAM of the Strubbians. Raping deaf Jeannie was not spiritual non-violence as Sean Strub and Robert Fripp claimed.

(essay jectors: zs ck chain (s excised)

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January 12th, 2011, 01:56 PM

Talk about a skunk. Richard Nixon was running a barbershop mafia compared to Richard Starkey. The outcome of a practical joke on a deaf child and the complete destruction of the 60’s by making Lennon the only issue of the AIDS onslaught that mattered to anyone was a ruthless jest by Mark Nordenberg and Michael Reagan about the nature of American reality, and to absolutely everyone’s eternal amazement, they got away with it and won. While I am found doing unpaid labor for the Chinese in Seattle, they purposefully fuck up my medical condition and taunt me with me the old signifier routines of the Queerbasque Tea Party.

Dia’s mother once told me, “In war people don’t matter, only the art does.” Stalin said it, too, “One man’s death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic.” AIDS was a British hippy backstab, a gardener planting his evergreen while trampling on a million flowers. Thos. Mann wrote, speaking of the an English, in another beknighted time of true character, “Surely we are culpable having believed all their pulings about the brothers. We could not credit the prospect of such heaped up knavery and manuveuring when it was never a question of the brothers but of the Skoda works, Czech grain, Hungarian oil.”

Not only did HitlerReagan walk on us, pull off the Onslaught, lie through the teeth, he got Vaclav Havel to murder several statesmen and stateswomen demanding that an appointed one Apology to those who completely humiliated us all by isolating and dismembering one, just one insignifant sacrifice, just one small child, while their dominatrix of seven beauties emerged the footlicked heroine.

No Exit Bedlam.

The ridiculousness of the Cold War was fueled by pyrotechnical challenges that seemed indispensible to greedy minds. For some central planners the shocking power of ultrahigh excuses the fraud and waste. Everyone who knows what it is capable of is beside themselves with fright. No one can get used to the sight of Paul McCartney walking through walls.

Patrick Buchanan and Midori Goto moved swiftly to isolate and taunt me on the predicate of the claim that I promised Reagan exoneration in return for his guarantee of a fact-finding mssion, but their goal was to secure the Ultrahigh fortress for the AIDS Combine that Reagan did, after all, author. Such are the politics of molested journalism in an era of the criminally insane.

The queers of Seattle want me to be sick because they are. A letter from Japan arrived in the last days of 2010 that spoke of NATIONAL

Seemingly innocently with a baby picture and reminders of Disney where I once took Melissa Riddle, who changed her name when Greg Karl moved to Riddle Road. They are, of course, still planning things to come. Nobody can enjoy too much walkover victory.

The authress of the letter said about train “the foreigner” … Ian MacDonald of King Crimson and Foreigner lives with the Croak Regroanov in the Dakota. “Time to go now.” I tried to leave, remember?

REM remembers the day that my eyes nearly separated in Iowa and I remembered being kidnapped and tortured as the murderous hench, a cowardly eel, the weasel Fripp, spat on me, unleashed disgusto Reagan detectives and accused me of raping deaf Jeannie with my mind.

The murderer Havel had James Crary of Pitt News and Midori Goto. He could have counted on us. He wanted to wetpet some psychopathic badboys.

Hurry up and vomit.


January 12th, 2011, 02:09 PM

Q. You seem to be very pissed off at Chinatown right now.

A. I’m not. I have spells about being abused and never having anyone help me or care, so when something goes wrong, I never know if it’s another facelie. My family, my loved ones, they were turned on me by the power of the Beatles.

Q. You have significant differences with Sarah Palin. Would you care to detail them?

A. The Democrats have compromised away American History to the point when truly corrupt and dangerous human beings like Palin make sense to the New Confederacy.

Palin wants a Fortress America, for the beautiful people.

I see America as a Guerrilla Peace Corps. I don’t think the Third World should have to be solicitous towards us, much less afraid. They have a right to be angry when we don’t go all out to rescue them, and treat them as unwanted passengers on Spaceship Earth.

Q. Yet you often speak admiringly of Ayn Rand. Isn’t that the cold heart of her movement?

A. I see that side of things. The character Howard Roark made sense to me. He was a very good architect, almost a simpleton because driven to work at what he loved. His idea of sex, by the way, is not my own. Had it been, they would have ass raped me through and through by now. But Roark is only one side of Ayn Rand. He never hurt anybody. The idea of using John Lennon and saying, “Let’s molest James Crary because John Lennon is better” has nothing to do with someone like Lennon or Roark. It’s a preposterous and base British Labor distortion.

Ayn Rand did not use her pussywhip mentality on neurotrauma torture victims of comprachios mutilation, ever, nor would she have.

Q. What is your opinion about the Red Scare? Doesn’t your idea of Guerrilla Peace Corps prove you a genetic car thief and friend of murderers?

A. The Red Scare is an absolutely marvelous fascist practical joke. Thinking about things like the House Un-America Affairs Committee is like playing tennis alone against a wall, it amuses me to exhaustion.

Little Jimmy was a tongue-tied, trauma bound, badly brutalized, semi-comatonic, pre-lingual, mysteriously deaf, subjection, neurobedient victim of torture who wouldn’t have had the strength of character or will to shoplift a 35 cent Archie Bunker for President pin. Somehow, in the heat of trauma, trying to prove himself, he got himself to lift that pin and hit Jeff Weiner. That was the proof of character that Pittsburgh was after for approval in the SKOOL he was in, like the day he climbed a tree to escape Andrea Swimmer and David Coles, Michael Ewart, Doug Hunter and Andrea catcalled and jeered him that he was chickenly.

You will notice from the AIDS inscriptions that it was part of the Automobile Lobby, the Naziism of Henry Ford, re-writing American History. Obama was the Feel Good Black Nazi, take AIDS with a grain of salt guy.

Q. You say he was?

A. What good is he to anybody now? I’ve exposed him for his charade and Palin would kick his ass for doing the right thing by defecting. He can pull some more longknive routines and gain some cred, but his future ended with the Bailout.

Everybody wanted Obama to show the courage of Lincoln and say with sanguine wisdom and gritted teeth, “We’re not bailing you out.” Everybody. Even the auto-lobby. It was a situation that was sort of the inversion of Seattle and Paris under Reagan, where all the Lefties were going, “Hit us, daddy, hit us, we want to bleed. We deserve it, in our hearts we know we do.”


January 12th, 2011, 02:13 PM

His idea of sex, by the way, is not my own. Had it been, they would have ass raped me through and through by now. But Roark is only one side of Ayn Rand. He never hurt anybody

Q. Isn’t this a contradiction?
A. Yes, except that Dominique Francon did not think so.

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January 12th, 2011, 04:20 PM

Q. You don’t seem as traumatized by the idea that Will Zell Broome enjoys the support and empowerment of Midori Goto as you did before. What has changed? Have you given up?

A. No, not at all, I just cannot see how David Bowie’s explanation can carry any weight. Zell was in Robert Fripp’s Gurdjieff Cult and Fripp is Bowie’s guitarist.

The idea behind Will Zell depended on many people being in the dark about a whole roster of issues that have come to light, including me.

Much of the disputation came about during the Fundamentalist hysteria of the stigmata boom, which we now know was orchestrated in the hopes of churning out dissidence like the carrot tape implant. A reverend wrote me from Curwensville and said he was going to beat me up when I said something snotty about the film Night of the Hunter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X20XIg38GcE

Interestingly, a bordello showed up on Wenzell Street.

The case in question, for euthanasia of the Walrus and systemic abortion of liberals is precedented in Buck vs. Bell http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buck_v._Bell

What the Graham Family did was induct little Jimmy with De De at the tender age of twelve, he turned 13, so that heavy sex in life predated the impacted neuroplasm. Obviously the triggers in cyberporn while looking at gorgeous bodies, the pop-ups of children and animals, would lead to heavy breathing for the simple reason that it triggers an automatic cut off switch and then when the stalking formations remind you of that trigger, they are playing it upside down, so that I breath heavy faced the fact that the murderers who tortured me brutally beginning in gradeschool are achieving jurisdiction to do it again or something worse.

Q. But that all makes Zell saleable as the Imperial Wizard protecting virgin Leslie. Lezzel and the Lapis Lazuli.

A. Bowie is in this for kicks. He once wrote a song, Let the child use it let the children lose it let all the children boogie There is also a novel by Vladimir Nabokov called Lolita that has given generations of wry perverts pleasure depicting a man in love with a little girl. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lolita There is reason to believe Nabokov helped Reagan.

But the point is that Reagan’s trickiness have given the ideological power to the Graham claque. You have a little boy molested very badly, and nobody looks at the picture of little Jimmy because they say that isn’t relevant. They claim that the brain inside the Walrus that grew into the satanic mocker of authority is all that matters. They claim they proved their case by demonically possessing me with what they say was the wish to date rape Leslie Katz.

Which is silly, since I had many chances and passed them up. My letter was in opposition to the criminal experiment, but that never mattered because they kept working it to create a public presumption against sex, like when Mary Steiner seduced me at Bard College and Gabriel created a terroristic fear of being tortured again and said it proved me guilty of having hurt her. Everyone denies it because it is ridiculous, but that’s not the point, Gabriel wanted to assassinate me with HIV as a model student for other victims to follow so he had to make up his REM claim. It’s impossible to disprove, like somebody making a typo under pressure during a test. So ideology weighs in for such a witch test. Reagan using Lennon.

Q. But that still sounds like a psychiatric malpractice issue, not proof that AIDS is manmade.

A. Especially in light of the sex with teenagers claim.

I told Phoebe Fang that she would have to get permission from the Sheriff to go out with me. The very young girls in Chinatown who are beautiful, like Ricky’s daughter, the tough, young violinist who Guardian Unlimited got to aggressively flirt with me and the two chicks from Noch Lan are so fetching at their age that it is easy to see how Nancy Reagan looked at Midori Goto and Leslie Katz at birth and said, “We can start a war with these pigs.”

The point of course is to make me the issue, not the crime itself. Obviously there is no chance that I would fondle or sexually harass young girls, but by triggering the respiratory dimension of the neuroplasm they can freak out stupids.

Q. Wouldn’t you like to make love?

A. It would do me good, of course, even Mark David Chapman has conjugal visits. I was kept alone for my normal procreative years by the impingement of this criminally insane infamy.

Q. All the same it sounds like a soap opera that you stumbled into, not one that was manufactured.

A. Not really. The truth is that these people were named in the script. The real goal is to redepict the face of America were the Irish pioneer is seen as a lousy and to use me that way so that the predicate of Rev. Wright, that AIDS was an attack on Black people, can obscure by hypnography the fact that Bush knew Black people would be so obsessed with The Presidency and Midori Goto that they would accept symbolic victory rather than warn the public. The whole idea is to get people to accept that AIDS is manmade while getting them to deny it. (We know in secret it’s justified, but we will say we don’t believe it). Black people were in the central planning division. A large Indian cult were as well. It is a coalition. The AIDS Combine is a rainbow coalition and my role is to play racial scapegoat.

Q. But if their counter claims cancel all that out, they can get away with just that.

A. It’s used to bother me, but not with other facts on the table, like the visibility of the neuroplasm which makes obvious that I was tortured.

The more important thing than the brazen logic of Two Virgins Pussyball having been planned is what I learned looking over Victor FrankL. I knew that 911 had been the Iran-Contra people behind Mt. Desert Island and that Peter Gabriel’s alibi didn’t hold up, because Zell was talking about a scheme to transform the human race by injecting the blood when I knew him in Arts School before AIDS happened. Accordingly, I pondered what the octopus reaching up to swallow me and say that noblese oblige was involved in taking me a souvenir to hell. It was obviously prior planning.

Looking over FrankL and Burstyn, her talk about being on the front made obvious that the objective was to wield the AIDS victims as a fifth column. That explained how the operation of voodoo psychology, getting AIDS victims to cheer 911 as being their Revolution No. 9, a tribute to them, Logo-Therapy in the words of Victor FrankL, came into birth. They were cheering the destructiveness of those who released HIV.

So I developed a theory and profile about Queerbasque, that stated in the backlog of threads in Eggnog Corner that a team of Gay militants, possibly in the holocaust community, had directed the Act-Up forces and that most of the Act-Up Gays did not realize it and were in denial and were going to be difficult to convince.

That is when I finally looked at the Lennon research, something I did not want to do and the developers of which are probably not on the level, but there behold was Sean Strub.

The I am He as You are He name game that Reagan used, torturing me with men named Ronnie and Caspar, like Reagan and Weinberger, the text of the scroll MARK MARK, like Mark Twain, my mother’s marriage to John L., the loops of name gaming in the Walrus crime, JAMES JAMES (K and C) the use of names to signify viral replication is present in SEAN SEAN and Double Fantasy. And there was Sean Strub at the Dakota with Mark David Chapman, photographed and ready to be promoted by Yoko Ono and her Two Virgins War Game, a reverse “Manhattan Project” with Alias Little Boy.

911 and the rape of deaf Jeannie are supposed to signify world’s end mercy by this cult.

Strub, of course is like Strobe, the flash and Burstyn BurstStrub NY, same letters and that.

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January 13th, 2011, 09:17 AM

As some of my readers may have noted, I am suffering a sudden loss of health and I consider it a female-originated hate crime. The prilosec withered me, leading to intestinal malabsorption that I have not recovered from since going off, obviously having worsened my old acid reflux condition, which has never really be investigated as to its cause. Result, worse reflux, slightly sore throat, even a little coughing from the attempt to readjust. Due to cutbacks I cannot secure the prescription that isn’t covered by the medical program at present, and I may have to go back in for further tests. What offends me about such activity is that after having had so much fun and refusing to learn how to communicate with the deaf, women used and discarded me and then made up bogus allegations just to get rid of me because how they treated me made them look so bad.

To have aimed right at my pancreas (which is how my father died) that way when they know how afraid I am for it from years of coffee overdose be shameful. Shame on Dr. Tran.

Across the board people should look out for men like Tom Ridge. Pennsylvania is a real horror story and people who have read me and wonder what all I have been through need to keep in mind you have known me ten years and that I stand by my testimony. The underworld and their militias have tried to make this hard for me most recently by the massacre in Arizona. When Reagan sent me the AIDS letters in 1974 he fully intended to take repossession of them and to blame me, a sleight of hand equal in gumption to having me in D.C. and waving to me the night before he staged an assassination attempt on himself, super-Hollywood style. Not the John-on-James brain damage pattern, significant because of the dispute about whether Jimmy was imitating Lennon in childhood.

The East End of Pittsburgh, Judge Guido and Rick Santorum’s chronic’ing that they are going to put me in prison for violating the unwritten Brady Statute against reporting what happened, is a very goofy film noir episoding characteristic of Keystone Cops when they play dumb, but in looking at the phenomenology of Eno and Obamanegger, keeping in mind my next door neighbor was the grand master Paul Colaizzo, recall that the night I was framed for armed robbery they showed me a photo of Ronnie Zzzsinski and demanded I declare it looked like me, all a real tribute to Reagan’s Hollywood political plastic reality and the hidden story of corruption in an outrageous prison system nationwide. Unlike Vince Eirene, because I am deaf, I cannot take the Martin Luther King approach to non-violent confrontation with authority. Instead, I have tried to sicken police at themselves by including my locals writing which outrages parents regarding our bastardized approach to teen crisis and asked the young ones to report their names appearing to police so police can no longer hangdog and pretend they aren’t reading me, and watching.

I do not do this to endanger anyone. I do this to call attention to the terrible danger that faces us all and the magnitude of the torture and sadism towards me that authorities have ignored.

I symbolize what Obamanegger feels is the justice of the AIDS attack. Pennsylvania’s terribly corrupt militias put a lot of zing into this group project. I consider myself crazy in the normal way Americans are crazy and conspicuously am trying to snap out of it, resulting in mega-resentment. Obama’s “justified sex trafficking” explanation for Mt. Desert Island is a whitewash covering up what may have been an incidence of sacrilegious infant homocide by my tormentors at Temple University in Philadelphia, a city known for extreme voodoo crime (although much admired by Reagan). Michael Reagan should prepare himself for defeat in the Great Taliban Witch Trial. When I wrote King Crimson in 1983, identifying myself as “Ghost in From Treblinka” (yes, I also wrote my name) they should have been realistic about how serious this meant what already happened to me had been, long, long before I identified the evidence they coveted as a production draft.

There is in fact someone in my background who passingly resembles what Jared Lee Loughner must have seemed like to people before he went berzerk named Brent Coldiron in Toledo, Ohio. I had a photo of him and Adam Eisenstat in the basement of 3549 Beechwood Blvd. with a saw Saul Brecher gave me for helping him do heavy lifting for a week. It was next to a mural of an atomic blast spraypainted by Steve Gibson in the basement of a house where Parvaneh Torkamani lived as well as did Deb Billings and Tom O’Connor. Ming Na Wen once visited my room. She seemed a very special person at the time.

The letter Coldiron keeps in his safe identified me in the extreme as a wus; the anima art object of androygyny hypnosis by Tami Simon created by Bush and Margaret Simons that they might feast their eyes upon. He asked me, “What did I do to deserve this?’ Something I heard again from a South African mercenary named James who spoke of being on “40 exterminations” in the days before 911 at the Downtown Emergency Services Center. In those days it was a real tubucular campsite, and he said, indicating all those strange people under hypnosis and the few Michael Jackson robots trolling, “You want a story? Here it is.” He also spoke of throwing someone off an airplane. I now see the Nostradamus business in popular media as a domestic military propaganda for what Santorum plans as he sneaks up on the Presidency.

Q. What do you think induces the somnambulism of the body politic towards this strange case? The way people see 911 through a glass darkly, Judges calling proof of AIDS being manmade “outside their jurisdiction” and the known cult running between crimes like The Blue House and Oklahoma Federal? Why do they yawn and go, “Nothing is real”?

A. I’m not sure, but I’ve tried to get my mind around that problem. First, I think people have a reaction formation, oh, no, don’t make me think this one through, I prefer not to know, I can’t go that road. It would make me Jimmuh Queebutt. Then, there’s this parochial jig that political action groups do, wahhing like babies, “we don’t have to listen to you! We’re a big group all our own. Better look out, too!” Last and least, but probably most deadly, is Sir Paul McCartney, snuffing, “I see no money in it,” and “I don’t think so.”

Q. So the world just turns.

A. Go vote Obama. Now Big P.C. is Watching You.

Big P.C.
Is Watching You

Q. Why did The Stranger, despite your blog for three years, say that Reagan was really shot in the same pages that they denounced Palin but remained silent about Eirene, Tantliger, Cameron Brown and Dr. Tran?

A. Paul Constant wrote that rubbish because The Stranger is a mouthpiece for Sean Strub and Shannon Harps-killing Queerbasque. Their level of objectivity doesn’t even rival Tass. People who believe Reagan was really shot should work at Pravda. The Stranger is a Queerbasque Pravda dumbzine.

Paul Constant, Paul Knag at CMU and Paul McCartney all hail from adopt of Reagan as victim. Hitler loved symbolic victories. That is why he asked the French to surrender exactly where the Vichy Treaty was signed. Ono wants Apology from Little Boy. They call it a turnaround system. It will bring absolute, final call gloat to the AIDS Combeine. Ono has victim support because infection is a fait accompli and Shinto is pragmatically suited to the spiritualism involved. A kinder, gentler way in many case than the Zylon Beat.

Because McCartney, in greed, raped a retarded girl and murdered a poet in violation of every platitude such people spout about the rights of others and tortured a very creative person who came to them in Emergency condition with very helpful information, and he did so to wire up the claim that Reagan was a victim, in other words to permanently cement plastic reality, this murderer has gone so far as to demand an accelerated deathbed statement so he can claim he wasn’t sure if I was telling the truth about Zell. This is the very sad sour grapes you end up with from a twisted, disingenuous, leering psychopath like Vaclav Havel, McCartney’s Nobellaureate pimp.

It my premature death is how it turns out, here is why.

At the age of 15, I was in severe trauma from torture. We moved and I fell into the hands of vicious adults who kept from me that they knew I had been tortured. Since I was tortured at a prelingual, prepubescent age saying I was 15 is meaningless speech. I was more like nine or ten still, being led on by adults telling me to swallow this and drink that so I would be a better musician, while blaring me at unbelievable volumes. Nixon was in power. I had traumatic alexytemia, a condition one in 100 Seattle psychiatrists can even identify in a multiple choice set of five.

Children in trouble fall under the power. It is what McCartney sees in the AIDS market. They’ll be going wild, he dig it a special show just for us, and I got to carry Split Lips’ guitar!!

I think in terms of the legacy of American educators and poets, King Crimson have already consigned themselves to the land of absolute scum. Given the choice I’d rather you murder me than comply.

I’m very sick today. These shameless, child-trafficking pimps, Fripp and Santorum, are very warped. I protested the AIDS Plot, therefore, they claim, I am a pedophile and date rapist.


January 13th, 2011, 10:16 AM

Q. …
A. I got out into the battlefield. I saw what they were doing. In the process I became “The Walrus”, how could that not have been planned. And the very same people who staged the phony intercept were behind Kelly School.

You can look at Bruce Carter behind Jared Loughner, in my humble opinion.

Are you saying that AIDS was justified? Or are you saying you just cooperated for the show?


January 13th, 2011, 11:08 AM

Q. Why do you think ICHS Administration was ordered to attack your gizard?
A. Vitamin D. The deficiency was deliberate because the London Taliban psychodrome are determined to milk me for art and writing to compense themselves in convenience the murder of Lennon.

I sent all that art to Francie Dee recall.

Q. How bad is it?
A. We do not authenically know that yet. Luke’s Pharmacy is owned by an Indian man, so it is possible, Luke’s, is in fact part of the combine, not the workers, per se, but the machine, and the macabre Louis attack may have a sniper towards me in Chinatown. Hardly surprising, given Ming Wen’s role from Second Avenue in Pishburg.

Much of my art and work disappeared from my computer, email, as well. I’d probably get it back if I comply with APOLGEE.

Q. What about Cynthia Lennon attacking ICHS and making it look provoked by you?

A. I thought King County had risk management people who could confront me in public. This is a public blog space. If ICHS want to counter they can say something.

Q. Nobody reads you.

A. I have requested the Police Monitor this website. Their refusal speaks to gross County negligence.


January 13th, 2011, 11:11 AM

Q. Do you think that would mean seeing Midori again?
A. Havel’s sadism is legend. He is an evil, horror human being. This should never have been allowed.


January 13th, 2011, 11:13 AM

Play it again SAM, just once, for old time’s sake…


January 13th, 2011, 11:26 AM

Q. So Pitt impacted LES, the cause of the reflux, as a karmatic Taliban about Leslie Katz!
A. Right and then finished me off after porno-research with…

just like n’your daddah.

Q. Did you notice that the new Oxford Atlas of the United States marks all of the Capitols with a Star of David?

A. No. Is that supposed to mean something? Are you implying something? Fuck you!@

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January 13th, 2011, 02:40 PM

The dispute between James MacRyland Crary and Ronald Reagan was set up to end in a partnership that collapsed under the weight of the evidence that Reagan was guilty of many crimes, not least the rape of my girlfriend. The Taliban, a British Labor culture, working with Pittsburgh, conflict processed this as a dispute where the powerful people accused constitute a Judge and Jury in Peter Gabriel’s head.

For many years, and often now, I am entirely disallowed the right to think carefully about what happened, because they claim an interrogation right to abuse me in pursuit of buried conscious reflexes that they claim supports Lewis Lapham’s cowardly accusation that Jimmy Crary was using drugs and that is why he failed to warn people about the myserious letters of Gail Burstyn, who came over as an Allderdice High School “pseudo-intellectual” of which there were quite a few, sometimes popular, often marginalized, who ended up at Oberlin, instead of Yale. Burstyn was only twelve years old. She ended up at Bryn Mawr.

I didn’t. I was tortured as a child.

I was given no fair impartial judge and hearing.

The consequence is that some people are in the predicament that they have to solve of being implicated in serious allegations that are known to incite vigilantees. Not least the cruelest thing was being forced to divulge the name and whereabouts of my niece before a gun crime crowd that may have deliberately taken out a nine year old born on 911.

This is insanity. All of the people named have a right to be informed that they were named and to refute what I have said. If I am sure of my grounds I will present my reasons. If I wrong I will certainly read their side. If I am right I will stand by my comments and judgements.

That’s how it should be when the legal system breaks down as it has in this matter. But I feel strongly that everyone should be aware that AIDS is manmade, the case proves it was Reagan and that everyone should be very wary of Queerbasque, a concoction created in distortion by the crime team, often preying on my mental injuries and inflicting them to destroy my credibility, leading to fears for my life and my own view that authorities have forced me to recklessly endanger others.

This situation cannot right now be changed. I ask people to inform whose names are in this blog and to demand restraint pursuant AIDS Nuremberg. All those named will agree that AIDS being manmade is an outrage and that the case should be heard. If they are innocent they will want vindication. If they are guilty they may seek me out. It will cripple your case, as surely as cripple me if you shoot me in the back. I am an American.

One of the reasons I think people enjoy and want to hear from me is that I am a Continuititarian. I see what we have been through and understand some of the changes we have made.

I wish no harm to befall anyone because of this blog. I am trying to persuade law enforcement to commence a fair trial and AIDS Nuremberg. That is all. If you want to contradict my statements, go ahead and put your words in the blog. Most readers will give them equal weight.

The only person who manifestly won’t is the Taliban. That must be stopped.


January 13th, 2011, 02:45 PM

Q. I’ve noted your temper and the way you lash out at people who haven’t hurt you and who mean you well. Is that proper conduct?

A. Is abusing me constantly as a County culture? I just want to be alive among people in a Commonwealth. I’m trying to stop an atrocity from getting completely impossible for anyone everywhere.

You’d think people would care a little bit about that, and see the points I have made as legitimate and reasonable.

Q. Are you persecuting people?

A. No, I’m not trying to persecute anyone. I’m a victim of torture and serial abuse by what appears to be the true authors of the crime, throwing it in my face for gain and punishing me without legal merits on the strength of false witness and bias, because they got away with pretending that they are the victims.


January 13th, 2011, 02:46 PM

Peter Gabriel should not have done this to me, but when you start bitching and crying about your name in Eggnog Corner, kindly note that Peter Gabriel decreed: WEAR YOUR INSIDE OUT and when I so much as delete a sentence I get accused of hiding from the persecution.


January 13th, 2011, 02:50 PM

Q. Are you trying to incite misconduct towards those names?

A. Absolutely not. I just want proper legal review and fair play for the accused. Why would anyone want to come to conclusions about this case out of court? It’s an obscene and terrible allegation: AIDS is manmade.

I have made it on the basis of the evidence, that’s all. The people who I have spoken of most stridently can step forward and challenge me legally. I’m not hiding my head.

I refuse to make this a civil war. I want AIDS Nuremberg commenced, not vigilanteeism.

Peter Gabriel’s Taliban has been so absurdly vigilantee that they literally cannot get it through their heads that I was forced into this position not by my research and detective work, but by their violence towards innocent people and the Legal System’s REFUSAL to function properly.

I want Justice for the AIDS Victims through legal processes. I do not believe the people named in Eggnog Corner are made safer by their names appearing, despite Gabriel’s ENFORCEMENT of his anti-security claim that they are made safer. From him. Who hates security. And will kill innocent people as he sees fit.

I’m sorry for you to have been accused. I hope you are innocent, but some of you I know are not.

Reagan is one of them.

Mark Driscoll

January 17th, 2011, 05:09 PM

I didn’t. I was tortured as a child.

The only person who manifestly won’t is the Taliban. That must be stopped.

You are the Taliban.


January 17th, 2011, 05:17 PM

I am being used by the Taliban. It’s an impacted neurotrauma military strategem for brainwash and propaganda.


January 17th, 2011, 06:06 PM

You are the Taliban.Go suck a dick, Driscoll. You know you want to.


February 2nd, 2011, 10:58 AM

Eggnog Corner makes all due attempts to maintain Institutional quality control over discourse and although I am not responsible for the pedestrian outbursts of the attending, I do caution those who visit that a very unstable, hostile and bitter environment, inundated with understandable emotion, attends the concerns I have raised.

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Version : Chatterboxes


January 13th, 2011, 04:06 PM

The world is divided about sex. Abortion was used very cynically by Gail Burstyn. The Porno Industry used abortion very cynically in the AIDS Onslaught. This is not the place to resolve that. I believe in American pursuit of happiness and civil liberties and have never obstructed the HIV positive, only pursued justice on their behalf.

AIDS, a crime, came signed “Gail Burstyn”. I repudiate my name being on it.

There was a pile on initiated by Lewis Lapham. Locally, as a local thuggee of the Harlem Politboro, Aaron Dixon has promoted using me without my consent.

After all of this obstruction, it’s not my place to change.

The Refugee Women’s Alliance has interesting and good people working on the problem of human trafficking. I don’t see an equation between adult cinema and human trafficking, I see cultural blindfolds, people not being fair, refusing to understand, and some of this is cynical manipulation by the Combine itself.

I won’t comply with Obama’s United Nations nonsense about either stopping porno or condemning myself to being subject to unending abuses as though I am a guilty party when I am not. That arrangement comes from the AIDS Combine and I have never and do not see the justice of it, only the obstruction.

Accordingly, I refute the hostage I was taken into as a child, and continue to live normally as a human being.


January 13th, 2011, 04:07 PM

Q. Aren’t you supporting the AIDS Combine when you support the Pornography industry?

A. Not in principle is the point. There is much to be resolved in several industries, not least the pharmaceutical, by AIDS Nuremberg.

Q. England wants blackout on recreation during war.

A. England promotes the guilty in this matter.

Version : Love Thy Neighbor


January 13th, 2011, 08:24 PM

In an apocalyptic day, fate itself calls the bluff ~ Herbert Agar

A social order without a moral purpose fails to sustain life ~ Herbert Agar

Not doing ourselves justice is the same as yielding to barbarism ~ Herbert Agar, paraphrased

We make a decision by refusing to decide ~ Herbert Agar

Those who are called upon to live in a day of terror must learn to accept high seriousness much of the time ~ Herbert Agar.

In a revolt against civilization itself, victory cannot be made until civilization is re-vitalized. This demands that we work out a faith which all men can understand and which most men accept. Only with that final weapon in our hands can the powers of darkness be beaten ~ Herbert Agar

Justice and Kindness must be passionately desired ~ Herbert Agar

The friendliness of America is inclusive belonging to the community, and what the rich often miss ~ Agar, para.

There is no shop in which victory is sold. It is won in anguish and terror and in disregard of all market calculation, or it is lost in the councils of the counting room ~ Herbert Agar.

If we keep awake in this tempestuous world of life we shall find that the awe-inspiring is more frequent than the so-called commonplace ~ Herbert Agar.

Herbert Agar wrote these quotes in 1942 for A Time for Greatness (including a chapter titled: Equality ~ Our Explosive Idea) He was the Editor of The Southern Review

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Version : Hitlerbasque


January 14th, 2011, 08:15 AM

This week I decide to stay in Seattle to fulfill my commitment to Film Project 2011. I was reluctant, since staying means another year of dealing with treacherous blockheads, I’m against it, but it’s easier to stay than leave and leaving right now means relocating somewhere just as ridiculous or worse, since at least I’ve secured semiotic evidence about Reagan that needs to be entered into record. My decision to sign a lease is not to be construed as an endorsement of the an English and Aaron Dixon’s claim of an obligation to die by AIDS. I repudiate this judgement and its suspicious purpose. Their vehicle for deception in the failure to warn. It is also their violent legend in the hypocritical pussyball war on sex they unleashed full-knowingly, or adopted in twisted, mercenary amuse, with no concern for honesty in government, or the rights of the people. Ego that maniacal need not be credited.

Martial Vietnamese participated in this conscription to slave-deathing. The Vietnamese are spiritualists, who got wise to the hippies when Reagan shot Martin Luther King and took his dream for their duty call. They resolved that their experience with death would empower them to lead a plague mass, a lobby of high voltage entertainment, shock and impact statements. This should have been halted immediately and the public warned. Pittsburgh and Peter Gabriel will bark and they will bray, but history has found them out forever. The minute this was discovered a loud cry, “NO CONFEDERACY ~ SAVE THE AT RISK! ~ ABOMINATION” should have been the headlines. Even now many of the young are condemned not even knowing what AIDS is at all, much less how we were all used by the noblese oblige of savages.

Peter Gabriel is no hippy warrior. He is a Nazi assassin and brutal, despicable revolutionary, giving Obama’s crocodile tears about the murders in Arizona (calculated to befuddle as to their meaning like a pastiche of false symbols) the air of a mafioso and his false consolations. His push for war is an attempt to use me and by using me violate every charter in America against unnatural Draft.

In Film Project 2011, I will be gathering the semiotic information for presentation in Eggnog Corner. It will show, among other things, Yoko Ono’s pre-meditation and that the morally disturbed sign language of Cirque de Imbecile (a swastika alliance with Operation Rescue between Franklin Graham and Diamonda Galas) appears in 1970’s Japanese Roman Pink film, completely voiding forever the libelous claim that Jimmy Crary could have stopped them or bears some blame. Dexter King was not interested in 1984 when the evil hour was upon us! He would have crooked his face a thousand sideways in 1975. The films have passages like a girl crying like little Jimmy, in his immistakable bawl, then smiling deviously and exhibiting the hair part, signifying, you got the part, in Arnoldspeak. The hair part appears in other films, at the very end, in fact, of one as the very last statement of the issue.

Aaron Dixon is not fighting the AIDS Combine. Seattle Police would do well to cast down their buckets where they are. Vince Eirene, another street hoodie from the precincts overly admired by Vaclav Havel who mistakes faceliars for his own hooligans in Czech Nation, managed to work out a brilliant complicity with Police by shaking hands with Reagan over Jimmy Curary. Dixon will try the same, make no mistake of it. Siding with bullies always looks more attractive in the face of bribes and the aftermath of violence. Dixon and Obama are not fighting the AIDS Combine. They are struggling to keep their egos afloat and to use me as an advocate of the AIDS Combein’s social program. They see AIDS as a Third World and United Nations survivalist and mercenary program, as a fait accompli, as a seal of fate.

What I did was not mislead that I would die with AIDS victims in a Victor FrankL skool that heists our right to privacy, dignity and the peace and safety of our schools, all of which were trashed and bombed by Chuck Watts in Pittsburgh and Ringo Starr’s Pink Floyd fly guild, the Jeannie rapers, now under investigation for ritual infant homocide, who Christine Gregoire loveslaves and wetpetter’d. What I did was throw myself into the battlefield as a fact-finding reporter, while jack off Yousou N’dour yammered from the Ivory Tower. Dixon, N’dour and Obama don’t have race righteousness in their blood at all, they have fairy tales sold from a nest of satanists working for Hitler. They see AIDS as a Third World survivalist and mercenary program.

Ono’s demand for Apology has been upgraded to a demand to Apology to supporting Mansons, Jimmy mutilaters, that include a couple suspected of infant homocide who may have committed other murders or dire acts, involved in a network of war, one of whom lived in El Salvador during its most piteous days. My purpose is hardly to lord over a vainglorious, sadistic Seattle suicide cult but rather to gather and process information including information about such issues as Mike McGinn’s role in the murder of Shannon Harps and how this suicide cult was premeditated and used as an excuse by the an English rabids to keep you in the dark and foreclose, cheat you of our run world’s multiplicities. It is one thing to behave responsibly, entirely another to be complicit. First, do no harm.

The aggressor lobby will say that a deaf, impaired person in Section 8, simply doing their study and digesting the news (however difficult that may be these days) under attack by the unforgivable syphillitic Ringo Starr, is shirking. Shirking? I work twice as hard as you for nothing. Sarah Palin is the shirker. An old devilress of conspicuous consumption arriving again for a new round of gluttony and bailouts bought in foreign tyranny and mob think as we become a Mafiotic nation, driven by the Christian Hitlerism of Thos. Harkin and Death Valley Days.

The stupidity, violence and sadism of Seattle, Washington is so bad they are suspected of being the origin of Reagan’s plan itself. How did Circle of Friends know that Deidre Austin gave me a picture of a girl on cardboard and what does that say about the word Pratt scrawled on my drawings in first grade back in 1967 when I was a child in Pittsburgh? Between Palin and Dixon there is one common ground: contempt for the public’s right to know, terror of the truth about Reagan, and weaselry, all boiling down to sacrificialism towards someone who told the truth when they dared not, an object of their murderous identity crime. In a word, they are both Confederates.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether I am here or not, parents and teachers must see through the translucent mirage of the Pussyball/Queerbasque/Operation: Rescue charade that is the Central Intelligence Agency’s most sordid hour and into its source: Ronald Reagan. Stop letting pity for Gays prevent you from understanding that they betrayed us.

Having been sent letters against my will and forced to understand them through ordeal and krieg does not mean guilt or surrender to them. It means an obligation to disseminate and refute them, investigate and denounce. The enemy is Ringo Starr who thinks he has the right to impinge you into his hideous, gloomy mortal coil and dictate how you will see it and think of it and feel, violating your name, your freedom of association and recruiting you to his despicable, infant of pain mindset. What possible Body Politic can you hope to achieve braying that the rape of a retarded girl is liberty leading the people, a flag that you tore from nothing, the epitome of true spiritual non-violence? What the fuck is wrong with you?

Ringo had this all planned. Eviction from the Earth by Imperial Warlords who the Beatles, their last hope, emboldened to make good one last gasp from Mountbatten, now in the mask of perilous Bobby Jindhal. Keep in mind that while Yoko Ono fumes, I am, in reality, a victim of horror torture hate crime, mutilation in childhood, who never has lived outside of poverty. Yoko Ono is criminally insane. It is suicide to follow Temple University and their lead at the Harlem Politboro. Gail Burstyn and Yoko Ono symbolize nothing but spite for America and the human race.

The fault is Lewis Lapham’s and naturally he projects on little Jimmy Queebait the sins of John Lennon. John Lennon did drugs as a knowing adult, therefore Jimmuh Queebait wasn’t tortured and made a white slave. The claims of the Lennon Estate are dismissed on the strength of their own reasoning. If Jimmy was imitating Lennon as a role model then Lennon is responsible for any failure to understand resulting. A stupid fucking outcome from Bill Clinton’s United Fruit, Incorporated. It is a high service rendered by Clinton to the criminally insane.

Christine Gregoire’s little fable about jealous Jimmee and Julie Sellers with her Nora Weinhold busybox is a Hollywood personality change crime authored by predator pedophiles in U.S. Military psychiatry. FUCK OFF AND SHOOT ME GREGOIRE. These psychiatric lackeys of Adolf Hitler incarnate want to mandate illegal Draft into a fait accompli. Gregoire is an actress and misadventurer too trembling in her garters about the fate of Gabrielle Giffords to take on Obamanegger and push for AIDS Nuremberg.

Do not support these cowardly turncoats. First, do no harm.

If AIDS victims want war, give it to them. They’ve promoted Hitler long enough and got their jollies. Enough. Don’t let the babykillers of Mt. Desert Island fool you, too or call themselves victims again.

I’m not going to kill myself to titillate Yoko Ono with her study in the 47 Ronin so that Reagan-kissing stupid fuckers like Sarah Palin and commie-arsonists like Aaron Dixon can sell my name as a spoils. Not after what they pulled, Carrot Nazi pigs.


No Confederacy. No bondage to the KC Swastika. No Apology to HITLERBASQUE.


January 14th, 2011, 08:18 AM

such issues as Mike McGinn’s role in the murder of Shannon Harps

Q. Is there evidence for this?

A. Significant and compelling.

Q. How do you think your deafness and personality affect your ability to socialize?

A. Much socialization is involuntary and economic, shopping is a good example. Almost all sign language is paraphrasing; likewise socializing when deaf with those who can hear, a predator group when it comes to the deaf, is para-socializing. Initiative is what isn’t the same.

Q. How are your bowels? Will you return to Dr. Tran?

A. Improving. Probably. I don’t doubt the professionalism of the UW Team, just their judgement and sources for information, so I operate without backup, in a situation heapist with fraud.

Q. Do you still do obeisance in the crook of a sitar king?

A. Modern Fireproof BUSH HOTEL Low Rates is across the street from my old window Hotel American 50 cents rooms. I’m half a man, remember?

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Version : India Varmit


January 14th, 2011, 09:50 AM

Q. What did you think of the India gal who looked at the tip of an umbrella, then at a black man with skin cancer and then at you on the bus today?

A. Very cute.

Q. You recently accused Real Change Newspaper of bullying you on behalf of murderers who secured a child of yours, took it to the woods, ritually murdered and buried it and then clocked revelation to the massacre in Arizona.

A. Bullying? Is that what you call homocidal mutilation, holocaustal torture, rape and murder, stalking and ritual abuse? Bullying? It was not just the infant homocide, if that proves true, it is under investigation. The Warhol Clique, Midori Goto, were doing this intentionally and consciously with malice aforethought with foetuses they sucked from me after pummelling me into neurobedience in Reagan’s production of Ono’s I am the Walrus screed.

Q. They made a pitch for the deaf and scorned Seattle Police this week.

A. Seattle is the most progressive city, by its own claim at least, in America, it is the Mecca and Paris of Liberal Intellectual Youth on the West Coast, yet it takes its brain-damaged orders from Brooklyn about things the fascists there no absolutely nothing about. This city has not one doctor who knows the difference between late deafened adults and born deaf teenagers, not one social worker who can tell you the difference between ASL and pidgin. Not one magistrate on the bench has ever heard of real-time captioning or is able to knowledgably question the interpretation skills of ASL readers dealing with pidgin, and yet, every single unit I have named, without exception, including Police WANT TO KNOW these matters. Every public employee wants to know why there is not a public TTY in City Hall. They all want to know how to use a TTY. This is negligence, not spiritual detachment from the issue. They are all good people.

Real Change may in fact be the exception to the rule. They pounced on this issus because they could USE IT to attack the police about the death of John T. Williams. It is gross and easily voided flight by night attention to an issue that they would not want brought to their offices as a social concern about their own behavior towards, for example, me. Ever.

So it’s not just hypocrisy, it’s Goebbelian opportunism.

They want to stoke irrational hysteria towards the police, and to dehumanize them, when many police are more commited to public safety and human rights than Real Change are.

Q. What’s your opinion about the murder of John T. Williams?

A. A crying shame. He was a loveable, decent street kid. It was some berzerker unloading. I don’t believe that John T. Williams offered any sort of credible attack. A man like that would be able to fight John T. Williams with a knife completely unarmed and without the slightest increase in his pulse rate.

An absurd act. Murder.


January 14th, 2011, 09:56 AM

Q. Do you have any criticism of the sad sack Reagan lackeys on the Police?

A. You mean their brutal protection of Jeannie-raping murderers commiting infant homocide on behalf of the AIDS Combine? You mean their Clinton-headed demand for Apology in the name of JFK to Adolf Hitler? You mean their obsene believe, shared by Real Change Newspaper, that RINGO STARR JUST IS and that Pink Floyd is their Messiah?

They tortured and poisoned me. I’m peeing out of my asshole and can’t digest food, and now I heard they’ve been doing defending fucking babykillers in Pennsylvania.

What the fuck is wrong with you?


January 14th, 2011, 10:48 AM

Q. What do you say about the French idea of building an Ark of Hades?
A. What was the Civil Rights Movement?





January 14th, 2011, 10:52 AM

Q. Ringo Starr just is…”?”

A. A kiddie-raping sadist using GO for last man standing deception in opposition to the public’s right to have had timely warning and be informed right now.

Q. But Eggnog Corner?

A. Why was Powell on 60 Minutes instead of Jimmy Creary? Just in terms of timely information 1985 would have been a window of vulnerability for Reagan through which U.S. Marshalls could have flied!

Q. Ah, but how much more impressive the terrific doctrine: The whole is greater than sum of its parts, myuh!

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Version : The Amendment


January 14th, 2011, 11:05 AM




Version : A Deaf Policeman’s Story


January 14th, 2011, 12:03 PM

At the University of Pittsburgh there was a middle aged Black man who lost his hearing gradually as a result of life’s wear and tear, a while before the norm with people who often are isolated in their gray years, by deafness. It was a forced and difficult situation for him, but he agreed to consult me, just to show that The University of Pittsburgh accepts that I was dislocated and struggling to assure them that I did not want that to have happened, that I didn’t know what was happening.

His story was actually very bold, yet very awkward for him, because he literally did not know how to face it in terms of his professional duties. The laws that have to be followed by police were set into a cast of circumstances where luck would have to hold out, because problems were being caused and endemic to the situation, yet there was really no early retirement option.

People who are deaf, going deaf, hide it, wrongly, but for very good cause, much as a Somalian in America might hide, wrongly, but for very good cause, that they are foreign, Muslim and making their peace in a country that religious dutifully asks them to convert and reform, while facing a pact with law that provides only their right to exist, and a society that too often rejects its own social contract. Each particular is true of the fate of police who go deaf. They want to continue working. They know that their experience has improved their ability to perform well and counsel their peers, and they know that the difficulties they face will accentuate the chill that attends police in a society that has come through abusive police power eras.


Within our scared, insufferable, but always idealistic society, the principle of police work is noble and many more policemen and police women are more noble than otherwise. The odds of making a mistake are gravely increased by deafness.

Deafness, for one thing, causes so much stress in such a situation it can lead to mental illness, or at least confusion of thought as you try to strengthen yourself and straighten out, too often without guidance (Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf has no meaningful counseling for professionals going deaf and is quite far from other areas of the city), how to adapt.

For a deaf person who is white working with Black people, you face the problem that a person going blind might face in not being able to recognize faces, you forget names, because they are not repeated to you. It takes time to be reminded. All of these politically necessary (I won’t say correct, because it isn’t) and sensitive areas of self-control and socializing properly are altered by deafness.

At home, there is the isolation of losing touch with family. If family has been lost, the isolation is even more seriously challenging. It can lead to suicide. I suspect that some people who commit suicide in America have undiagnosed hearing loss and that their lives could have been saved if they knew what they were struggling with. A soul on its own in trouble is a terrible thing to isolate.

This isn’t to say that peer support doesn’t exist in Police work, just that the military has a poor devil, sorry bastard, tough luck disposition a lot of the time, so that a man struggling with the consciousness raising aspects of a disability that might give them insight, is devestated by the simple truth that it disables them professionally in ways that nothing can compensate.

Police Unions, of course, find desk work for them and friends continue to come over and sympathize, but our entire society is in a Pre-Civil Rights Movement Era with respect to the deaf, and several prominent deaf leaders are, unfortunately, claustrophic in the way that black leaders can be, and don’t want that changed, they don’t want to mingle, they have been hurt too many times.

Hope this help Real Change and Seattle Police understand and resolve some of their differences.

I enjoyed meeting with the officer in question, although it was awkward for me, too.


January 14th, 2011, 12:06 PM

Q. Can’t you see that Seattle is just trying to trick you by offering you a place to stay in return for lip service?

A. There are irreplaceable people in Seattle who I would never find anywhere else. I don’t think a stunt in sensitivity training is lip service. Evaluation can be twisted into unethical attempts to persuade and cajole by the doctrine of facelies, but ultimately knowledge will out among people more worthy all the same.

I think the policeman in question was real, a person in trouble, a man in pain.


January 14th, 2011, 12:07 PM

Q. Patricia Fripp is wangling and angling to abuse her power and spit in your face.

A. Obviously, but I’m perfectly content to answer the sensitivity training question all the same.


January 14th, 2011, 12:21 PM

Q. Any suggestions for people losing their hearing and in search of morale?

A. Maybe: http://www.bing.com/events/search?q=Tower+Of+Power&p1=%5BEvents+source=%22vertical%22+qzeventid=%22z1582092 45%22]&FORM=ECARDA


January 14th, 2011, 12:24 PM

Q. Any suggestions on how to taunt them cruelly?

A. Sure: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=%22i+love+you+and+it+makes+me+rather+dull%22&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=


January 15th, 2011, 11:20 AM

Q. Sound Mental Health accused me of burying the past of lovemaking with De De, a girl who was known to have been an agent on a mission of what the Pittsburgh Establishment calls, “Jailbait”, organized by Penny Crary Mafia after she took me to HAIR and a brutal gang began beating me, often leaving me nowhere to go on cold days but a shack they built and De De waited to comfort me.

This constitutes extrustion for gratification of Queerbasque Pedophiles in the King County establishment.

Dr. Rakugo: Deaf suck! Your idea for deaf people to go to Tower of Power for morale in a par with Tom Gordon’s concept of flushing intestinal problems with a six pack of beer. Kowtow.

Dr. Rakugo: Deaf suck! Your idea for deaf people to go to Tower of Power for morale in a par with Tom Gordon’s concept of flushing intestinal problems with a six pack of beer. Kowtow.

I’m still a brainwarshed child of my era.

Q. How’s the peptic prescription?

A. It worked until I ate bacon, when my stomach felt very weak and soft and everything poured out, looking healthier, and then I touched coffee and it was the fluffy orange fodder again.

I have long suspected an underlying cause to my pale stools problem that has gone on for years, since the Tantliger reflux poison crime around the time that Jeannie was attacked, too. No one really seems to care or believe me.

The Federal level of complicity in such a removal came easily for Labor due to changed that Reagan made after removing JFK.

Although this is voluntary writing, contrary to Midori Goto’s Japanese extremist syringe, restoring the right to silence and fears is a step in healing.

There are I am sure people somewhere who held out hope I would somehow find my way to Midori who now (like I have) come to accept that my own fist would bar the way.

Her letters were set to me as a child (with De De at their core) so she could use them to incite a death sentence and they have.

Q. Where do you get your prescriptions?

A. Most of them at Ruke’s Tummy and News.

Q. Why don’t you wait a week on the Maalox and see if there’s progress. Perhaps Labor leaned on Dr. Tran to demonstrate the Scared Straight concept of induced ordeal to get you off coffee. You need to get off coffee.

A. It’s probably too late, but yes, it helped a lot yesterday. It’s also a deadly threat for my refusal to silence my testimony about Mt. Desert Island.

Long before Manchester Guardian worked out its little hideous fable with Temple students, I secured and established proof that Zell was talking about his scheme before AIDS struck.

Then there’s the Burstyn scroll by the same hands.


January 15th, 2011, 11:25 AM

rakugo: Defsukke! Obey the Intestinal Tower of Power. Heal thyself! Thou ICH own virst enemog.

eggnog: The idea that a person who has been tortured is “graciously being allowed to perform slave labors” are words that can only come from a sorry excuse for a “General”. It is warped revenge by the upperclass on my father’s reforms.

It is true that I know why good people protect vice. Someone they know has been stoned. There’s no such thing as a license to kill, but we see it all the time, even on King Day.

While I know not everyone agrees that a slower economy can help right things by making people connect and solve their aversion for one another, I’ve been misabused to an insane degree, with a new dimension, that of bloating.

Ordeals are very destructive and wasteful on the level of disingenuous ideology that was used to eliminate, in cold blood, to an obscene degree, in a crazed dimension, James Macryland Crary.

Q. What’s your opinion about Lennon’s brutal honesty towards for example John Wayne’s cancer death? Is it not an infinite higherness unto Paul?

A. Mean.


January 15th, 2011, 11:45 AM

By contrast to their reasoning and actions, I voted both Dixon and Obama, was attacked and tortured for speaking in sixth grade on behalf of Shirley Chisholm against Michael Tive’s speech for Nixon, and when I learned of Lennon’s death I told the FBI they had to protect Midori and Ringo.

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Version : The Latest Twist


January 14th, 2011, 01:58 PM

There’s really no telling what my mother, Nancy Moore, would say if she learned that not only is there a death threat on her living grand-daughter, but that another grandchild was ritually murdered, if that turns out to be true, except that she would blame me, which is her way of coping.

I think what Seattle parents and civics persons, the honest police, need to understand is that this roommate at Temple made many trips to El Salvador and was preceeded by a roommate who is today Obama’s Director of Afghanistan operations.

This is just the newest twist in my endless encounter with the criminal insanity of Ronald Reagan.

Oliver Stone circulated stories that he had been on the other side of the fence, queer, so he could take the helm of Mr. Misleader in America, launching things like 911. He and Martin Sheen also paranoiacally hyped a high investment publication cult that stated that I promised Reagan, to get him to ease off the nuclear fantasy buttons that he had made real, so mentally balanced Congress persons (of whom their are none) could ease him and coach him to his own safety as well as ours, resulting, they say, in Patrick Buchanan taking Midori Goto hostage.

This is all old twists in a dirty stinking fraud that the US Government is presenting.

Reagan started AIDS. He is surrounded by professional liars, many of them British fascists.

There’s not much more to it at all.

Version : The 911 Cokers


January 14th, 2011, 04:00 PM

Q. Was 911 an “inside job”?
A. I do not think you should give nutters like Obama and Fripp that sort of satisfaction, frankly. Such people will always be on the outside looking in no matter what they do, as far as America is concerned.

I think you should look at madmen like Martin Sheen as sardonic, savage freaks who scorn and have the utmost contempt for everyone. They come from Planet Hollywood and will do anything to empower themselves. It was a simple trick for Reagan to start AIDS, then claim he was staging a military drama school show, while Clinton huffed and puffed about Leslie Katz and spread Spike Lee the Gospel. It is typical of them, also, to dress up the outrage with scare stories like the idea of an infant homocide, just as Lou Leto spread stories I was a devil worshipper, and then claim, “See? See? It’s just a joke!” and have ghoulish murderers like Peter Gabriel raping children and torturing me and saying, “We have to do it! We have to do it!”

Instead of thinking of 911 as an inside job, I think, whoever you are, whatever your cultural background might be, you should reflect very deeply on your own spirit and the social contract, Golden Rule, that America represents in The Bill of Rights, your most certain truth and sincerity, and your ability to tolerate, live within the law and do what is right, what is good, protecting what is important, and think of that, no matter where you are from, as your inside job as an American.

When you do that you will see my point. It was not an inside job.

People start up such lines and they devolve into shibboleths about the nature of reality and you know what will happen and in no time at all we’ll have another dictatorial personality profiting from the tragedy wrought by Reagan.


January 14th, 2011, 04:01 PM

Q. What about Mz. Goto?
A. Hear she’s Butch.

Version : No one left to love.


January 15th, 2011, 11:44 AM

With Martin Luther King upon us, I wonder how professionals feel about the Auction Block Death Row of deadly Taliban Dexter King worked out with James W. Child where I now stand. The crime is so sickening that Disney was assumed the charge of cover artistry. It is a Revolution written from the Left by Ronald Wilson Reagan so he could lead the counter-Revolution: to kill a mockingbird with Candide.

To my Landlord

Dear Tom (Kemph),

I don’t want you to think there is any professional doubt about what happened. Gregory Chin right across the street, the optician, who was hoping to be able to remove my cataracts (incurred in homelessness) next year would tell you that my optic nerve, like my facial nerve and auditory nerve, show very significant damage from severe beatings and blunt impact in childhood, but as I guess you know when Seattle rioters make up their mind about something they will never stop, especially with a powerhouse like Pittsburgh stormtrooping behind them.

Reflexively, although I know you sincere and hardworking, I once tore up a letter of yours in your presence after reading it. Perhaps you wonder where such a reflex (an unbecoming way of acknowledgement in that case) comes from. I lost, the year after Jeannie was raped, just about the time of Oklahoma Federal, seven boxes that my not really so wonderful mother threw out, containing my life’s work, every poem, every picture, every letter from persons both small and important, every heirloom and hard won research note, just as I am going to lose every paper in my room from ten years here, because I wouldn’t lie and call the drug offender and hun who tortured me as a child my friend after Lew Lapham dredged up his despicable girlfriend. This refusal is unacceptable to Aaron Dixon, the local warlord.

I have been battered torrentially, episodically, all my life. I’m a scared, defeated man. No one on earth has had such a frightening life, but I also know that at fifty, not at all healthy, aside from what community there is I have no one and grandmother told me at the end of her life that had it not been for the sixty six years they were together in love she would not have had the strength to nurse grandfather after his stroke.

So, I wonder what I am going to do in ten years when at the latest it is finally over and have decided I cannot live in a city where so many people view me as their art object to mutilate and as an identity crime to commit at will.

Obviously, if I owe you something for the room, we need to get it straightened out. I just don’t want to stay. I’m not sure where I’ll go. Possibly Milwaukee, maybe … but I have to leave. I can’t accept it. Peter Gabriel did something wtih Reagan years ago forcing me to slave labor as a writer against their fugitive charges to torment me demanding forgiveness. I have never really had a life.

I want to be somewhere I am unknown. I had hoped if I raised my profile, write public letters, in challenge and pride, this city of rioters might see me, how deaf I am, how subdued, how hard I try and stop using me for their urban guerilla romance with men who tortured me as a child, but it is completely a loss. I haven’t made any progress, only impassioned their cruel laughs.

So, with disappointment, please accept my decision to leave. Hopefully Section 8 will do what they said at first and give me the voucher for March 1st. Otherwise, I have to go to Union Gospel Mission in Spokane until February 15th when my hearing aids finally arrive.

If I have one last request I’d like to leave the old painting my mother gave to me in a box with postage money (I’ll find out the amount at the Post Office) to be mailed to me in … maybe … Milwaukee. (Also please support the initiative to save the Post Office Mural for the New Park).

I’m sorry this happened. New York instigated it years and years ago and mother really just covers it up as a union enforcer. I’m sure it’s something Clinton did. My sister moved to Clinton, South Carolina.


Since writing this letter, for reasons of medical care, I have had to reconsider staying. Admittedly, I don’t like the idea of living away from beloved Chinatown.


January 15th, 2011, 11:57 AM

The intensely scavenger nature of Africa was exported to America through the script Story of a Bird and the problem in Pittsburgh was deeply personal towards me from a close associate of Nelson Mandela named Dennis Brutus, himself a legendary giggilo. African politicians were involved in the Onslaught, this fact is known, and the clackety-clack nature of GO disputation was intended to hypnotize the wretched masses with the falsehood that cultural resolution is taking place, a Bush game and Palace of London deception technique. Obviously that’s not true. Blaming me as a child means something went on. Where are the guilty?

The superstate is very small, a buddy system, and a rat pack that often found Muhammed Ali on commercial television chummy with Frank Sinatra. They all saw AIDS as a leadership dispute and issue of ego. Divinely intellectualized by the presence of Fripp, wheedle One. Under David Bowie, Adrian Belew was expected to sell his language twang to commune with the higherness of the klan and I was told to hawk my grandmother to Ming Na Wen and her celestial supernatural amulet, a bought boy named Yousou N’dour, while Pittsburghers backknifed me with comparisons to the white trash I went to school with. Bought boy N’dour was HitlerReagan’s right hand man throughout the Onslaught, his thought always fixated, like Muhammed Ali, on pussyball prey. Indeed, the accelerator of Princess Diana’s limosine could only have been locked to on by those who needed her death as a bargaining chip operating with the benefit of Ultrahigh. I certainly didn’t do it, although I’ve been blamed for that one, too. Obama is Louis Farrakhan at his worst, oiled by The Graham Foundation, an alledged Christian, trooping for Africa to sell the Arms Race as holy anew, with one small sacrificial demand, a symbol, a tribute of America’s sincerity to Father Germany.

Believe with Yore Whole Heart that Hillary Clinton was a psychological trappist, a genius for Plague Mass when endorsing Mt. Desert Island. Believe this Yore Whole Heart with the element of trust in Ming. It was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wizard room, and nevermind why exactly so poor littl’ Jimmuh quee’bait.

Diamonda Galas says whoosh and when Diamonda Galas says whoosh you know Moonunit Zappa reserves the right to take you as a souvenir to hell for ratting out Mother Gail.


January 15th, 2011, 12:10 PM

Small isn’t very beautiful sometimes. The rapist assassin Fripp wheedle interfaced culture to blacklist anyone in position to do something about an electronic menagerie like Pink Floyd and their proto-gigantic cowardly lies for Reagan. The Beatles felt very threatened by my historic authenticity and profound victimization so they embarked through the labor unions and celebrity superstate Halliburton Sororities on a mass fraud nearly unprecedented, much of it instigated by, all of it endorsed by Pittsburgh’s heapist Black nazi of The Harlem Politboro, Sala Udin.

The American Black Man of the 21st century has no known chivalry. If their ancient enemies in the klan turn color and attack liberal white abolitionists, well, for the grievance-mongering at the NAACP it is just as good as seeing the other white devils felled. They’ll even shake hands with the klan and be reprived while pointing a gun at the thinking processes of their victims. Being the interrogators at last, they show no mercy to the innocent and helpless. “Why should we?”, they bleat in triumph.

White society really cannot tolerate forever being subject to counter-insanity. I worked too hard to break the spell of Black-Japanese neomongering and its incendiary manipulation by neurohypnotic crime from William Wattenmaker’s Frankenstein refridgerator and the superwave pussywhip of headhunting Midori Goto ever again to consider complying with the injunctions of Queerbasque. Peter Gabriel’s poetry is just like the porneditorial warmongering of Wm. F. Buckley. It does not teach anyone how to think. It is a civil liberties licensed promulgation of sophistry cunning enough to be spellbinding.

Peter Gabriel’s poetry is just like the porneditorial warmongering of Wm. F. Buckley. It does not teach anyone how to think. It is a civil liberties licensed promulgation of sophistry cunning enough to be spellbinding.

At this instant in time people who did not understand what was happening before have perfectly clean hands. You voted Obama to protect children from the cynicism of the past. Don’t deliver them to evil now. Don’t surrender them to new corruption. Face what Reagan has done and demolish The Beatles. Something went wrong despite all we invested. There is still Micah 6:8 and everything you have ever known about the difference between right and wrong. Little Jimmy and a myth called Quah-thing.

Blacks weren’t just involved in The Onslaught, they were absolutely central to the planning and execution. If there were one slogan and one slogan above all that rang loud and clear from the guilty it was: Cry Victim (and under no circumstances admit the slightest fault nor deceit, even as the evidence piles to the mountains).


January 15th, 2011, 12:26 PM

When the Cold War machine of the 1980’s spent one trillion dollars on murder, I was advocating it be spent instead on Third World water preservation and eco-equitable policies. Then AIDS mushroomed and I turned to Nuremberg.

My findings are absolutely irrefutable. Peter Gabriel’s World Soul Movement IS the AIDS Combine. It is a hostile, foreign invasion that must be repulsed. He has done nothing but lie. He has refused to warn and protect. Obama chose, tortured and lied both to and about me to develop me into a necessary refraction device. At the outset (while calling me his friend) Gabriel, ever the man with two tongues, said it was necessary to have an enemy to give his life definition. The murderer is a child-raping punk in a lampoon of justice he calls “Amnesty International” scorching the earth cunningly while having planted the letters one my home, nullifying protest from the most likely source: Ry Crary’s boy.

When 911 occured I favored immediate retaliatory strikes against London and would not have wavered if the power laid in my hand. He claims this is about my ego because it is about his fraud. He is a belligerent, unprovoked, a liar and a psychopath. I strongly recommend S.W.A.T. action against Peter Gabriel and Geffen Corporation by legal authorities if they do not surrender to a warrant by AIDS Nuremberg. Peter Gabriel is a seething, lying, murdering rabid animal who will stop for nothing. Millions have died. He is a shrieking hater who viciously abused the public’s right to fair warning and knowledge. A horror rabid animal – worse than Nixon.

Obama is the ugliest token tribute from Corporate America imaginable. Vote him out! Find responsible authorities divested of all other duty but public service to and for AIDS Nuremberg.

Ringo Starr and Yoko Ono themselves from all appearances set up John Lennon and Jimmy Crary through Warhol contacts in Pittsburgh as a move on the gullibility of his revolutionary schtick: the savage warfare of Peter Sinfield and Victor FrankL. Obviously not, you will say and retreat to the safety of Reagan’s insanity. Ming Na Wen was recruited by The Pittsburgh Steelers to convince the United States that when the truth comes from a weakling accuser that Pentagon Disney’s fabrications are more important than reports about unspeakable nazism that offend fundamental prejudices.

Ichiro Suzuki brought me to Seattle where I would have taken root gracefully if born here for a final, anguishing, agonizing, public medikkkal kill in an iron mask of the reviled, all of it a stew of British lies and rock star perfidy from the vile cornucopea of Elton John and his chocolate box.

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Version : Vindication


January 16th, 2011, 12:19 PM

It is far, far too dangerous for a city like Seattle to tolerate the form of sadism being practiced towards me and all the litanies about being an exemplar to the AIDS trauma. It may not have hit you yet how scorched what you have consigned your own name to is but it will.

Behind the trouble is the idea that I have nothing but excuses for not being more suspicious about a 12 year old Jewish girl who said she loved me. The reason I never thought she had been among the attackers is for one thing she was very anti-drug in her letters, the exact opposite of the men who tortured me. Another reason is that she was from the commisserant Jewish community which was the only thing her alarming, but elusive mispell “millions diecide” I felt could have been inspired by. I knew nothing of revenge or the 47 Ronin and the idea that a young girl could ally with Hitler though Jewish was far away.

My father’s generation taught me badly. As an infant I was suspicious to hear that Hitler’s body was never found. When Kennedy was killed I was inconsolable, but always I was assured that World War Two was over and had been won. The theme I was reared in came from Herbert Agar’s book of 1942 on p.120 A Time for Greatness, he wrote, “If we win the war in the name of this idea, and mean what we say, the war will stay won.” Daddy told me we had won in the name of this idea: Equality.

I don’t know why that sentiment made these people so angry.


January 16th, 2011, 12:45 PM

Recognizing the danger and attempting to warn was sabotagued by Amanda Harcourt and Peter Gabriel in the mid-80’s, but I didn’t stop research, trying and investigating.

Carnegie Mellon’s defense of Mt. Desert Island is that it was a practical joke by authorities long concerned about me who finally got into my stuff and figured out what was going on, to great and understandable alarm. It seems to me the purpose of this discouraging cover story is to allow those who know (and those afraid) to throw in with the AIDS Confederacy more or less openly while their capital venturists nurture the story to light with the help of tormentors like John Stockwell. The emotional appeal of destruction from the Left Bank was planned through command and control, playing up ideological disputes (focusing on money), to deliberately make it difficult to get at the perpetrators legally, while popularizing their cause through obscure litanies and many refractive strategems. Denial is a cover up.

Sarah Palin has a very interesting Star-Spangled function in her method of preaching to the converted. She sees the angry and boisterous masses in the ranks, the neuro-riche, the militias, the bailout lobby, as law-abiders just vigorously seeking justified change. She finds them entertaining and self-controlled or so wants to believe. Law-abiders who love this country for its rights and privileges. None of this devil terrorists stuff among them hurting people after making them very, very afraid. For her, Mt. Desert Island were no doubt professionals giving me the proverbial expert ribbing, downright eager to doff their hats seeing me fall in the battle for freedom of speech. It’s a natural and sporting attitude among people who know how desperatedly those overseas want to be home, safe and welcome. Her resentments, however, are misdirected.

Some of us are never at home, the hated. As god-fearing, hardworking and resourceful as anyone. Her horde do not care that the deaf are more likely to lampoon something when they don’t understand and are lampooned because they didn’t understand. It’s like moving your lips when you forget the words. We are always, always at the mercy of the cruel, hostages in a world we never made. The deaf are short-changed in the struggle to understand, make more gaffes, and are more gifted in the arts of ingratiating because it is our ticket to being recreationally tolerated rather than spurned, or worse, since we are helpless.

Palin is also wrong about how much danger there is among people who exercise their rights to speak politically. She arrives from an era of televised false assurances about the murders of JFK, King and Lennon. Oh, that’s very sad, but random. In reality, it was a systematic military response to liberal dissent, arriving down a channel that knew celebrity to be a ticket to Authority and these invisible men are a jealous God. Assurances like hers, too, are what deceived me as a child, and even today they feel they can do no wrong.

I see in Sarah Palin and Gail Burstyn too much revenge for the South, and is it not into Gail Burstyn’s hand that Ultrahigh has fallen?

The strange experience I testify to about Pennsylvania is terrifying, I know, but don’t neglect this high crime, its source and its meaning. Lou Leto was my first roommate at Temple, an Army Director who used to circulate rumors far and wide that I am a devil-worshipper. My second roommate, Mr. Wheeler, has sent us a story about an infant homocide, using my own progeny. Does a story of infant homocide by a berzerker cult finally shake up the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and King Crimson who unleashed so much rape and murder on me? If so, interesting to see what it took to make the nazi herdsmen of Pennsylvania penitent.

The people who tortured me as a very young child were on the watch for any sign of sophisticated language development. They didn’t mind peace proselytizing, although they were always scornful, but when I called Don Ostro, “ostrocity” I was punished. Alpana, who lived for a while in the same building he once did, across from the office of men who were found hiring the men who tortured and gassed me as a child, was hired for sexual showdown politics of a race war dimension while John Shulman published openly a dissertation on the actions of mayors in medieval plague France.

My most mortal enemy was Tony Levin it seems, accusing me of snatching the Queer purse. It reminds me of Cheryl Levin (pronounced share ill) because “NAVA” (the nickname of Amy Edelstein and the name also of the building where De De served “Nava tea”) often visited India and hosted Cheryl after the Governor’s School, at Bucknell, giving some insight into the reason Mr. Wheeler chooses Bugnail as his nomiker. Is he also tied to Randy Tantliger, who may have administered a wrongful death poison? Dia, who called me in Lou Leto’s room when Lennon died, was at Tyler Art School with Wheeler and very close with the military Residential Assistants at Bucknell.

Today’s health report is ~ no significant change. Suspicions of pancreatic problems. Very pale and malabsorptive stettorhea, despite the treatment, cause still unknown, with delerium dreams of a sort I have not experienced since the emergency room from the heart poison crime, adminstered by another suspicious V.A. agent.

It’s a who’s next situation.


January 16th, 2011, 12:54 PM

Oka Mambo

The sun was gold, medieval days
the klan was hot, things went their way
they passed him around for a lick’n
to show what they do to a chicken
under the North star in a Southern sky.
When you stick it in God knows it’s sin
something things you’ll never win.
N’yeah, n’yeah, Jimmuh shucked corn
and the Masters all got paid.
When the drum rolls play for power
Nirvana is a sunflower.
They won’t even crack that snivel.

Scrub that sucker
in case there’s cank.

Probably Wheeler and Leto were organized by Russell Weigley. It would make sense encryptically because I know Robert Fripp’s early interest in that cult was an unlucky Ouiji board and the during the early attacks on me Luigi Cardillo was around.

I assume that May’s play is sort of a n’yeah, n’yeah, we’re getting better and you ain’t, routine, by the United Bible Fellowship Queerbasque. Being seriously wounded or assassinated in Chinatown leads me to turn to the original cause: The Tantliger poison the last time I saw Ray alive.

Midori Goto was like, while I’m going to give them five abortions, too, and make a video with Kasperowski, then we’ll be even after you find out about the infant homocide, little boy, splattering the schools with the photographs.

British Labor has manipulated the U.S. Army to such a degree that I got a jab about “time to go” and meeting The Foreigner (obviously referring to Ian MacDonald) from a Japanese woman sporting a picture with her child clocked to the shooting in Arizona and Wheeler’s repetition of the child death claim, which he insists could have been mine.

Moonunit Zappa was like, “wow abortions are good for you, go suck one from Jimmee Creary, he’d knock you up for free!” and Angela, who first introduced me to R.K. (no, not the USS Y.O.R.K sire) has left her yogurt testing job at National Health and Nutrition and is out here in Seattle where Christine Gregoire doffs her pillbox hat for the Dalai Lama.


January 16th, 2011, 12:59 PM

Item: When visiting my grandparents the Summer Dean Tierno was killed I spent most of my time listening to Red Rose Speedway. It’s a drag, isn’t it?

Item: I met Cherry Smith the semester I lived with Lou Leto.

Item: Click on the image to enlarge http://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/1960-s-disneyland-after-dark-hippie-poster-rated
Willy Wattenmaker’s poster on his wall the night he played King Crimson for me as I fell asleep to Moonchild, only to awake to the thunder of the In the Court (his speakers enloudened the bass at the line “smiles as the puppets dance”. I came to not know that line for a long time).

Q. Isn’t there a principle involved in the idea of giving someone power only on consent of the governed?

A. I was just a library clerk expressing opinions, maybe getting it together to play some music with Fripp. I wasn’t sending military signals, I was being stalked and used by the military for signals.

There’s a difference.


January 16th, 2011, 01:01 PM

Q. You lived with Wheeler at Tyler and Leto at Ambler?

A. Tyler was an artist campus. Ambler were more shell shocked Pa klan veterans with revolvers in plastic bags.

Q. Midori Goto’s people have repeatedly claimed that she was forced by the U.S. Military to perform for them sexually in order to save your life.

A. Well, if so, tell her it didn’t work.


January 19th, 2011, 05:36 PM

What’s with the stalking me Wheeler? You got pretty serious problems enough it seems to me.


January 19th, 2011, 05:42 PM

Here is a copy of my correspondence with Seattle Police as of a few moments ago. I won’t respond to you again. Kindly stop and cooperate with Police authorities, Wheeler.

A man named Bill Wheeler, cyberstalking me in the thread: http://forums.thestranger.com/showthread.php?t=159139
Has written that he and Deidre Austin of Tyler Art School in 1982 were present at the (implied murder) of an infant she gave birth to that he also implied was mine. I’d like to know why the Police have not responded. Simply contact me at my email and explain. Why did you not investigate and let me know what took place. He has made his rude and disgusting remarks about infant homocide online and my preceeding roommate was also circulating the rumor when I was a student that I was “devil worshipper”. That man’s name is Lou Leto. There were many witnesses and it became a campus satire. Wheeler has also communicated knowledge of my private snail mail destinations.

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Version : Farewell or Battle Paul


January 17th, 2011, 05:18 PM

It will be a remarkable day indeed that Paul McCartney does not find some depraved act committed by his partners attribute it to me and then say I deserved it and should apologize. There are no words that can persuade a closed mind. No man as heavily implicated in the AIDS Onslaught as Ronald Reagan is or should be entitled to a lethal benefit of the doubt. You can’t keep saying, “He’s the same as you” and pointing at me. No one tortured him. No one raped Nancy Reagan. You’ve made up stories while I presented findings. In good faith I notified the accused even though he was criminally insane, because my intent was fair: lawful pursuit of justice.

What are we teaching even if we assume magnanimity if a crime of this magnitude is unanswered and the perpetrators, many known and identified, are not summoned? They’ve implicated us by our inaction. They’ve taken us hostage and shamed us, and now offend our psyches by offering us the usual dreams. The King Family should be remembered for tearing our hearts out and giving nothing back.

The neurotrauma operates directly on the anger centers of the brain. I can tell. If I meditate on it I feel the personality change, but it was Obama who came around jibbering at Midori, “Just give up the pussy and no one gets hurt,” while she jeered, too, having set it up deliberately and everybody fucking knows it so pull one over on yourself. I’d rather have the black spot and die than apologize to Hitler’s apologists for something they did, no matter how rich and glamorous the alternative. My father Ryland was the hero, and Reagan is the villian, a fact you know already and are denying. People hwo hold out the hope I will join Tom Harkin in waging war on the Republic’s right to know and speak the truth are insane. There will never be a KC swastika over my father’s name, nor will Midori Goto ever be forgiven. I don’t think I can stay in Seattle. I see what happened here. You recruited Kasperowski and then brutalized me again. I came here in seizures and now take four additional medicines. I don’t like trick psychology when it comes to AIDS; either you have it or you don’t, either you know it or you don’t. The victims have been told to mete out timeshares to me. AIDS sure came in handy for them when the terrible truth about outrage against a child unfolded. No matter what they do, even release the virus in the first place, but still they are the victims. I see Paul McCartney as a babyeater (you could even call him Chomp-sky) and the pigs who helped him do it are just the same as Gail Burstyn. Don’t fool yourself. Ronald Reagan was behind the whole thing. It wasn’t just done in his name. The claim he didn’t know, too, came in handy. It was rigged to get the job done. A deal with exchange of portfolio to Paul McCartney. Reagan was a royalist and excessive people are a nuisance to the British Empire.

It was easy for Yousou N’dour to de-humanize me and hope to kill me off before anyone recognized my humanity. I am deaf, impoverished. I was homeless, estranged from family, suffering deleriums, surrounded by abusive peers who were marketing a backripper of a libel. I was killed as a child by the same shots that killed Dr. King and this is how they denied me recognition, by torture again, recognition that might have spared me terrible, pre-mature deterioration. I came up in Seattle through The Night Watch homeless program, always the neurotrauma, pitiless, percolating right in the brain and nerve centers where anger originates. You say I did it to myself? Ha! The witch doctor’s name is in the scroll. He is a neuropathologist.

You blame me? It took you long enough and even then you failed to muster a comprehensible position. Yoko Ono has the Queerbasque militia telling street people it’s the final stand of the underclass … in Reagan’s name? AIDS sure came in handy when the time came to blame. At the Garfield High School King Day Rally today I had the terribly empty feeling that I’ve witnessed my own assassination from afar in hindsight. The most special of horrors was visited upon me and when I tried to get help the most horrid chastisement awaited with the sneer, “Stop feeling sorry for yourself.” AIDS sure came in handy in the hour of pussyball massacres, it sure came in handy grabbing the spoils and lying through the teeth. The neuroplasm throttles, hot and hard and it throttles fast. The paroxysms of masturbation are cleansing and redeeming, but it doesn’t help my liver where Paul McCartney shot me. It makes everyday a second death. Do you know how much we needed Abraham Lincoln in his later years? How much was lost yet you do this to me, one of Lennon’s true friends? Carnegie Mellon’s ridiculous marriage of unions and messianism. Take yourself as a souvenir to hell.

What happened when I was fifteen? I was writing poems called things like “Sackcloth and Ashes” with tears always in my eyes and my head always bowed. You’re afraid I’ll have a son and tell him, “Shut up and masturbate so the Catholics don’t kidnap you and make you jailbait.” I was nine years old. Any responsible black man could have adopted me as a big brother and tried to find out what was going on. Nobody cared. Nobody wants anything now either but to make me ashamed of something I didn’t do, to justify raping and killing us in a place called King County. That is as low as Pittsburgh. How can anyone stand a place this cold and horrid?

The klan says daddy abandoned me to my fate, and America abandoned the Jews, so they made a casket of wire for my offspring and called in the butcher baby McCartney for the Walrus massacre. They didn’t like seeing the passage about “babykillers” Lou Petrone probably smuggled into my father’s textbook rebuttal to the vindication of My Lai. Even more typical was Aaron Dixon’s working with Greg Karl and the Guttersnipes on fulfillment of the game, a schmorgasboard, aimed at right of copy. We’ll just keep hitting you and torturing you off the earth, how’s that motherfucker, they said. They buried Paul, Malcolm Crary, little Miss Strange. King is a good day to think about that. Say what you want to about police brutality there was an age when blacks could not be police and now they are trapped by official secrecy in bigoted values entrenched with the Brass, while sympathizers are eyed by the sickos from the left as suspected informants. No one will March like that for John Lennon. It’s easy to see why the superstate envies Dr. King enough to run hot coils of Japanese sadism around his sadly trashed legacy.

I’m turning Seattle down because you are liars and know it and yet make it look like I am the coward. Much be an old trick, like Ezell’s chicken and the reflection of Providence bell tower in the Columbia Mordor Building. We are not ALL HIV positive and it should be kept that way.

Someday Martin Luther King Day may be the greatest day in human history, for me it is just great to know that in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Alabama, in every corner of the world people turn out, coast to coast, and tune in out in their boats on the oceans. Obama is the use the Republicans had for Martin Luther King. With him the Democrats are in line and have no use for me and Jeannie, our dreams and tribulations are cannon fodder to the downgraded in timeshare by liver poison. What do you call a nation of women who hire a traitor and beastilizer like Larry Flynt to torture, sexually, spending millions on the wreckage of prior infamy? And what do you call his pedophile sponsor? That’s an easy one. You call him, “Mr. President!” Obama evidently worked with Joel Caplan, impacting and taunting the neurotrauma towards beastiality to imply that Ry Crary’s boy is a self-inflicted dog-sexer, now they want dog to speak on command. Paul McCartney lives in the spiritual acid of AIDS invincibalists, since I am a dog he can call murder fur-trapping. Peace had a chance. Peace blew it. Fuck Peace. Hire a new one, eat ‘em up. They ignored peace jitney. Jim Crary’s a racist they said. By divine perogative, let Jim be beheld as white suck, the racist. We’ll wire up his room and make faces when he groons. Another year in this place, so cold and horrid over a matter of principle that will be the same anywhere? They rewarded terror hate criminals and subjected Jimmy again, yes again, to be degraded and shamed. King is a good day to think about that. Me and one of the bag women buttoneers stood on the Yesler Bridge MAKIN’ HAPPY singing the old sounds with gusto, I just wish we were out there with signs about:


Matt Marcus, by the way, was an electrical engineering student at CMU when he took up his guitar.


January 17th, 2011, 05:19 PM

Some forgiveness, raping us for insulting their toe; the transfer of blame from someone who knew to someone who didn’t. Tony Levin’s revenge for Mark Chapman in the name of John Lennon is Leslie Katz. For my own pride I mustn’t stay in Seattle. Vaclav Havel is promoting the egological rampage of a man who tasted freedom in return for betrayal. Look at the facts. I used to call my relationship with Leslie Katz a lesbian encounter, which, in a way, it was. It was followed by a mysterian ordeal of Androgyny at a Princeton Church in odd electricity, tripping. Michael Mullin is the name of an Admiral and the name of the boy who introduced me to Ming Na Wen at Mellon when she got the voice for Mulan and sent me a virgin from Milan for conquest of or by and of by Midori. These are trophy brides. We must accept Big Aktion in return for their complementary complicities. While Seattle Times taunts Queerball as Wak Out the Door (whacking out Midori looking at smut ~ for slow learners).

For someone who claims to be representing Disney, turning down a poet who is victim of peer abuse and his dream of a fairy Japanese princess in return for infant homocidal pussyballers raping deaf Jeannie while the AIDS combine gets away sounds more like a hostile Disneyland takeover engineered by Pink Floyd. Reagan waved to me the night he shot Brady but oh it’s a small world after all. Why should he be allowed to see the glory of Quim? The Queen had never seen a penis before, she went stark raving mad when she found one on the floor! When you’re dead and rippered of dreams we’ll listen to you Queerball in spite. Their solution comes from an insane asylum, forgive the offenders. Redemption for me as a victim is an early death they decree. Non-survivor. To be replaced by The New People. That’s how Oliver Stone and his I.A.N. Network Humanize the Scholl ~ mercy exterminations. Ultrahigh is a deadly wonder for the invisible men of OZ, a nightmare for the inmates in California prisons. Where do you get, “Not in my Name?” Ms. Cutter? Another brainstorm of Reagan’s?

My poop turned bright gold. Seattle wants to keep me here in anticipation of a great day of looting when Operation: Timeshare runs out. They picked from Leslie Katz the one angle they could most deftly drill into a neuroplasm of a man kept in the dark, wrapped in the blue cloak of the cuckolded and deceived boyfriend ~ a feminist law guild idea, by the way, who knew Jimmy had been kidnapped, tortured and used very, very, very sadistically. Harkin accused me of having made the crime seem psychologically consistent with Reagan’s warmongering and that he was only defending himself. Where do you get a bogus creep like Aaron Dixon who can’t see at first pass that I was the one using articles as self-defense?

Apology ~ locked in the kitchen with Banana Yoshimoto and Kasper, the ghost of a chance, what a marvelous day for fascism.

The chronic devestation of the Irish was visited on two of the nicest people in Poplar Bluff. The only compromises possible are ones that describe the Beatles in terms of complete humiliation. Yes it is doomed to be a historic turning point with beneficiaries, but why include the vignettes of Vaclav Havel’s divided loyalties between Ry and the catchers in the Rye?

Fripp is hardly playing Socrates. Them Spirit Foundation people are always hopping to take credit for things they don’t do while fobbing blame for things they did…with a slurient motive.

vBulletin® v3.8.4, Copyright ©2000-2011, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.

Version : Film Project 2011


January 18th, 2011, 09:28 AM

Lewis Lapham (who for the first time in his life signed aboard with HUSTLER Magazine when presented a story so terrible it was unprintable regarding the grandson of Ward Moore, a copy-editor from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch) is so enamored of victimization as a status claim that he organized a shocking gaggle to support the suspects of infant homocide arraigning themselves in Eggnog Corner last month. How could they not have stopped this criminal insanity when they learned of it?

I took a year’s lease in Seattle to fulfill my obligation to substantiate the allegation Mr. Disney Legree (alias Ronald Reagan) encrypted the AIDS Onslaught war game pre-meditatively in Japanese cinema, a terrifying encounter with the minds behind the mind of Yoko Ono. Film Project 2011 is a rummage file for cirricular research into the truly sad.

Now we know what Leslie Katz, Moonunit Zappa and Ringo Starr really are: cowardly, vicious, Manson-provocateurs, hirelings for the monster Reagan. The Zappas and Lennons are a group of sadistic twirps who want it believed they have stronger stomachs than The Green Berets because of their sacred fathers’ elusive psychology. By contrast my father Ry built schools. We hate dat. So they bring on the salvation of napalm, just in case there’s a hell. Midori Goto tried to defend The Graham Foundation from participation in ritual infant homocide by superhypnotically steering me towards the malabsorption of Japanese adult cinema, a subset of The Film Project that I will try my best to present wisely.

It’s terribly important to note the drawing of Spaz, of the Wilkinsburg Food Coop, a rancid artist on severe speaking terms with Pittsburgh Police who worked with Lapham on the cowardly attack by Rosine Monteleone on the campus library of Community College of Allegheny County where I was working, a drawing that depicted a soldier carrying a blissful baby over to a garbage can. Surround HARPERS with fury and the allegation that they helped an infant homocide operation directed at my father who had the derring misgrace to call the Nammies exonerated wrongfully at My Lai “baby-killers” in a textbook, resulting in this this travesty from the University of Pittsburgh, an institutional vendetta of a type so horrid it can’t be spoken of openly. A game of get even on the ideology of peace.

When I met Spaz, but before finding the Walrus plan papers to use me for serial abortions that the Jewish Community stuck in my drawers, I published a probe into Carnegie Mellon titled: Polygamy Bound.

For years I tried to make sense of Pitt’s attitude about Dr. King which were glances and asides containing: “We got ours and we got yours and he got his.”

In order to stop Pitt, Ringo Starr and British Labor there would have to be a nationwide strike informed by the fact that British Labor plays a similiar role to Tory Government that Democrats do to Republicans, which is to say malicious, horrid toadying and gun-running. The British are similiarly deceptive in their use of the word “Public” to mean the ruling class. After this shock I’m inclined to think Disneyland should be for the homeless.

So, that’s my introductory, a classic booger-pocket essay on small notes tucked in my bluejeans. It explains Mickey Obama’s unspeakable desperation for a date rape charge. I’m a non-violent person, so don’t point at me. By contrast British Labor have never learned the words: Take your fucking hands off me.


January 25th, 2011, 04:56 PM


January 25th, 2011, 05:01 PM


January 25th, 2011, 05:02 PM


January 25th, 2011, 05:05 PM


January 25th, 2011, 05:08 PM


January 25th, 2011, 05:09 PM


January 25th, 2011, 05:16 PM







January 25th, 2011, 05:24 PM

The murder of JFK occured in 1964 just as Reagan wound up his cinema career with the film The Killers. The date 1964 was chosen as a turnaround system from 1946, 18 years or AH for Adolf Hitler in alphanumeric symbolism. This was the year of the bullet train, as well as the film Actor’s Revenge.

Reagan encrypted the turnaround plan, Operation: Little Girl, in American and Japanese cinema. The plan is eugenic, the weapon is AIDS and Barack Obama is the beneficiary. Unsurprisingly, since Blacks have always symbolized the injustice in America, a Black man was appointed to preside over the ultimate American atrocity.

Operation: Little Girl, or Two Virgins Holy War, proves that the reason a YOKO appears in the Diary edition of LIFE Magazine about Oswald is that Yoko Ono was on a Hitler revenge mission, while Hitler himself played possum, a crime that Great Britain knew about and co-authored through the rock music industry. One of the leaders of the AIDS Onslaught, who knew in advance, is David Bowie.

Midori Goto used racial eugenics to create a stressful, syndicated crime in partnership with Blacks involved in the central planning of the AIDS Onslaught to exploit and manage counter-grievance mongering and to incite AIDS victims against the United States, particularly liberal white representatives.

She was very smart. She went around making everyone she could find hate me and by tampering with the injuries HitlerReagan inflicted to make people sullen and spiteful about the impact of atrocity on a damaged child of horror trauma, before the truth about what happened to me as a child got around, and she normalized it by giving the word to anyone who so much as breathed a word of the truth that they might be held liable, while orchestrating my opinions to embarass the powerful.

None dared admit what has happened.

Hitler’s revenge has been a rout.


January 25th, 2011, 05:26 PM


January 25th, 2011, 05:28 PM


January 25th, 2011, 05:37 PM

The crime of Ronald Reagan, Hitler’s revenge, is encrypted in the semiotics of his era of Hollywood.





The Film Project 2011 is an unprecedented project showing this fact in clips from films in which he participated and those made in Germany and Japan from the War Era in which he was popular, until the assassination in Dallas that announced his political career.


January 25th, 2011, 05:38 PM


January 25th, 2011, 05:39 PM


January 25th, 2011, 05:45 PM

Throughout this crime the British Government were more than traitors.

Does this child look like he or she is having fun?


Neurosurgeons scream for more
at paranoia’s poison door

The dialectic is established at the outset ~ Greg Karl

Pigment/Figment ~ Michael McGarvey

Death seed blind man’s greed

Is it greed for a blind man to desire to see or is it the an English rabid seething with parochial treachery?


January 27th, 2011, 05:04 PM

I found this very relevant reading, and am particularly curious to see how determined he was to get Kennedy elected for the kill: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Marvin


February 2nd, 2011, 10:56 AM

David Wellings, SHA
Tom Kempf, Abie Label

February 2, 2011

After making arrangements with SHA and Abie Label to matriculate into apartment 103 from 309 with guarantees that fulfillment of the annual lease terms will be met, I am certifying, by this letter, acceptance between all parties regarding our commitment to this change.

Thank you,
Mac Crary

James MacRyland Crary
c/o Tom Kempf
Abie Label Real Estate
315 Maynard Ave. S.
Seattle, WA


February 25th, 2011, 04:17 PM

Hello, Mac Crary (deaftears@yahoo.com)

Chat Transcript: The collection includes a video by Wolfgang Staudte titled The Murderers are Among Us. I need it put on hold and sent to the International Branch, but it is not in the database. I’ve checked it out before more than once.

Mac Crary: Hi, do you have my question?

Laura – Seattle Public Library: Librarian ‘Laura – Seattle Public Library’ has joined the session.

Laura – Seattle Public Library: Hello

Laura – Seattle Public Library: Checking the catalog, be back in just a moment…

Mac Crary: Hello did you read the Chat Transcript?

Mac Crary: Alright

Laura – Seattle Public Library: Still searching…

Mac Crary: waiting

Laura – Seattle Public Library: I’m sorry, we don’t own this video title, at least not any longer. Checking other library holdings…

Laura – Seattle Public Library: A few local libraries do own this title on DVD, including the King County Library System….

Laura – Seattle Public Library: if you have a card with KCLS, you could borrow from them….

Laura – Seattle Public Library: You could also make a purchase suggestion to us…

Mac Crary: If you owned it before which you did wouldn’t there be an electronic record of its discard? Is it in Bellevue, by the way? That’s two questions.

Laura – Seattle Public Library: I can do that on your behalf if you’d like…

Mac Crary: If you owned it before which you did wouldn’t there be an electronic record of its discard? Is it in Bellevue, by the way? That’s two questions.

Laura – Seattle Public Library: No, unfortunately, if our last copy went missing (damaged, lost, etc.), the record would be purged from the catalog…

Laura – Seattle Public Library: Checking KCLS holding for you…

Mac Crary: This film which was published at the very early date of 1946 by a nazi sympathizing filmmaker is what tipped off my semiotic research showing Reagan rescued Hitler and killed JFK. It’s very important it be found.

Laura – Seattle Public Library: KCLS owns 3 copies, one owned by Bellevue, though currently checked out.

Mac Crary: Is there any chance it was simply not cataloged properly?

Laura – Seattle Public Library: Sounds like a good candidate for a purchase suggestion

Laura – Seattle Public Library: There is always that chance, but I did a thorough search

Mac Crary: It’s a very important German work about war guilt and also very strange. I’ll work on finding one through KCLS, and suggest possibly putting a clerk on a shelf reading search just in case. Thank you.

Laura – Seattle Public Library: Would you like me to submit a purchase suggestion on your behalf? I’ll just need your library card number

Laura – Seattle Public Library: ….and pickup location

Mac Crary: 1000018385467 and a note to contact me if it comes at deaftears@yahoo.com International District.

Mac Crary: Does interlibrarian loan ever allow for a VHS?

Laura – Seattle Public Library: Here is a link to KCLS listing – http://catalog.kcls.org/opac/en-US/skin

Laura – Seattle Public Library: Sorry, not any video titles

Mac Crary: Does interlibrarian loan ever allow for a VHS?

Laura – Seattle Public Library: Thanks, I’ll submit a purchase suggestion now

Laura – Seattle Public Library: DVDs, videos, music CDs or music cassettes are not available through Interlibrary Loan.

Mac Crary: Alright. I appreciate the help and it’s good news that I can talk to Bellevue. I go there occassionally. I’ll sign off now.

Laura – Seattle Public Library: ..sorry

Laura – Seattle Public Library: Ok, I hope to see the title back in our collection soon

Newest Message

Mac Crary: Thank you.


February 25th, 2011, 09:52 PM

Title: Die mörder sind unter uns
Author: Staudte, Wolfgang

ISBN Physical Description videorecording videodisc 1 videodisc (82 min.) : sd., b&w. ; 4 3/4 in.
Edition Format DVD
Publication Date [2002] Summary Susanne is a concentration camp survivor who, despite unspeakable experiences, is filled with a new desire to live. She wants to move back into her apartment in war-torn Berlin where Hans has taken up residence. He is a former officer and surgeon in the German army who finds himself unable to deal with the haunting memories of his role in the war. Together, this broken man gathers new strength and courage.
Publisher Icestorm International Subjects Ex-concentration camp inmates — Germany — Drama.
Man-woman relationships — Germany — Drama.

Online Resources

Location Section Status Call Number

Bellevue DVDs View Library Info Checked Out DVD 833 MOR GERMAN
Bothell DVDs View Library Info Checked Out DVD 833 MOR GERMAN
Federal Way DVDs View Library Info Available DVD 833 MOR GERMAN


February 25th, 2011, 09:53 PM

Presents an atmosphere of morbid intoxication with war. Theme of being unable to shoot a war criminal.


March 13th, 2011, 10:30 PM

I am calling a moratorium on further demonstrations of Reagan’s crime from Japanese cinema, due to the suffering of those wonderful people, and, although it is more expensive for me, I will concentrate, instead, on the inarguably more pressing demonstrations of Reagan’s crime in American film.

There is no question that HitlerRabid observors are intending to use the evidence for terroristic enterprise completely unworthy of AIDS Nuremberg in defense of Reagan.

Accordingly, I am abstaining further copy regarding Japan.

vBulletin® v3.8.4, Copyright ©2000-2011, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.

Version : Declaration: Battle Paul


January 18th, 2011, 03:29 PM

Q. Explain the title: “Farewell or Battle Paul?”

A. I am faced with a choice between leaving Seattle and trying to find protection from murderers involved in a Federally sanctioned Federal high crime, an identity crime, authored by Reagan, being acted out by a large troop of child rapists who claim he didn’t know.

That’s basic.

Or staying and engaging Paul McCartney in mortal combat, which is what I have decided to do, mortal, because of his murdering hate crimes.

There’s little to discuss about that, since his Actor Theory about Reagan is child’s play and easy to refute by a simple course in Reagan’s history.

What is in progress comes down from the traitors at Ramparts. Recall the lessons in MK-Ultra or look it up online. David Horowitz, Michael Tive and Gail Burstyn, probably Oriana Fallaci are/were all primary agents in the AIDS Confederacy. Gail Burstyn wrote most of her letters from Woods Hole, MA where Z Magazine is published.

Reagan’s war game has the confederate thinking of Noam Chomsky all over it: hidden in plain view, American denial, etc., but the most compelling element implicating Chomsky is the function of the Beatles and the staged assassination attempt that Pentagon Disney engineered.

Chomsky reasons that the Government in the United States, corrupt and military in nature, can afford to expend a political actor now and then in preservation of the crooked machinery. He calls this system a State-Corporate Nexus, as opposed to Russia who have to protect each and every person in the Party. Party members are expendible.

By making a game out of Reagan didn’t know, they created an Oedipal wheel that ends with the decision, well, Reagan didn’t know, and this preserves the Macro-System with new post-atrocity members who did nothing but play this stupid game.

Version : Le Mer Sadies


January 19th, 2011, 10:19 AM

I’m not answering this wrongful, cruelly presented, and illicit summons in any way due to a desire to be compensated. Lynn Atkins can keep the money. Most of my readers know that I am firm in my right to be a materialist, but it is not so much that I am materialistic as that I do not like the way this crime against my person operates, with wheeler dealers trying to define and grab my name before I am competent after emerging from comatrauma to attain self-definition. Nor is it apparently exclusively a matter of small change. Once a sovereign, licensed artist is recognized of the magnitude at stake in the way my name has been wronged, a great deal more than my father’s inheritance would come my way or the way of persons who misappropriate what has been done. So, although the fact that I am answering is that I was intimidated by exceptionally cruel and wrongheaded people into addressing the circumstances surrounding the death of my father, many distortions will no doubt apply. Yes, I think that the matter of what became of what small sum came my way when he perished and the coat is relevant to understanding the overall direction of the crime in progress.

Perhaps it is “intelligence” to be cued that my father’s last minute decision to change his will was a result of his feeling about me. I will answer that but I will also give you my interpretation of what happened.

First, I was notified by counsel for Pitt that there was a deathbed change of heart and that the money I was told I was willed at the end of my father’s life was taken away in the last moments and they wanted to know whether I sought to challenge his wellness of mind. Having enough experience now of Pittsburgh, I am glad that I did not choose to challenge them, for I feel that the actual motive in somehow perhaps getting dad to change his mind may in fact have been driven by a desire to have my imprimatur on doubts about his judgement, a windfall for them now were that the case. However, at the time, I reflected on dad, and decided he just felt that I would not be able to handle money or something, or that the long brewing contempt of Lynn Atkins towards me won out, or, possibly, that I made a mistake towards the end of his life, as when I asked if there were an inheritance, an impropriety, but then, in those days, I was so frightened and desperate of a person and so willing to say what came into my head, that I wouldn’t have really known that until after I said it. Anyway, I wanted to validate my father, respect myself and leave open my feeling about what may have really happened, and I didn’t think very long, I said quite truthfully and without any greed or rue, “My father would have wanted what was best for me.” At this remark the entire foundational ship of Pittsburgh education exploded in a riot of rude remarks of which primarily I recall the sentiment, “Moral Imbecile.”

It was quite some time before dad’s death actually hit me. Mrs. Meieren triggered it. She said to me in the Pitt parking lot, “It’s probably better for him.” At that, I went home and mortally sobbed for half and hour. The loss of my father was huge, but finding my heart took a month. As a result when someone dies I always counsel those close to them, please take some time and prepare yourself because this may catch you unawares at an unexpected time.

The proximate explanation from people I can only grit my teeth and refrain from characterizing appropriately in this column out of respect for the man they mock is that I made a puking face at daddy. This is the reason I am answering. That is a gross misrepresentation that I will not allow. It is not a fact and is neither true to what happened nor is it in any honorable way an estimation of how daddy responded or how I felt about him. It was a practical joke that he seemed to appreciate.

When grandfather died, and during the sad, alexytemic spell after being tortured and gassed, I scrawled cartoons of him on his deathbed, “Do I have a grandson?” I always blamed Miles Kirshner, who I had not yet even met, thinking about that, because when grampa Mac asked for me on his deathbed I was in the stages of trauma that made it absolutely impossible for me to respond. I could barely understand what was being asked of me. Mother interpreted that as not wanting to see him, and did not question it, because I was always shy, withdrawn, obedient and afraid to speak when it came to my elders, especially my father, who I adored and never saw. Gramps loved me and and could never understand that long, golden hair that I grew. When he died, daddy had quite some fun depicting him. He would ask, “Want to see how my father looked after he died?” and then he would throw his head back like Ralph Marzlak asleep in a movie theater, mouth wide open and he would laugh when everyone took it as abominable.

Daddy was being morbid and to cheer him up I puffed up the air in my cheeks and made a funny face. He laughed wryly and said, “right.”

But I do want to close with something that has been bothering me lately. I’ve wanted to represent my belief that even with the trauma and burden of children with AIDS we need leaders not so much who can make us accepting of death, but leaders who can refortify us in the desire to live, the prospects for a dignified future and the hopes and joys of Our Commonwealth. I think, very possibly, daddy broke down and cried afterwards because the mischief in my gesture reminded him so much of himself and what he was losing, what we all were losing, in losing his life, and what he was losing in losing himself and in losing me. I think, in fact, he dispossessed me for a far, far more ennobling reason: he didn’t want my memory of him to be tarnished by the power of money.

The last time I saw my father I took him by the hand and said as a simple fact of gratitude and admiration, “Ryland Wesley Crary.” He held it a little longer and he said, summoning a last growl, “James MacRyland Crary.”

He just wanted what was best for me.


January 19th, 2011, 11:24 AM

I always blamed Miles Kirshner, who I had not yet even met, thinking about that, because when grampa Mac asked for me on his deathbed I was in the stages of trauma that made it absolutely impossible for me to respond

Q. Why is this so irrational and garbled?
A. Because I had to use a backup floppy that wasn’t edited properly. It should say that Miles Kirshner was part of a hidden hand dragnet that tortured me and set up a slander institution around me, always jeering and deriding me despite what I had been through. It was after extremely costly losses.

My mother had never cried so much.


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