Version : “Over My Dead Body!” ~ Yoko Ono?


April 24th, 2009, 08:36 PM

The AIDS onslaught and the attending operation is hidden in plain view although occassionally someone other than me pipes up about it in Eggnog Corner, for the most part, silence equalled death. Mostly, Seattle consists of Obama voters who did so full-knowing he is the salesman, steersman and prime confederate of the AIDS Combine, while brutally torturing ad nauseum me for simply being totally, and I mean legally and factually incapable of comprehending at 10 years old what all this was that had been incubating under Supreme Command for decades and fallen upon me. No one went after Paul Runco of the Guttersnipes, for example, to so much as ask a few questions. If Gail Burstyn is ever looked at at all it will be due to my endless labors, a study in good conduct, well-chastised. Katz, Herrington and Steiner admitted so long ago I never raped them that in a non-nazi world I’d be a very rich man for the actions of the coward Fripp. None of this has any semblance of an explanation. It’s a very evil war on the right of children molested in unprovoked government social violence to even have words in self-defense.

Peter Gabriel isn’t an artist, he’s a tragic nightmare. The reason I don’t seek out Gay friends is that they can’t bear the thought of me, largely due to a widely broadcast identity crime using a persona rather than character as a point of departure. Why torment them? Nor is it possible for me to forgive and forget the physical and mental abuse they used to destroy me and subvert my investigation because of what it revealed about themselves. The petty stuff like holding hands in obligatory fashion isn’t real to me. I threw myself in primally ages ago when I felt wisdom and courage were needed and somehow Oxford turned it into hair-splitting nattering. There’s so much underlying hostility towards me in that culture that the whole idea of contributing amounts to a sardonic laugh.

They chose to be misled. Yoko Ono and the her Shiono Klan of “Bitter (heh-heh-heh)” K-Ronin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujQ-nMc0WGE repeatedly attacked and tortured me beginning as a little boy. I harbor fewer and fewer doubts that Ono herself co-authored Gail Burstyn. Lennon being in place wasn’t left to chance. Just as Midori wasted me. The idea of an E/W union in that respect, I mean, I like Don Quixote better now.

Francisco I. Madero by the way was a progenitor of the Cosa Nostra Damus the CIA dubs “the Taliban”. It’s all America’s experiment in alternative naziism. Green with envy. There was certainly nothing flim-flam about Goto’s term “feminazi”.

The Bowies are playing a psychological warfare strategy and delivering a fait accompli with oustretched glove and fatal ultimatum. A nazi government isn’t going to honor a copyright or the truth, that’s basic. Just look what Reagan did! He got the King Family to cheer the rape of a retarded girl. There’s nothing to stop them from staging a victory pageant, blaring their airwaves or announcing themselves on Goebbels For Iowa Radio, but it won’t change what really happened.

Midori is going to come here doing what she does best: manipulating, degrading and abusing. I’m a deaf person in trauma care, battered beyond all horror. The police have taken measures to pretend that they, too, have never been made aware of it. Someone should have put a stop to this psychopathy so long ago.

War is not the answer, but neither is peace with and surrender to London and Pittsburgh, brother city of faceliars. Never be fooled by the City of Faceliars. Before they start carping about Reagan again, it’s not that I feel there is victory in betrayal. Harkin’s Secret Service prize, a scrawl of some sort to the monster he claims was a promise to lie for them I’m sure just shows how frightened I was even before I learned what the authorities in Pennsylvania and California had stored in my name in our Amityville Horror home.

An English in its greed-maddened frenzy, tearing children like a rabid rottweiller, has a White Album-thumping Priestess of Hate in their bully pulpit who for nothing would dream of an interlude were sour turned to sweet.

I don’t want anyone else killed, so, we’ll just say: The End, now.

No Confederacy. No futher Apology. The battle of onion tears has been declared by the monster’s forces, led by Peter Sinfield. In response, the flight to July has begun against the Army of Chunk.

Version : Eggy Says FUCK YOU to the Taliban


April 24th, 2009, 10:02 PM

You know where you live.


April 24th, 2009, 10:12 PM

I’m not going to pretend it wasn’t Jewish organized crime from the highest levels to the public schools anymore. It was. Reagan did a bang up job on Liberal sensibilities with the help of Al Gore, pleading “Earth in the Balance”.


April 24th, 2009, 10:15 PM

blessed beings,
you’ve still got the rainbow
when the cancer comes.
We threw the creeps out the window
and now we can have fun.
The streets we will rampage
and cut up the nuns
who are so despicable.
blessed beings,
immerse your hands
in sacred urine.
blessed beings
of the great higherness.
When the cancer comes
you’ve still got the rainbow!
The rainbow of Allah
the rainbow of Jesse
the rainbow of Obama
the rainbow of Reagan
who didn’t know.
Go to sleep now
sacred being
go to sleep now.
You will be heard in sacred higherness
when Ringo stops laughing
over your sacred money.

Version : Pukes at Seattle Mariners, Inc.


April 24th, 2009, 10:22 PM

The pukes at Seattle Mariners, Inc. like to hum that playing through pain is a sign of maturity. They’ve used this to imply that a man crying from a burning nerve agent poisoned in traumatized and battered deaf custody as a child as a mustn’t-say-mean-things about works him over brutally and sexually is a sign of immaturity.

Let’s be immature, then.


April 24th, 2009, 10:26 PM

Have you seen the Yoshimoto book that begins with a 48th year male suicide? I wonder if she is one of The Bitter Ronin.


Version : Sea. Police are Comfortable.


April 24th, 2009, 10:25 PM

I’m glad parents don’t stumble across Eggnog Corner. It might blow the cover on the fact that Seattle Police are perfectly comfortable with the arrangement of having Yoko Ono murder people around town and brag about it publicly in this blogroom.

Version : American Pig


April 25th, 2009, 08:28 AM

Now that I see very clearly what all this really is, I’ll be going to court in the hopes of securing selfish restitution so that I can leave the United States of America forever. I think, to be truthful, it is the only answer that will ever work for me.


April 25th, 2009, 10:04 AM

Peter Sinfield is really a murderer and a bullworker. Just looking over what he has done to me, it’s incredibly hard to believe.

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Version : Readers taken seriously.


April 25th, 2009, 10:49 AM

Dear The Law,

Communities are built, sometimes reluctantly, on trust, hope and faith. A person’s search for justice, therefore, is likely to be very primitive and an element of dereliction attends the legal establishment in their inability to do anything but foment knowingly against hearing a grave social cause. Sometimes I think my rights are abridged because it amuses high jurists to read the thrashing of my rhetoric. I’m not writing to waste your time with tedious recriminations you have heard a thousand times from a million pedestrians. I am however, in my warm up going to warn you that when I name big names you are to refrain from laughing, because the names I give in this criminal investigation and pursuit of personal restitution are the actual authors of the myriad offenses that there is no hope of describing in full, however…

One socially conscious attorney based in Seattle in an unprecedented and eloquent reply to my circumstance told me that a “mandate was clear” if I have been harmed in the way I describe, which indeed I have been, and that mandate overrides reluctance to bear the fallout and burden of failure. That’s a heady moral ultimatum for a person who has been subject the blasphemy of horrendous torture, living in poverty, on a publicly announced, but thoroughly informal and lawless death row.

Federal Marshalls have expressed concern about my visiting the United States District Court. Since the Judge in chamber there also told me that without suitable numbers in from the statutes I might as well have been publicly flayed I have little choice but to brave the chagrin of that pinstriped peasant army and attend to my affairs in the Federal Building as best I can as a deaf man on a day I may not even have food. Please support me.

My goals are not both very noble and impartial, but one of them is. I want to secure permanent record for community health and safety of at least some little that transpired. Next, if possible, I want to secure my own rescue by restitution and evacuation if that is the only answer. Lastly, I want to empower my quest for Protection From Abuse Orders.

Enumerating the crimes would be too lengthly, but I’ll supply a short set of instances pertaining that might allow you, while doing nothing illegal, to at least comprehend how hard it has been to get on my feet, and perhaps hopefully, take a moment to facilitate proper guidance and impartial support.

The agency in question: Authorized childhood pedophile custody for corruption of morals conditioning using violent suppression, terror, toxic ethers and kidnapping to induce trauma and comatonic obedience. They used a nerve agent in a childhood Frankenstein experiment documented to have been a lifelong holocaust-style experiment. All of these facts are documents. Psychologically it was a pun on Robert Kennedy’s book The Enemy Within and sought to change my personality from within using a neuro-toxin, in retaliation and hate for my distinguished father’s book on humanism used in higher education throughout the United States. The Geffen Corporation learning of this through my appeals to Amnesty International, in tandem with the principles of the authors and employing some of them, in a pile on used the neurotrauma to strip me of my right to remain silent, inducing convulsive seizures in attempt to force me to comply with conscription into their persona from within, affecting my vocal centers, raping my loved one in a dramatic attack intended to paralyze me with fright, and then used me in slave labors of extrusion for decades now to secure intellectual property.

It is an identity crime, intended to sell me and coerce me into neuro-behavioral obedience to a persona they want as a storyline.

Police brutality, no fair trial, using me as a fall guy in terrible outrages. Unprecedented intimidation by unusual new surveillance and invasive machinery to provoke jeering should I dare to report them, by both public and police.

The injuries include nearly total deafness, a lifetime of humiliation, as well as a series of truly harrowing and irreversible physical injuries ranging from afflicted zenker deflecticum to superventricular tachycardia, from a heart poison crime. I was homeless for many years and subject to truly vicious sexual depradations organized by The Geffen Lobby.

You cannot imagine the suffering. I won’t ask you to try.
Please do something to alleviate my feeling of helplessness
By providing some ideas of recourse.

Very Truly Yours,

Mac Crary
315 Maynard Ave. #309
Seattle, WA

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Version : Lady Sinfield


April 25th, 2009, 08:52 PM

Midori is the final incarnation of the bathroom vault. On her forehead is the number of the shop.

There are principles at stake in Story of the Bird but not the ones over which an English brays hoping to blackmail public accomplice with his fait accompli. His largesse finances a morally deranged obsession, his crimes mounting. The issue is child mutilation crime, rape and torture by Amnesty International. I am extremely seriously. He has no mandate. There is no chance of cooperation. King Crimson will pay.

An English brays, “If you wash I’ll be offended,” because of the bloody filth he seeks incessantly to cleanse from his own Lady MacBethian hands. If his guilty, blood-drenched hands can’t come clean, why should yours?

I fell for it, too, back on Mt. Desert Island ~ Oh, my baby! No!

….It makes the whole ordeal of death and dying so much less unbearable when you know that you are loved that way! Yeah? You mean so much that you aren’t worth being given warning or protected in any way, only sold records used to murder you inside?

I fell for it, too, back on Mt. Desert Island.

We stop at nothing to stamp out swine flu, but an English sat giggling at ludicrous scrabble boards, dreaming up a new system of warped Vegas payola by construction of real world theater spectacles maliciously using hapless pedestrians when action on the AIDS crime was at its direst point of need. How an English gloated that a hapless had walked right into its arms. How does the hissing sniveller get around that I was a timid child, a picky eater, that it is grossly illegal to plant such letters on my home in a plot to hold someone responsible? That adults battered me and overdosed me as a I cried and pleaded? An English would never care. Such an issue is a mockery.

I don’t know by what right they use a disabled person as a human sacrifice, but I will kill them by letting them kill me rather than let them do that to little Jimmy who I promised I would find someone who cared. (There may be an swallowing obstruction forming, some tracheal chest pains, a lot of chronic stomach pain. I had to take 2 capsules for acid reflux tonite instead of one (prescription) I wake up mornings doubled over, but that appears to be emotional).

The murderer is mobilizing. Whoever they all are they picked me off to use as a slave beginning in gradeschool. What could the murderer possibly offer? To cobble back together lives he stole, trashed, raped and destroyed? Life doesn’t work that way. Only a venomous demagogue could think it would, but in the world of rock egologic, nothing holds more importance than the ego-rapine of an English.

Nobody holds a monopoly on Love, certainly not what is left of the Beatles, the shittiest team of super-snots the world has ever seen; horrors, worse than Nixon.

There will never ever ever be an apology to Yoko Ono after what she has done. We were told rock music would bring progress and that Fripp is their ethical wizard. Where did it lead to? State-sponsored rape! Hahahahahaha. An English! He sat there leering and posturing with the scum of the earth, snarling with laughter as he got me to pay him to do his farm work for him.

Sinfield’s clearly very sensei-tive to the idea that after centuries of superiority the native English gene was found out for a sex snivel.

I’m tired of the word “peace” being used in the old fashion sense of Adolf. There will be a lesson in the end: Never trust an English.


Version : It’s an ugly story.


April 27th, 2009, 08:23 PM

Everybody knew that Reagan was engineering a fascist religious overthrow and the AIDS Onslaught to be part of it, for all the silence and sullen denial, it was lost on very few. The tragedy lay in no one fathoming the Beatles were his trump card, that the rock ‘n roll establishment would betray the young. It all could have been so different. Jimmy had limitless faith in Fripp and really hadn’t hurt Leslie Katz. Hitler’s triumph is a genuinely wretched page in human history. The whole idea of the Queen of England, full-knowing the plot proved AIDS his doing, waving a fish in the air and declaring it a spoils fight to hang the little boy who cudda saved John Lennon whould give rise to agony of grief and the sorrow of hate in all but smirking HitlerEnglish, scrawling their travesy in terroristic molest of deaf Jeannie and the actual spirit of a letter to an ex-girlfriend that the coward Fripp tore from nothing.

Barack Obama and Leslie Katz were a tag team on a thrill kill after a white symbol, riding a wave in which American power had turned its back on that symbol: the white dove of peace, the sanctity of liberal white children. Don’t we just suck. Just give us one sacrifice came the song of Havel and Wattenmaker, just give us one small child. Few scene in American political history were so rabid. It was even demarcated when I was gassed at Kings’ Estate! How shrewd and how scornful and it didn’t have to work. The coward Fripp just could not bear to humanize the plight of a King Crimson fan. Too late now for anything but telling.

It’s an ugly story, but I prefer it that way now, over the pathetic and dastardly eels of Hope. One can just spit imagining the doggerel that horrid man utters attempting to salvage his higherness. Watching an English pee itself in bliss as it betrays little Jimmy one can only laugh at what rats they are.

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Version : Slade was here!


April 28th, 2009, 12:36 PM

Brother Slade, the pathetic wee wee’s from the wild woods of military chauvanism are after my paper airplane.


April 28th, 2009, 01:05 PM

Obama said no more nuke nookie!
No big Bang! all gone! He dont like it! He will rid the world of it!


Barack Obama is set to outline his plans for a world free of nuclear weapons in a major speech.


April 28th, 2009, 01:50 PM

don’t get hyper!


April 28th, 2009, 02:34 PM

I see! I listen! I obey!

We will crush the Military with a Swift mercy less chomp and perform tickle torture since the waterboard is not in fashion!

This Military shall wiggle and holler with tickle

Your paper airplane shall be safe and sacred


April 28th, 2009, 03:18 PM

Please just give me my paper airplane.


April 28th, 2009, 03:34 PM

Vengeance is nin say the Slade!

the pathetic wee wee’s from the wild woods of military chauvinism must feel the wrath and acknowledge the power!

No sissy “just gimmy’s”

We shall conquer and command


April 28th, 2009, 03:39 PM

Good Lord! Not Mondale! That will bring up that Thingummy thing and other areas we don’t want people going into.


April 28th, 2009, 03:57 PM

After victory is ours we shall let our let our victorious cats have their way with all of their cats! Kinky can style


April 28th, 2009, 03:58 PM

one would expect that the bea arthur cabal will be closing ranks…mcclanahan?


April 28th, 2009, 04:10 PM

“that’s over the top!”

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Version : The Kosher Pork Denizen


April 28th, 2009, 09:50 PM

Pittsburgh is not a good memory, but I did live there forty insufferable years and in that sad tragedy of a place I learned the suffocating truth about what bored and evil people with even the smallest amount of power will do to others they see as kind and good when they are vulnerable. The Marquis De Sade summed it up brilliantly with the title of a book, Good Conduct, Well-Chastised. The civics there are a slovenly brand of predation-mentality you expect out of halfwits tagging along with disciples of Hitler. Mentally it’s a stunted humpback brother of the most rabid and diverse city in America: New York City, but still, in sheer deeds of horror, New York may actually be favorable. Pittsburgh’s name is as black as Auschwitz; where the ruinous name of Yoko Ono crows from many shadows. It is from Pittsburgh she chose to kill her winsome husband with a cackle. Impugnity has seldom ridden so high.

Miles Kirshner put a smile of non-chalance on drug utopianism to mask the organized sexual brutality of a gang including Ralph Karsh (car, sh). Both men were obviously on Gail Burstyn’s tagteam, working for Ronald Wilson Reagan in Highland Park on Story of the Bird, a case which proves Reagan a violent pedophile. An ill, disturbing human being, as anyone could have seen, even before this. Pittsburgh laconically lugubriates that Kirshner had credibility and Yoko Ono derides the flesh and blood effigy of Lennon she designeratered using little Jimmy from Kirshner’s pawn hostage offices, providing many arcane, but ancient services to the friends behind that lout Mark David Chapman who has somehow actually managed to make himself almost look good by compare to Ringo Starr. The importance is nil. Lennon served.

The real issue is their construct on behalf of the AIDS Combine; an unending travesty. Who is more guilty? Me, who wrote a letter exposing Leslie Katz’s game, role and function in the crime or Poiter Goibriel who twisted the meaning of the letter to accomplish the getaway of the guilty and invest the victims with the fever of hate that the Combine hoped he would? In Gabriel’s vicious, depraved, deranged, confused and mongering head I was guilty as a child of letters written by Gail Burstyn when she herself is innocent of them.

The taller the order, the more magical an English, and this tall, tall, tall order, like the 911 airplane bombings, came from Pierre Elliott in the magic kingdom of Pepperland, known as the cult of Gurdjieff, and the reason for a fourth plane aimed at Pittsburgh, the City of Faceliars. We are supposed to cheer the destruction by those who lessoned us after releasing the AIDS virus, and their minions who chant Reagan didn’t know, ostensibly just to make the victims feel better over a high school break up letter that any guidance counselor could have looked into and resolved matters so regarding. Instead, it was used to give venomous rise to Gabriel’s Talibonic umbrage and a devestating lesson in Rock letchery and celebrity ogres who believe in the medieval virtues of snout equity.

Every medicine I take, every injury that plagues me, every debilitating facet of mental illness or behavioral discomfort caused by my confusion is impacted, none would be necessary were it not for unprovoked ritual violence attended by libels, each and every particular is evidence of what is really going on in the so-called Taliban of Brian Eno and Georgey Most CIA on High.

Murder and pettiness have been given a greater reputation than love songs, but then, who was there really ever resisting such priorities?


Version : Rev. Wright’s Theory


April 29th, 2009, 02:29 PM

Rev. Wright’s theory, that AIDS was genocide aimed at the black man was known throughout the establishment to be a ruse. The black establishment went along with Mt. Desert Island, the sole source of certain proof AIDS is manmade. This race gambit was designer’d to justify their collusion and sell a smokescreen so that Obama could play Chivalrous Knight in the matter when, in reality, he is simply camoflaguing his accomplice with a convenient story where he is self-cast as Victim! it’s a suitable role for the man claiming Reagan didn’t know, but a tragic disservice to the human race.


April 29th, 2009, 02:45 PM

One of the most telling factors about this theory is that it placed me as the driver at Kelly School when, in reality, I was the protesting passenger who quit the job in fury.

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Version : King of Hawaii


April 29th, 2009, 03:51 PM

His final words were, “Tell my people I tried.”

Version : Gregoire the Warrior


May 1st, 2009, 12:04 AM

Dear Gregoire and State of Washington,

May I just ask you, as the son of Ryland Wesley Crary, a distinguished naval veteran whose works on de-segregated higher education were the admiration of many national institutions in the late 1960’s, as a traumatized young adult who reported torture by his enemies when I was a child, may I just ask you: Who is King Crimson to torture me some more and rape my deaf girlfriend because they wanted control of the identity crime committed by Reagan against my person in retaliation for seeking intervention in Pittsburgh, prior to my evacuation by abused deaf advocates? Who is Midori Goto to make this professional issue into a private, wierd and personal one?

They beat up my friggin’ innards. I’m wasting away. I’m in pain constantly. You think Seattle is going to find another spawn of Ryland, my mother Nancy, distinguished teacher, honored by the City of Topeka, Kansas for her work with ASL students in a Pittsburgh community college, my grandfather Ward, man of the Ozarks, a poet who although deaf and battered has managed to teach poetry and photography, contribute to newspapers, teach art, art history, composition, do journals, report unprecedented research into a national tragedy, run errands for persons in need, encourage the helpless, write about recovery from mental illness, and other contributions while still cleaning our mental health clubhouse and supporting friends and neighbors, sometimes thanklessly, sometimes as an object of immoral scrutiny, but always hoping for the best for the other members of Emerald Club? Watching a bakery that has been robbed in the evening as a favor to Chinatown. All of it without pay, nor asking for remuneration. And where will my brother find another brother; my dearly beloved nephew in West Virginia politics another crazy uncle? Who will explain such contradictory legal and ethical behavior towards a poet to interested young people at church, cafes, among readers and in schools? Who’s going to write The Heaven and Hell Odyssies from my grandnephew Shen who never had a proper granduncle because of prior, disabling hate crimes? You think my life is fun? They’ve taken it away to appease AIDS victims who they are lying to, about themselves, about what happened and about me, giving license to prurient, prying individuals in a ripper fiasco. This was assassination and not for being to blame, but for talking.

Midori Goto has made this (as if it is a chivalrous war game for her virginity) into an eerie syndicate predicated on union cult subterranean flesh trafficking over marriage to her. What right does she have to control of my destiny that way? I can’t get married. What would I give my bride for the honeymoon? My imminent cancer diagnosis? I loved John Lennon as much as B. C., a dreamer from the Clubhouse and can see in him someone who would be devestated if a practical joker set him up to be blamed, yet he was incited to turn on me. How would you feel being blamed, even as an able-bodied person, much less a mutilated child? And you let them shoot me – you murder me in the stomach after terroristically appalling violent crimes that purposefully make murder look like mercy, and you got away; you’re the bad guy, Gregoire, not me.

The entire time Hillary and Chelsea Clinton did this, they kept sneering at me that I would be rewarded for cooperating with Midori’s priceless bush, as a Taliban bone and HIV if I didn’t; when all the evidence about the real Midori Goto is that she wants to spit in my face and see me given HIV as she rides off in the sunset with the men who tortured me and raped deaf Jeannie. When did she ever once apologize for the deaths and rape in her last riot? Yet you let her come here this Solstice, full knowing what she is up to? In this disgusting and pitiless experience Goto and Nancy Reagan asked for and received a blank check for torture and hate crime towards innocent people by playing a coy, medieval gangbang game. The celebrity superstate has been allowed to presume a lifelong absence of free will forever in a child piteously battered into unnatural submission, an already quiet, shy, little boy, lacking development and self-assertion. Did they ever care about little Jimmy who loved them? What is the meaning of the law when an entire personality can be that viciously misrepresented to empower hate crime unending?

The claim that Reagan didn’t know and just piled on is fraud and a mask for support of the AIDS Onslaught and for England’s devious method of channelling victim confusion and frustration. If Midori Goto is not a hostage, she is an assassin. If she doesn’t defect from Obama’s slanderous cult war game, she will be regarded as an assassin. This situation is not mutually cancelling libel as Sen. Harkin has covertly contended while molesting me. He is a liar and a deluder who has debased American society disgracefully protecting the unconscienable. They have said if I win I die. Having incited deaf Jeannie’s rape is insufficient “street cred” for Yoko Ono on Hitler Avenue. This threat, this promise has been heard and shared along with the truth about Kelly School, where they left the imprimatur of their facelying loud and brazen. Let this be a lesson to American Poets in the protest vein, poets, like me, who never lived above the poverty line, regarding insufferable woman aristocrats and in an English.

I’ve said this before, someone owes Jimmy one. Mac is the only answer.

Mac Crary – Jimmy
(James MacRyland Crary)
315 Maynard Ave. S. 309
Seattle, WA
TTY 711

Version : Abnormal Huge Terribleness


May 1st, 2009, 08:52 PM

I’m sure that Barack Obama and Peter Gabriel wish I didn’t understand what really happened, but I do. This ordeal has been a personal mission of free speech in the Onslaught from the day I saw the first victims and heard the shocking refrains, and brother do I ever know who did this. Practical religious sentiments too easily give rise to miltary rationalizations but if there is one thing people should be taught early and reminded often: life is long, but eternity is longer.

Although I was by generational affinity a little hippy, tagging along with adults hauling my saxophone at age 15 after being drugged and dragged into adults only situations, I am also one now who sees in Dylan’s ode to Woodie Guthrie a lost cause saluting a lost cause. These drunks got no further in politics than “I know just because one Jewish person is bad doesn’t mean all Jewish people is bad and so I’m good people”. Jo-jo-jokers. No more bullshit. Boycott Israel and Reagan Knew.

Let’s turn to the JDL prior warning note about hog’s bacillus. Since Pittsburgh was a land where I constantly had trouble with Jewish girls and their German boyfriends, the point eventually sinking in, the source of such warning, criminal and deranged, cynical and plotting, couldn’t surprise me less. Let’s turn to the moral-of-the-story and how it evolved with the blessing of Shannon Harps-knifing Queer Basque, and I promise you, anyone will be expelled who says the word: Zukerbolical.

Pittsburgh is very cunning. They use symbols to mean what they want them to mean. Symbolism in reality is the machine of the AIDS combine’s propaganda whirligig, the staged and phony intercept billed as a rigamorand that wrapped around a fandango. The greatest intellectual subversion comes from renouncing symbolism in this case. Pitt is the #1 Logical Positivist philosophy school in the world. It is no joke that they have the sophistication to get across the illusion of interception and steer the agony of the HIV positive in the direction that they select while masquerading as so-called ACT-UP. The human race has been around and groups have died together before. The Jewish holocaust is legendary and all was put into psychological prediction, that is why Gail Burstyn wrote, “ain’t it wierd how all I wanted to say has already been written” and that is why George Bush’s infamous claim to know and understand that on Mt. Desert Island I was putting myself in harm’s way out of protective instinct to arrive at information is so sad. The one thing that could have come from my long and exhausting high school hitchhiking adventure to St. Louis from Pittsburgh in 1979 was timely warning and curtail of psychological prediction.

How sad that an English even had to lie about what I had offered and accomplished, so a few chosen black men, elected as knights of Lennon, could arrive in the inner circles of human greed. We know from the anthrax that 911 was about HIV. We know from the hog’s bacillus that Israel Americans couldn’t give two shits about our kids.

Despite this sad and pathetic situation, I still feel that Chinatown/International District as a whole oppose, as I do, cameras in Hing Hay Pagoda. A swastika, and I don’t think it was a buddhist symbol, was put on one of our stores recently. After Zell, who sent me all sorts of Hitler junk, worked with Leslie Katz, it’s clear that Jews will use swastikas to scare and to confuse us. Again, Pitt is very sly. So, if Hollywood Schwarzen-Reaganners, really creepy types, get going, let us all know. It could mean Coulter or the religious right or Pitt’s mafia may have hired them because they secretly want the cameras. It’s called provocateuring. They’ll send in people to who look just like us to turn up the heat and make it unsafe as a pretext. I’m still in rehab, but I do like the idea of a new jail, one that won’t risk tuberculosis for the inmates and I assure you that once I’m elected Sheriff if I ever have to arrest you for offenses within reason, it will be the best thing that ever happened to you, I promise.

Now let’s get to the point. Obviously, it is exceedingly ludicrous to assume, as the gays of Seattle have taught you to assume, that those who released anthrax and hog’s bacillus were protesting AIDS. Please look at the truth. They are the same people. It was a delusion that Oliver Stone mongered. Don’t trust such a murdering weasel with wealth, naziism and foreign sympathies in the foreground of his politics. He is the one who lied about Kelly School, where I was not the driver but the outraged passenger, he is the one who elevated the men who tortured me and tortured me again. He is Jewish. Had I known that before I might have been more suspicious. The evidence in AIDS was penned by holocaust survivors. After 911 it is reasonable to assume that Israeli psychos have talked about smuggling in an atom bomb. I don’t know what their problem is in Israel and I don’t know what to say, but I’m not going to lie for them, plain and simple. If paranoic insanity is at the root of our Federal Society we need to work on that problem and we can’t and we mustn’t ever allow foreign fascism to dominate our right to see things clearly and in their proper light.

As everyone knows I have a Jewish brother and have written many times about what I learned about Jewish heritage. I’m not interested in persecuting anyone. I believe the AIDS Combine is partly Jewish and that they should not be allowed to hide behind their rabbis. It is clear that the Jewish elements are not in the majority. The majority were the Christian armageddonists and their American Reagan lore-spinners. That is how the Taliban trial-of-the-humanist soul came about. Hitler and Christianity. The Jews just saw the light, so to speak. I’ve always felt that Jewish people who were not involved should speak out.

You cannot trust Noam Chomsky. The history of Ramparts Magazine is full of this type of backstabbing. Horowitz was one of Chomsky’s early partners. Gail Burstyn, the author of the AIDS scroll wrote from Woods Hole where Z Magazine is published and John John Kennedy’s plane was shot down.

Very sophisticated people have loaded the cyber-networks with sex-as-satanism to give the internal feeling that the imagery will sneak-o-kill your spirit on God’s delirium day. Beware that they are corrupting the inner minds of our people deliberately, and I believe the evidence shows that the right wing Catholic community is involved in this pornographic treachery, just as they used me for sex in childhood with the help of a Japanese adult cinema corporation called NEVA, which is where Yoko Ono came from for the purpose of Revolution Number Nein.

Clinton uses pot-smoking as a sly class war enforcement and no I never smoked hash at Tripdude’s. Since doctors can give people reese I think that filtered cigarettes should be available to the truly addicted and truly needy with prescriptions. Our society can and must change against the criminal insanity of the BLOW US ALL UP type.

:confused:F.B.I. King Crimson sayeth whoosh.:rolleyes:

Item: Mac: How much have I spent already?
Pioneer Square Antique Guy: Not enough.
Gail Burstyn: Thanks for opening my mind (not enough).

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Version : Eggnog and Eggnog Corner


May 2nd, 2009, 12:35 AM

I cannot help thinking that it might help and make an impact to clarify what I see as my role in the archival history of Reagan’s main event: The AIDS Onslaught which included my hidden role on SO by Peter Gabriel.

First: I’m a historian in the matter, formerly a research investigator. I realize, and have documented, both that the AIDS Combine won and how that won, which is a key instrument in the rise of Obama.

Second: I realize that I am cast in a different light by the victorious forces. The fact that I am still here to argue is in part thanks to Pitt News. I have not attempted to slight that fact altogether. It was a very hard job surfacing myself, almost too late, amidst the unbelievable size of the hidden hand production about me that was going on.

Third: Although I have always sought to be a law-abiding non-combatant, and am very suspicious of America’s wars since World War Two, there has never been any mistaking that I could judge, only resistance to the idea, the rendering of it a claim by the aggressor lobby, that my sympathies are with the Gay Community. My mother, in part, was the backstabbing author of the idea that I was afraid of HIV in a paranoiac way. Obviously, HIV is something to be terribly afraid of. In reality, I was deeply moved to pity and anger by the early victims. The later movement has been hopeless disordered. I simply have sought to prove who did it and bring them to justice. The obstacle is as much the accomplice faction as the power of the guilty.

Fourth: I am in resistance to the final operation, the final consolidation by the guilty of their victory, which will turn Seattle into a forcing house over the 70 days. I wish that were not the case, by The Geffen Corporation is psychopathic and Queer Basque is in dangerously violent denial about what they did.

So that is the position I am in. The fact is, the war was lost in 1985 when The Beatles failed to warn and joined forces with the Combine, or were included in the crime all along. Agatha Christie goes to the White Album, you might say.


May 2nd, 2009, 04:24 PM

Mr. Eggnog at Piece of Cake evening study hall.

Version : Triumph of the Testament


May 2nd, 2009, 03:26 PM

Obama and Ono are the two most obsessive and childhish leaders we have ever seen, which speaks mountains. They are liars in the manner of Nixon and worse, and we have all paid so dearly for their ego deceit. They are using cyber-electronic feminist nazism to commit identity theft and barring Midori Goto’s defection from their ranks this means war; not to win her but to expel her.

The HitlerBush power structure was put in place to burn me. Obama is the icon of mysterious Mr. Douglas of Buffalo’s maxim: “If you try to help black people they will only turn on you”. The racists were determined to get the last laugh on the race traitor white man in their ranks. It is not a coincidence that Douglas the younger was associating intimately with Kate McPherron. McPherron had written to me many time from Germany one Summer all about how she writes long letters and copies them many times. McPherron’s father was in Pitt’s social anthropology and they were working with India and in Detroit’s automotive industry. I’m sure they organized Obama’s pretext.

King Crimson are not going to be permitted to confiscate Ryland Crary’s son for the ruinous fundamentalists. I have read the riddle of how the asian women who come onto me all hate me secretly and would gladly fuck me into ruin again, just as they did for Hitler before, egged on by his dogwhip juvenile David Bowie. We’ll see if an English can really tunnel around what happened forever. It’s not guaranteed. There are already people ashamed.

I met someone recently who is a lot smarter than either me or Robert Fripp and it offers the prospect that I could regain the element of surprise and that may prove the undoing of Obama’s Orwellian “fifth element”, and Lew Lapham’s legendary simpering in advance of Hitler’s last terrible crime. An English is known.

Ringo Starr’s only art to speak of is putrid mental abuse toyyed against the survival drive, a cunning English derived in unspeakable conduct throughout their history with respect to captured Irish kings in King Crimson’s dungeons where their foul hearts brew hate and live in the land of Mordor.

I’d still have saved John Lennon out of duty if I had known, but faced with the reality of the poisonous hatred and lies that are his eternal legacy now I would have spat on his name and turned my back after seeing him home. An English must not be allowed to humiliated my father this way and prevail in an unlawful vendetta by Bush.


May 2nd, 2009, 09:09 PM

ich people, and broadcasters, stick together and the venom they hire among the poor is cheap and unprincipled. They’re trying to pull a celebrity superstate coup where they can do what they did to me and make off laughing, as though they haven’t already, after 40 years of ritual horror and sadism. It’s Total Victory for the AIDS Combine and phony intercept, sale of hate, packaged and delivered by Obama as a fait accompli.
They have it so I don’t dare talk about the worst things they’re doing. I think they imagine selling it as a Rudolf story, that I’m brain-damaged enough a little tonic will cheer me up and make me pliable.
They plan to pump more high adrenal energy into public hysteria to create a mob demand for anti-factual history to outlaw reality. Josef Goebbels was good, but Oliver Stone is totally new age in the powers of brownshirt propaganda. Goebbels would be on his knees in a shrine of worship before Stone.
They’ve used high intensity slander to extrude slave labors for piracy and murder hostage. The F.B.I. is rubbish. There’s never been a case of inhumanity this brainiac and horrid for all the world to see and leer, and they pretend like they can’t see it, like my poetry won’t eventually cause my father Ryland’s name to catch up to Harris Wofford, that sullen lout.
For the first time in American History an enormity took place and not one person spoke out. Presumably my relevance is cancelled automatically, and it certainly doesn’t help against the murderers that I’m not grovelling for pity after the rape of my loved one.
The more ridiculous and offensive the idea of their plan has become the more the concensus has steamrolled. Even though brazen documents show that leering and contempt for every last one of you are behind the incredibly effective crowd orchestrations.
I’m not allowed to draw the obvious conclusion, it’s impolitic, it makes me sound bitter, rather than in trauma from unspeakable mistreatment and torture: that Americans, that you, have no shame.

Version : Miracle of the Wraithes


May 3rd, 2009, 10:20 AM

My opinion:

The Story of the Bird by Peter Gabriel, Oliver Stone and Ronald Reagan is too grave an obscenity for any dignitary’s endorsement. Midori Goto’s value as a musician and person disintegrated so long ago that the putrid ordeal of her arrival this Solstice selling Pentagon-Disney is just one last cup of vomit in Hitler’s revenge.

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Version : additional citations for verification


May 3rd, 2009, 01:22 PM


This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding reliable references (ideally, using inline citations). Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (May 2009)

You have untill may 2009 to submit additional citations for verification:eek:


May 3rd, 2009, 02:41 PM

why would you “assume” im Law abiding if I’m an American when you are dealing with the criminally insane and plead with me to deal with the criminally Insane.

Do Insane Criminals Read Law Books and know what laws they break?

If they don’t should I apply the law as it is written or as it is needed?


May 3rd, 2009, 03:22 PM

I am public! and I blog! and therefore I am!

Understanding is not my objective in life as it will not put paint on a canvas or form chords on my guitar!

Understanding only slows progress and makes life less appealing!

Yay! I go forth stupid and dumb with a big fat grin looking for something I don’t understand so I can put it to music and lay back and see what I have created!


May 3rd, 2009, 04:03 PM

what are you sick of Slade?


May 3rd, 2009, 04:43 PM

not paying attention to the happy life! waking up and lying in bed for an hour bummed out thinking of what a long hard road its been and how it just keeps getting rougher and tougher?

Sick of myself for trying to pay attention and understand American Government and its politipiggys as in the end their is not many good memories for me and many others!

Sick of being nothing but a common criminal in most eyes and a unexplainable quirk to others?

Sick of being unemployed and haveing to work for jerks when I get work!

Sick of low class and no class with no ass and feeling crass as the sirens wail and the guns blast!

Sick of the Ghetto around me and the Ghetto in my head and the ghetto they will place me in when im dead!

Sick of not paying attention to the happy life!

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Version : The Unbefriended Life


May 3rd, 2009, 08:20 PM

Obamanegger has zero credibility. He is President because he out-vicious’d Rush Limbaugh. Blaming me was a convenience set up by the truly guilty who used feminine appeal and catty approval to create a bandwagon, gambling successfully on the perversity of Beatles greed.

As everyone knows, Janet Reno was selektion’d for Janet R/Eno (Reagan/Eno) to signify the Vegas/Rocky Flats war game known as the Taliban, as the coward Fripp carved his own tombstone, “Leslie Won!”.

Obama should get off the sacrificial white suck kick and stop demonstrating his weakness. The unbefriended life, Mr. Z. Socratic Oath, isn’t worth living either.

The crime wasn’t in childhood confusion, it was in failure to warn. Gabriel won in name, mine, a Hitler victory in a Hitler game which is where his HIV injection threat comes from, as does Ono Yoko. Ringo crows taht the letters were too big to forgive. He’s right and I don’t.

The Taliban was dictated by Janet Reno, but I’m not here to dignify that decision.

To give you an idea of the Hitlerian (there’s that name again) against free speech Spike Lee wheedled in the name of “poetrik justic” the subconscious is a tally and anything that smirks at an English causes the Brian Eno pachinko auto-duck to hurl itself to the floor and begin chewing the carpet, yet the wheel of SAMA falls inexorably on Full House and Royal Flush.

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Version : ThroneLiver


May 4th, 2009, 12:31 AM

Ron hit lover
Hitler over no
Hitler or no v.
Oliver North.

Version : Unneeded:FurtherProofTCF’sCowardlyLies


May 4th, 2009, 05:24 AM

The Jewish Community, on the deepest level, in Pittsburgh stick together. Right up to the day I left, Judy Weiss continued to be very close to me. There is a reason for this, despite HitlerFripp’s sadistic libelous war persona of James Crary:

The Jewish Community on the deepest level, saw AIDS as a necessary evil, to reconcile the spirit of victimization. They knew, the designers of this horror, knew that I had been tortured in a child ordeal designed as Special Education around the holocaust model, that I was in terror trauma and yet treated Leslie Katz, despite months of vagina to mouth provocation, absolutely gingerly, with love, tenderness and without a touch of domination.

Judy Weiss continued to be my friend because she knew that I had been like a Jew.

The coward Fripp’s name was expelled so long ago from righteousness and meaning. What’s one more Strauss Waltz?


May 4th, 2009, 05:31 AM

It’s hard to believe that Michael Reagan got away with doing this to America’s good name.

Version : Frank Zappa = Turkey!


May 4th, 2009, 10:43 AM

goo gobble duh joob


May 4th, 2009, 05:14 PM

Art linkletter=Mongolian Beef


May 5th, 2009, 06:12 AM

Slade is a perpetrator of abnormal retaliation for whistleblowing working for the classified eidetic branch of Microsoft, wings of Pentagon, Disney, a power structure of Bush and Fripp, fundamentalist salvationists who purposefully overdose non-combatants ruled enemy for humane civil conduct.


May 5th, 2009, 08:10 AM

Slade is where the Superheros go when they need help!

Its all part of the Superduper hero I am and know eggnog is my crimefighting side kick!


May 5th, 2009, 08:23 AM

e.a.m. sayeth whoosh


May 6th, 2009, 11:37 AM

I am gravely concerned with her safety and well-being,” Obama, who was attending the Summit of the Americas, told reporters in response to a question about 31-year-old Roxana Saberi.

“We are working to make sure that she is properly treated and to get more information about the disposition of her case. She is an American citizen and I have complete confidence that she was not engaging in any sort of espionage. She is an Iranian-American who was interested in the country which her family came from. And it is appropriate for her to be treated as such, and to be released.”

Obama said his administration will be in touch with the Iranian government through Swiss intermediaries, “and we want to make sure that we end up seeing proper disposition of this case.”



May 6th, 2009, 12:25 PM

I also find this case difficult.


May 6th, 2009, 03:29 PM

Freedom of Speech means top secretly being forbidden and punished for speaking.

It’s takes a celebrity to comprehend Von Highernisk.


May 9th, 2009, 08:51 AM

those silly swishy sissy boys who are allways worried about what other people are saying yet constantly lie to everyones faces and belive that no one knows of their gross and deviant ways?

the jonas brothers may be front to spread the evil words of destruction to the happy loveing go-lucky charity driven sex bunnys of the SPY Agencys?



May 9th, 2009, 09:15 AM

Slade Google survey shows

Obama’s Pictures Results 1 – 20 of about 18,400,000
Jonas brothers Pictures Results 1 – 20 of about 3,700,000
Slade Pictures Results 1 – 20 of about 1,780,000
Eggnog Pictures Results 1 – 20 of about 477,000
Roxana Saberi Pictures Results 1 – 20 of about 56,200

I think we can deduce from this study that its Obama and the Jonas Brothers who are clearly spying for the American Government!

Roxana Saberi is clearly cased as American tax payer victim of America and Iran?

I am shrouded in British glam rock! and Eggnog always has freshly grated nutmeg on top!

Your a Nutmeg Head Eggnog!


May 9th, 2009, 09:18 AM

Meg was a really sweet girl. Nick Brack wasn’t a complete turkey.


May 9th, 2009, 09:23 AM

I gather the coward Fripp is still on his “Jimmy was a cultural phenomenon” rampage.


May 11th, 2009, 10:39 AM

Roxana Saberi is free!

I guess we scared them! too bad! we would have had fun ripping that place up!

My girl is free! She is free! she is Free!

Happy happy joy joy!

Time to reflect the ability to go to Seattle Center and chase mr and Ms Duck!


May 11th, 2009, 10:43 AM

Here’s some of the other art I’ve been duu’n.


May 11th, 2009, 01:24 PM

I know that building! Tint and contrast!


May 11th, 2009, 02:44 PM

Do you come to Chinatown much?


May 11th, 2009, 02:45 PM

It’s the gradiant program in the scanner lab.


May 11th, 2009, 02:46 PM

Anyway drop by The Piece of Cake and introduce yourself. I’m there in the evening from 6 to 9. It’s on King Street by the Chinatown Gate. I go there for study hall time.


May 11th, 2009, 03:57 PM

Umtay! I wheels!


May 11th, 2009, 04:04 PM


Contemplating Hiroshige’s woodblock of irises
in my room
as the Chinatown cherry blossoms begin blooming.
I picture the century of men before me
pleasantly inspired
for whom the blue tints of time
in Hiroshige’s print
awoke the heart’s hummingbird dance
for the laborious turning of the ground.
It is as if

by engraving them as painters
the human-ness of a flower
becomes real.
Through the woodblock
the little garden blossoms become wise men
much as the Buddha smiles from a living lilac.

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Version : LSD/LSK : the b^u#r+n.


May 5th, 2009, 08:38 AM

“on the burning morning, burning morning of garages” – the incredible barking boyfriend, from tegami

Totalitarians have high finance selekction of women in America and the damaged juvenile dimension of the persona was uncreated so that Seattle Central would cheer Lennon’s assassin cult (the AIDS combein), while beyeeving it was was protest. Ming Na Wen and Maggy Thatcher were both role systems analysts in play for the mass media whisper campaign, as Chapman defended a grateful and performing Midori “Go/to”.

The pretense of libertarianism is a cover for their involuntary interaction coordinator.

Version : The Telltale Alibi


May 7th, 2009, 10:01 AM

Circus Freak: Guilt Free White Man, Step Right Up:)

In order for Obama to win the U.S. Presidency he had to throw away the inner meaning of black spirituality won over centuries. It was Hitler’s victory, but after the way Colin Powell stomped on Dr. King and then had the audacity to dance with Coretta, it’s clear this all came easily.

ie. (it wasn’t rock ‘n roll, it was genocide!”)

ah, but does not Michelle Obama have an Indian token with HIV? ah!

Now that you see the higher cruelty of the human race you will agree that we brought it upon ourselves in order to learn from it.

Someone once told me that I am smarter than I think I am and that’s obviously a loaded, untruthful “compliment”. What is true is that David Bowie and Brian Eno are so pathetically inflated and stupid that grim assessment finds a pernicious brainwash dislocated. Events and documents for Mt. Desert Island prove AIDS manmade, yet Peter Gabriel wrote the alibi. Tells the tale.

Ah, but what about a missing English? Ah!

epilogue: under the genetic headhunter Obama for the first time since Hitler’s Germany a modern nation openly targets the relatives of dissenters for torture and retaliation. This is called Operation: Satisfaction. Atrocity, for Obama, is a Great American Spree. What they did to me with a nerve agent and neuro-electronic schizophrenia is just the beginning.

Version : Eggnog Society Science for Beginners


May 7th, 2009, 03:15 PM

I began to realize something was wrong when I learned that my first ear doctor, who had abused me, Sidney Busis, is Director of Holocaust Survivors of Allegheny County and that I had been gassed as a child, leading to deafness. I gather you understand that my being gassed, as the Jews were at Auschwitz, is a metaphor. At the time, I knew several holocaust families. One of them, Ian Wattenmaker, is a friend of Gail Burstyn who wrote the Lennon murder papers sent to me when I was tortured as child. He was in a gang called the Guttersnipes who first played King Crimson’s old album subtitled: Observation.


May 7th, 2009, 03:16 PM

The lyrics of Observation were used as a metaphor system, for their conscious contents, as a poison crime game. For example, the lyrics read: “Neuro-surgeon screams for more at paranoia’s poison door”. The Wattenmakers went into neuro-surgery research. The leader of the Gutternsipes wrote, “The dialectic (e.g. of the experiment) is established at the outset”. A dialectic is another difficult term, like metaphor. It suggests an argument between two ideas. It is either one idea or the other. The most famous dialectic is called Dia-lec-tic-al Marx-ism. It is the debate about who owns property those who create it or those who need it. The dialectic in this mosaic is between paranoia and poison. The Guttersnipes used other terms for the same forensics: pigment and figment.


May 7th, 2009, 03:20 PM

When I hitchhiked from Pittsburgh to St. Louis to reach out to Robert Fripp whose album: Observation, was supposedly used by the Guttersnipes in this horrible crime, he lashed out at me. I was brutally tortured in great infamy and my deaf loved one raped. Could it be, against all we were taught, that Fripp himself was the monster who authored all this?

vBulletin® v3.8.4, Copyright ©2000-2011, Jelsoft

Version : Pavlovian Brutality


May 8th, 2009, 06:59 AM

I’ve already lost the war for my own identity as the most vital living unit in the crime of the century: Reagan’s orchestration of Hitler’s revenge with the help of the Beatles, a crime that began most visibly with the murder of JFK and exploded on us with the AIDS Onslaught, the fraudulent explanation, damage control and execution of which has been the escalator to the top in Barack Obama’s secret career. No deaf white pornojunkie with the language illness of H.L. Mencken is going to get the better of Bill Clinton’s Secret Lip-sService.

The David Bowie Taliban wants its savants to know that I am being sacrificed.

It’s important to remember that no English played any significant role whatsoever in the Civil Rights Movement and that when James Earl Ray was finally arrested it was in London. This is culturally very important. My own father, a leader in Peace Corps, began his campaign for human rights in the late 1940’s, already having been identified as an enemy by George Bush in the Navy, and human rights are a lot more serious of a struggle than civil rights, struggling for which in the 1940’s was known to be lethal. An English did make a great deal of money off the youth movement with music, but when John Lennon spoke out against the war the other Beatles were absolutely mortified and did everything they could to shut him up. Far from believing the shibboleth that Lennon would have supported torture and revenge rape in his name, Lennon would have been the first to shout, “Crary didn’t do a damn thing to Leslie Katz”. He was a very acid tongued reality checker.

It is Jap nature to terrorize victims and invade their privacy, re-rape them and lie. A whole book The Public Betrayed has been written on this very structure of Japanese Media exposing their vicious genetic defect with the subtitle: An Inside Look at Japanese Media Atrocities and Their Warning to the West (a sometimes suspect book, content wise, but what do you expect?) Everyone knows what it means about Obama that I was gassed at a place called King’s Estate but that he and Dexter, in the name of property and Jap pussy tortured and raped us for talking while attempting to scapegoat me when they are in reality the ones who went along with Mt. Desert Island and beyond for power. Michelle Obama, the mean, black woman playing avenger who none dare cross, is in fact a vital pawn of the super-klan. Nobody’s surprised that behind it all is the slope and slippery eye of Oliver Stone. English status and gold were Dexter King’s considerations in the Leslie Katz/Spike Holocaust.

I’m simply doing my duty as a former library clerk in documenting the sources, resentments, hypocrisy and authors of the staged and phony intercept and attending atrocity of total defeat. The situation raises obvious questions about the sincerity and viability of our higher politicized system of so-called laws; about the lawfulness of Executive organized mass murder, and the legality of sexually abusing a torture victim for the purpose of defamation and public thought control, as well as exposing the long-term political purpose behind the planning of Lennon’s homocide coupled to the sexual humiliation of “little boy” by Yoko Ono and Midori Goto, who surround themselves with an aristocratic insider lobby, a new confederacy validating AIDS by multi-cultural representation, while savagely stoking the hatreds of queers at natural selekction’d objects of their derision.

What do you want from me? I hate you. Are you here just to take my temperature about that fact? It’s boiling hot. I will never forgive this outrage. The rottweiller Fripp with his parochial piranhaa snivel, no lie 6 low, thinks I live at his insufferable benevolence.

Version : Pavlovian Brutality


May 8th, 2009, 06:59 AM

I’ve already lost the war for my own identity as the most vital living unit in the crime of the century: Reagan’s orchestration of Hitler’s revenge with the help of the Beatles, a crime that began most visibly with the murder of JFK and exploded on us with the AIDS Onslaught, the fraudulent explanation, damage control and execution of which has been the escalator to the top in Barack Obama’s secret career. No deaf white pornojunkie with the language illness of H.L. Mencken is going to get the better of Bill Clinton’s Secret Lip-sService.

The David Bowie Taliban wants its savants to know that I am being sacrificed.

It’s important to remember that no English played any significant role whatsoever in the Civil Rights Movement and that when James Earl Ray was finally arrested it was in London. This is culturally very important. My own father, a leader in Peace Corps, began his campaign for human rights in the late 1940’s, already having been identified as an enemy by George Bush in the Navy, and human rights are a lot more serious of a struggle than civil rights, struggling for which in the 1940’s was known to be lethal. An English did make a great deal of money off the youth movement with music, but when John Lennon spoke out against the war the other Beatles were absolutely mortified and did everything they could to shut him up. Far from believing the shibboleth that Lennon would have supported torture and revenge rape in his name, Lennon would have been the first to shout, “Crary didn’t do a damn thing to Leslie Katz”. He was a very acid tongued reality checker.

It is Jap nature to terrorize victims and invade their privacy, re-rape them and lie. A whole book The Public Betrayed has been written on this very structure of Japanese Media exposing their vicious genetic defect with the subtitle: An Inside Look at Japanese Media Atrocities and Their Warning to the West (a sometimes suspect book, content wise, but what do you expect?) Everyone knows what it means about Obama that I was gassed at a place called King’s Estate but that he and Dexter, in the name of property and Jap pussy tortured and raped us for talking while attempting to scapegoat me when they are in reality the ones who went along with Mt. Desert Island and beyond for power. Michelle Obama, the mean, black woman playing avenger who none dare cross, is in fact a vital pawn of the super-klan. Nobody’s surprised that behind it all is the slope and slippery eye of Oliver Stone. English status and gold were Dexter King’s considerations in the Leslie Katz/Spike Holocaust.

I’m simply doing my duty as a former library clerk in documenting the sources, resentments, hypocrisy and authors of the staged and phony intercept and attending atrocity of total defeat. The situation raises obvious questions about the sincerity and viability of our higher politicized system of so-called laws; about the lawfulness of Executive organized mass murder, and the legality of sexually abusing a torture victim for the purpose of defamation and public thought control, as well as exposing the long-term political purpose behind the planning of Lennon’s homocide coupled to the sexual humiliation of “little boy” by Yoko Ono and Midori Goto, who surround themselves with an aristocratic insider lobby, a new confederacy validating AIDS by multi-cultural representation, while savagely stoking the hatreds of queers at natural selekction’d objects of their derision.

What do you want from me? I hate you. Are you here just to take my temperature about that fact? It’s boiling hot. I will never forgive this outrage. The rottweiller Fripp with his parochial piranhaa snivel, no lie 6 low, thinks I live at his insufferable benevolence.

Noted and written in a book.

Version : Ensemble DeKooning


May 8th, 2009, 02:03 PM

In wary of Germans in ennui. Roll over, Chillida.


May 8th, 2009, 02:33 PM

Art by the man Yoko Ono raped and tortured beginning in childhood for profit.

Version : The Envelope: Poetry


May 8th, 2009, 06:35 PM

The Title

Is there a word for the print wheel?
Words so interesting you’ve lost interest in words
the routine is endless one more refrain.
Here is an emotional encounter with schedule arrange
there is a lurching in the smooth mode
lost in the rough like a car wreck far off in sight.
Running down school steps on years left behind
this kiss is for you, this tragedy, too,
parsed like spice.
Running my fingers through my hair,
blond and alone
there it is, like a creature of frost,
the cracking ends of the strands in my hand
while bald years melt away
like the ice on the windshield of a warming car.
Would you believe that my barber one day
stood hugging herself in a ball
and singing from far away off, thin and broken,
for someone very, very hurt her.
What in the world is the meaning of tears?
Once I read a poem
by a very excellent doctor of philosophy;
it reminded me of a girl my nephew loved so much
I looked at her twice and tried to see her
through his eyes and well,
perhaps indeed it is an excellent poem;
but it isn’t the melting hair streaming
down my face as years slide off my forehead
and into my hands
and then into a pool of finely grained sage.


May 8th, 2009, 08:27 PM

Mourning a Child’s Death by Fire
for Dylan Thomas

On in the yard a mangy racket bays
furious at its own tail.
Its distemper tantrum convulses
split by the moonlight of Wales.
Boisterous, his dogfathers howl
their foam of derision brawling with mirth
as he steers their bawdy, twinkling eyes
towards quarries of forget-me-not sloe gin.

In 12th century earthquake rubble
the volcanic village roars with pyres
like newly formed worlds.

It didn’t happen, no it never did.
Her name meant teacup
and she will forever be holding
a pixie from Hana Matsura (Girl’s Day)
quietly asking her mother
a question that never sounded.
All the rest of it I choose to believe
can that be right?
Never happened.

What is the point of refusing to mourn
a death of a child by fire?

You hand me your shibboleth.
It is a strong and sturdy alehouse mug.
It is filled with a million praises
the hearty laugh of a thousand awards,
beer bellies, cops who thought they hated poetry,
the envy of Orsen Welles.

You are so sly
when you hand it to me
as a souvenir
and I snarl grimly
drop it hard
hoping to see it smash;
instead it cracks like a Liberty Bell.

Would you believe a slave
built the cart that transported that bell?
Does my poetic license
permit me to mourn?
You scoundrel.


July 27th, 2009, 11:18 AM

In my dream
I saw Billy Graham
exit from a solemn war torn bell tower door
his eyes scorched from awe beyond awe
He said slowly to generals in tee shirts and jeans
I have never been closer to Christ
than when I saved the soul of Adolf Hitler.
That was 1953
A Day of Glory
in Mendoza, Argentina.

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Version : The United States of America


May 9th, 2009, 03:03 PM

I don’t believe that the U.S. will ever be able to honorably hold its head up again unless they acknowledge publically that what Reagan did was an atrocity, disavow it and declare him dishonorably discharged from ever having held office.

I have no intention of ever recanting. Reagan started AIDS. My case proved it.

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Version : The Two-Tongued Man


May 9th, 2009, 04:55 PM

Slade alluded today in his usual slippery and self-deleting way Barack Obama’s position that by helping the AIDS Combine achieve their goals he was commiting the moral equivalent of freeing the slaves and for him, probably, that is a relative truth, the rest of us well, golly gee, we always wanted a black man in the Presidency.

AIDS was manmade but it was war-gamed to be posed as self-defense.

When you start from the point of view that Ringo Starr is holy and little Jimmy was evil, you arrive very quickly at the illusion that Reagan didn’t know and that what he did on Mt. Desert Island was Justified! Justified!

The facts in the case show that this was a predicated arrangement, that I was tortured, that this was denied to compound the Federal blasphemy in allowing the “little boy” of a naval veteran to be used by fascists in Hitler’s revenge for the bomb “Little Boy”.

Yoko Ono was working for Glorious Hirohito in the operation and made sure that Lennon was in place. All the evidence shows that Reagan staged the crime and pretended to find the evidence. William Jefferson Clinton was an opportunist, riding the wave of what was acceptable.

The Taliban/Queer Basque were an arrangement to punish me for whisteblowing by torturing me and attacking my loved ones, like deaf Jeannie, who was raped.

Supposedly it’s a crime to sit still and let a crime take place. Where is everybody?

All of this is obvious from the fact that I was tortured and blamed for AIDS by a faction leading a campaign that simultaneously claims that it isn’t manmade.

The Two-Tongued Man then brays that she “doesn’t speak English”.

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Version : Roll Over, Kent State!


May 11th, 2009, 12:15 PM

Obama’s a coming and he ain’t gonna teetoetum.


May 11th, 2009, 01:12 PM

n’did n’you? n’really? qweewee! n~nailed.


May 11th, 2009, 01:29 PM

:mad:To think this base and pukey cuntlapper cudda saved John Lennon.:mad:


May 11th, 2009, 01:30 PM

Grunt, grunt, grunt.


May 11th, 2009, 01:31 PM

You’re goddam right I’ll gas you. I’ll stick your fucking head in paint thinner and beat your goddamn ears off. I’ll rape your retarded girlfriend until I seize. My name is Oliver Stone and you better remember it.

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Version : I ask you again.


May 11th, 2009, 09:33 PM

I am not asking anyone to commit a crime to protect me, but I have petitioned all the branches of government regarding this profiler, this identity criminal, this nazi, this stalker, this depraved and evil criminal, this character assassin, this attache chauvanist from the secret service, someone Fripp, and I beg you, I demand and I beg you if you have any input into his vile and cruel cult, to please seek an end to his unprovoked horrors of hate crime and torture.


He has rendered my existence absolutely unviable. For nothing will he stop. He has raped me. Raped me and raped me and raped me. For years.


May 11th, 2009, 09:39 PM

You cannot imagine the suffering and depravity. It was a work of true sadism and obsession, beyond all imaginable horror and atrocity. You would never in a million years be able to grok.

A rabid, horrific hate criminal on a maniacal spree of sullen rampage.


May 11th, 2009, 09:41 PM

For years.

Forty of them now.

A life absolutely raped and destroyed, shredded from the earliest opening of the eyes. Shredded and raped and maniacally flayed.

An endless loop from the worst moments of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, always running in the woods, running around the truck, never escaping.

A thrill kill sadist from a dementia and dimension of brutality and schaedenfreude that can never be escoriated enough.

He made his career on his genius.

He should be brought down by it, too.

Version : Unbigoted, Undeceived.


May 12th, 2009, 08:50 PM

StarsUpstream 🙄
copyright St.Louis Post-Dispatch, May 2009.

Haven’t you always just really wanted to see a liberal fight to the death over a matter of principle? Most of you weren’t following this when prior to the rape of my girlfriend, I reached out in bloodoath and loveslavery to The Fripps and Reagan. Despite all my desperate attempts at diplomacy and willingness to endure atrocious, unprovoked personal injury, Reagan has insisted on pushing me to his own defeat. This tragic fact reveals everything. There is a sullen, irreconciliable contradiction between what my investigation revealed and what George Bush told Vaclav Havel. So, we have been forced to endure an eternity of political malpractice.

Story of the Bird was meant to be a lesson. That Joan Baez has signed on with a bizarre attempt by craven British to construe a victim of child mutilation abduction hate crime as a communist and a pedophile has to be considered a part of that lesson, and not in the redeeming sense intended by the hate of a foreign sorceror.

My friend, I know just how you feel and what you fear. You spend your whole career campaigning for the rights of anonymous people and then some of them get you on ten counts of naivete. Not an easy lesson to live through, much less process in a living and competent way.

Winking at an unfair horror trial is not the way out of this travesty.

Modern America has been two simultaneous marches of man that have not always been compatible. One views property as freedom and Our Commonwealth, particularly the schools, as the province of slavery. The other sees Civil Rights as a model for embrace of human rights. From a scientific point of view, this crime, the AIDS onslaught, was a coven from the propertied class making a chilly argument about carrying capacity and what their global village ganglord called “the Spider Web of Welfare”. Scorn of charity should not dare to claim the mantle of Christianity. Few who were there will ever be able to shake the armeggedonism of the nightmare years. The crime itself cannot be undone, and changes nothing for the better, aggravating much to the detriment of our most cherished hopes, yet it was the perpetrating mindset who stepped in as if to answer this sordid, hypocritical act, and they have not done so, entirely to the contrary, with much tragic moronicism, like a million dittos to Queerball, for fools Rush Limbaugh. The uppity differential, beg pardon to contradict, that I am born to scapegoat, Mr. Thought Czar Limbaugh.

No, I won’t demand you debate me, for you are so much higher (you are so much higher!)

Hatefulness, I contend, was not the only solemn litany and prescription available as Peter Gabriel avowals. How much of the gnashing undercurrent was simply Brian Eno’s sour grapes about John Lennon? Where was concern about the rest of us? Why are we still at the mercy of the criminals responsible for all of it?

These are mighty peculiars unknowns.

While the abolition of militarism should always be judged our most noble dream, and all of our practical ends be put to that objective, to do so through acceptance of Hitler’s last dirty and without surmounting his powerful cult of allies is to invite a future of Eloi and Morlocks of the sort most children know from science fiction, faint hearted slaves, to maniacal, cruel masters.

Count me out. Hillary Clinton’s job was easy because Reagan didn’t know is a hysteric’s delusion. Aristotle thought that feminine hysteria resulted from a floating uteris. The death of John Lennon was streamlined directly to the floating uterii. Reagan knew. He was The Imperial Wizard who prophesied that no matter how brazen the crime, his hand and his logic, the public would still say, “fiddle dee dee”. This was his war planted on me for the very reasons revealed by the march of history ever since he faked discovery, as all the evidence shows. I warn the foreign ghouls who egged him on this is your farce and you will be held to account, you cannot hide behind the falseface of a high mind in a practical matter of criminal deceit. This cause, for me, is only local.

Permit me, before I close, one vicious snivel in kind. The Coward Fripp built his kingly legacy as the Fuhrer’s great toady on the Kelly School lie of Colin Powell. Clearly, Kelly School was small change for the public relation henchperson of the U.S. Army in the My Lai Massacre. Is the coward Fripp really going to sit there and sell us that this hench, a loathsome mistreater of deafness, the arts, innocence, civility and dissent, to say nothing of unperjured witness, who had to be forced to come clean about My Lai, who waxxed sullen and indignant when found out about Kelly School, will the coward Fripp have it that truth must ride on the idea that such a one will sell us the truth about AIDS when given the wink to roll the presses? Fripp, my boy, you’ve provided quite a punchline.

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Version : Rhapsodies on Feudal Poison


May 13th, 2009, 11:09 AM

The Cold War by its nature of imposing powerful definitions and misconceptions, phobias by bankers who could barely spell their own names, demarcated national beings and territories collectively and were inherently de-humanizing to the individual, bullydom built on muscle and supremely cowardly, if also atrociously suicidal and armeggedonist.

The “deteriorating European” concept within Nation of Islam’s theological doctrine played a huge and pivotal role in their adoption of the onslaught. King Crimson is the mentally insane granule in the poisonous web of the Fundamentalist Tripartite. It is a massive, malignant cartoon from the dementia of Hitler-Reagan and the property cult gratitude of The British Empire who accepted the bone of Operation: Queer Delusion (Medicine Man; Jackson Labs, USS Iowa, Valdez, 911, Two Virgins, etc.) as peace with honor.

Nuclear war was often construed by these malific Tartuffes as the Shivanic Road of pitiless passion (heropass) hence they boogie’d the arts, snivelling to an Ashiata Shiemish of archetypal pinwheels, leading to the abstract absolutism and absolution of Barack Obama. Geffen was spot on. Humanism was right out.

Of course, their power and success in martial crime was “Destiny!” and immaculate, issuing from sublime guidance, almost as if Reagan didn’t know.

For the random schoolchild, bitter almond, pepper on the brain.

Version : A Difficult Post for Me (adults only)


May 13th, 2009, 12:38 PM

Masturbation is important to me because of the neuroplasm impacted in child trauma. I’m clean. I don’t really like it, and it’s embarassing. I try to be discrete, but there’s shopping involved and total surveillance by malific gorgonic distorters from the “wear your inside out” taliban. This is the reason why I so deeply resent the unacceptable pop-ups and sabotague by the AIDS combein in our web.


Version : The Great Surrender


May 14th, 2009, 09:37 AM

The terrible truth about Story of the Bird is that Reagan wrote it, planted it on the home of a humanist, brutalized his victim sexually, pretended he was shot at, and took tiger mountain by strategy. All of the logic was subverted by his simple trick of staged discovery, but Reagan knew, if he didn’t his attorney for Mt. Desert Island would not have had me in D.C. on the day he claimed he was shot, and there’s nothing further to discuss with The Secret Service, with history or with you. Go to Goto.

The walrus crime was designed by Central Intelligence with the grinning soul of people who knew already how despicable the Beatles are. It was designed as a smut factory concept and just when Reagan was nabbed red-handed Ringo Starr backstabbed us as his golden parachutte with a horse of a different color, Mr. “Reagan didn’t know” Obama. They used the case in all good faith and tears I gave to Mr. Fripp about Leslie Katz by inverting it and by helping on Mt. Desert Island, using a neuro-trauma victim by torture.

The Midori Revolution was Hitler’s revenge. Beatlemania was too powerful a weapon for AIDS victims to overcome. They didn’t want to. They didn’t bother. They didn’t care. They didn’t try. So they’re in good company. You didn’t have the legal right to overwork me, much less kill me.

Who wouldn’t want Queen Sex of The Beatles? Especially a truly vile, morbid, lurid race rampage concocter like Michelle Obama. As predicted, there’s going to be trouble, and don’t look at me. There’s too much riding on a filthy Pittsburgh scam, a lying, slandering whacked out psychosis developed by Lizzie Clinton.

At least it will be over soon.


May 14th, 2009, 10:10 AM

It’s an open and shut case of government lying!

Who said it? Full credit!

Version : picture of mom (what reagan did to her)


May 14th, 2009, 09:16 PM

I know that nothing will ever help you stop lying, and that you are sick with beatles’ hate and greed, but I just thought you might like to see what Reagan did to my mom 40 years ago and what you insist on putting us through every single day when we begged for help.

It’s hard to believe a woman as truly disgusting and evil as Midori Goto could possibly believe I do not want her to leave me alone.


May 14th, 2009, 09:32 PM

I am only too sure that a society as vicious and warped as Seattle, Washington, who are unable to perceive a throttling facial nerve injury inflicted on a 13 year old, still causing agony 35 years later, are going to be able to comprehend the horror tears that haunt us forever in mother’s carelines will be able to comprehend what I mean. This photo was taken last year on her visit to Seattle.

America has no dignity. I think it is a shame you cannot be properly horrified by what was done to two of your own by Adolf Hitler. If I had not been properly scornful of the Reagan Administration, I would have had every single child psychologist in America on my side, instead I was tortured again and my loved one raped.

By persons claiming to be Amnesty International, on a rampage of King Crimson egologic over a vicious Pittsburgh psychopath. I have more important things to do than think about vicious feminist scum like Midori Goto.

Version : Prison of Voices


May 15th, 2009, 04:20 AM

The Hitler woman who helped murder John Lennon and Bernard Goetz’d little Jimmy so that Chapman, Amalgamated could confiscate their dreams is coming to Benaroya selling the vision thing of Tive and Havel. Obama’s power has the charisma of a glimpse of heaven as it sweeps through the people he betrayed like a scythe.

Pussy will not make what Obama did either bearable or forgivable. The horror of the brutality I was put through is something so wierd and unholy I can barely stand the moments that I have flashbacks to it, and it was authorized under the name of Amnesty International. There is no forgiveness to be found.

Do not ask any from me for I have none.

It is the end of all beyond all condemnation. I am a man who hates and proud of it and no other resolution will ever be possible. I will never forgive them or surrender to their turn the tables ruse. The craven depravity of Yoko Ono’s vicious selfishness and opportunism cannot be catered to. Others have tried to take the world from the poor before with lies.

This was beyond Adolf Hitler: a Reagan I’ll-outdo-you job that was obviously his pet fantasy. The intensity with which Peter Gabriel set forth to realize mass murder and cover for it, make it a joke, to profiteer, justify and liberate the guilty has no precedent in history; he made atrocity seem like a dream come true beyond all sadism, and nobody protested, and he did it for thrills, as the throwaway high of his debased career.

THe fact that deaf Jeannie was raped by the Microsoft Taliban for calling them the liars that THey are is a pretty clear indication of what Black Political Power really is and what is in store for anyone who seeks to defend me, the last and only voice of protest in extermination.

I mean to talk about 15 years of voices and their immisserating banality, cruelty, adolescence and hypocrisy and all the people who stood for it, even Steven, but there’s no time right now. There’s no point in arguing. What they did to little Jimmy was a parable for what they did to everyone else, even if Martin Sheen says no. The Government of the United States has no sanity to speak of.

The compulsion of Obama and Midori is less important than the yearning, making their contemptible betrayal all the crueller.

When Japan and Israel put their minds together, they stomped America. All it took was an African American Colonel Quisling riding high and the treacherous leer of an English deliquent.


Version : Galas and Dubya


May 15th, 2009, 02:04 PM

The doublespeak of the Libertarian Party is inimitable. Release the virus and then say, all’s cool, bro.

As for the idea that Madame Butterfly was responded to in a Pavlovian way by Machurian self-abuser little Jimmuh quee’bait, I think a sympathetic argument could have been made. not wanting to try your patience, there being a lot of ground to cover in this dispatch, where resistance to my participation appears to be mounting among the mods…but first, although my father had a wandering eye and was married five times, I have a very loyal mother who has suffered many different ways as a result of violent crime towards me and the dementia consequented, as well as having a lot of denial, but her parents, one of whom worked at the Dispatch for a long time, were married 66 years.

Further: James Crary was very loyal to King Crimson, and his admiration for Lennon so well known that he was selected for the honor, which was denied him, despite loyalty to King Crimson and having a father from Bush’s ship in the Navy who wrote Humanizing the School, and having attended the Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Arts, the honor of having been selected by the mafia for the role of a flesh and blood effigy of Lennon. Obviously, this should have been ruled illegal, but if it had to be adopted, it should have been adopted in my favor, instead it was perpetuated as the most vile of hate crimes.

Now, given that I was confused, but never hurt anybody, and had strong internal bonds to King Crimson and Lennon, looking at my romantic literature, like the Heaven and Hell Odyssey, for example, the excerpt Tillethra from which was very widely well received, it stands to reason that I could, perhaps, have been very loyal to and worthy of support in mental health rehabilitation, of someone like Midori, if she wasn’t willing, someone like Rosa or Kathy, or Jeannie, to whom I am still beholden and very dedicated to, even though she’s just a friend.

Instead the rampage dictated that I am a rapist who cudda saved John Lennon and a million other hysterical libels. Now, obviously, after figuring out that Yoko Ono killed John Lennon and set this up, the way that Midori Goto set up the bloodbath war game, vetoes their playing a role in the romantic personal history I am, ultimately, the final arbiter of, at least in so far as being, if you will, “a sovereign poet”.

Now, let’s take apart the Libertarian agenda, which is how Midori and Obama sold Queer Basque, who did murder Shannon Harps and covertly threaten my other loved ones, especially the children, at the behest of Diamonda Galas.

According to William Safire the brutal abduction and torture of Ward’s grandson is a-okay because queerball is a wierdo. The fact that a murdering hun tore my head off and forced me to use inhalants while tripping after violently kidnapping me in stolen cars is ruled good by Lew Lapham because I had a soft moment with the girl he viciously forced me to write a love poem for him to.

Further, since they tortured me and used me for sex, that’s is also powerful liberationism, virtually theology, in the Ayn Rand thought crime book of intellectual property.

Peter Shell who made the carrot terri’rapin’station tape contributes to Abu Mumia Al-Jamal and many other worthy causes, while playing them for resentment. You will say this is the anti-establishment crowd, Reagan’s enemies, but that’s not true. Reagan authored Mt. Desert Island. This is a world’s end pussyball game by the AIDS Confederacy.

Now, today, one of the very strong streetmen of the Sound area gave me a note that reads: I’m having trouble finding it, at the moment it is missing, I have one of his notes and it will show up, he said it outloud so there are witnesses, he said that when a woman offers the slightest resistance to him she becomes his sister and I meant to ask him if that means no one escapes; now if he is with Welsing and Cynthia Lennon’s husband this may be meant to convey: if Midori shows the slightest resistance, they will kill Laura or my neice. The cyberstalker following my writing most closely has a pseudonym of Abu-la-fia.As for the hypnography in the Abu faction note, Eno’s taliban has been very effective in getting things to play out in my psyche the way he wants them to.

Killing children is nothing new to Yoko Ono.

Now how did Midori set up the brilliant iron-union code that makes Aaron Dixon her brilliant? By conscribing me, with the help of Ming Na Wen, into the Alpana scam on April 16, 1986. This set up the Louis Louis howl of Spike Lee when helped Will Zell execute Mt. Desert Island, the we-are-as-one touchy-blood/Margaret Mead “biological linkage” explanation that Peter Gabriel gave for a proved pre-meditated AIDS onslaught operation. Even the two virgins contest verifies and confirms that this was the AIDS Combein all along.

Both my research and the war game prove it is manmade and a war game for that ends.

When the waitresses and the American Federation of Teachers hear this from the Hillary grapevine it comes with, sort of, “shh, it’s just the klan defending the AIDS victims. Larry Flynt’s involved, so is Obama” and people go, well, good.

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Version : Nancy Reagan’s dossier.


May 15th, 2009, 02:52 PM

As a first principle Leslie Katz and Midori Goto were/are entitled to their independence however craven one might regard Leslie’s behavior, which is all my letter ever said in the first place; however I really think the feminist sinister has been discredited when they go around inciting rape war games, getting innocent people tortured, using sex bondage themselves and the rest in the name of mass murder.

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Version : Ringo’s False Satisfaction


May 16th, 2009, 09:52 AM

What I’ve been saying, and clearly demonstrated by the neuroplasm, after many years of explaining, is that the virginity mess was beaten/inculcated into my very neurons, by Pentagon/Oxford custody fascists when I was hostage and brutalized into a coma at age 13.

It’s hard to expalin, but I my behavior was exemplary. People who were never in Auschwitz will never understand.

The sadism towards me was an atrocity. I will never forgive so-called Amnesty International

Version : When the First Lady hugged the Queen


May 16th, 2009, 12:16 PM

When Michelle Obama hugged Queen Elizabeth during a royal reception while The First Family travelled abroad as newly inaugurated powers, advisors in Buckingham Palace saw the beginning of Sodom and Gomorrah. It reminded me of the day that an English bedouin in New York City held a Bed-In for Peace and a Milton Berle OneTwoBee stomped around the room like it was an invitation to a debauchery. It seems likely enough that Mrs. Obama had wanted the hens to cluck and shook hands elsewhere conspiratorially, but I wouldn’t be too quick to forget the way the world has been changed.

Let’s put aside for a moment The United States of America. This isn’t to exclude Obama and The United States, nor to serve as an advocate for China, Africa or the many different sources of culture, exchange and too often misery that serve our world as witness to life.

I want to talk about Power as it should be upheld by the human race.

Great Power should never be fraudulent. It should always be a friend in need, people who others look up to and hope to be able to receive guidance and help from. The antithesis is Power as an exploiter. I don’t see this entirely in a dichotomy between agape, friendship as love, and eros, marriage or courtship as love. I see it as a dichotomy between love and hate. People used to know the difference, although they are certainly worthy of discussion as they change from place to place.

Touch between dignitaries doesn’t seem to me necessary, but if it isn’t forced or phony, it doesn’t seem to me a faux-pas either.

As a deaf man, I know that a storm is waiting to happen, just as the lunch counter situation was a storm waiting to happen until students in Greensboro, North Carolina, getting ahead of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, to the consternation of divinity student James Bevel and his wife to be Diane Nash, crashed the white power show. This storm is the recognition that Deaf is Beautiful.

Touching for the deaf isn’t always beautiful, it’s just fundamentally necessary in a way that the hearing endowed will never understand.

What happened to me is very cruel. Queen Elizabeth and First Lady Obama should bear witness to that fact and stop crowing for an evil former President who stomped on little Jimmy worse than Xiu-Xiu the sent down girl was raided of her innocent soul, but only in terms of brutality, the crime was still the same.

Version : Fuck Joe Biden


May 17th, 2009, 04:36 AM

It’s not in my constitution to be sympathetic to a man who winks at torture and revenge rape over a letter. Sorry, Joe, better luck next time.

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Version : Eggnog’s Farewell Illusion


May 18th, 2009, 09:47 AM

One of the biographical books to Lyndon Johnson was titled: No Hail No Farewell and since there didn’t seem much hope of summoning comraderie or tearful goodbyes, I closed the book on my Chinatown odyssey with a one-way ticket out of state, more or less at the time you read this or saw it posted and declined to do so. Rather than be very bitter about it, I thought I’d continue to match the cold blood of Gregory Karl and just sign off with my own perturbed point of view. Obviously, the deciding factor was Midori Goto’s coming Solstice bloodbath. Midori is morally disturbed but it’s not just her. She hasn’t acted alone and the requisitioning of my hard work had more visible organization in the impoundment cartel of Gong Li which is to say that while I regret leaving Chinatown, the shadowing by Chow Yun Fat eliminated me. It’s very close to home you see my stepbrother works closely with these people at 20th Century Fox in Hollywood, the city of nets. He is a key CIA monkey grip in Story of the Bird, an agent for Space Ape, Don Ostro, Peter Sinfield and Ronald Reagan, which is the same as saying for Barack Obama and the AIDS Onslaught.

It’s clear that Seattle is a good home for a deaf poet, but also how badly they wanted me to fail. I’m not disappointed as can be. It’s always been obvious that no matter how sure the truth is on my side, how petty and corrupt the blacks in the AFL-CIO, how brazen their war game and ridiculous their slanders, no matter how honest and approachable, no matter how hardworking, (always living within my rights while not violating the rights of others), the power of the aggressor and their impunity in abuse of that power is too much and they have rendered the media itself accomplice with a fait accompli. Deaf poets may be rare, but the government’s desperate need for a Persona Non Grata is singular, too. What they did to me is bad news for everybody.

This isn’t to say I’m unafraid. The need of hate criminals Brian Eno, the pedophile Ostro and Yousou N’dour to refract blame in an atrocity onto someone they have burned their loot and reputation Pavlovian’ing their fanbase to despise, is a great tantamount. Do you have any idea how hard it is to be deaf and homeless? To which they’ve compounded things with terrible rumors, heart poison, new infirmities and new minor disfigurement. To the sadistic pleasure of Nation of Islam, hiding their scientological guilt and welcome of AIDS in the mask of victimization, I was already on the sad sack side of pitiful and undesirable, then The King Family decided to use torture as hazing in non-violence. Pretty surreal. At least I left Seattle, if broke, clean. Makes a girl thankful to have been raped by such a professional philanthropy. Of course, I’m at odds with the idea that AIDS was a brilliant exercise of American power and June 2009, when I left Seattle, was a critical hour for those in hopes of a permanent grab on the idea that it didn’t happen as my witness and evidence shows clearly enough, a grab on the storytelling rights by the guilty, whose staged intercept was a ploy to make common cause in sympathy rights, Hollywood tears by the bucket, in the name of AIDS victims as consumers, Gong Li’s super-treacherous role. All in all my defection elsewhere seems minimally well-advised.

Sure, I regret losing some friends in the community, heirlooms from my mother, my apartment, but to be truthful, mom and the magistrates of Seattle let this happen. I’m not a mercenary, I’m a victim and mother knows this in her heart, but not it’s not enough to let go of her government’s essential excuses. She is one of the poor fools who paid a huge price for Obama. My departure was deeply pursued by the imponderable question: what do lawyers know about the impossible bind imposing unknown compromises on my worth as a witness due to deafness dependency? Obama? Those people are too much; how they snivel and how craven they are, normalizing the mafia, which my mother married with John Lucarelli, David’s father, who arrived on the scene with many a murder mystery paperback, Screwtape Letters, The Shadow Knows, and asides about Confessions of a Nun, just after the Burstyn papyrus.

So, here I sit in Gong Li’s bakery every night, waiting for some flighty Chinese damsel like Mandy to be my second virgin so Aaron Dixon’s claim on Professor Goto is ironclad.

Michelle Obama represents the Mellons who used kiddie sex to make a mockery of liberal white humanism. I’m the byproduct of the crime. It was just like the Hill District of Pittsburgh’s jazz scene to take in a klan call girl like Andrea Swimmer and discover counter-sympathy when Jimmuh Quahbah washed up on the Arthur Scargill shore, comatose from special education by Gary Pitman, and to strut their finesse in patriotic torture. Queerball had a Frippian accent that bespank Benedict Ranold. I was brainwashed and bullied for sexual eugenics at the instigation of Michelle Obama and Midori Goto, with a mythic hallucination about the metamorphosis to androgyny as a tribute to Bruno Bettelheim’s deep ecology conspiracy with Oliver Stone. Cirque D’Imbecile, Obama’s mass cultural antics, demonstrate the degree to which High Citizen Barack is a maniacal, malicious and depraved psychological manipulator. They’ve drilled me every waking hour with a neuroelectrolysis of voices since January of 1994. I’m sure on some level you’ll see my departure for what it is. I don’t buy Obama’s explanation for Gail Burstyn, and that’s pretty heavy.

What Midori Goto did to my love for her reminds me of a famous Injun legend about a bad guy Captain of the Euro-huns who cut down all his fruit trees, few hundred years ago, as the litter on the highway flies. Chief Butterfly Hawk called it “the end of living and the beginning of survival”. Life goes on, but love doesn’t come back.

It’s an honor to me that such powerful and important people saw fit to use me to make a monkey of my distinguished father Ryland’s idealism behind his back. I’m sure something of the sentiment in Jackie Chan’s speaking out in favor of government control of the masses in China informs the idea that public schools should be destroyed. I mean, with too much knowledge and Confucianism, kids might forget what it means to misbehave, and not spend so much money getting joy from Hollywood thrill kills.

There is, of course, a war in store now, but that doesn’t exonerate us from understanding how it happened. The problem of AIDS was a philosophical creation of Pittsburgh in association with Martin Sheen and Victor Frankl, a largesse of tutorship in end times. The fact that we were betrayed by The Beatles of Capitol Records is less astonishing than it is interesting and just plain worth knowing.

Reagan is on arrive to tell this story and if he can’t get it any other way he will use Midori to enslave me to it. The effrontery of the coward Fripp’s legacy is pitiful.

who opted to stay in Chinatown after all.

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Version : Rain On, Monster Dung!


May 18th, 2009, 03:13 PM

The neuroplasm had an intuitional content drive that directed towards symbols they extrapolated into bombings = taliban, signed Bush.


May 18th, 2009, 04:13 PM

any you goin’ to hear the wailing clitoris? I hear she’s pretty draconian.

but the goodie goodies are twice as bad – gail burstyn


May 18th, 2009, 04:18 PM

Based on my expertise, I’m starting a therapy program of cybersex browsing pay per view only for obsessed Federal Magistrates and Sheriff Deputies.

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Version : you gotta see this!


May 19th, 2009, 08:54 AM

i’m advertising this as hip


May 19th, 2009, 08:57 AM

I’m not doing this to make a joke of my testimony or validate the Hollywood model. The reason I know that Reagan released the AIDS Onslaught is my testimony about Wm. Zell, for which I secured necessary corroboration. I have sworn to it in a Maine State Police Polygraph Room and would do so again in Washington State.

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Version : Reagan’s Last Laugh.


May 19th, 2009, 12:44 PM

The issue of The Story of the Bird started before the time of Queer Basque which was defined in the 80’s by Jerry Falwell’s contempt towards Gays. My grandfather Ward, who was a newspaper man in Witchita, KS, didn’t like Oral Roberts. His wife, Marie, was a proper woman, reserved, thoughtful, not a rich fake, an old farm girl who survived the Depression. Her legacy was targetted by Midori Goto and Michelle Obama as a symbol of their willingness to cooperate with the Midwest bigots, while offering a way out of the AIDS resentment mobilized by Dia Galas and Gail Burstyn. Midori is a networking assassin for the AIDS CombEIN, plying a cruel and cowardly Institutional Identity Theft about Crary connived by CMU. It’s a devious wheedle. I’ll explain while enduring yet another voyage into the sadism of Clinton, Colors architect, moneyed klansman, old South.

Reagan’s strategy in the AIDS Onslaught wasn’t brilliant, but as union custody engineer Lucarelli intoned as often as was decent, “nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American people”. Given that 911 is the escalation domino towards a terrible atomic firecracker unleashed by the AIDS Combine who stole the show and sold it by derision to Queer Basque, how did we end up a nation cheering those threatening to destroy us? As they say in Pittsburgh (with snickers) “takes ya back”.

As co-author of Lennon’s murder, Yoko Ono has called me a “User” and said of Reagan’s role that she doesn’t believe in it. This forms the bitter stonewall that allows loyalist AIDS victims to threaten murder or infection after committing torture, rape, hate crime without number, devestation and death on a poet. There may be a Hallmark Film someday but it will about two deaf kids whose testimony of rape finally brought down the abominable house of Hitler, to the shame of all the butlers in the Beatles Wax Museum.

If you think I’m going to forgive Midori Goto, you just don’t know what she has done.

David Geffen I’m sure has taken the futile and bizarre position that I betrayed Reagan legally even if I’m right and that McCartney’s spread of pedophile rumors about a torture victim is just desserts. Reagan had it set up for Midori to point at me and heckle the Queers, “So that’s your hero!? Myuh!” I loved her but I won’t sell my soul for her. The Rosa Scam, first virgin of the two virgins war game accompanying the Onslaught, was the outgrowth of a lurid plan laid long ago by Pittsburgh involving Leslie Sanetta.

Reagan’s big gamble is to construe Mt. Desert Island as justified about Leslie, with the help of Fripp, while they evade public realization that it is a cover for justifying AIDS itself. I played into this scenario getting evidence and have been pigeonholed as a behavioral. All very sad. He calls me a partner of Gail and I remember a few weeks after coming home from the Governor’s School when ReichsMinister Ridge, Priest of the Neuroguardsmen, had me arrested for armed robbery and kept me up all night demanding that I say a photograph of Ronnie Zzsinsky was really me.

I placed my hopes in Amnesty International, who bombed me from a nutjob English mansion wherefrom an English has sown its wires of crypto-deceit, pursuant the final immolation of Woodstock Nation under the sordid banner of a crimson king. Al Gore was like, “I’ll incinerate you, you hippy!” It would be nice to find someone else disapproves of the Onslaught, enough to resist King Crimson. Midori is beneath contempt.

The crime was all wired in during the distant past to blackmail by pedophile murder gang, and it’s still going strong. What an ugly, stupid game.

One of Midori’s games was to frame me for rape and then playact they had taken her by force while moving her out of reach. Ralph Tive and the Schwarzenegger Klan, men like Augie Didiano and Rick DiCeasar, got word to me that “anything you do to that I’m going to do to you” when I was a kid and Yoko Ono made clear that she raped Jeannie as Illusion Insurance while demanding goodpussy for Clinton from Midori. I suggest Vaclav Havel head up the mountain and hope that sorrow at his magnanimous gesture is enough to salvage his name. Not that it isn’t characteristic of a Reagan to take a princess captive for coercive concubinage. Nor is it beyond Ralph Tive and Oliver Stone to dig it to death, and I’m sure that Mary Anne Steiner, the Jewess who played like all vascillating, was initialled MAS because Andrea Swimmer was the most promiscuous of jazz dolls in the burgher, but did the burger have wine, or was it a big cut and no blood? AS and M. Indeed, it is the very essence of Reagan’s government to do it, but Midori is sly, she isn’t really the victim, this, too, is just a persona.

It’s important to remember that Midori was behind the Alpana Scam trap and claim that I was the driver at Kelly School. She postured in purple at the ripe age to support Obama’s mobilization of Ku Blackery in support of Reagan’s war game attending the virus as Paul McCarrotney and Elton worked on Queer Basque, lie after lie, with Fripp and Leslie. The Taliban had its rusted orange roots at Alternative Conflict Resolution and EIN, the Carnegie’s Electronic Information Network, so named for Ayn Rand and Ian Wattenmaker, the Stone agent sche’d to cut out my brains over abortion in memory of Auschwitz: 444, a metaphor for a metaphor for a metaphor. Midori wanted revenge on Alias : Little Boy, the child of a humanist father who flew on the San Jacinto under the Texas Flag saved by the atom bomb dubbed Little Boy, son of a sailor whose name was Ry, while Yousou N’dour, sensing the celebrity riches in store, thought that was a lot neater than a deaf kid’s desperate hitchhiking adventure from Pittsburgh to Saint Louis. This crime was loud and it was hateful and it was authored by Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Today Goto and her tiresome entourage connived to evoke Melissa Mackie, whose father Ed owns a sex therapy salon and drove me out of his way in high school to show me a billboard in North Carolina set up by the Ku Klux Klan. Ed refused my father’s appeals to see him on his deathbed. Mackie was a Clinton Klan action. Tang, as Karl Andrews was called, orange hair, like Leslie, is a eugenic signal for Japan, a redline. It was all a super-political ruse on the idea of human rights in a nuclear war zone. You look into the nuclear secret affair in Pittsburgh involving Scott Ryeback, James W. Child, Ralph Tive and Admiral Crowe and you can see why Christ Hitchens found it expedient to rape deaf Jeannie instead, but I wouldn’t put too much store in the views about Thos. Paine of a man who ushered in the era of digital thought recreation. Obama wants to evoke Melissa’s racism to validate the deliquency model as blackmail to justify child torture. If Ringo Starr has ever regretted this as immoral, it is only because he hasn’t yet made money.

EIN, of course, is busy on other fronts, like Heaven’s Gate Hale up at Emerald House. Death acceptance is a fact of life. HitlerReagan just knew he could draft the remaining Beatles to sell it. They were apt to agree. He brought in an insufferable persona of his scapegoat, had all that gold and power, an offer for a black President, ..so.. what’s giving him a little time in silence while his mischief spread unchecked. Lennon would have been understood by Stalin who once said that one man’s death is a tragedy, a million deaths a statistic. Damn, it still hurts, hummed Umberto Eco, who knew the letters were dwelling in the home of the mark and SWAT would be waiting out in the hall. So they threw away a chance to warn, in favor of Margaret Mead.

The presumption that who tells this tale owns our national destiny presumes that Reagan is the Holy Father of our nation and that The Story of the Bird is our real Constitution.

Carnegie Mellon University, CMU, the Church Military Union, was hired for their: Well, That’s Terrible But Services. I was already heavily contaminated and Yoko Ono was like, “I want him contaminated!” I don’t understand how they could do that to anybody. They just found the submission thread in the neuroplastic head trauma and were like: yeah! make him scream some more. It went on a long time. Possibly, someone I once knew remembers.

I’m very sick. I’m being taken into the hospital soon. Torture has become murder. The only real film of me in existence is from a period of piteous med mal. I look horrendous. All very troubling. I don’t think hurting me this badly really solved anything, but I do hate you for it, if that was your goal. Frank Zappa after visiting Congress said it was wierd that after contradicting his stupid views about record labelling they still thought well of his right to an opinion. All the same, I’d rather not hear Goto play fiddle or receive audience from Nancy Reagan. I find the scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours routine a little vile after Jeannie’s rape.

Pornojunkie, anyday.

I’ve made this clear before. I’m not a politician, I’m a witness. Goto’s putting me in a political role to undercut my testimony as a witness and vitalize N’Dour’s wretched concoction that I was in on Lennon’s murder because I’m white and publish poetry. It was a horror crafty to begin with, tripping out a child and wiring in nuclear phobias, so Clinton put some icing on the cake.

The reason I seldom report the content of the voices I wake up to is that I feel it would only increase misplaced satisfaction for curs like Bowie and Fort Bragg to see my nephew Steven helpless about it. Believe me, they’re cruel, talking about how wonderful the man who destroyed our lives is, just won, just lost, I’m going to blow your motherloving head off queerperson, and so on, constantly, eno-loop style, for twenty years now. Makes you see the idea that Martin Sheen sold that he hadda rape deaf Jeannie or there’d be nuclear war.

I had some friends in Seattle, sort of, but Goto’s here now to put the situation back to where it was in Pittsburgh. Well, as The Very Reverend Citizen Geiger once said, “there were some enlightened moments in The Dark Ages”.

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Version : Englishspeak


May 19th, 2009, 08:30 PM

One afternoon, under neuro-convulsive hypnosis, homeless, deaf, battered, frightened, but before the heart poison crime, either in Chicago, Cincinatti or Milwaukee, I wedged a dollar in the gate of a free newspaper, sat down at a bench and table, gulped and poured out a lid of blue liquid detergent from among my effects and began to weep convulsively. It wasn’t even close to the worst that they humiliated me. It reminds me, just a little, of the day that two maniacal boys out between terms at Warrendale Juvenile Detention Center who had beaten me with several other men from their squad, defenseless and alone at night, severely, stomping on my head after I fell, a few days before and were to gas me later that same day sat me down in terrible fright in a puddle on Mellon Street, a poor no-go zone, and told me to sing them “Nothing but a Punk” from Mad Magazine, which Boomer, who had led me into their trap that day told them I knew, tears streaming down my face.

I was just 13 years old.

While I never expected better from Yoko Ono and am clear now about Goto and Amnesty International, that King Crimson jeered me like animals and subjected me to daily, frozen, immobile, comatonic depradation across America for several years did in fact cause me to say, “My God!” outloud in piteous tears one day walking up Jackson Street to Night Watch in the first months after my arrival in Seattle. That the murderer responsible still holds dominion and still has the power to threaten, stalk and predate upon me means to me that our society is a flop and justice an exceedingly fairweather friend, to worser an English.

The abortions, after all, were the contract art of a superclass.

An English will snivel in its accomplice derision to the end of its days, you cudda saved John Lennon but lived in your dick, but as I sit in my hole of pain, under the regime of a crime that hit me in childhood from Alpha Centauri I wonder why it thinks I should care, given what I manifestly would have done if I had known at all, to say nothing of Jeannie, indeed, to speak at all of an English is incredibly demeaning.

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Version : Crooked as Ron Sims


May 20th, 2009, 09:50 AM

For many years now, I have been the prisoner of what amounts to a practical joke of lies by nefarious curs like David Bowie who snivel from their lairs as poster boys for the fascist rich of England, shouting, “Ten yobs on a squid, Leslie won!”

What it amounts to for me is more than just shock and resentment at leading a destroyed life as a poet who was tortured piteously under delusions mongered by the deranged minds of Reagan and Franklin Graham.

What passes for an educational system in Pittsburgh towards deaf children amounted to mob violence alternated with profound sexual titillation in order to complete the disorientation of the subject for the purpose of long term abuses.

The criminal nature of The United States of America can be summoned up in three words: Atypical Facial Pain. They have for decades represented this as Genetic Schizophrenia, and the reason is racially motivated and the source is Barack Obama.

It’s no mystery what the AFL-CIO and Ron Sims meant by having a woman who found me housing named Michelle Nelson hiss at me, “So, I have that!” after the heart poison crime cause irreversible tachycardia, nor which Gabriel contact was being evoked, but in hypocrisy.

Nelson Mandela was the considered object of a brain poison crime while in custody for the purpose of humiliating the African National Congress and once upon a time, in America, if you can believe it, which many people probably never will be able to believe, this idea caused shock and alarm. Today, as long as it is a deaf white child who is tormented and serially molested you can forget about caring.

The stories I read in books like Too Scared to Cry about child trauma are stories that a walk in the park compared to what was done to little Jimmy, and yet the U.S. Government was allowed, even jeered into, SEXUALLY MOLESTING ME when I reported it and raped my deaf girlfriend, too. They didn’t stop there.

Reagan was criminally unstable and his occupational government was America’s suicide.

I don’t like Kathy any better than you do.


May 20th, 2009, 12:01 PM

You’re not in the least alone. Many people were deeply amused by the plan to use deaf white sukke as a sacrificial queerball in the AIDS Onslaught. The idea took such root that the AIDS Combein laughed openly.

Part of the reason for this is that the megalomania of the Beatles is solidly in line with the fascism of Reagan. Sean Lennon’s gradiosity requires that a paradigm of social unity be perceived as thriving under his flag, yet faced with the difficult problem of so many people being in the know about the murder of his father, many of them very powerful, he took his time and finally resolved the quandary in favor of his delusions by taking the side of the assassins.

Hitler, Reagan and Chapman set up the crime so that they would be able to gloat when Martin Luther King’s family themselves, frantic over the desperation of Obama to nail Midori Goodpussy, would cheer the brutal rape of a mentally retarded deaf girl with epilepsy.

You don’t know James Kasperowski or Peter Sinfield if you don’t think these goodfellas was laughing hord.

vBulletin® v3.8.4, Copyright ©2000

Version : Dr. King and James Crary


May 20th, 2009, 01:14 PM

My story is only real with respect to one person and that is because of the unreality of our civil institutions.

In 1985, I reported to Amnesty International’s attorney Amanda Harcourt that I had been gassed by hoodlums in a place called Kings Estate as a child and was still very frightened by stalking. This was at the time that, a short while after, my father had recently published a book dedicated to Martin Luther King.

Amanda Harcourt contacted Dexter King and Reagan’s Administration sent in an intellectual property magnate from Bowling Green University who arrived at the University of Pittsburgh on a Philosophy Fellowship and took custody of me, then an opinions columnist at Pitt News, trying to raise my visibility because of the trauma of being stalked by child molesters. Dexter King at that time was, in my opinion, zany with intellectual property ideas of his own.

At this time, in 1985, I lived in a divided world with respect to them. All I knew is that I reported being butchered and gassed by hoodlums in 1974. They knew, but did not tell me, that authentic documents written by King’s assassins had been sent to me in the penhand of a little girl, unbeknowest to me (who had read them in 1974 in turmoil at the tender age of 13 and not understood them).

By the time Reagan, Harcourt and King were just about done with one series of hate crimes and about to begin another ordeal, my deaf girlfriend had been raped. To cover for this, Harcourt slurred me as a racist and cited as her excuse that I had been the reckless driver at an appalling incident at Kelly Elementary School, a predominately Black School in Wilkinsburg, PA. I was not. I was an infuriated passenger who quit the job in agony over the crime. I have been a practical and friendly member of Emerald House of Sound Mental Health for seven years and other than the dissonance caused by this dislocating trauma, I have done well by the lights of my peers, for the most part.

To further scramble, cover and dodge the implications of this hatecraft a comprehensive institutional identity crime has been commissioned, a brutal, sometimes even philosophical and thus compoundedly abhorrent, false witness program, that has eliminated forever my prospects of a happy existence. All of my productive years were taken and now I am destroyed. Harcourt was working for Barack Obama. The Obama Administration has blown it with respect to me. They think I am just a puppet who will bark my happy forgiveness. I am life-destroyed by the King Family’s maliciousness. It is more than physical. As I suffered seizures from malpractice towards neurotrauma, it raped me in my soul.

This non-violent horror story does not end in forgiveness; as for the customary threat that I will therefore not be forgiven, who cares? I already know that I do not exist for this society beyond how I can be used. For me, law-abiding burning hatred is the only way out. I would like this crime stopped and to be left alone.

The fact that Midori Goto, a race queen stumping for Obama, and friend of Amanda Harcourt, weaselled her way into emotionally blackmailing me to parley the role of sainthood before her divine malice is something I think should be abhorred by the wise.

Please do the right thing, just leave me alone.



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