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Version : The Fish Kill Understandableness


May 25th, 2011, 09:35 AM

The English and Israe/lies have something in common in that they dislike very intensely being found out in mass murder, and they’ve closed ranks in New York City to defend their scam that Reagan didn’t know. According to this doctrine Jimmy Crary is a sewer rat whose torture was perfectly understandable. It allows Reagan to make good on his final project while depicting it as a joke.

This is Warner Brothers political action and easy to see why they would be interested. They are accusing me of identity crime for showing Reagan was the true author of the letters, claiming it was done in his name, that he knew nothing about it and rendering illegal (under mafia omerta code, ie. the Bush taliban) reporting the truth. Due to the saving remnant of Constitutional law in America, the Bill of Rights, and no to be undercut the legacy of defending those rights among my forefathers (a word that must fall like a din on Michael Reagan’s ear these days) both sides have been compelled to stay open by U.S. District Court opinion provided that the Police be allowed to continue torturing and raping my loved ones as the only person taking a stand.

How cleverly the an English eel (EE) thought it could insinuate me into a partnership like their own. They see good money either way. English put both our names on it and dared me to try to winnow out.

The alliance of Cynthia Lennon and Ronald Reagan was pre-arranged prior to the hit on someone John Lennon and tracks to the home of Juliet Sellers (Julie, a Braunstein attache, like Gail Burstyn, ergo. jew lie cellars) from the era of Selling England by the Pound, and “Cinema Show”, a crime song album that equates, as does the Reagan script, the loss of virginity with a film project. Juliet’s mother was an English. It was into her home years later that James W. Child arrived with Amanda Harcourt of British Labor.

Abrogation of the Statute of Limitations was important not because little Jimmy was deliquent but because without abrogation of my rights England would not have been able to cover up collusion by raking the coals in buccaneer; which was obviously planned thus making the attempt to foreclose and punish possession of information all the more infamous. They want it doctored, shall we say, taylored (if only I could make that spelling work). Why else would they be making lawful presentation of testimony a crime?

Warner Brothers first hired and then contracted for sneers the assailant Kasperowski Brothers as Aryan controllers in the AIDS Onslaught. The golem is a damaged man in neuroplasia, terror stricken and the sex-leering, slander hungry Black brethren of the Klan Law fundamental empire are scornful, shameless and grabby. Who set up the pussyball counter-scoop? Obviously The King Family with Wesley Posvar who, in their new found Royalty are comfortable being wrong about something like that, Jimmy and Reagan. Same old world. The inconvenience of overpopulation and conventional bloodletting was fixed when Israel pulled a fast one on Jimmuh Curary. The Taliban is a system of underworld looters, kiddie-rapists like the King Family eager to report the grapevine slanders by any means necessary.

SO, Peter Gabriel’s sick-headed alibi maliciousness claimed that a staged and phony intercept had been real, that a rigamarand had wrapped around a fandango, that mysterian Gailforce was being met by United Kolors of Benetton. The case wins or loses by The White Rose precisely because so much depends on political court preference. Facts are inadmissible. You cannot reason with accomplice. An objective judge would be impossible, and hence the Washington State Bar Association disclosed this was their reason for refusal to enter the case into record. Did I say there was no objective judge or did the bench itself admit that?

A destroyed life is always hungry for redemption. This gave the filthy rich English rapist leverage as time slips away from his gang molest prey. The an English perceived that politicizing me as a witness would entrap me. The counterclaim, impossible against the Beatles, of generational loyalty is voided because the Gay Community supports the rape of the witness. The an English gurgled while “omoja”ing me seeking to clamber out by wailing to ripper Queers, “I’ll help you! I’ll help you!”


May 25th, 2011, 09:42 AM

A novel spin on Last Man Standing allows the coward Fripp to depict his partnership with David Lucarelli as a conflict of interest. Paul McCartney was never the conservative John Lennon hated, he was much worse and the proper term is illiberal. The craven way he depradated on James Crary’s deafness dependency ranks alone in unspeakable political crimes from Pennsylvania.

Ian MacDonald has assembed a long dossier of invasive gang signals for trigger abuse of a neurotrauma hostage. A friendly looking girl, for example, at the club grabbed me at the jugular in the way that Lucarelli did when I challenged the lies of one of his Jewish crazies in our home. Very Tive-like. Violence falls on anyone challenging their right to spread abusive lies.

British Labor hold forth that Sex is An Offense. Period. They live in a dark age of serfs. Gabriel considers his brainbeam a Vox Populi:

Bad news for both of those people

Reagan cried himself silly when he heard that Crary was being accused

voices varying in pitch and repetition, a veritable Disney World of the Pentagon’d “interior”.

He sends in the cat guttersnipe Alanev who doesn’t want any upgrade, he wants to stir the bowl with the stick, feed the cat without water on plastic bags, rape the heart and slur that there’s still one more being held.


May 25th, 2011, 09:44 AM

Midori Goto is ugly, virtueless and deranged: a foreign undesirable.

Version : The Case Against Yoko Ono


May 25th, 2011, 06:43 PM

You would think the very fact they’ve been shown to be lying about each and every detail would be enough if you didn’t know women. The idea of having an AIDS self-sacrifice to shakedown his mark was as typical of Bush civil war spy dream games as making Oswald a Ruskie. Time was on the side of the fait accompli because desperation has its own momentum; in other words it is not enough to shown Dia Galas was in the plot with Gail Burstyn when the UltraQuakers can still force through massive terror subjection surrender. This is the love devotion Ono sells.

The reasons I consider the failure to issue timely warning a crime is the stigmata boom. The same forces deny this are also those who also deny the intercept was staged and phony. The facts surrounding the Kelly School incident mattered zero. Every inch of progress shows what has happened and how the King Family, Wofford, Lapham are fudging responsibility.

The fact that Elly Tran Ha appears to know about (a romanticizes) the interior incidents of Mt. Desert Island raises again the spectre of the self-immolating monk in Saigon and whether he, like Sean Strub, was part of a far-reaching plan. The Japanese were in Vietnam with French assassins and aided Aung San Suu Kyi’s father, buddhist winner of the Nobel Prize, who married an English and was happy to lie in concert with Yoko Ono. That is how the whole world came to be against me so it seems reasonable to ask if it might not be allowed to matter to at least one incidental person, the passenger at Kelly School being named so wrongfully and mistreated so horrendously.

Obama’s mission is to inflict torture, torment and disease to punish dissent, plain and simple, an old victim-on-victim game of Brian Eno’s. His cult sees the suffering and trauma of the misery they’ve inflicted on me as an antidote for the oneness in what they call plague mass, hefty initialism (a word I learned to distinguish from acronym at Falk Medical Library under the tutelage of Esther Wald/ron) PM. Elton John performs this murder equationeering for Reagan, nevermind that I was a real boy scout getting information to the at risk, the art world and mobilizing court action, an eventuality Obama clearly hopes to derail with his self-righteous charlatanism. He’s smug. He can’t envision the day of role reversal, of it he can he seems aware that I’m not that low. Thus Machiavellianism (so quintessentially Harvard) again is found favoring the scum of the earth over the law-abiding. His spout of brag? Behold: a drugged deaf child in a stolen vehicle. How magnanimous can a The Black Man get?

Everything Fripp is doing is a satire of Lennon. New York City’s adoption of the crime is said to be infinitely perverse because Reagan was a friend of Lennon therefore doing cold-blooded injustice in Lennon’s name is holy work. Let’s talk just a second about his vicious persecution of daydreaming for one noxious example. Has he proved his illegal draft isn’t illegal for the very good reason that it advocates for the guilty?

There’s something very strange about the way I found myself in a wad of spiderplay that limns a Japanese cult of revenge. The evidence suggests great planning aforethought to render me a mark of Ono and Reagan. Leslie, a Pittsburgh Jewish girl, was charged with the task to dig for a reflex. Cyril Wecht limned the outburst in prophecy based on experiments with a nerve poison. Then they malpracticater’d a conjob that it was psychology. Sophomore Year is a time of scolds for many complex reasons.

English rock ‘n roll IS the Military-Industrial Complex Ike warned us about. The sadistic intensity of the English attack on American liberty to unperjured news clearly signifies their animosity and regard of us as enemies. The magnitude of the sickness in Pittsburgh, particularly among their Israeli hoodies, likewise demonstrates that Reagan engineered a felonous foreign attack. The very command and control behind AIDS, my persecution, Mt. Desert Island and 911 now has authored UltraQuake. It’s clear what’s behind this: The Sledgehammer demand: It’s Clean Up Time.

Eggnog Corner has been an attempt to show what their complex idea was with enough alacrity that a layperson can digest and understand it easily, while finding a simple way to make their alibi story difficult for them to explain by exposing its deceits.

I was told in 2006 by baseball broadcast media that there is no man anywhere who cannot grasp the loss of two people in love forged into enemies, languishing, unable to connect for 20 years as their youth died. The loss of small moments of love shotgun blasted hour after hour, day after day. I remind you that the presumption of unnatural aggression derived from Murder Monkey Ringo Starr.

Rats live indeed on an evil star.

I stated my confidence that Reagan could clear himself, that’s all. He had precious right to disappoint me. There was no promise, nor would one have been either moral or binding.

Sen. Harkin, with all due respect, needs a shrink.

Version : The Substitute: Caveat Emptor


May 26th, 2011, 04:58 AM say nothing of his Gay attorney.


May 26th, 2011, 07:06 AM

Larry: Santorum’s a weasel.
Crary: He had the fags here in Seattle screaming with joy over the men who brutally murdered Matthew Shepard in the name of Midori Goto like they were the messiah using nothing but Hillary Clinton’s scare story about that ratbag Leslie Katz. We used to call that being Jew’d, but those really in the know call it Brian Eno’d.


May 26th, 2011, 07:29 AM

I think the Attorney General should take the entire Penny History of Richard Starkey’s war, present it to the court and throw him in the slammer. Then, we can all write books about The Fall of the Beatles for closure.


May 26th, 2011, 07:42 AM

kids: Mac! Tell us again how Larry Flynt got the Seattle Left to kowtow for Reagan during the AIDS Onslaught!
eggnog: Oh, not that old story again. I’ve been settling down.


May 26th, 2011, 07:45 AM

In the cruelty disparity of wealth improperly managed by such terrible infants we have ended up with a huge class of citizens forging their ideals around one exotic notion of entitlement alone and above all others: The right to get ahead and stay ahead without mercy by any means necessary.

The project of the Ultraclass, the invisible web of super-financers whose stock in trade is manipulation of the voter tax base that give money to electric firms, oil and the gun lobby, is to generate a celebrity superstate of egological psychologists who know just what to say and when to say it in order to keep people feeling happy without questioning, blessed, and privileged, without the challenge of knowing anything.


May 26th, 2011, 09:01 AM

Q. Are you going to New York City?
A. Would a self-respecting Jew return to Germany? No. The brainbeam are the Kennedy assassins. Haven’t the kids been betrayed enough?

Q. Fripp sees you as a student.
A. Fripp is a Jeannie-raping mass murderer quisling who postures in loveslavery cater to every black bile of Buchanan’s bigotry. I guarantee ya he will never have my name.

Q. Then you lose Midori.
A. Unfortunately, that’s life.

Q. Peter Gabriel disagrees with you so totally.
A. Gabriel is a smoldering heap of Jeannie-raping neverstep.

Q. You could get duh pussy!
A. I’m not going to validate the attack prostitute home-wrecker number that murdering foreign thug ran in Pgh.


May 26th, 2011, 09:03 AM

rakugo: Santorum take you to court child porno.
eggnog: That website I stumbled on yesterday was so vile I had to say the Lord’s Prayer this morning.

Q. What happened when you were fifteen?
A. Josh Angrist and Howard Finkel. I’d say that spells MOSSAD and Harvey Friedman. They were called Guerilla Theater. They operated out of the YIKC.


May 26th, 2011, 09:05 AM

Q. This was the year you dated Cath Abel?
A. A few years before. I hooked up with Cath after I got back from North Carolina. I was at Letsche with David Coles in those days. Spent quite a few days at Marzlak’s house.


May 26th, 2011, 09:06 AM

Q. What were you doing in North Carolina?
A. Hanging out at the creek writing The Heaven and Hell Odyssey.


May 26th, 2011, 09:07 AM

Q. When did you write the HitlerEnglish Rabid.
A. The first time was a scribble of some sort, Kiss me and you’ll be like me (I’m no handsome Prince). I don’t know when. Years before they interviewed me.


May 26th, 2011, 09:09 AM

I bought a ticket to the Lamb in the front row the day they went on sale, but unfortunately thinking it was Sept. it turned out to be in Nov. so I settled in for a miserable wait. Mother had not let me see Selling England, she made me give the tickets to Terri Visco and her boyfriend. Josh had a turkey seat so I sat in the second balcony with him. It was still a real important occassion.

Q. Where’s Josh now?
A. Fomenting at MIT with Chomsky. He was another of Cathy’s lovers.


May 26th, 2011, 09:10 AM

Q. Where did those incredible photos of the Lamb come from?
A. Gail Burstyn’s friend Tony.


May 26th, 2011, 09:11 AM

Q. Are you trying to help them catch Gail Burstyn?
A. You are delusional. British Labor ARE Gail Burstyn.


May 26th, 2011, 09:12 AM

Q. The photo of Gabriel in the Musical Box mask had smolderingly furious eyes.
A. Tony bragged about that. He said he had flashed the camera in Gabriel’s face all night and Gabriel was enraged.


May 26th, 2011, 09:13 AM

Q. Doesn’t sound like someone Gabriel would secretly be working with.
A. Doesn’t sound like a foul-hearted cunt who would rape a retarded deaf girl?

I think you misunderstand what transpired. Burstyn was probably with Lebowitz, a close confederate of Gabriel. He was putting up with one of his aunties.


May 26th, 2011, 09:28 AM

Q. Why did he rape deaf Jeannie?
A. To help Lennon’s assassins.

Q. Why did he want to help Lennon’s assassins?
A. Because he needed the oil money for The Palace of Barack N’dour.

rakugo: Defsukke! You should have beheld the spicy Goto pussy! Myawk! Two Virgin Is IS!


May 26th, 2011, 09:29 AM

vox populi: N’yer causing so much pain at Real Worlds.
eggnog: You mean as in me, the Kelly driver?

yousa: You do not TLUST ME!


May 26th, 2011, 09:30 AM say nothing of his Gay attorney.

rakugo: Say it again, queerbait.


May 26th, 2011, 09:42 AM

Q. You posted darkly in The Seattle Times about the alliance between Santorum, Strub and Dan Savage at the Stranger.

A. Dan Savage and his gaggle are one of the prime reasons that Santorum got away with his role in the AIDS Onslaught. The Seattle Gay Community are vicious deluders who sided with the murderers on Mt. Desert Island because Brian Eno told them that Sean Strub’s concept of FrankL war, or logo-rapine was the key to non-violent psychology as a function of their dignity. They tortured me and raped my girlfriend, publicly threatening to murder my niece with the crypticism: ABULAFIA. They have hounded me and threatened me with HIV if I have a lover, a crime that traces to Will Zell Broome on Mt. Desert Island.

They did this in loveslavery to the Beatles and the egologic of Peter Sinfield, attorney for Ronald Reagan.

Santorum got over because he knew the type like Aaron Dixon, how eager they would be to feed like piranhaas on a white person as whipping boy. The klan alliance with the Black Panthers isn’t just a fact that they are both menacing communities by their drugs and violence, but that they both scorn schools and commonwealth identity values. The foreign lopers in Pitt labor from Britain set up a scam Louie Louie to cover for the AIDS Testing precedent case that Reagan tried to push through.

Santorum had the Gay Community here in Seattle screaming with joy over the men who brutally murdered Mathew Shepard as though they were the messiah using nothing but Hillary Clinton’s scare stories over my ex-girlfriend Leslie Katz. Back in Pittsburgh we used to call that a snow job, but now those really in the know call it being Brian Eno’d.

The reason why many stout-hearted people have come to feel revulsion towards the Republican Party is that they have grown into terrible infants completely divorced from the conservative base that created the hope no so much of Horatio Algier, lottery winning-style, big money selfishness, but that hard-working parents could make life easier for their children.

In the cruelty disparity of wealth improperly managed by these terrible infants we end up with a huge class of citizens forging their ideals around one exotic notion of entitlement alone and above all others: The right to get ahead and stay ahead without mercy by any means necessary. Because of this, The Beatles and Larry Flynt made easy game of Dixon and the Stranger by taunting them with the genetic fear that I might sell a book and end up living above the poverty line for the first time in my life. Vince Eirene was never more popular among Pittsburgh Police than when he molested me with manufacture of the infamous 14 Carrot Tape.

The project of the Ultraclass, the invisible web of super-financers whose stock in trade is manipulation of the voter tax base that give money to electric firms, oil and the gun lobby, is to generate a celebrity superstate of egological psychologists who know just what to say and when to say it in order to keep people feeling happy without questioning, blessed, and privileged, without the challenge of knowing anything.


May 26th, 2011, 09:45 AM

Q. Say something, anything new, that shows you were tortured as a child.

A. I found a VW key one day. I walked around for hours, I don’t want this, I don’t want this, I don’t want this, I don’t want this. I was crying and trembling and trying to throw it away, trying to think of some way to find out who it belonged to. I was vomiting in fright and terrible, terrible pain.

Q. How old were you?

A. Probably thirteen.


May 26th, 2011, 09:46 AM

rakugo: Sort of like some Irish booger boy with schizophrenia doing it to himself. Jacking off in the closet you say? Nobody doubts you hid in one, queerball.


May 26th, 2011, 10:25 AM

Larry: Youère going to be popular someday.
Mac: I can just see it: Here he is, ladies and gentlemen, the man who infuriated Pink Floyd: EGGNOG!


May 26th, 2011, 11:03 AM

dog-rapist Wofford
the criminal Wecht


May 26th, 2011, 11:05 AM

rakugo: Defsukke! You should be helping the Pooznists!
eggnog: I’m not going to listen to you. They brutally tortured me and raped my helpless deaf girlfriend.
rakugo: Haddit comin’, kowtow!

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Version : More Ink


May 26th, 2011, 12:42 PM

:(Q. Did you know that the first person who tried to kill Dr. King was a Black Woman?
rakugo: Was her name “Mary”?
A. I’m so glad I didn’t sneeze.
Dean: Apparently someone thought it was a grim but merry practical joke to wrap World War Three around James Crary’s throat.
Mac: Their names are Mullin, Ridge, Bowie and Rove. The trick was to enlist the infected heathen in holy war as a matter of group rage rallying around Paul McCartney. Notice that Seattle Public Library is at Fifth and Madison, the same location as Bowie’s management agency in New York City.

The an English bullworker effectively pitted African Christians against deserted hippy wild child in panic from barbarism unclear and unprovoked, unidentified and organized. It’s a sad story with the outcome always the same: Goto was with Hitler.

Q. You make the world of Seattle sound so sick and evil.
A. It is, they are. It really is.
rakugo: L’il Christ Hitler! Hahahaha. Aaron Dixon says, “MYAWK!!!!!”
eggnog: People like my family live in a separate reality. It is easy for them to forgive what they do not believe or have the capacity to comprehend. The predator RABID thrives on their sullen, saccharine and brutal naivete.

:pThat’s my favorite Eggnog Corner post ever, sweetie.


May 26th, 2011, 12:48 PM

Q. What’s your opinion about Pitt manuveuring Jeannie into siding with Reagan?
A. It used to be that when the loathsome Fripp did something ineffable people would understand that they couldn’t understand and assume it a great higherness, significantly beyond them. Today, when the coward pulls something transparent everyone can see it for what he is.


May 26th, 2011, 01:21 PM

When you depend on experience, you end up bringing on hardship because of the resentment that builds up in people who work themselves to death and feel cheated. You need to go with the idealism of the young. Jane Somers had a saying: If the old could, if the young knew. When people tell me, “it’ll be just like starting over” I always respond with a sad smile, “I’m happy for you.”

Love is not perpetuating the hate that hate produced. Beyond that, there’s no such thing.


May 26th, 2011, 01:30 PM

Q. Why does Midori Goto keep telling people that she is in love with you?
A. The great hope of the AIDS Combine is to keep Queers enraged towards me.


May 26th, 2011, 01:36 PM


May 26th, 2011, 02:19 PM

Private activity file: adult content with commentary:


May 26th, 2011, 04:40 PM

Q. What’s your opinion about online copyright?
A. I don’t know the issue well enough to comment. Fair use laws I am sure apply. Eggnog Corner is obviously a strange exception. A person becomes very familiar quickly that they are participating in torture by their silence.

For the most part I think it’s rude for people to put things online that are extreme and offense, and also very rude for people to put things online that they expect others who have home computers not to copy for future reference. I’m opposed to bootlegging. I don’t believe in selling other people’s copy. It is also very rude for people to design sites with explanations that may not get through to people with for example attention deficit disorder.

However, if you are talking about Miles Kirshner and Barack Obama, you mean the AIDS Combine and all their smears. The Billy Graham Foundation, in my opinion, should be prosecuted under racketeering laws. Jim McDermott has already said that Peter Gabriel’s explanation, itself a terroristic fraud was a violation of the law, my civil rights and malpractice intended to worsen a psychiatric condition. Obviously King Crimson should be prosecuted.

The whole thing is a warped, absolutely unbelievable MASS RAPE SPECTACLE from the American Executive. I have nothing to offer about it but trauma. I have no idea why Midori Goto incited it or how it pleasures her, I think it is disgusting and horrid.

The whole thing ~ just unbelievably horrid.


May 26th, 2011, 05:14 PM

Q. Do you envy British rock stars?
A. I wouldn’t want to be an English for anything in the world, the way they sit around leering knowingly about things they completely fail to comprehend.

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Version : Final Conclusions/Eggnog Corner


May 26th, 2011, 06:46 PM

For four years now in The Stranger Newspaper, a violent group with whom I have no ties, I have documented torture and organized rape war games run from within the Seattle Left in cooperation with right wing extremist groups, protected and encouraged by Obama, supposedly in defense of Ronald Reagan. This blog room has been titled Eggnog Corner by a cult from Seattle Art Museum and Carnegie Mellon hoping to turn it by slave labor to their advantage. This blog is being closed permanently June 4, 2011 by Administrative decision within King County. It has run to several thousand pages of verifiable testimony with discovery and evidence attending.

These are my final conclusions:

Fiction: Jimmy threatened Leslie.
Fact: Leslie was an agent provocateur.

Fiction: Mt. Desert Island was an illegal scared straight program.
Fact: Zell spoke as reported, proving it premeditated.

Fiction: The murder of Shannon Harps was Queer Mutiny.
Fact: Gabriel is a partner of Sean Strub, known Lennon assassin.

Fiction: Reagan didn’t know.
Fact: It wouldn’t matter, he had no right to rape deaf Jeannie in a pussyball rampage.

British Allegation: Crary is a sexually occupied victim of self-abuse.
Fact: I was brutally tortured and played into an organized war game. Peer isolation, deafness and a deadly neuroplasm result in masculine biological treatment needs. The same gang molesters who raped Jeannie after claiming to be from Amnesty International, torturing me again, now leer at me in my home through spy-cam and cyberstalking pursuant to confiscating property and manufacture of potentially humiliating blackmail, fomenting the usual slurs to cloak that they earmarked and then used me as a human guinea pig for a mandatory AIDS testing precedent case attempt.

Possible line of attack: Predatory attack prostitution, most probably Asian to fulfill Vaclav Havel’s derogatory mind.

Threat: Pursuant to terrorizing compliance in their false witness program and fait accompli, the Obama Administration has inflicted a traumatizing heart condition, and presently undiagnosed gastroenterological disorder of unknown severity due to postponement of diagnosis pending fulfillment of other responsibilities. That I am very sick and isolated is obvious.

Final Conclusions: Compromise, reconciliation, remedy are impossible and will remain impossible. This was the desired outcome of gloat authored by Midori Goto who sought as part of Hitler’s revenge on Alias Little Boy the cancellation of the right to progeny by foreign Taliban, sold to the Queer Community as part of their acceptance package.


May 26th, 2011, 10:05 PM

Q. The rabid has frequently leered that opening the blackblood envelope proved its case…
A. (interrupting) that’s not true it proves mine. They knew what was inside it and that it could have been used to warn and/or prosecute. The rabid were only interested in its value as property.

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Version : Hillary’s The Stranger


May 27th, 2011, 05:06 AM

The Stranger Newspaper is on stands throughout the city. It gave me storage space in a public setting which allows me to demonstrate against the problem of blackout. This is not an endorsement of them. They have behaved both abominably and negligently. Do you have ties to Obama if you didn’t vote for him or are you simply part of the same society? I voted for Obama, personally, out of blackmail response to race accusation.

The mental problems of Hillary Clinton towards me have taken a very serious toll on me and our society as a whole invisibly, because so many people have interest in me, much of it destructive interest that she has encouraged, while others feel the loss incured with her single-minded domestic enemy mindset. Whatever all is wrong with Hillary Clinton it is a problem worse than Richard Nixon.

What she has authored is a truly hideous story of crimes, slanders, stalking, weird police abuses and identity theft, from people determined to show not only their ingenuity for such macabre acts, but their sorcery and impugnity.

There’s no one to police them, and they know that, they want that, it is why they let go the farcical idea that Reagan didn’t start all this, so they could get away with it and advance themselves at the expense of a denying, foolish group of people.

What if it were your daughter? She asks mobscenes in defense of Mt. Desert Island concerning Leslie Katz. Leslie Katz was Jewish so she knows you will sympathize. Jeannie Tamburro was a deaf Korean girl, so she knows you won’t. One is a fabricated threat, made from an inversion of the content of a heartbroken letter, meaning that Clinton lied about what the letter said. Clinton claimed that because she framed me for rape using police psychiatry that therefore I was guilty. It didn’t matter that she needed the big guns of Hollywood depradating on a neuroplasm in a trauma patient being denied attention, because she called it Rapid Eye Movement. It didn’t matter that the little girl stories she had were about cold blooded operators at a time when I was a battered little boy. It didn’t matter than she didn’t have a victim…of anything. Surely you don’t think I’m to blame for the bad will of every boyfriend who ended up with one of the girls I hung out with growing up? Clinton does. Clinton wanted to collect for them … INVOLUNTARILY … from Jeannie, and what is more amazing, she had the gall to say that if she didn’t her husband wouldn’t be able to stop himself from attacking Midori Goto sexually.

Remember when Clinton followed her to Des Moines where she came when you threw me in Polk County Jail? It was a long time ago. I would have liked to have spent my time with her, instead of having to attack her for poisoning me in the heart and spreading ridiculous rumors about me being to blame for AIDS when I am the only person telling the truth about Leslie and trying to stop them.

Hillary Clinton speaks with two-tongues to people so placid and without the skills of reasoning that the are reduced to barking their houndish support for the brutal rape of a girl who is legally a child.

For the simple reason that you won’t admit what the letter to Leslie really said even after all these years, even after you’d destroyed me using that horror person Midori Goto.

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Version : Mickey Obama’s Criminal Personality


May 27th, 2011, 09:11 AM

If I had been a black boy, the way that I was brutally tortured, kidnapped, maimed for life and then framed for armed robbery would have had Rev. Jesse Jackson, Jr. spitting nails. Disenfranchisement of white people is a lot easier to sell among breast-beating blacks than justice for all. What Mrs. Obama and her partner Iman Bowie did to me and Jeannie goes significantly beyond police brutality and feminist cruelty, Hillary-style. Most people agree that what happens to aliens in Gitmo is significantly beyond what happened to Rodney King, and that Rodney King was entitled to better treatment than what was done to me over a span of many decades, by contrast King’s injuries healed in a matter of days, mine never will, and I doubt the horrors of Gitmo compare, say what you will, to being raped in a neuroplasm. You can just barely get the Obama encampment to admit it had something to do with Lennon, and only because they can still use him as a failsafe.

In evil hour, while then citizen Obama was setting up Two Virgins Pussyball as a weapon to forge beyond Mt. Desert Island and grab the imagination of sistuhs who feel that a master nation requires endurance and survivalism, instead of timely warning by the cult of Carnegie Mellon including Ming Na Wen who set up the Kelly School Incident to maliciously blame me, we were given Who Frame Roger Rabbit. Still, Lewis Lapham is morally incapable of uttering a word of shame.

In his extra-smug Englishness, Peter Gabriel used the murder of John Lennon in their snivelling presumption to indoctrinate all of us to live with a broken heart to more effectively violence process the onslaught in favor of Spike ole Lee’s Katrina-conscious egolaw of the pussyball jungle. It has all of it already happened, learning the future in the destructiveness of a sniggering slackjaw like Adrian Belew.


May 27th, 2011, 09:35 AM

rakulian: Ah! But does not rottweiller have moral power to lap down kitty milk? Ah!


May 27th, 2011, 10:16 AM

What Fripp and Reagan did depended entirely on confusing the aggressor/instigator function.

A. They tortured and profoundly neurotraumatized little Jimmy.
B. They forcibly pedophiled and used him for slave sex purposes to create abortions.
C. They invaded his home to maximize the brutality of heartbreak/neuroplasm seizure inculcation.
D. They took the woman of his ideal/superstructure, dream of immortality and dedication and after raping his best friend kept them separate alledging that she was compensing the U.S. Military to the tune of providing them equal number of sex acts to those SUBJECTIONED upon James.
E. Obama set this up by treacherously concocting a Louie adultery fable.

Now, it seems to me that after the hideous invasion this involves of a white child, that someone might look into the truth of it on Midori’s end, politely.

Version : Is Des Moines Obama’s Waterloo?


May 27th, 2011, 01:05 PM

The slogan of The United Negro College Fund is, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste.” Now, if we take that strictly in terms of intellectual property, it signifies a contest for copyright of what the consumer public prefers to believe; on the other hand, most students struggling to pay the bills can’t afford to approach an idea like this through the considerations of a Hustler magnate like Larry Flynt. Bobby Seale, a Black Panther at Temple University seemed to have the right idea when he entered the Urban Studies program and made possible that men and women in straited circumstances could gain college credit by staying where they were and turning what they were doing into an examined life worth living. Philadelphia is a racially divided city. It was easy for Tim Stevens to ghoulishly sell Seale hateful and petty smut stories about how I was used as a child, while making me seem to be what he hates most: a whiny white liberal, not a human being. I attended Temple University. Much of the wasting of minds there occurs as a result of sabotague, which is to say that the remedial action Prof. Seale introduced remedies sabotague. It doesn’t just awaken people to the value of existence no matter where they are, whether in hot water or dire straits. An insight is a terrible thing to lose and great insights are found in those alcoves of Alcholics, Anonymous, for example, that belong in our sociology dissertations.

The more this case seems to be about me, however, the less interest any of you have in it, much less Black Studies programs like those at the University of Pittsburgh where my father Ryland published his textbook in the 60’s dedicated to Martin Luther King. You and I would both …wish… this notorious super-rubbish was just being done as defamation of a tragic little kid, but when you keep saying you demand the truth, have it your way.

The is a bubble boy case. After I was attacked and tortured as a child, mother was forced to sell her house and move, I became deaf and accepted this, I accepted reduced expectations, I accepted marginalization, I accepted my station as the scorned local poet with long blond hair. When I won a Poetry Scholarship to Bucknell University for the Governor’s School, I accepted the dislocation upon return of being set up, arrested, frightened and abused by ridiculous charges, being armed robbery. Obviously, Pittsburgh has never accepted a word of this. No matter how vicious things were, they will bomb America before admitting I was ever tortured. The Black Studies Program in Pennsylvania, Bobby Seale included, do not want and will not have an unknown white martyr from the Civil Rights Movement, so they elected to play a game with deadly outcome for me, a demand for self-sacrificial sainthood.

The rules are a Taliban:

For example, Rick Santorum will admit, yes we know Crary was not the driver at Kelly School, but our saying he was is okay anyway. Yes, we know he did not commission an armed robbery, but our saying he did is okay anyway. Worst of all, these terrible, life-destroying incidents are related. Santorum knows that by now. He’s a professional.

If it was just the Kelly School reckless driving incident, twenty-five years ago, I might stop pressing for an investigation. No one was hurt. I don’t have to trouble with the parents who were offended, as I was offended. The problem is first of all, it was a potentially deadly crime of reckless driving, not that it was attributed to me alone, when I was a passenger, but that Wilkinsburg, PA cannot and must not have that happening, so brazenly, and without anyone who cares. Second, it devolves into profoundly elliptical semiotics, a plastic reality identity crime. You should stop acting like it was just me. True, when I remembered, screaming on the sidewalks from the dementia of neuroplastic amnesia, outside Des Moines YMCA (David Steenson would remember) being kidnapped, tortured and thrown out in the snow as a child after being gassed with a poor man’s ether, screams that led me to being thrown in Polk County Jail, put on mega-mal medication, while Clinton’s machine, led by Midori Goto caustically accused me in derision of being a potential date rapist (through horrible strategic invasion of my home that ended up providing them with nothing to validate that claim, but much to use in justifying the rape of deaf Jeannie) I was very angry. I literally did not know that I had been kidnapped and tortured as a child. My head pounded like a sledgehammer was hitting it. My eyes nearly separated. I had ocular gyrations. Only when I found the memory and focused on it did the misery begin to subside and the plasm start its growth towards my facial nerve where it has pushed out and now resides. I looked like an old Latino woman in the YMCA mirror, I had shrieked like I was demonically possessed, I had impacted, premeditated viturperative disorder as examination of Pitt Neuro-behavioral labs documents prove they knew when they lied about me.

Why did they do that? Because, very simply, this incident was the medium that Obama used for his trophy play on Midori Goto.

When talking about this today at the Clubhouse with Percy, I noted that when, in my medicalized daze, I said I was the driver, I mean passenger, he wonderfulled for a moment, wow a Freudian slip. It was just a misspeak. One of you should grow up. Percy was fine with that fact. There are, I am sure, by now parental witnesses who have stepped forward and said, as a matter of fact there were two people in the van and the blond guy was on the passenger side. Suffice it to say I would no more do that than commit armed robbery, but there’s something much more important in all this than just finding out who the real driver was, but unearthing how this was connected to the armed robbery allegation.

Tom Francis O’Connor owned the Flynn Construction van. He went to Mount Lebanon High School with Ming Na Wen, who I was dating. Ming Na Wen went on to work with Oliver Stone who printed my name in Asian Cult Cinema Magazine and Cineaste Film Quarterly. This was the same outfit that set me up with an English professor from India named Alpana for the quid-pro-quo Reagan Labor pussyball sport targeting, or incited by, Midori Goto. Obviously the AFL-CIO is criminally insane in this affair. The connection between these crimes is a man named Edelstein. He was behind them both and worked for Obama. The squint of Michael Reagan is all over the tragedy. It is because of men like him that New York City has no father.

The Black Panthers would have been better advised to find out who Alpana’s husband, in Pitt’s nuclear exchange program, was working for in Pennsylvania. Yoko Ono rides high like Saruman in Isengard at the Dakota in NYC surrounded by orcs like Al Sharpton. A lot of this pimping comes from Sharpton and the devious way that Tony Levin, her bass player, huckstered him to Gurdiev Society and Victor FrankL. In the crime of Kelly School lurks the piracy of Carnegie Mellon Drama Club.

In the 60’s in Berkeley there were sit-down strikes and occupied Deans’ offices. At CMU, where Godspell originated, they developed a more strategic idea of masquerading as guerillas while being from the far right, figuring if they could get intellectuals to drop out, so much the easier for Reagan to take over the schools for the fascists. This is the idea that oozes from the Burstyn letters sent to me that have been taken by Oliver Stone in the name of Leslie Katz. Black Panthers found it a lot easier to marginalize me as one of the klan boys in the hood than taking cognizance of Reagan’s vicious mindset. Peter Gabriel had a huge light on me at the time and seemed completely relaxed in his disconnect. After such horrifying spite and negligence he is now, militarily, demanding the sacrilege of escalation dominance over the game.

When I was little and Laura Jeanne was spit on by hard hats going under the bridge on our way to see Joan Baez, I learned what hammerhead sharks are in Pittsburgh labor. I know for a fact that Black Panther Teamsters got this all mixed up deliberately to cover for this outrage. Being battered as a child made me impressionable about King Crimson. It was hard for me, in the words of cardiologist Rick Appel, to “keck them out.” But I also know that Jewish community where King Crimson have so many fans played a role not only in experimenting on me in a macabre hate crime that King Crimson absolutely live to exploit, but I know enough about the contents of the letter and whimsy to suggest that one of the hidden puns in that terrifying script would be as follows:

Mark mark mark
mark mark mark
mark me a man
catch me some rye
give me the land
playing with matches
a witch can get burned
so mark me the perfect man.

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Version : Sometimes a Great Higherness


May 27th, 2011, 06:30 PM

The heart keeps skipping, the gas keeps backing up in a rumbling stomach and the queers keep kissy to Brother Kasper, best of all Yoko Ono command battalions of super-exquisite call girls offering the siren bribe (maybe even a career). It is widely believed in the Pentagon that James Crary just isn’t going to make it.

What sort of person is this sniveller Fripp, really? Who would go/to such criminal, Orwellian, Burmese extremes heartbreaking Midori? Or is there another explanation? Is our forbiddeness an indication of two filthy Japanese cuns, sisters of knifery, doing a one-two on Jimmi Lennon for a coward Fripp wangle to HitlerReagan? Whatever the answer is, Hillary sent Goto eloping with child mutilators while they rubbed it in my face. Midori could top secretly in higherness be Reilora Tillethra of The Heaven Odyssey but I still hate King Crimson so bitterly for the rape of deaf Jeannie I’d do just about anything to her name for the longest shot hope of bringing them down. I hate the Beatles. To bear witness to their devious, cruel backstab of the AIDS generation in perpetrator hype is so filthy I have never had a day that was not rifled with murderous suffering and there are long moments of life when I could not but barely breath. These rabid motherfrz think dignity is so cheap it can be trashed with a party.

The Taliban has been Brian Eno saying even George Bush is better than Jimmy Creary. He took a dump on my girlfriend, bloodoathed to Lennon’s assassins, blew up my heart and my stomach, thoroughly poisoned my soul, used me as a weapon to savage the sensibilities of the Midwest so hated by Ono and Galas, ripped out my libido, trashed my name, my father’s legacy, lied to me and pissed lies everywhere about me, sanctioned by the bad boy rocker Tom Harkin, funded by his magnate in the Roosevelt junta of Modern Israel, Bill Clinton, with important Pittsburghers like David Braunstein, partner of Gail Burstyn, to vouchsafe his final call to the street: Creary was never a read deadhead. Shaky poet with friends at the F.B.I.

Try though he might to evoke UFO documents and incite volunteer STASI derision, the evidence not only proves prior targetting by Reagan, it also suggests that Yoko Ono of the Mitsui klan knew all along. If so, probably her friends at Julliard from Pittsburgh, Bobby Callow, gave her the thumbs up that Jimmy was dumbed out and the gig was on. This necessitates Obama’s libelous partnership with Peter Gabriel for Sean Lennon’s very survival.

Most people in Seattle, speaking for everybody (my mother included) would rather see John Lennon’s killers celebrated than tarnish the soylent green McCartney sells.


May 27th, 2011, 06:55 PM

Crackers of people for the people.


May 27th, 2011, 08:13 PM

Everything about that incident at Kelly School shows you the degree to which blaming me was a sleight of hand to pull it off.

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Version : Bitch-22


May 28th, 2011, 03:56 PM

Q. Whoever they are, they’ve been stalking you with nazgullery about Mt. Desert Island. What is your take on that predicament?

A. Discussing Mt. Desert Island is low priority for me. It’s clear what happened. It’s clear they are lying. You have an alliance in that scene, forged by Yoko Ono, including Obama, Santorum and Dixon. The situation had far too much momentum to have been a response team as Peter Gabriel claims.

AIDS presents an unbelievably grave problem, for morale and for peace. Mt. Desert Island is a death cult ultimatum all the way around. Bush makes it sound like he threw a sex party to make light of the situation, a game of chicken certified by Zappa and Koop.

Ringo played into this cult, or invented it as one of Lennon’s killers from MI6 and MKUltra, claiming “God is always on both sides” and he can see all sides, like the grand behemoth he has been made out to be, overlooking the simple truth that timely warning would have made us less suspectible to political action hatreds, increased our hope for justice, mobilized more appropriate investigation.

The AIDS victims were in a position to help themselves by cooling it before the stigmata boom, call for a temporary moratorium on high risk activity, and file class action. They adopted their own guilt and became as one with this terrible spiderweb Reagan invented.

The fact that victim – on – victim gladiation originated with Carnegie Mellon’s supreme right wing, Godspell and so on, as well as Germany, should have alerted people a little better acquainted with the deceits of Hollywood and the CIA that they were being fed poison by the remaining Beatles. The crime intensifies the unsatisfactory feeling that we live in a society where justice is just an unholy lottery. Obviously I have a bitter action pending against Act-Up myself. The claim that no one is innocent is not true. They were, I am. The situation cannot be changed, but it cannot be endorsed.

When the bloodoathers of Seattle Stranger did lash out, you will notice it was at other people, like myself, from whom they had very low risk of retaliation, and this assessment is even before factoring behind the scenes provocateurs allied to Gabriel and Strub. Typically, the most fiendish Orwellianism comes from Vaclav Havel, who I noted today wrote the introduction to a human rights book called, The Courage of Strangers by Jeri Larber (I think, my handwriting isn’t too legible there). I have seen very little courage from strangers.

The conclusion I have come to from this hard life is that Love is the courage not to spread around the hate that hate produced, but that beyond that power it really doesn’t exist in this world at all.

There’s a perception I’m sure that what might have motivated Midori, aside from wanting to be badass like Patricia Fripp, is that she is in the public so much it is best to make a separate peace and forgiving various factions could make it possible, and that’s fine, I understand that. Were it Phoebe Tang I might be able to say, “I’d forgive everything to be with Phoebe” because as a woman member of the Billy Graham Foundation asked, “If you forgive them will they at least leave you alone?” Such a prospect is impossible with Elly Tran Ha.

Elly seems suspicious to me because she’s in cinema, allied to Yoko, Stone and Wen. I feel I have probably been right in raising the spectre that self-immolated buddhas were acting out for Hitler, not protesting. I’m sure the French Foreign Legion, the Hawkwind British would laugh when Gabriel quipped, “They’re mostly buddhists, they’ll be re-incarnated.” Obviously taking two peace advocates, idealists, making them spiritual enemies, one an English leader, the other an American intellectual, was desirable for Hitler.

The new English, the Gurdjieff Oswald Moseleys, the yobs, the Fripps angle towards our civil liberties with new age terror, indescribable and beyond our power of confrontation. Fripp wanted and somehow received license to stalk, molest and monitor someone for the simple reason that I listened to his music. You go shopping, you buy something and come out of the store someone’s slave? That’s a pretty serious consumer complaint. Everything he did was an attempt to normalize the abomination of sending me those letters and then saying I am to blame for them.

Santorum reminds me of a line from a poem that Debra Burnham emphasized as cool, “pee stains on my underwear,” while Aaron Dixon reminds me of the line from the poem Peter Balakian prefered, “that ancient kiss still burning out your eyes.” Santorum basks in the glow of confirmed pornography on the screen of the queerball, Dixon gloats that in addition to being deaf my eyes are literally burned out by homelessness-related cataracts, eyes already badly damaged by severe beatings.

All late Summer I will be in cancer tests.

Hippies are as broken as Nammies and a shade less politically correct. I sit around picking at my own death from cruelty. Far from behind a repeat of Two Virgins in a Lennonesque fantasy dream trip Midori and Crary amount to the gloat and spittooey of Rush Limbaugh’s idea of Two Fossils on campus kept alive debased, broken as a tribute to the rotten world that allows them to live.

One of the sad things that has come with serious erosion of my quality of life has been the inability to grapple with hard truths anymore. I used to have a very strong stomach for films about injustice, books about atrocity. I can’t handle them anymore.

The CIA co-authored HAIR to overdose the hippies on protest and render them anathema later. The lurid reversal of the “babykiller” charge through the wards of Christopher Fitzmartin and William Wheeler is echoed in the turncoatia of Sinfield’s Karn Evil no. 9. They worked together claiming a license to torture and rape. Fripp’s music is beautiful but the man is evil. Since the Bushes and Fripp know no law but themselves to exist is to play their game and it boils down to Death Before Dishonor everytime, and here’s the razor, baby.

Bush clearly wanted to justify JFK’s murder as a power trauma challenge from forces who wrote, “Thanks for opening my mind, (not enough)” who saw in life a zero-sum game and invented Reaganomics. The internet was clocked to go on just at the yellow line with their last little incubating liberal discovered Asian girls. That’s what Gore meant by having created the internet. He plugged the gestalt of demonic pornography in for the war show.

In the Arms Race era people were not allowed to access the tools and education to uplift themselves safely and sanely. The robber baron fundamentalists want poverty and the dregs of the earth to prevail because they see such scorching as the school of the soul. The whole idea of AIDS as redemption gets this crazy kick out of the intense power of the Beatles’ music put to this new strange purpose. King Crimson deafened me as a child in whom they saw a political rival, informed by Plato that musical change might change the world away from Royalty and religious medievalry.

When my hopes for rescue from Fripp were turned into a rape frame directed at me and violent pussyball I knew that my major investment made growing up was lost. He heard my music and croaked sarcastically, wow that’s awesome, man, through his proxies. The AIDS victims were led by Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, Elton John to accept guilt and in violent, arrogant cynicism endorsed the extreme test of the word, wanting just a place for themselves in a Tea Party shutting the gates with the words: It’s ours now, stay out.

2-17-94 was set up by Obama as a counter-attack by the AIDS Combine. The Rainbow Coalition fell in line with old General MacArthur’s Rainbow Division as conceived by traitors like Gregory Peck.


May 28th, 2011, 07:03 PM

Ultimately the neurohypnosis, brainbeam, sensory and social depravation, coupled with the acute fear that once cancer tests are started I’m stuck, could force me to conform to the occult ritual of Strub ~ flight (by train) to NYC. I hope I remember the penny for cerebus. Whether personal or sealionel I wouldn’t want a mass gas attack to be the end of my hope to see my long lost brother again.

Lennon was not sly’r than holocaust Jewry. We know now from Yoko and Arnold that he wasn’t a girlie man after all. They were, his killers, promoting abortions for political ends. Everything Lennon imagined himself as genius was exactly as they intended. Celine Dion is the gravest trivializer and the world’s worst brainwasher (to say nothing of blackmailer) alive. The man she defends Will Zell speaks in glowing terms of Josef Goebbels repeatedly in correspondence to me and others. In answer, she uses Lennon to unleash the bliss of acceptance. Despite what we are told about Lennon’s infallibility, there is evidence on Double Fantasy that he was well on the way to formulating for himself grampa’s adage: When I was young I had all the answers, now that I am old I’m just grateful to know a few of the right questions. (Maybe that’s why Reagan thought old Ward was a hickory Red).

I’m putting the next sentence in quotes because while it is an exceedingly easy one to grasp, it was lost in my notes and excruciatingly difficult to substitute for formulation no matter how like-minded, “They sided with Hitler over what they took to be the right to do lynch party ~ a transparent national disgrace.”


May 28th, 2011, 07:08 PM

Item: There was, first quarter, a woman on a moped, friendly to me, resemblant of Ming, with long raven hair named Leslie.

Item: There was also a Rob James.

Item: Propheticist Four had our best cover, it was never printed, now lost.


May 28th, 2011, 07:17 PM

Love is the courage not to spread around the hate that hate produced

That’s quite a bitch you’ve got there, that bitch-22.


May 28th, 2011, 08:37 PM

When Harcourt contacted me at the Medical Library in all her insouciance and excitement in 1985, she muttered something about taking a story through to the end being difficult, and said cryptically the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Penny, their doublegangstress said to me that in fall of 1987 that if Hero had met Archimedes they would have uncovered the principle of efficiency before the population explosion.

Britain was staking out a complex position of strangulating deceptions, but the theme is common between both nostrums. They’ve long sought to hide their blame by refracting it on me while trying to starve me out. Pretty obviously it is my job to say no to them.


May 28th, 2011, 08:58 PM

Do your opinions reflect those of your employer?


May 28th, 2011, 11:34 PM

Pittsburgh has a unique system of SKOOL which is apparently so well understood that it is arcane and this fact glossed over, controlled by the U.S. Military. It involves debase of the Liberal Other through blindside attack on the children of the other. They are mutilated physically and sexually overdosed before puberty, then stalked fiendishly as they move from city to city. Really an amazing system. It profiles their libido and provides virgins as antidote to neurotoxins, evicting lethally foreign rock stars while offering their former cronies to share in the ego spoils of the bereaved estate.

Remarkable, and endorsed by foreign lobby.

But I didn’t quit. I resigned from concealed neuroplasm they and their support had inflicted for purpose.


May 28th, 2011, 11:52 PM

ain’t got no ‘ployer
ain’t got no charms
ain’t no ticket
ain’t done no harm
ain’t got no friends
ain’t got no underwear (literally)
ain’t got not B-grade movies
ain’t got no corner anymore.

It looked to me, and you’re of course entitled to say I’m wrong, and based on his performance even delusional, but it looked to me like the American public elected Obama hoping and praying he would step up to the microphone and offer them dramatic truths, things to take to bed, tell their children, that the hungry and thirsty people of the world would cheer, that the military would grit their teeth and bear without having to have their beard lit on fire, like a demand for an overhaul of mass transit, instead of a bailout, like the closing of Gitmo and a re-evaluation of the yearning in Latin America for responsive socialism.

The only thing he did that was remotely laudable was to tactfully remind people that we fought and defeated fascism one upon a time. I hear he visited the tomb of Archbishop Romero on a visit to El Salvador.

Otherwise he’s just a Republican hampered severely by a wife running longknives.

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Version : Chinatown Parade: Memorial Day


May 29th, 2011, 11:15 AM

Poetry is a nibbled edge of leaf;
and yet so clearly a cause.

Chinatown Parade: Memorial Day

at how beautiful the flowers are
for Yeu Louie;
at the stern faces of the girls
marching in ceremonial form and costume;
at the children who cover their ears
for the 21 gun salute.
There are times when it is better to lose
life, but not living memory.
Look today, how we remember.
Please salute Yeu Louie.

at how beautiful the flowers are
for Lee Hong Chew;
at the flight of birds around
Hing Hay Pagoda.
Homeless men who come here everyday
now stand waiting for the speech to end;
for the mothers to take the kids home.
Look today as we stand aside an hour.
Please salute Lee Hong Chew.

at how beautiful the flowers are
for Bok Hong Chin.
Special thanks to Nisei Veterans
and Jade Guild.
The welcoming words
of Commander Phil Lew,
for World War Two
was unlike any other.
Please salute Bok Hong Chin,
man of the hour,
for the children he can’t see
but from heaven.

What does it mean to be a man?
Today, that is what all the boys are asking
with their questioning eyes.
Why does the girl who looks so severe
hold a tissue?
I feel that I can hear
that lonely trumpet.

how beautiful the flowers are
for John Chinn,
gone so long ago.His family keeps a picture
smiling in his prime
going off to a war
from whcih so many men returned.
Please salute John Chinn.
The ribbons so carefully inscribed.

Today we need more than words.
We do not want any more wars.
We want to take pride
in that we do take pride
without demanding our sons
prove themselves in battle.
We remember they had no choice
and chose to answer Hitler
with the final words, “never”.

at how beautiful the flowers are
for Bing Poy Wong.
For whom the aircraft circled in the sky
for whom Benjamin Franklin and Samuel Adams
dedicated their finest words
for whom the Bible was written;
who was given a heart to read ancient verses,
who was given loins
to father us children,
who was given back to God
by unfriendly fire,
who was rewarded
today by our misty eyes,
by our tears
by the firecracker sound
of 21 guns.
Please salute Bing Poy Wong.

at how beautiful the flowers are today
for Henry Farren Goon
as the Senior Vice Commander
squares his shoulders.
We know the final hour
was a crime
as his mortal powers
brother, friend in need,
wentup in agony and smoke.
In Greece, they say “Z”, he lives.
Please salute Henry Farren Goon,
even if uncaring cars roar by.

at how beautiful the flowers are
for Chris Y. Chen.
Who knows what he wrote in his diary
or dreamed of under the apple tree?
Did he close his eyes and pray?
Did the doctor have hope?
Was it the endless pathetic cruelty
that we can’t talk about?
Do you still see his smile,
❗ K ration soup,
towwing his rifle, God knows where?
Please salute Chris Y. Chen.
His memory valued among men.

at how beautiful the flowers are
for Lawrence Lew Kay.
Hear what the Chaplain has to say
about what he’d dream if he was here today,
a man so much more than an inscription;
protecting us from night unending
he died alone in motherless night.
The Great Hand of Faith stopped all the world
and reached down to life up his spirit.
With human pain he bid farewell;
with eternal faith, he embraced his fate.

Please salute Lawrence Lew Kay.

at how beautiful the flowers are
for Thick Yuen Look.
How much care went into every bouquet,
how attentive the drill team,
how stalwart the men,
how curious the children,
how defiant the girls,
how magnanimous the mothers,
how appreciative the boys,
how thoughtful the young men,
how carefully the old women take pictures.
How the mighty single trumpet blows.
Please salute Thick Yuen Look.

How do I come to spill these tears
reaching for my glasses as I sit on the ground?
My father did not die.
He gave birth not only to sons and daughters
but to students.
The fights he saw in Okinawa, Leyte Gulf
and Japan were huge,
yet when he spoke to me of pride
it was not in his medals,
but in his first pamphlet
on human rights.
Surely the flowers are sweeter
than my tears.

at how beautiful the flowers are
for Lock Moon Kwong
Cathay Post 186
American Legion
and all his living classmates
think of him today:
It all comes back to them.
Please salute
Lock Moon Kwong.

Lock Moon Kwong
I’m sure it’s true
we’d all be dead or slaves
were it not for you.

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Version : Crybaby Perfumes


May 29th, 2011, 08:45 PM

Ain’t I a Peacock?
I am albino Jimmu, the Peacock.

~naked lunch for the men in blue

Celine Dion’s concept, organazi’d through Mellon Bank, is that the down and dirty nature of my investigation into the origin of AIDS prohibited it and that one must of class necessity presume Jimmy laughing at Celeron Street off-off the Kelly School Incident. AIDS was an ultraclass class action. I went to Dilworth School in fourth grade, not some posh resort estate function. She thinks her snivelling endorsement of the aggressor incurs fatal liability on me.

Is “the persona lost in dreams” the secret art of daydreaming or is this the oi’d loikee suckey who golem’d the goyim? Let’s all wish we hadn’t done this to me at once, shall we? You people are collectively like that IMF tripdude, if true as accused, lunging at Queerie the pinko with your ripper English rottmembers dagging, endorsed by Christ Jesus and his Oliver Jewish satraps. What is it happened now? Did another sistuh pull me down as chap-aid for the lips? Did I swear unto Christ Reagan by my Kentucky Fried chicken?

Gay-ill and Les/Lie/ was a classic divide-and-conquer aktion. Peter Gabriel is now officially considered to be the baddest celebrity in the empire for using Jimmuh Creary’s plight to coerce American Apology to the AIDS Fascist System. No more dominos. Bad or not Gabriel suffers in the gnaw of guilt trauma that I might hijack the legacy of plague mass by giving reminder and meaning to an era he tried to void with my seven boxes of evidence: the stigmata boom, a critical incubation period written out by his hums about Hero and Archimedes.

Nancy Reagan is very proud of the trivializing fantasy her magog bullworker Al Gore comprachios’d, the vicious, imaginary claim that before I even knew what she had done I made some sort of illegal promise, the type she had come to suppose her due. Believe me, shneesh, we are very finished with the idea that I will kowtow to a brainbeam out of fear from prison rape and murder. You Papillon’d a child torture victim and called it love. Your blame for mass murder is as rabid as Jariss Mansson.

Jeemee raped somebody by a feather butterfly’s tulip and it is proved by his being a crybaby. Well~luh. Belieeeeeve, in the an English! After all aggressive panhandling is a threat to British oil wars in the Great Chain of Being.

The rabid has the most hilarious fantasy. It schlocks around with Pink Floyd and Don Trump, forever miasma’ing, forever missing the point, cloned to the delusion that Lennon’s malicious influence can be svienhalt Churchheel’d to mojo against ecocide. As if anyone gives a shit if England pollutes its bird dropping of a nation into a beehive mortuary. The whole will be greater without the sum of their part. Svengali Morticia, the croaker Regroanov and the Plastic Ono First Lady think I still want that nazi pig hired by Reagan and Hitler Hendrix suck-offs to sit me down 20 years while she settles a pussyball score darkening my doors, with her Siamese malodors.

You’re the assholes who helped them.

Molly Molly Rush by the yard.

Joan Baez started AIDS or may as well have, as Reagan’s most strategic advertiser.

when you see
a snivelling English
and you know
it sayeth whoosh
snivelling English
snivelling English

The alibi was written to enslave. Strub’s non-violent Arabian Jerusalem, a pipe dream for huka seances, was one of these gluecifer Velvets in Seattle selling the Noah seamstress shop fire as a boon. The imitator Eno, forever relishing Greg Karl, adopted victim-on-victim chicken fights as karnal chivalry to spit in malice on queer graves. Holy water, he called it.

Shneesh thinks he gets a ticket to ride over mass murder with a conjob Louie. Once you get it through your head that AIDS was Obama’s weapon, you’ll see things more clearly. We’re not gonna tell, we’re gonna let it roll and play pussyball, he go.

Q. Was there a go-between for Lance Parker and Stu O’Nan?
A. Eric Sandberg.


May 29th, 2011, 09:05 PM

I’ve lived under the shadow of Santorum’s prying into my weblife online for years and will into kingdom come because I’m a pornojunkie and I don’t care very much what people think of it. While I find it extremely gruelling and emotionally destructive to have to troll through mountains of troubling, horror images, often of children, trying to rescue a decent image of liveliness, I think the scary fact is that many of the Federal Agents claiming to research these sites are responsible for loading them with depravity deliberately.

Japan seems to have a law that child images can be downloaded and observed but not created and uploaded. I think the reasoning is that once they are there people should know about them, but most of the health inspection people I’ve spoken with feel strongly that anyone who actively engages psychologically with the material that pops up in ways that make it difficult to avoid are lying if they claim to be doing research.

Failure to research child porn may actually be protecting child pornographers. One of the things I am absolutely sure of is that the evidence in porngraphy historic cinema is so brazen that the Hollwyood cartel of Reagan was involved in pre-meditations of AIDS that the taboo against investigating was deliberate and propagandistic towards allowing it to occur.

While I certainly have never enjoyed people peeping at me making out with my girlfriend when I was dating anyone, I think the idea of people watching a homebody look at porno through spy cams is even more vicious.

But because of my centrality in the crime of the AIDS ONsalught as an earmarked person, the drama of being attacked that way has been very revealing, particularly with regard to English collusion through the cult of Gurdjieff where they contract attack prostitutes so they could advance AIDS testing.

Very, very warped, predictable, sinister parochial and squalid activity.

Ultimately, my view is cynical about child porn pop ups. They occur, you avoid them and assume that they will be investigated by the leering hypocrits who put them there for the J. Edgar Hoover ends of Mickey Obama and Brian Eno.


May 29th, 2011, 09:06 PM

That’s the bottom line, Shneesh.


May 29th, 2011, 10:27 PM

Once more from the top, then?


May 30th, 2011, 05:45 AM

Reagan started AIDS. By killing John Lennon and planting the evidence near a conservative school he was able to organize the plot in such a way as to secure the blessings of people like you who manuveured to profiteer.


May 30th, 2011, 06:04 AM

Indeed the partnership in AIDS, tug of war-style partnership, between Reagan and the Beatles gave tremendous satisfaction to the AIDS Combine. Gangs like yours at the Stranger did more to advance the AIDS Combine than HitlerReagan himself did.

The thrall, the eagerness to do injury and monstrous catastrophic abuse to one of their victims distinguished the murderers at the Stranger and in King Crimson like nothing anyone could have possibly imagined, allowing Bush and Clinton escalation to a brainbeam.

Contacting Midori Goto was without a doubt the saddest, stupidest thing that I ever did.

I don’t think about, I don’t care to try to imagine, I don’t care a bit about, and wouldn’t want to learn the details of romantic life between two men or women, it would bother me if I thought about it, so I don’t, and I find advances by men obnoxious, chilly climate abusive and the behavior of drunks generally offensive, but the bottom line is that if two people are in love it’s not my place, nor the place of the law, to place restrictions on them towards each other if what is recognizably abuse is not taking place.

Marriage is a concept by which many people smother their pain in life anyway. It allows abuses in heterosexual relationships that it shouldn’t and probably stands as a grudge jurisdiction against the outside world in many instances that would better be more open to counseling. In other words, I see no evidence that heterosexual marriages are less abusive than Gay marriages.

The amazing idea, however, that over the principle of marriage, which was hocus-pocus by Alpana and her husband to gain access more easily to the University of Pittsburgh, that Gays should be supported the AIDS Combein and their own assassins seems to be the Manson Family contribution of the Outhouse Senator’s felonous collusion with Pussyball Gregoire.


May 30th, 2011, 06:05 AM

rakugo: We don’t say, “shneesh” in Seattle, Washington.
eggnog: You torture and rape two deaf people and then demand that they apologize. Gee, that’s higher.


May 30th, 2011, 07:00 AM

When Sean Strub’s ally Eddie Meyers in Pittsburgh got off the ground with Ming Na Wen and Al Gore, the precedent they cited was a case where a woman forgot her keys in a car in a parking garage. It was stolen, an accident happened and she was held responsible for forgetting her keys. This, said Peter Gabriel, alibis his “judge and jury in his head” Taliban for all purposes indiscrimately.

The question whether Gore, Santorum and Obama themselves engage in torture, child mutilation, child trafficking, kiddie-porn and child rape is a short answer: yes, they do. Jeannie Tamburro, who they raped, is legally a child. Gore seems to have had it in for Ryland, my father, because dad mentioned My Lai in his book Foundations of Modern Education. Faced with baby-killer allegations he set out to play a game of takes one to know one on me.

The neuro-toxin that Dr. Wecht used in the hollow of a very severely battered Jimmy Crary’s suped up brain was a sealant. Jimmy had been violently overwhelmed and abducted into stolen cars. Obviously nothing he would have ever done on his own, forced to use inhalants. Jimmy was a picky eater. Pizza and carbonated beverages were too strong for him. When we moved, Nancy may have been under orders from the Jewish community (if she knew what had been done to me, which is remotely possible) to just let the neurohypnosis wear off. The sealant around child sex in childhood caused a transcient episode, during homelessness, of infantilization. Neuropsychiatrists who wanted to titillate the Gay community into support for Reagan and Gore pretended not to understand that this was both inevitable from teh strokelike trauma and inflicted. Dr. Harlan White, whose gang murdered Shannon Harps outside the Clubhouse, spoke caustically of “that thing in your face”.

The U.S. Gvoernment was EAGER BEAVER to contract attack prostitutes and lay it on thick and remorseless, like Rosa, I love you, I will never leave you, I want to get married. It was a very clever trick in defense of virginity to make desiring a virgin bride into a crime. It’s not that I knew Rosa was inexperienced. I wanted to marry Kathy and she wasn’t a virgin, but that’s neither here nor there, Diamonda Galas and Moonunit Zappa had it in their heads that abaortions are mandatory and abuse of Jimmy Crary is therapy.

So they tortured me and raped deaf Jeannie.

I suspect that when Gore says he designed the internet, his goal was to monger post traumatic humilitation even further. It’s a good thing I didn’t follow the proscriptions inflicted on people like my abashed nephew in West Virginia Government Steven Thompson because if I had not very diligently cased the adult pronography stores in Chinaotwn I wouldn’t have secured the information about Neva Corporation, their use of the C in a Star of David for example. Neva was the name of De De’s sister, Mancine, cine as in cinema, who seduced little Jimmy. She lived in the Nava Building, Nava is what Amy Edelstein calls herself, she was with me the day I was obviously not commiting armed robbery and refused to testify. Her father was also Obama’s source for the story about Alpana.

This is to say again I feel very threatened by the fact that my own child image could crop up in Neva porn sites and sympathize with the children in those sites, they horrify me, but the fact that Fripp contracted on little Jimmy through alert of Don Ostro, his controller, and larry Flynt doesn’t mean, to me, that the search for beautiful images of Asian women must stop. Outhouse Harkin would like that to be believed, for one becuase he doesn’t want the information that the pornography system was organized with Reagan for AIDS to get around, for another it defeats the purpose of AIDS which is to make sex a state crime, love itself a state crime.

The fury and virulence with which the an EnglsihRRABID leered that sex proves that love is absent is extraordinarily weird in light of their own advocacy for rape pussyball of which 911 was fucntion for Peter Gabriel.

This is to sum up with the wrap: this is again a chance for you to face up to the FACT that PEter Gabreil authored 911 and to respond to this foreign criminal act like men.

Gabriel was an alibi artist working with Reagan covering up Mt. Desert Island. 911 was an attempt both to intimidate America on behalf of the Iranian Mehrabian at Carnegie Mellon in control of what Martin Sheen and Ming Na Wen did their with British Labor and to give Gays the illusion of having punsiehd Ameria on their behalf.

Eddie Meyers and Sean Strub decalred this whole case a food fight and Strub gave himself AIDS so he could have superior “victim status” in the words of Lew Lapham to little Jimmy.

Little Jimmy of course is widely reviled for accusing HitelrReagan


May 30th, 2011, 07:19 AM

rakugo: Oi’d Loike to Spoike up on behalfe of Moi Clointe!
eggnog: Once Laws are in place in a warped, out of touch society, it really doesn’t matter if they are rational or not, the mercs have a right to make their enforcement into pleasure and recreation.


May 30th, 2011, 07:27 AM

What accounts for the popularization of torture, the quaint love of dismemberment, the joy of raping innocent people pursuing the myth of treasonous information? I hear there are few complaints. I testified in District Court that Amnesty International’s offices were used for rape and mutilation hate crimes. Every last one of the people on duty gurgled with laughs in their deep throats and puttered about that it was love infinitely divine advancing masked.

Was it just Bush? Was it a secret deal for the end of the Cold War? Hey, America, Russia’s reformed, the human rights pressure is off in the City of Faceliars, YIPPEEE!

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May 30th, 2011, 08:55 AM

I never liked any other bands, so it’s a shame they attacked me, but I will never amend to them or be conscripted to Yoko Ono. The issues are rape and murder. These people have been proven slanderous criminals.

When Eggnog Corner goes offline my issues will simply be taken elsewhere.


May 30th, 2011, 09:07 AM

The crime that Robert Fripp commited is crystal clear. I explained that to cope with having been tortured I retreated into music and even occassionally shared it with tormentors in order to mollify them; he leered that this proved me their friends, akin to saying that the penis in a rape victim proves her her rapist’s lover, nothing new for a rabid English, but all the same.


May 30th, 2011, 09:28 AM

Q. Hitler says you must make a great sacrifice in war to delude the children!
A. Ah!


May 30th, 2011, 09:43 AM

A great deal is not known about what they knew and when they knew it and I have no intention ever of falling in with people who could withhold such information or treat someone like me the way that they have.

Nothing on earth could bribe me.

Midori Goto is a meaningless shit IMHO.

Version : 5.30.11


May 30th, 2011, 10:00 AM

The AIDS War Game was clearly huge fun for HitlerReagan. He has littered America with symbols of his crime ~ intending to design a Pentagon-Disney state inculcated with a prison of the soul.

The AIDS War Game was clearly huge fun for HitlerReagan. He has littered America with symbols of his crime ~ intending to design a Pentagon-Disney state inculcated with a prison of the soul.


May 30th, 2011, 10:04 AM

In fact, my research bears out the San Jose Hypothesis, the ultraclass funds the drug traffic and then cracks down on it, a class measure. Police are forbidden to regard the fundamental truth that America is a class structured society deviants in the ultraclass predatory towards the middle. Hence, police are forbidden to make common cause where it would be most effective: with teachers.


May 30th, 2011, 10:05 AM

That is why Reagan was top dog with the Beatles. He was able to keep them safely corrupt while using them for MK-Ultra mayhem.


May 30th, 2011, 10:18 AM

I have repeatedly told King Crimson that I was brutally, brutally tortured and that I was not going to accept being subjectioned to criminally deranged abuses, and in answer they have ignored that and continued to subject me to criminally deranged abuses.


May 30th, 2011, 10:27 AM

PEter GAbriel is a truly depressing human being.


May 30th, 2011, 10:58 AM

Q. Don’t you wish you could apologize for the death of John Lennon?
A. Of course, sure, why not? I had nothing to do with it, they blamed me, their case was a cover up for something more grave, they are the authors of the crime, so apology is out of the question.

Q. Will you write a Memorial Day piece for someone Lennon?
A. I think not.


May 30th, 2011, 11:00 AM

The an English, were they wiser, had a chance to teach that each person is significant and separate in identity, rooted in a society of justice for all, instead it rampaged in egological piracy.

An English is known.


May 30th, 2011, 11:01 AM

Q. What’s your response to those who threaten you if you DO apology?
A. Reverse psychology. I have no intention of listening to any of you no matter what you say.

The fact is clear: Will Zell spoke as reported.


May 30th, 2011, 11:05 AM

Q. Alfred Hitchcock said the perfect plot is: boy wins girl, boy loses girl, boy wins girl back. How would you summarize this twisted freakshow from rock moguls?

A. King Crimson had Jimmy Crary. King Crimson wanted something better. King Crimson no longer has Jimmy Crary.

Q. The end?
A. The end.


May 30th, 2011, 11:07 AM

Serious researchers need to explore the possibility of Hitchcock’s role. Romero worked on North by Northwest. Also Salvador Dali, which might explain the choice of Dealey Plaza.

Clearly Abraham Zapruder was put into place.


May 30th, 2011, 11:09 AM

Q. Do you consider those indications facts?
A. Obviously they aren’t facts as such in terms of clearly designating proof, no, what do you take me for, an English? I’m not George Shultz or Pete Sinfield, I don’t believe in waging war on the basis of klews that couldn’t possibly stand up in court.

I went after Will Zell for real. I have the evidence, the only surprise was the monumental backstab by Fripp, also of Gurdiev Taliban.


May 30th, 2011, 11:11 AM

Q. Are you saying that you feel feeeeel that Reagan started AIDS?
A. No, I’m saying I can prove it with evidence that will stand up in U.S. District Court, a fact they seem to be aware of, and have coyly shy’d off saying that they lack jurisdiction.

Q. Isn’t that incitement to riot?
A. Why should it be? We live in a nation of laws. The an English rioted to deter such information, not in response to it.


May 30th, 2011, 11:15 AM

Forum User

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Post subject: Re: The Popularization of Torture
Posted: Mon May 30, 2011 2:14 pm
If I were in Amnesty International I would say, well, Gabriel incited hate crimes and then each time they commissioned a severe and catastrophic injury they then contracted upon the victim with sex, to egg themselves on for more hate crime and hate crimes incitement, and that it was this sex/torture/sex/torture/sex/torture insanity that Gabriel promoted towards his deviant sexual obsessions over women James Crary loved.

I don’t know what he did to Midori, I do know what he did to Jeannie.


May 30th, 2011, 11:22 AM

The war on drugs trafficks in history back to the Black Codes, which allowed vagrants to be incarcerated as slaves in prison gangs after the dismantling of Reconstruction.

None of these problems would be allowed to fester if the Johnson/Nixon/Reagan scene had not been so ferocious about The Draft. Derationalizing the content of urban life, where young people more or less simply have to keep up with the flow of traffic to remain safe, allows for bully government, often of the union type, and safely prevents the rise of progressive intellectuals capable of dismantling the war pig scene.

Problems associated with sex and drugs cannot really be addressed through the parochial tactic. They have to be humanized. There are and will always be the hooligans who want to commit crimes and cannot be stopped without law enforcement, other times you have a situation of traumatic immitative behavior that is victimless.

Without approaching these problems with the gifts of sociology you pretty much abdicate our society as a place of learning and civics.

Q. What do you say to that they just want to forgive and embrace you?
A. They can ask nicely.
Q. It is against Japanese custom.
A. The murder of Lennon was in keeping with Japanese custom.


May 30th, 2011, 11:29 AM

Q. Explain what just happened with Rosa. Isn’t that a man from yesterday scene and doesn’t it apply to concerns about Leslie?

A. Rosa has never acknowledged receipt of the information that a neuroplasm has been surfaced. Since she is a communist and capable of being vicious towards someone she hates, I felt better making sure she understood the gravity of her slanders.

In Leslie’s case, I asked Drew Waegel to call her and see if she would be interested in talking to me. Waegel said yes, so I made a few follow up calls and didn’t get through. Had he said no, I would have given up and forgotten about it. We were in California for a few days and she had introduced me to Matt Marcus quite some time after receiving the letter everyone called a threat. She came over to my house, hung out with me alone, and probably kissed me after that occassion.

So, while you can compare them loosely as attempts to contact girls that I have been through a rough breakup with, in neither case did I pose a stalking threat.

So, if that is the direction of the justification Santorum and Clinton want to present out of Taliban and in court, please give me the date of appearance, I would be happy to hear them confess to torture and rape.


May 30th, 2011, 11:36 AM

Q. What is the most pressing consideration prompting you to New York City?
A. My bowels. Something very serious is going wrong with my bowels and there are going to be cancer studies. They did this to me. The murderer is capable of anything and offers a huge reward potential for complicity.


May 30th, 2011, 11:41 AM

Midori planned it somehow, her people, they said, if the gays see him, raving from terroristic abuse, blamed for John Lennon, pleading for her love, they will go crazy and finish him off.


May 30th, 2011, 10:03 PM

One of the things that liberals often believed or pretended they believed which may in fact be the case is that Reagan was dumb, he wasn’t, he was a criminal mastermind and a genius, so the idea that liberals believe something that isn’t so is almost an implosion of the sort that Capt. Kirk would give as an irrational statement to rational robot threatening his ship, so that it blows a fuse trying to compute the incomputable.

Catch my drift?

Now on the subject of Reagan knowing what he was doing, which is to say systematically and deliberately destroying the fabric of Our Commonwealth, destiny and human civilization, I have no doubt, maybe you do, maybe you think liberals are right that no one can be as evil as he was. In which case, neat, man. Just neat, wow neat, that’s neat, just neat wow neat, man.

The fact that seems very obvious to me about the war on drugs is that it is a fraud intended to create confrontational situations for status advancement in the secret war society that prowls our streets, often a mask of Christiandom, seeking to promote fighting.

The reality of society however is that most people cannot thrive in an environment of fighting, so they seek to understand things and put them into balance so that thriving will occur, both for themselves and others, and I hope you, sir or madam are well and things of enlightenment come your way. Be of good cheer, as papi would say.

The issue of drugs, vice as a whole, is one of nurture. It’s a question of nurture, how is nurture arrived at and how does it end up in kooyansiqatsi? If it ends up out of balance, what is the nurture issue that is being twisted?

Nurture and the need for nurture is at the root of vice, therefore inducing trauma most likely will ricochet and produce more trauma. Not that Scared Straight Programs can’t and never do work. Not that Punishment can’t and never does work. The question is what will make the most lasting impression on the largest number of people.

Q. What’s your opinion about the conflicted messages from the street and cyberjungle about going to New York City?
A. It’s clear that Bowie is going to piss on me no matter what I do, that Aaron Dixon is devoid of conscience and that Yoko Ono wants Apology no matter what and will create any unhappiness she can seeking to secure something that will give her the line that I tried again.

The way I feel about it is that I wish I could see Midori again. That’s all. That’s all I ever really think about any of that. I’d like to see Midori again, but the people who surround me are without souls. Reagan gave them a profiteering venture, they could suck my life dry doing hideous things, never trying to comprehend what a soul like mine went through.

It’s sick. If Midori loved me at all, she’d write to me, encourage me. She makes this claim, yes but Peter Gabriel will kill us both.

It’s too mentally distrubed for me. I don’t think it has anything to do with anyone but Yoko Ono and Ronald Reagan’s partnership of hate in their alliance over AIDS.

You know I think it was Reagan, even if it wasn’t Ono. You know I think it may have been Ono, too.

So, in the end, I’m inclined to agree that we are doomed never to see it happen.

It’s an interesting thought, go to New York, have a life, get medical help, have the brutality stopped, the brainbeam turned off, have a girlfriend again, and so on.

I’m getting sick, diarrhea all the time.

What do they care? They tortured me, raped my girlfriend, brain blasted me after being from Amnesty International.

STING was too thick, too sophomoric to understand that HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR STRATEGIC BRUTALITY, despite all the evidence, is what left me screaming about Leslie even though I was tender and kind to her always allowing her her way.

THE ROCK STARS ARE ILL, brutal, mentally depraved.

You want that from the top again?


May 30th, 2011, 10:04 PM

It’s a stereotypical daydream. Wow, the Fripps will let me meet Ono, man, wow. I’ll be infinite von high.


May 30th, 2011, 10:14 PM

Q. How do you feel about the Government’s leer that if you comply with their madcap emotional demand unstated you will be restored unto grim and abiding status as a wiseacre in law authority influence?

A. I’m disinclined to pander to psychotic, murdering rich hippies, period. Especially ones who have taken so much from me, so remorselessly for so long.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center was opened and testifies to the willingness of mankind to suspend in the extremity of Nazi Germany’s most vicious war criminals charity. Which is to say as long as any of them are alive and there is hope of catching them, something will be done; as long as there is hope for understanding more, works will be pursued.

In the case of the intimacy of your awareness of my prose which is very touching to me, I thank you for it (maybe) is this advocacy for persons who tortured me and you deny did so. In South Africa they had a Truth and Reconciliation Community. Which is to say that brutal molesters said I molested you, I was under the influence of rabid leadership, I made a terrible mistake, please forgive me.

That is not what you have done. You haven’t asked nicely. You’ve called me a liar, you’ve driven me through the streets, you’ve threatened to kill me, you raped my girlfriend and you’re lying about AIDS being manmade.

Where do you get the sick idea that I should remedy to you. You adopted the huns who tortured me and don’t even have the decency to leave me, your mutual VICTIM alone after such a horrendous decision.

What is even more sick is that you make violent demands all sinister and yummy with the outstretched cookie of no hard feelings, man, we really love you and that.


May 30th, 2011, 10:17 PM

It’s the Taliban take it to The Supremes!

in our evanescent effluvium
that you have not outrighteous’d our slurs.

in our unstated power brokerage
that you should not be allowed backstage with Sting.

He is the great him he
he will break your doors down
and rape your loved one
to restore your innocence!

that Dr. King would understand.
Doot doot doot doot dooooooooot.

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May 30th, 2011, 12:51 PM

I’m going to be a photon
when I die.

My parents met during the 1950’s and could have been sworn to secrecy by Eisenhower in a classified war project, aimed at curbing human population which would explain Nancy Moore’s denial and refusal to take action on behalf of James Crary as well as explain the cryptic comment made by Ry, “during the war your mother was a codebreaker” to which when I reported it she said, “I have no idea what he is talking about.” For most part I figured it had something to do with daddy cheating on her leading to divorce.

However with the discovery of Uncle Arthur’s World War One letters I also learned that our Midwest history is gory. Not only did Nebraska Nobelaureate John Neihardt have children named Gail and Kasper (he was very close to my grandparents) but my grand-uncle was named Joy. Recall Gail’s snide, “Joy, joy, joy it’s Beth and a goy.” Uncle Arthur tasted mustard gas. Ian gave me horse raddish before the appointment with De De. We unearthed WWI magazines in his garage loft.

Then there was the odd crimson sweater grandma knit me that was ten sizes too small. My mother also furiously swears by a woman’s right to an abortion. Gail wrote, “I’m in the closet with Christ and Mary.”

The divorce between my parents was a stern affair, just a conference really after his too many trips to London. Was he met in London by government officials explaining his son was the chosen? Look at the painting of three skeletal nuns with Hitler aspects mother says a gay man named Lou Rob-a-son gave her in the 50’s. Her first job was with Dave Demarest (DD) who knew Artek Tony and was introduced to me by Deb Martin of the Student Union where the advance notice of plan to rape Jeannie was printed at CMU. Nancy’s second husband Mark Mark Twain Elmira’s John L/uke also uses the three strikes and you’re a spoon symbols in a story.

He never mentions me in his family stories.

Mother owned a Val/ian/t. Recall that Ostro’s father Val was always present, was in the next room the day Linda boffed me. Mum now lives in Maxon Towers, about which Burstyn wrote in her letters. She had a mystery cousin named Lee. Jeff Thompson, who gave me the Mitsui book, of the Blackfoot Sioux tribe whose Pgh. monument is on the corner near Cyril Wecht’s house married father’s daughter Jane. Nancy Jane Moore is the feminine of James (a fact John Mitchell’s daughter Anne always pointed out to me ~ they bought the house next door where she lived when at CMU ~ J.P. Morgan’s granddaughter, who I loved dearly for a time, Anne loved Michael Jackson and would use the Gore/Simon aspect on me in facial expressions, best explained by someone familiar with Jung) between the birdified N and M. Nancy Moore is the wife of Strom Thurmond’s name also, recall the critical role his article: None Dare, plays.

Mother said of De De, “I’m too young to be a grandmother” and of her brother Mark “I hope he does a better job raising his children than he did you.” She screamed and screamed one day about a nightmare someone was trying to kill me and later because I didn’t answer when she said, “You have to admit I’m not a bad looking woman.” “Life is not a mirror,” she yelled.

She spent a lot of time with Berkowitz, mother of Leslie’s best friend.

Named our cats Pitsche, Patsche and Serendippity (Sarah). Recall “I love Sira Siran” was photographed near our garage door in 1966.

John L. had a huge number of murder books he sold to Toba Levison who employed Sharon Samuels who introduced me to Gail Burstyn. He also had a book about Maximile Kolbe. Sean Sean Strub would no doubt appreciate.

AIDS was Hitler-Stalin pact. Mother took me to hear Baez, “I never died said he” as well as James Taylor/Carole King. She used to CARRY ME when I pleaded for her to, a fact Gabriel seems to have known in 1985. Our car when daddy was around (a Studebaker Lark) was called Penelope. I cracked my head open for stitches a few years after Dealey Plaza on a vacation to Texas when someone shook the bed and hit the radiator.

They told me cousin Candy had crosseyes.

She denied taking me to meet a Dean at Pitt who I told I was “aesthetically deprived” senior year of high school.

We had dinner at Arnold’s insistence with Katz at the Gazebo where McGarvey worked (classmate of Zell and Wattenmaker).

I once held hands with Ralph Abernathy. It was like having Luciano’s voice in my hand.

Donald Gordon painted an ovalesque like Imagine. Thos. had the white piano poster at his bedside.

Possibly Berkowitz told Nancy, “Let the hypnosis your son is under run its course.” I read her New Republics avidly when I was fifteen and she put up the “You ashen haired…(sic. children), the black milk of daybreak” poem that she wanted me and Laura Jeanne to reflect upon on the wall of her green kitchen.

Hollered like crazy all the time.

Dated Peckham, the pituitary specialist, whose son cuppy would say, “Noah’s Ark” as we crossed a tire in the mud. Daddy by the way towards the end would say, “No~ah way” when pronouncing No Way.

Maybe Lennon is still alive in an Ayn Rand utopia somewhere laughing his ass off at everyone.

Other than that not much.


May 30th, 2011, 09:56 PM

Pap also used to call me Sport and SAM.

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Version : The Memorizing Rats of Pittsburgh


May 31st, 2011, 06:08 AM

I don’t know, maybe it is because they have holocaust survivors to compare it to, and now AIDS’ers, that child mutilation is such a joke in Pittsburgh, that taking the edge out of a creative spirit, torturing them until they are dead inside and beyond, using them for slave labors and “collecting” the “impressions”. The edge may have been doused from my prose, but believe me I know what you are. You made me the object of your murdering, crooked soul, you stood there while I was tortured for years, you rabid piece of shit. You stood there while as a child I was brutally punished by a murdering klan gang, and while Don Ostro and Mark Mancine set up their very own “SKOOL” of morally disturbing acts and terrible sadism and freaked out when I didn’t settle for soul-numbing ignorance.

My body has finally reached the breaking point you’ve dreamed of for fifty years. How you have wanted to see it like a twisted chemist, a pervert Primo Levi like Howard Luin with Peter Gabriel as his concentration camp lynch mob lieutenant. Leering with the approval of Harkin and Midori Goto, you snivelled with every lie in Davis and Schenley Park. You laughed yourself sick when Jeannie was raped by the U.N. Peace Ambassador. What could be funnier! John Lennon avenged by New York City.

Now you want Apology, as redemption, you can’t get it from that ugly pig Midori Goto, so you’re trying Elly Nguyen.

Boy are you sick and will I ever be glad I’m dead.


May 31st, 2011, 06:10 AM

I don’t know, maybe it is because they have holocaust survivors to compare it to, and now AIDS’ers, that child mutilation is such a joke in Pittsburgh, that taking the edge out of a creative spirit, torturing them until they are dead inside and beyond, using them for slave labors and “collecting” the “impressions”. The edge may have been doused from my prose, but believe me I know what you are. You made me the object of your murdering, crooked soul, you stood there while I was tortured for years, you rabid piece of shit. You stood there while as a child I was brutally punished by a murdering klan gang, and while Don Ostro and Mark Mancine set up their very own “SKOOL” of morally disturbing acts and terrible sadism and freaked out when I didn’t settle for soul-numbing ignorance.

My body has finally reached the breaking point you’ve dreamed of for fifty years. How you have wanted to see it like a twisted chemist, a pervert Primo Levi like Howard Luin with Peter Gabriel as his concentration camp lynch mob lieutenant. Leering with the approval of Harkin and Midori Goto, you snivelled with every lie in Davis and Schenley Park. You laughed yourself sick when Jeannie was raped by the U.N. Peace Ambassador. What could be funnier! John Lennon avenged by New York City.

Now you want Apology, as redemption, you can’t get it from that ugly pig Midori Goto, so you’re trying Elly Nguyen.

Boy are you sick and will I ever be glad I’m dead.

This is the last laugh that Michael Reagan LIVED for and that seamy putrid Robert Fripp was determined to secure.


May 31st, 2011, 06:13 AM

rakugo: Defsukke! You think your piecemeal is the end? The end? Hahahaha. It is only the beginning, or my name isn’t Pittsburgh! Kowtow! Kowtow!


May 31st, 2011, 06:18 AM

Contretemp defsukke a real ballinet Ringo thrust homa.


May 31st, 2011, 06:46 AM

Defsukke! Love is Hate.

Yeah? heh. Yoko Ono proved it.

Q. Are you ever going to New York City?
A. I will kill you first.


May 31st, 2011, 06:50 AM

A mass death
symposium on nature
of reality
with brainbeam
attended by rock stars
laughing themselves sick
as Peace Ambassador
piss on their
rape victims
suggests the arcana
of Beatles semuta
can indeed compense
mutilatos for
less than a
The derfs will
even grovel and
Apology after being victim
of concentration camp
Such apology is
all that stand between
them and eating the shit of God
ha lala lala lala
and haganah.


May 31st, 2011, 06:51 AM

A mass death
symposium on nature
of reality
with brainbeam
attended by rock stars
laughing themselves sick
as Peace Ambassador
piss on their
rape victims
suggests the arcana
of Beatles semuta
can indeed compense
mutilatos for
less than a
The derfs will
even grovel and
Apology after being victim
of concentration camp
Such apology is
all that stand between
them and eating the shit of God
ha lala lala lala
and haganah.

You’ll be sterilized by New York City.


May 31st, 2011, 06:53 AM

in this PROUD land!…

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Version : The Thousand Year Strawberry


May 31st, 2011, 08:53 AM

originally published, on this day, in Des Moines Register talkboard

First, I want to Thank You, the great people of the Great State of Iowa, for having more patience and courage than your St. Louis brothers and sisters. Far be it from them to let the mutterings of an enraged, but pacified lunatic reach the soft ears of the 3rd most violent city in America, even with their automated language censor I lasted all of the three days while they were home in tribute and their talkboard left untended by fast-acting monitors named Amanda. You have earned a Thank You. It is often overlooked, but true, that many men have died protecting Freedom of Speech and the trust we put in her, despite ample evidence of backbite and traitors haunting our safety with their sugared leers. Then, I want to ask a question.

Is Lennon’s memory served by ritual and apology? Is there a Service of Lennon as the Harkin/Fripp Taliban alledge? (Woodstock is so very near West Point).

Without a doubt John Lennon was the most persuasive tongue to have reached a mass audience in human history with the the magic of beautiful songwriting. It is very difficult to believe that anyone would envy him enough to hurt him. What a novel idea the Jews used him for ~ to blame me for something I knew nothing about, to state in this way that ignorance isn’t bliss, (as Schugar Bear liked to laugh), but blameworthy. The very fact that hurting him was so unimaginable is my defense and it has proven a useless one. It is much, much easier to imagine (and justify) the way people hurt and use lesser mortals, and I believe that, I believe that even a crystal mind is lesser than a fluid, melodious tonsil put to love and trust, peace and cracking the cacoon that surrounds man and womankind with the dread of life.

The murder of James Crary was put to John Lennon’s spirit by Jewry as a loveslave service in part to show that the criminal degradation England is capable of does not respect in some special way their American saviors, and to watch them smother their mutual dignities over Japanese gadibe, as The Black Man, forever callow, glowering with familiar clerical slurs, wished they would serve his envy, too, in the lofty name of higher dignity.

Love was obviously ruled out, obviously. In the argument between Dr. King and Reagan, Reagan had to win and Lennon served.

It is clear that the military understands symbol and ritual. The case for atrocity has many times many been put to them. Yet there is also the unassailable truth that the spirits of the fallen prick up their ears when we lay a flowers for their tragedy and it is by our lives the miscarriage of their own are made worthy. For years I have felt, on my honor, refusing served Lennon’s name better than Peter Gabriel’s landed gibberish.

I would hate to have it said that I scorned the Japanese. In so far as even accidental homocide can be forgiven between brothers I have found it in my heart to befriend Ichiro Suzuki without forgiveness and apology.

But having Oliver Jewboy Stone demand I finish a ritual for John Lennon’s sake is a contradiction in terms.


May 31st, 2011, 08:54 AM

Q. Is there a tie between Tony Cervi and Cheryl Levin?
A. Yes, Nava. Robert Toth also knew Tom McConnell who introduced me to David Strang and Bruce Carter.


May 31st, 2011, 08:56 AM

Q. This stuff had quite a ringmaster.
A. Epoch B Death Control by Jonas Salk and someone Starzl, I shouldn’t doubt.

Version : McGarvey’s Nigeria


May 31st, 2011, 09:01 PM

By reason of Hollywood having professionals, consumers are legitimately free to assume that even too real rape videos are made by consenting adults. Understandably there is alarm what goes on beyond the cameras, and the fear which keeps actresses quiet, fear that they’d be Jimmy Crary’d to death by a corporate watchdog Taliban, jeering them, “Why don’t you go tell, heh, heh, heh, Peter Gabriel.” There’s nothing surprising about the idea that Richard McGarvey of the Guttersnipes would bell up Muhammed Ali somehow about the Alpana Louie scam and that then Ali would get Nigeria on the horn about one liner porno which the mysterious Filipino Colucci grafted from the private medium of a particular deteriorating European of interest to both sides of the race extremism divide. After all, one wouldn’t want Midori Goto to have to face both Rev. Jesse Jackson and a bunch of rednecks with such gossip in they eyeballs after Sarah Palin spread the rumors. As usual, the AIDS Combine is known by its wriggling finger.

The frightening thing about Muhammed Ali is that he and Salmun Rushdie were actually partners in the onslaught, the genius of Bush and Gail Burstyn, whose gang got their start stalking, battering and then kidnapping little Jimmy in a hot Lincoln Continental. That was no Freedom Ride. Whatever you feel about it when you find out AIDS be manmade, Barney says the buck stops at Flag Burning, or you’re an infidel, Jimmuh. Spike ole Lee can take over for Muhammed and Reagan explaining why the diminished sum of its parts still isn’t greater than the whole 25 years on beyond the staged and phony intercept. Spike Lee gruesomes akimbo: so, porno boy, how n’you like it if’n we do this to n’yer wife? Then justifies the lurid provocation after Gitmo attacks on a faint-hearted King Crimson devotee (past) demanding I disgorge humiliating things done to me by pedophiles for Larry Flynt’s recreational amuse. (Any of the gazillions of Jesus pedophiles in the Tea Party could have been Mark David Chapman).

The degrading things done to me since reporting what happened to little Jimmy even with Seattle psychiatrists poisoning me towards a faster wrongful death than I thought (I might have actually survived the neuroplasm) suggest an almost unreal level of self-hate behind the temptation to elope and find out what, if anything, New York City has to say to me at the Imagine ovalesque in Central Park, very East of Java. People no doubt think I stahling.

What I see in the creepy thing Moonunit Zappa has done is the opposite of what she says. I don’t really buy the idea of giving Ronald Reagan the benefit of the doubt if in the position to back up objectivity without fear and trembling. Why was he so eager to work with them as wrote that script? To adopt a plan written by monsters he claimed tried to off him? Because it was so viciously degrading of me? That’s an explanation Moonunit loves. It’s her sounding board. Lewis Lapham has destroyed no end of fine lives, including my own, trying to prove the absolutely bizarre falsehoods he fomented against my childhood. Contrary to his dauphinist opinion, had Ayn Rand walked into Fulton Elementary as a substitute teacher she’d have ended up on the black iron picket fence with a super-flying wedgie. Yet still we forget why we have courts in favor of a nebulous deep game Taliban by Pinkerton AIDS victims who do what they’re told.

What Moonunit Zappa is up to is coercion in demand to do coercion, the precise opposite of my gentlemanliness with Leslie that very revealingly she portrays as having caused the ordeal of Cirque d’Imbecile and Mt. Desert Island. It is proper therefore to question what this means about their ultimatum and the future of their instrument: Ultrahigh that source of the brainbeam and the Fukuyama Quake. Frequently what that crummy Fripp’s regulars do in summation is to gangsign the audiation: Spit it out. Spit out that I would not respond to catcalls and an orgy of taunting into the humiliating act required by feminazi desire on the corner of 5th and NAMI. I was framed and punished in the Papillon of Larry Flynt for revealing my hostage by a Pittsburgh pedophile syndicate with big money financing at The Carnegie. This was done to me for fun, for Moonunit’s pleasure. Ironically and coincidentally as the Primo Crowe flies, Dave Meieren, from the neighborhood we move to, once enthralled with Masako Shiono, from the neighborhood we moved from, had no end of Kierkegaarde vespers mewling the content of fun. What is fun! he would practically shout philosophically leaning to in his questioning monocle. Where’s your courage for fun, Queerball? Leslie would have loved it, they loll with the elegance of bloated tongues.

Even though Anne Mitchell, a socialite gal, said I have a sincere voice and was attracted to me I know New York City’s courtship values enough. I’m not one of them, not their type, not going to be accepted and embraced. Used effectively one way or another is what they have in mind. Even if I were in charge of an absolutely best case scenario, in other words media and Congressional cooperation in pursuit of AIDS Nuremberg, there would be profound grounds for concern about the sincerity of New York City in the enterprise. If only I knew for a fact that going there would advance AIDS Nuremberg. The grateful deaf, lovingly awaited by my people; what I’m sure is really waiting is the manner of Carole at my first job, a joint called “Heads Together” who grabbed a broom out of my hands and snapped, “I don’t like the way you sweep.” Wishing the an English were not genetic snivellers be like wishing a woman could fly by her own arms into heaven and plant paradise on the moon. Nobody owns dreams, but that one is forlornistry. Far more likely is their goal to rubber stamp: Mission Accomplished on the AIDS dirty, authored by Ronald Wilson Reagan.

I’d like to look at their non-point of view, now. The implied position they convey. Lisa Miles lay in wait for me after Mt. Desert Island with the gall to depict my findings as an Eide’s Comic Book ruse. The Beatles, who hired her with the help of Wesley Posvar, founder of FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and Chancellor of Pitt, had in mind a presentation of tough kids spitting you know what at death, facing down the perilous mindset of Primo Levi and Pink Floyd, together as one on the burning buddha killing fields of HIV until at least on the level of schizoneolist mindrape it can’t hurt us anymore. Then they can slide right back with Larry Flynt to their program of entitlement to be money monsters. Lisa equated me for Moonunit with the badboy fave-rave who molested me, deny, deny. He had lizard eyes, the brooding Schwarzenmystique of Joe D’Allesandro.

From there comes a familiar story out of Dr. Harlan White and the Seattle Queer Gestapo, their freak out hate consumed by assuming power to arbitrarily play Greek Pontiff in high pre-meditation. They were innocent so no one is innocent. Then the familiar coo, if you forgive your brother it will say to all humanity, you, too, can forgive. He didn’t know. Maybe he’ll even cheer the truth about Reagan. More likely he is the SchwarzenPatriot from Polish Hill, and KonnikD’Gooski’s defending Nancy Reagan’s honor on Warhol Street with his old gnarled lead pipe three foot long, with which he took complete control of little Jimmuh Qwee, as the I and I is known in the Burgh. Therefore, we who have a right to worry, should scuttle all thought of questioning torrential lifelong terror crime towards a public school student. Beat them at their own game I am told by the authors of the game. In their violence towards me comes the brag that I am the one appealing for clemency. All my words are viciously derided as psychological warfare erected to beg them not to take me as a souvenir to hell. Midori Goto chortles burlesquely, why Jimmy, if you want to measure up to Lennon you should be willing to outStrub Sean Strub. Bishop Tutu holds Midori in ransom to the demand that I squeak our little objection of hope on behalf of a United Nations caught lying through the teeth for 25 years.

I have my doubts that my non-invitation to New York City is an offer by Ringo Starr and Barack Obama to debate their lies. It clearly sounds more like the promise of just the right girl to sell my principles for. In finding that Auschwitz survivors had Merlin’d our kids with the horror of AIDS, the an English cahooter’d intimately with Zell and Archer on Mt. Desert Island while raging that they wanted Midori for The Black Man. In the unspeakable tragedy of Moonunit’s conferring upon the guilty the mantle of true love is the crude goal of profiteer in the name of our legacy and destiny.


June 1st, 2011, 03:33 AM

Q. So basically the Beatles helped Reagan get away with AIDS by promising to put on a show and you are the help they hired without wages expecting to supply the main act of entertainment?

A. Yes, it’s an illegal draft in an illegal war by the guilty persons responsible. Gail Burstyn, Will Zell and Ronald Reagan found unspeakable help and assistance from Peter Gabriel. A very frightening, sad story of power abuse.

Q. Is Sound Mental Health actually an advocate for the AIDS Combine, rather than for the victims?

A. Possibly. The psychiatric profession is very good at keeping such things under wraps.

Q. Do you see Ringo Starr as a warmonger?

A. I see him as a brutal, Confederate, leader of the guilty.


June 1st, 2011, 03:36 AM

Expecting, should read: expected.

Q. Are you going to New York City?
A. I explained this to Midori Goto already, no I am not. I think what she has done is shameful. Under no circumstances will I allow them to have me. My heart has already been broken by what immiseration the horrors called Yoko Ono and Paul McCartney have capacity to inflict, but I will not participate in the crime of normalizing them.


June 1st, 2011, 03:38 AM

They’re perverts. The sort of jokers who would torture little Jimmy, rape Jeannie and punish us for talking. I have no respect for King Crimson at all and mean every word of hate and scorn for them I have ever uttered. Reagan was with Hitler. Pittsburgh’s name is as black as Auschwitz.

I have only begun to fight you.


June 1st, 2011, 03:39 AM

Q. But the Beatles have everything, they have wealth, power, love.

A. The Beatles are rapists, they use torture and murder of innocent people to advance their accomplice with Reagan. Obama is a mannequin in their destruction of the West.


June 1st, 2011, 03:40 AM

They’re perverts. The sort of jokers who would torture little Jimmy, rape Jeannie and punish us for talking. I have no respect for King Crimson at all and mean every word of hate and scorn for them I have ever uttered. Reagan was with Hitler. Pittsburgh’s name is as black as Auschwitz.

I have only begun to fight you.

Q. How do they justify something as horrid as what they did?

A. You mean cooperating in AIDS? Heh heh heh: The SHOW MUST GO ON! Heh heh heh heh heh.

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Version : Ringo Reb


June 1st, 2011, 07:34 AM


Q. I hear that Lennon made a sailboat trip shortly before your demise all the way to Bermuda, a place associated with mystery.
A. The eye of suspicion falls on Brian Eno.

rakugo: Omoja the gall to release a grand Kentucky virus and then clean up the field pretending to find the letters and punishing America in a secret war of the CIA on behalf of the those victim, myuh! Hahahaha. Hillary is number one! Hahahahahaha.

eggnog: Yeah, RI~, Ringo pretty much laughed himself sick the day he was finally accused.


Fu Manchu (Beefeater): The master stroke was to have black gangbangers in trump, ah, deleriously ingenious that Bush ~ pussyball. A masterstroke. You will have APOLOGY yet, my dear! Or my name isn’t coward Fripp during my turns.


rakugo: Ringo yeah, they were raping and screaming and beaming and rippering singing Ringo yeah, Ringo yeah.

eggnog: Then the plastic sissies from Amnesty International BACKED the men who tortured the boy! Hahahahahaha, and they raped a deaf girl as spit shine on Lennon’s memory.




June 1st, 2011, 07:37 AM

Look into my eyes, my eyes
we are as one, as one, as one,
bring me the money
bring me the money…


June 1st, 2011, 07:39 AM

rakuzl: Yeah, heh, leastwise he ain’t no…heh, heh, heh, deeply flawed man, heh, heh, heh, heh.

Version : Suspense 6/3/2011


June 1st, 2011, 09:44 AM

Q. There’s a lot of suspense surrounding the demolition of Eggnog Corner and the opportunity, possibly the only one ever, hard earned, to travel on to New York City and Woodstock. To what do you attribute the anticipation?

A. My lowereds. If they hadn’t kicked in my stomach I wouldn’t be considering it, but my lowereds are flattened. Something’s wrong. I’m getting the shit of God, man.

Q. I hear cell phones cause cancer, and you’re even deaf.

A. Must’ve swallowed one, man.

Q. The Beatles are still hot media, Mac, they can whip up a carousing on a caprice.

A. Notice the fall in attendance at Safeco? 1/2 game out of first place and nobody attends. Whyzat? Because of the greatest of confidence in the Navigator farce delusion.

Q. How do you feel at this point about the closing of Eggnog Corner?

A. A royal headache and a major nuisance. I’ve spent the last four years desperately trying to recall my vote, to un-Vote Obama.

Q. Why?

A. Because saving lives was low priority for them, man, they doled it out everywhere and called that equity. Ally? They’re fucking gangrene. Some allies. For the an English they don’t care if they throw their next party yesterday or a million years from now. They live in their cave and piss out.

Q. They want you two die with the haunting feeling that they would have stopped if you did, if you went there, they would have stopped if’d you did as they bid, you might have even had a life, not be creamed in your lowereds, if you’d have gone done.

A. The AIDS War, in my humble opinion, was … legitimately … won and the hatchet buried on the day the Queers Voted Obama. The AIDS Combein recruited their own heaviest victim sect. That’s strategy. You almost have to credit Clinton, even after he murdered my father, to pull this off with the Milan Kundera joke of all time, my letter to Leslie. God, just think, if it had actually said what they claimed the American Civil Liberties Union might have defended me, instead they all have to pile on twisting it to get what they wanted from it. Amazing.

rakugo: 😀

Q. All we are saying is give raping deaf Jeannie a chance.

A. Everywhere you go you see the Easter Egg hunt. Have you noticed Midori’s Teriyaki downtown? Mike E/wart, who haunted me growing up. Recall Lew Lapham’s quip: Tell them a cautionary story. Know what that meant? It meant working with Sean Strub co-producing the crime of the millenium, smacking us again on behalf of the assassins in the name of the victims, People Are Weird McCartney called this at CMU. Lapham’s glee for quislingship was cultured in the black beret of the Rebel Old South.

Q. Then the Totality of a Brainbeam.

A. That’s exactly right, the totality of voices saying things constantly in the head the minute you wake up, classic Eno-schizoid man, “Michael Reagan laughed so fucking hard hearing what you were going to lose.” “We fucked Midori’s head off, we fucked Midori’s head off, we fucked Midori’s head off.”

Gabriel had this mindblender concept, using lookalikes of Lennon like Tami Simon, calling on T. Simon Farasani and then In Like Go/to, the anti-androgyne for the multiple mindrape of all time. Five revenge abortions in service to the men who raped me in childhood. Gee, that’s infinite in high.

Q. How could this trouncing have been doctored by Penny Crary and Dennis Brutus. In a place like Pittsburgh. Hard to follow.

A. At root is had do with the schism between human rights and civil rights. First, for the an English human rights are primarily the entitlement to do horror and achieve multimillions thereby, whereas for the Civil Rights Movement human rights mean scab labor, and worse undesirables. So while daddy meant well advocating for The Peace Corps, it was inevitable that some Barry Manilow like Obama would ripper knife him.

Q. So now you may really go. What will become of it?

A. Elly, breaker breaker. Elly’s brag. I’d be in Woodstock on her birthday.

Q. What’s wrong with that?

A. The problem is that I now suspect, in part because Diem Ly published Degenerate Art Ensemble, whose contact traces to Blue House, Arizona and Fukuyama, that the immolator monks of Saigon were the early warning of the Onslaught.


June 1st, 2011, 09:47 AM

Q. Is it safe to say you hate The Beatles and King Crimson?
A. Really hate them, and it goes without saying from this point forward.


June 1st, 2011, 09:48 AM

Q. If there were any last bid for love you were going to make to Midori what would it be?

A. Sugar, we have the blueprint of what they tried to pull now. Defect from the crime and join what there is of a common law attempt to bring it to a halt.

Q. What would she say?

A. She’d cackle, I mean, it’s over now, it already happened. She’d cackle and say, “What about the money, love?”


June 1st, 2011, 09:51 AM

Q. Does the Queens wanting to pull it off imbibe you with Noblese Oblige?

A. I wouldn’t have been able to investigate from anywhere but the margins. Creeps like “Meat Weapon” had no business deriding me for being marginalized. They didn’t want the truth and they resented it. Why should I freeload them Karl’s poppers?

Q. Tough love?

A. Tough luck.


June 1st, 2011, 09:52 AM

Q. Any final thrust at Adrian Belew?
A. King Carrot Jefferson Davis.


June 1st, 2011, 10:36 AM

Failure to compare and contrast the lives of Martin Luther King with John Lennon is dereliction of duty. The Geffen Corporation was permitted to exploit their differences and the contradictions between them in such a way as to very effectively attack and debase the Civil Rights Movement.

John Lennon was a working class kid who was fundamentally good inside, who nevertheless was self-destructive and appealed to the bad boy scene. He believed that people could be changed.

By contrast King never stopped exemplifying how people should conduct themselves and believed that poor people who were being oppressed had to be protected. While he believed that people could be changed, he also believed that the oppressed had to be protected and it was in pursuing such protection that he sought to change the crooked and oppressive.

Lennon and King were killed by the same man, Reagan, who was then allowed to manipulate them as his weapons.


June 1st, 2011, 10:38 AM

Q. Do you think you should stick together with Peter Gabriel.

A. No. The Egological Framework of the Celebrity Superstate is subversive of human trust. Eggnog Corner has been an attempt to flush Peter Gabriel’s mindset down into the muck where it belongs.


June 1st, 2011, 10:40 AM

Q. What exactly is going on with that sickheaded maniac?
A. He had this delerium that it would be counter-holy war to catharize people’s hate by giving them a hate object to vilify and bitterly abuse. If I were a SWAT Action lieutenant and saw him doing it to someone frankly I’d shoot him.


June 1st, 2011, 11:19 AM

Q. Which do n’you take after?
A. While it is certainly true that King can be evoked when a soldier treats a prisoner of war honorably, neither man was a paradigm of human behavior that can be dragged out of context. It’s a common failure of reasoning to think that a celebrity icon represents some super-icon within us all, and it’s dangerous, leading to the super-inflation of the demogague.

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Version : Where’s Elsa Going?


June 1st, 2011, 03:18 PM

Q. Where will Eggnog Corner be moving to?
A. I’m not sure to be truthful, but I will post where once I’ve decided in
so if you check there from time to time you will be able to pick up on the Film Project 2011-2012, with quite a bit more to be arrived upon.

Be aware that security attacks are taking place on my facebook site and presumably Civil Stories, so you will want to be sure that comments in my name actually are. Reagan understood his own defense. He stole his own identity, so to speak. Rather elliptical, sunder here, Rand monger.

Q. The fact that you are being threatened with murder proves it was Reagan, too, doesn’t it?
A. No, not really, but a fair number of people in Pittsburgh said that, said that if Pitt hadn’t arrested me they wouldn’t have really believed what was happening so, it does underwrite the risk Reagan is running by murder in what he sells as contract law.

Q. Are you saying it wasn’t Reagan?
A. It was, just that his death threats and violence doesn’t prove it. He was unstable, psychotic, and needs to make clear that just because he was unstable and psychotic doesn’t mean he was capable of what he did. So it’s business as usual for him and Queen Elizabeth.

Q. What good will it do to frame Reagan?
A. I’m not framing him, but, true, like that other old Beach Boy fan, Charlie Manson, he’s already dead, believe it or Unrue.

Q. Which brings us to Bugliosi.
A. And Yoko Ono. You see, Bugliosi and Bush worked together on the story of the bird, but Bugliosi likes the impugnity of that status group. He and Bush had a nice little laugh, publish some stuff about me, said Bush, let’s make history together, and Bugliosi laughed and accused him in a book of murder and so forth, big laugh, between the two of them.

Yoko Ono is playing a keep-smiling game. As you will see when I locate it, the bawling Jimmy Crary followed by a Japanese woman sign specifying: You got the part (of the AIDS crucify’d Jesus) is old copy in the Reagan Cinema/Mancine/Neva period films called Roman Pink. The advocates for the AIDS Onslaught are many and they effectively deluded Gays (with the help of Peter Gabriel) for so long that Gays are discredited and pretty much phased out. Obama just keeps the Medicine Man business on slow burn, like that Mariss Clemmons stuff they pulled.

Nancy Reagan, all Hollywood sniffles and that.

The point being that even the Croak Regroanov is widely recognized for participating in the set up around Lennon she will still be the controlling magnate due to the cynicism of our society. The ultimate types will admire her and that will be offset a little by the airy-fairy idealists who amount to nothing. I mean, I had a lot of strings to pull, my grandfather’s position at St. Louis Post-Dispatch, my father’s writings, just to survive in Pitt News long enough to show that I stood for something and get free, sort of, from the idea that my writing should be public relations for the AIDS Combein. People think I’m nothing, but that is what they were setting me up for.

I always thought Reagan had a lot of gall using ideology to justify child mutilation crime but whether due to bad schools or just a lack of conviction on the part of people in our society, louts like King Crimson got away with hyperboiling that dogma, terroristically. I liked John Lennon a lot, but I love Jeannie much muchmore. It’s silly to sit around thinking oh, I’ll go back to King Crimson. Not after what they did.

Q. Isn’t Fripp the tie that binds you to Ichiro?
A. In his mind probably. For me it’s Roberto Clemente. I love them both. Ichiro gave me something priceless. I’m not sorry I came to Seattle. We nailed Sean Strub for the record. That really calls for a cheer, even to the Stranger Newspaper, it really does.

You can’t knock that. It couldn’t have been done without this blog space. Musashi giving me his films, Kevin willing to buy them from me and sell a fair number back. It’s just been dog-ear’d as hell, all of it.

Q. But you hate the Gay Community:eek:
A. Yes, I was in love with Midori. I think survivalism meant protecting lives and showing magnanimity. They would have none of it, they picked on me and a lot of horrible things happened that only benefited their own assassins. I don’t like how it worked, I mean, if they had attacked me in 1985 and killed me to get the truth it would have made a lot more sense than how they operated.

I understand that elements of ACT UP mean well and seek to humanize things but when you play the game: “fair is foul and foul is fair” you give the virus a status is doesn’t deserve ~ namely a reference to human character.

I’m convinced this was all thought out, that Richard Gordon and Tim Wolfe fit together some how in it.

Q. Baltimore? Reminds me of…
A. Michael Mae Donald. He was an athletic, young Black kid who two terroriists playing Reagan hanged from a tree in a front yard and somehow I ended up with a picture of it from a group, possibly the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) and just happened to have a copy of the Ox Bow Incident on my shelf where I put it and it vanished from there. Not sure whether due to absent mindedness on my part or some other action by another person in the house. But I recall vividly how his mother came to his defense and always envied him for that love and determination.

Q. Do you think the terrible thing that befell him justifies Black Rage?
A. It’s important to remember that many of the white men who died in the dregs of the Civil War felt that same rage for the same reason.

Look at the gangster situation. I think local propaganda in Seattle is very good and we have people at Real Change, Wes Browning for example pointed out today that opposition to immigration is really a desire to keep out fugitives from our own foreign sweatshops, and we get these sorts of lead thinkings. Well the gangster situation was covered, too and I think one of the things they missed in presenting this obligation to do in depthness on such subjects as the key to stopping those crimes is that feudal systems turn the media into a game that way. The media, for objectivity sake, can’t go in too deep unless they are sure they are not being manipulated.

And that’s the rare honest media working person. It’s analogous to someone who robs a bank but first stages a call for help across town to lure police away. Or the epilepsy dude in Dallas, if you’ve studied that deeply. Oliver Stone is a real menace on that score, hypermanipulating the Taliban feud.

Communication (“news”) can only be objective when the people in media are not themselves perpetrators and anyone observing Yoko Ono’s vanguard knows by now that elements of Seattle Art Museum and The Seattle Times were both in on the Shannon Harps murder, just as Post-Gazette participated in Reagan’s execution of Little Jimmy. Just ask Andy.

Q. Make you feel like Benjamin Harrison?
A. The Mets?

Q. They sent that thing right to you.
A. Sent the bullet right to JFK, too.

rakugo: Idealism is a delusion. We give up on courts and law. The world is a game. Period. Ball ich foul and foul ich fair. All society, baseball uber alles, ich military paradigm~ismo.

eggnog: The Beatles are playing chicken with their powers of suasion. Dare you to knock us and then another shitty crime. That’s why Reagan framed himself, so he could die laughing saying he was framed.

Q. That’s what you get…
A. …for having a head injury, yup.


June 1st, 2011, 03:28 PM

Well the gangster situation was covered, too and I think one of the things they missed in presenting this obligation to do in depthness on such subjects as the key to stopping those crimes is that feudal systems turn the media into a game that way. The media, for objectivity sake, can’t go in too deep unless they are sure they are not being manipulated.

Q. Are you disagreeing that in-depth coverage would help?
A. Not at all, not entirely, not as an absolute. You do in fact have a point, but also there has to be a way of arguing centrality. Fine if a reporter gets in and captures a hoody-killer. Fine if a reporter gets in and make people feel enough self-worth to stop such crimes, use gun locks, safe networking and demonstrations of courage, increase the peace, courage to change, …

…but what is needed, if I may be so bold, is to castigate these gangster killings as the NEW LYNCHINGS. It will be shouted down, of course, by men like Earl Ofari Hutchison, who derives his propaganda from the idea that white on black crime is fundamentally different from Black on Black or Black on white crime, which is why white on white crime to him is like completely don’t even tell me about, mang, but someone will start hollering that it deracinates fury about lynching, you have to go after it as the NEW LYNCHINGS, because these black jackasses doing it are in fact the new KKK, which is why Obama’s trick for Bush worked so well.

The AIDS Combine depradated hideously on the ARMY types who actually hated Dr. King. There may have been Black people who even helped kill him as a traitor over Vietnam. He was hounded and pushed and hatefully abused by Black people in Memphis.


June 1st, 2011, 03:29 PM

Q. So ultimately you think someone like Ida B. Wells needs to emerge in order to effectively stop these gang slayings.

A. Right. People didn’t think lynching could be stopped the way it was either. The post-Civil Rights Movement is inertia most challenging, apathy most cruel. We need people to say: This is GOING TO stop.


June 1st, 2011, 03:31 PM

but someone will start hollering that it deracinates fury about lynching

but even though someone will start hollering that it deracinates fury about lynching


June 1st, 2011, 03:40 PM

Q. The first person who tried to kill King was a Black woman.
rakugo: An honorary a The White Man suffering from decay of the moral sensibilities due to genetic fear of a black planet.
eggnog: Would you knock it off?


June 1st, 2011, 03:55 PM

Q. You’ve called the Velvet Revolution a failure. Because of Sean Strub?
A. Havel also regards intelligence as the capacity to endure suffering. That’s his defense mechanism so to speak, so in order to defend himself from what he really did he has to inflict pain and call it the teaching of virtue.

Q. Wasn’t the Klan fundamentally Christian culture being manipulated by phobia like rape by rich people in places like Mississippi?
A. Yes, but with the 444 Fundamentalist Tripartite you see a new game, rich Muslims manipulating Black folk the same way.


June 1st, 2011, 03:56 PM

Q. Do you think that Black gang slayings are Muslim in nature?
A. I think that cognitive dissonance, the censorship of free thought and expression of opinion that leads to motor control imbalance among Black hooligans derives in part from the brainwashing of Nation of Islam.


June 1st, 2011, 03:58 PM

Q. But Reagan always reviled Nation of Islam, distanced himself from Farrakhan and attacked Ghaddafy.
A. Superficially, but the October Surprise story reveals something different, so do the events in Pittsburgh. Colin Powell was probably doing the Black circuits behind the scenes for Reagan, which allowed Reagan to smile for the cameras.


June 1st, 2011, 03:59 PM

Q. So Two Virgins is nothing but a sickening Triumph of the Will routine by Queen Elizabeth and Paul McCartney howling that they didn’t dare speak out?

A. I think so.

vBulletin® v3.8.4, Copyright ©2000-2011, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.

Version : Cat Gabshneevens


June 1st, 2011, 08:49 PM

The coward Fripp’s entire claim to dominance is the ridiculous idea that my behavior wasn’t governed by clear-headed awareness that authority created the fantasy island Pitt leers was Semester-at-Sex. The claim is perfectly ridiculous. It is his medium for weaseling out of the fact that it tripped up a precedent operation predating the virus.

Gabriel bought lunatic Black society with various tall stories of pseudo-justice, as if my mother losing her home wasn’t violence enough to our family for borrowing a car (as his version reads). As if Jeannie’s rape isn’t violence enough for his completely ridiculous claim that I killed John Lennon. As if hitchhiking to St. Louis and sounding the horn in Pitt News wasn’t a worthy contribution to halting the AIDS blitzkrieg. He just wants to lie and refuse to give credit where it is due.

Gabriel bought Black society to push through the Onslaught as a fait accompli. My mother is owned by The Agency. Operational from there is street envy, predatory relations towards my talents, the brainbeam and sicko-sister Midori, Mrs. Clinton’s Imperial depradator. (The brainbeam is her illegal monopoly).

The mafia owns Lennon and is using his farm shamelessly. The reason Obama thinks I will comply is that he is stupid. I was just defending myself. I was tortured and deafened, kidnapped in the cars he brouhahas.

The religious cowardliness of Franklin Graham barbarically gassing Jimmy and then claiming abortions (paid for and sponsored by Operation Rescue) proves me the same as the assassins make a lovely Jewish pre-scripted cover story.

Our society has too many people going around saying, “You should be like me,” or feeling insulted and put on the defensive when someone is different. King and Lennon derogated me to a slave pit so they can exploit me, using the might of Reagan. It ends there. I was kidnapped as a child, it’s a familiar feeling but the claim that Fripp is some agent of truth on earth is utterly voided.

The murderer hasn’t even acknowledged the neuroplasm or evidence of beatings on my eyes.

Obama is doomed to James Crary’s writing. Tough luck. Hope he pulls himself together and moves on. My advice to Nancy Reagan (my grandmother what a foaming beard you have) is just to accept that I don’t believe her, that I have seen enough to draw the conclusion that Reagan was evil: Gail Burstyn, and that I’m not going to be drawn into a military religious coalition. Put me in prison? More attempt by Havel to see me win the war lotto by dying… MYAWK!

What craven, insidious nazis to just allow for this miasma of ruthlessness and shocking sacrilege against our reasons and social values.

I divorced Black Studies when Wilkinsburg rejected me. My budget is small, my priorities now elsewhere. Too late to change it. I don’t intend to jump through Cirque d’Imbecile hoops, so-called equity behavior. I make time for people who are interested in me everyday at the clubhouse and have time at the bakery, but I’m not going to have judgement passed on me by foreign lopers in league with the AIDS Combein and Geffen Corporation. They are of course desperate for slave labors and parched in the demands they make on bondage whores.

Gurdjieff is the most vicious cult on earth. Summoning them to collect on any slander Reagan whimmed was a viperous foreign adventure, second to none in British loathsomeness.

Bob Calvert, by the way, who authored the soundtrack in the featured youtube link is one of those foreign English sadists you read about occassionally in Eggnog Corner. I heard this song at Heads Together when Nick Brack gave me the book: Killers, Angels and Refugees.

I was all of 14 by then.

Q. What do you say that Washington, D.C. has a social investment in you?
A. They’re brainwashed by Havel, and desperate about Reagan. They should own up.


June 1st, 2011, 08:55 PM

Q. Don’t you want to meet the Beatles?
A. Good god no.

Q. See Midori again?
A. We’re much too different.


June 1st, 2011, 09:57 PM

Q. Is it true that Tony Levin has started hijacking your webpages, spreading messages using your name, threatening you and inciting hate crime?

A. Some of that is old, some of that is new and may not be Levin, but it was pretty near inevitable given that he works with Powell and they have a pact to lie about Reagan to the bitter end.

Q. They’re taking the tactic of chivalry.

A. Another old story, pretty pathetic behavior by people who rape deaf children.


June 1st, 2011, 09:59 PM

rakugo: According to the Taliban Reagan is holy innocent so if you say he’s not anything goes.

eggnog: I think society can work out the difference between established fact based on evidence and the slurmeister’s little conniption over cyberporno.


June 1st, 2011, 10:00 PM

I’m not going to be voluntarily party to politicization of my witness and testimony. AIDS being manmade is a punishable offense by law, not a stipulation of accomplice PARTY FIAT.


June 1st, 2011, 10:01 PM

rakugo: Goto doesn’t like porno.
eggnog: Mac doesn’t love nor like Goto. She has a brainbeam monopoly. There’s little more to it than that. Some sort of Bush created shotgun marriage situation by a war cult.


June 1st, 2011, 10:04 PM

Q. Leslie was what?
A. You mean in the sense of Toyah Wilcox? A vibe that went through a neuroplasm when I was nineteen that Levin used to void everything I had ever done and to dislocate me from my family in order to cover for torture, and AIDS being manmade. His lies are infamous, all of them, but the vibe was like juxtaposed on Lennon’s murder and they were illiberal enthusiasts, possibly even the authors.

Amanda Harcourt contacted Penny, Penny talked to Obama and they said I was a deliquent who had strange papers.

The truth is obvious: Brutal torture and military psychiatry followed by foreign profiteer in the name of egologic.

All of that is obvious.


June 1st, 2011, 10:06 PM

Q. If a person in your position is recognized and granted power and influence you will be vulnerable to calculated blackmail about your integrity due to pornography.

A. That’s silly. I was a part time library clerk. You tortured me. You owe me restitution. You’re the ones who called Larry Flynt. When have I ever asked after your private lives?

It’s a scam by a war cult, obviously. Peter Gabriel made babies while promoting Black genetic war theorists. He’s criminally insane.

All of this is obvious.


June 1st, 2011, 10:07 PM

Q. If you were given restitution how would you live?
A. Surrounded by barbed wire like Alexander Solzhenitsyn, writing novels about the faceliars in the blackblood city.

vBulletin® v3.8.4, Copyright ©2000-2011, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.

Version : Trust is a Virtue


June 2nd, 2011, 07:05 AM


Why was this woman never arrested?

There are only one explanation: ~ She was an agent for HitlerReagan and the remaining Beatles.

Nobody hedged their bets. They KNEW in England all along.


June 2nd, 2011, 07:08 AM

Ringo Starr makes your average Mexican Drug Lord look like The Little Prince.


June 2nd, 2011, 07:15 AM

Q. What’s on the free media resource today?
A. He’s selling that AIDS was justified because I wouldn’t let some boy cut my hair off when I was a kid. The usual from Hitler’s most malevolent dunce capped Wizard.


June 2nd, 2011, 07:33 AM

Q. Manager Wedge says there’s no excuse for a grown man courting a Princess to be looking at porno.

A. There’s no excuse for an advocate for child rapists to be managing a baseball team. I could be a frustrated soft-wanking drunk out on the public sidewalks and I would have the better of their dignity by miles.


June 2nd, 2011, 08:56 AM

Q. What would you call a song dedicated to Edith Fripp?
A. A Blessing of Spit and Hate.

The Obamas are ravenous and evil people who made my most beloved friend into rape fodder for their claquist delusioneer.

rakugo: But you do not yet have AIDS!
eggnog: Well, good, then it’s failsafe.

Q. How does it feel to have been raped and tortured by the Beatles?
A. The way it would feel to you to have been raped and tortured by the Beatles. I think it proves the HitlerJewry thesis that Love is just Hate Triumphant.

After Vietnam the better Americans came home and realized that the society who honored them isn’t worth a damned thing. It was ripe for atrocity and exploitation by foreign lopers like Oliver Stone.

The Peter Gabriel
Scofflaw Anthem

I wanna be with you
I’m gonna force you to lie
I’m an honorary African
so bring me bucks again.

can RAAAAA~~~~AAAAPE deaf Jeannie.

I’m the Crimson King
My name is Crimso Pink
I’m a Reagan hireling
who piss my betters
and poison their drinks
Bring me bucks again.

I will never anything but hate them.

vBulletin® v3.8.4, Copyright ©2000-2011, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.

Version : The Martial Plan


June 2nd, 2011, 02:34 PM

When Harcourt first wrote to me on behalf of Gabriel’s branch of the British Nazi Party (who created Amnesty International to legaltistically remove the right of oppressed persons to self-defense) she mentioned George O’Keefe. I don’t know if it is relevant, but F. Adam Ward of PGSA did O’Keefe style goats heads.

The following are items of interest from the Oswald Diary LIFE Magazine. Note a number of points easily gleaned: The deliberately odd article claiming that Woodsworth was really Mark Twain (hardly a hidden pun, it’s a loud headline article), note the plane crashing into the sea (father, a schoolbook writer was blamed when Bush’s did during Leyte Gulf). Note the detective RICHARD GAIL and the picture of Yoko. “East is East and West is West”.

A good many things lie in these scans from the treacherfiles.


June 2nd, 2011, 02:47 PM

the treacherfiles continue…

Note closely the princess picture adjacent LBJ “precious porker”.

There’s much to see in this issue. Much indeed. All of it pointing to London.



June 2nd, 2011, 02:48 PM

Richard Gail


June 2nd, 2011, 02:51 PM


Year of The Killers
Year of Shot in the Dark
Year of The Bullet Train




Turn it around Queerie, myuh, myuh, MYAWK@!


June 2nd, 2011, 02:59 PM


June 2nd, 2011, 03:00 PM


A metaphor is a metaphor for a metaphor ~ Leslie Sanetta


June 2nd, 2011, 03:11 PM knew.


June 2nd, 2011, 03:40 PM

Q. How do you feel about the unreal magnitude of Hillary Clinton’s treason?
A. It is not realistically possible to address except in those terms.


June 2nd, 2011, 04:49 PM

We have only a few more days of Eggnog Corner and my essays here, but the message remains: the rapist Fripp has pushed a good man too far.


June 2nd, 2011, 04:50 PM

You’re going to pay for it, English.

vBulletin® v3.8.4, Copyright ©2000-2011, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.

Version : The Falsehood of Source


June 2nd, 2011, 09:21 PM

One of the most enigmatic factors in the AIDS Onslaught was how George Bush recruited Dexter King through Mellon Bank into confederacy with his own father’s killers using unsubstantiated slurs against an obviously battered deaf person, the role of Robert Fripp from the King Crimson band. Nevertheless a good deal of it makes sense and the thinking has been revealed in their language. Lisa Miles a slanderous attack prostitute brokered by the violin community would kick my head in at the pillow of her bed while mewwing various pulings about “contenting” herself. The predator concept of mandatory AIDS hazing (that Miles lay in wait at softball to promote after Mt. Desert Island hoping to prevent legal disclosure that Reagan’s Pittsburgh sought (also pre-meditated) to create a precedent case, Brown vs. Board of Education style, for mandatory bloodtesting) was service to Pittsburgh’s dire need for a cover-up. This fact is also revealed in a large number of America’s Kennedy killer language games but never more so than in the pathological privacy-hater Cornell West’s gibbering.

Due to Barack Obama’s cunning manipulation of media in whitewashing how he cut a deal with Bush over AIDS in return for power, the Midwest sensibility, where no one can ever be expected to care at all anyway, like the English, vaguely associate the idea of AIDS being manmade with shrill Black grievance-mongering. This allows the backstab group, who planned AIDS, to subjection us to further terror without being identified. Race is a shrewd camoflague. How can the Black assassins ever be caught when the villians have been described so histrionically as white people? Judge lest you be judged. This is not a typo.

Clearly it is heapery to deny the white role, the an English: the sickening wheedle of Fripp and Rushdie has its most ardent expression in the fancy footwork of Hans Jurgensmeyer whose handprints on the crime didn’t come clean with Cornell’s dish liquid. He makes the case from his German outpost in Hawaii about liberal conflict with military Nationalism of the religious suasion and needles, not so fast, maybe even the Gays will prefer Obama to the truth.

John Lennon was a rabid animal in a generation that was known for vomit and foam. He was doped off his ass congenitally and the assassin attack by his own army, who murdered him as a sacrifice to their scheme, was to plot his madness as a violent abuse of me in effigy for himself. The Black Man are pathetically given to yammering about slavery and injustice while fomenting virulent hatred for the privacy of the other. The trick, as German Gordon would cluck, was to convince everyone that adultery signifies a pussyball quid pro quo without letting on to little Jimmy either that his seductress was married or that he had crossed a eugenic psychotic’s race line.

Africa was primed for romancing Pittsburgh with AIDS as a form of firebrand justice. Dennis Brutus made sure the Class of 1986 witnessed the sad spectacle of the film Xala which not even Peter Gabriel’s propaganda could make less raunchy. The Black businessman with eager hopes and attention deficit disorder is bought and given a runaround by a LaRouchean predator from Mellon Bank and rewarded with the spit of brothers who he ends up giving bad accounting. One sees the coalescing sensibility of the lurid parochial savage bukkake’ing his body with the gratifications of Moonunit Zappa and Gail Burstyn as they spit and spit and spit away.

The confiscation of human history by organized fraud has a huge and terrifying vanguard in Seattle. Alpana was a Church-Military Union scourge dreamed up by Wesley Posvar and Wm. F. Buckley. She was the cackling hen of Patrick Buchanan’s peasant army. Her role was as strategic as it is immistakable – a military action by Lennon’s murderers against the HAIR Generation; a ruthless satire by the Black widow Yoko Ono authored by Helden Sinfield to Helden Sinfield. Once again Japan sided with Hitler, a tragedy no less hateful now that Ronald Reagan is fuhrer this time round.

The great faceit of the an English (for which the imitator Lyndon Johnson is noteable) is to arrive as oppressors wearing the mask of liberators. A good many Southern minds went into this program. The sad and tragic truth about American youth polluted by the English rabid’s forked tonguery is that they don’t even realize that they are following deviants. In leftish intellectual envy Seattle helped Reagan when he masqueraded as his own opposition to crush the middle class and to poison our friends, dearly loved ones as a matter of fact, in the junkie quarters and the sexual minority of Gay, as very and ominously and troublingly distinct in this matter from Lesbian. It was child’s play for crooked English to mobilize pot-smoking lemmings for their satirical jibe, their attack on the 60’s. Patricia Fripp is an early valkyrie of Sarah Palin who appeared on 60 Minutes with Colin Powell while her Yankee Dixie Harcourt regaled me with non-sequitors during evil hour, claiming to know all, see all.

This week’s Seattle Medium Newspaper ran a comment column cluster that very diligently lit up the available airspace with the nagging illness that forms the lead mentality of American Black hatecraft and belligerence in the mask of liberalism. When in doubt they hire African berzerkers to trash the schools they claim betray them. These are the apologists who won’t praise teachers who work late into the night, even into the morning, trying to solve their educational lapses while remaining alive, if always sick and tired of being sick and tired, and they won’t praise these teachers because they’re too busy getting brownie points defending The Black Panthers who fired on students at Kent State. “We don’t speak English,” hisses their Japanese ringleader, Yoko Ono, in audacious, avaricious dodge, just as her flag-waving forefathers told Korea, “Thou may not speak Korean.” So before you trash informative prose as stylized psychobabble bear in mind that your fluxus military occupation already precludes rational discourse. You want a community narrative dictated by the duty to hide your despicable hate crimes.

If a mind is a terrible thing to waste, why do Black people so sullenly waste their own with demented preoccupations? The Medium has above all two characteristics: when they aren’t stridently refusing to share the floor in their monopoly hold on victimization they are ego-inflating each other. History, says the Medium, isn’t the discipline of securing time and knowledge into the power to evaluate. It is a staked claim on the bulk weight of propaganda and when it serves them: calumny. In carrying on (out of tune) about Memorial Day they couldn’t come close to matching the hatred for those they had to defend evidenced in Neo-American Japanese warrior talk, but they still can’t hide either their self-service or their royal stupidity.

The Gabriel menace plays a foul ruse on Black yearning for power and recognition. Because contemporary mainstream popular arts have been churlish about addressing the idealization so necessary to youthful development of daydreams and thinking processes (there is, for example, no analogous epic, non-hateful, Kwanzaa-styleperhaps, of Black actors and actresses equal to Lord of the Rings, although to be sure the movement Lennon loved, Reggae, is capable of instilling lasting pride in the mythic African-American imagination) the outcome is predictable: skinhead-like fantasies of destruction, untouchable rowdies surrounded by militia hoodies and sowing tragedy. With the gleam of perversity in their eyes Olympia, Washington disabled me against elopement pursuant their own profiteer. They shattered my hopes to be protected by ADWAS (the abused deaf person’s advocacy service) through adoption of the an English ransom program that calls me a fugitive. This from Black people with a history like their own.

The child-raping English rabid laid down the law. I want to amend to this law. The Blackos can dance. Midori Goto is forbidden ever anywhere near me. Colin Powell gets his trophy of pigiron and moose horns. Goto can strain in her feminazi sow sty pursuing Pavlovian apostacy from her Jewish confederacy’s earmarked golem, choking me over a pilfered piece of blank paper with choke SONY and thus secure her daily dose of hate and spite, on which she so werethrives, but to make clear that I have the best interests of Our Commonwealth in mind, permit me to shed light on the central premise of the coward Fripp’s murder-loving Taliban.

This requires a little frame analysis.

Much to the gyrations of Amanda Harcourt’s contrarianism, my self-sparking mind was hard won. It had been a candle blown out as a child. I was a grasping insistent, trying to understand, being misdirected and misconditioned by terrorist parochial savages. I was in no uncertain terms comprachios. As a result when I heard something that seemed to me expressive of my lost self I adopted it. “Spare me, just spare me,” Larry Lederer would shout at anyone who ever said anything that he didn’t agree with. One day I aped that phrase for my own reasons and Magna Cum Thos. looking at me real cold and glaring, rapped, “Yeah, and I don’t know how Larry’s going to take it your stealing his line.”

Larry’s a model Israeli. He took it like an English running a foreign sweatshop in America.

vBulletin® v3.8.4, Copyright ©2000-2011, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.

Version : Just a Popeye


June 2nd, 2011, 09:40 PM

The question has been raised by a number of people aware of how battered I am by NightMerican backbite Adrian Belew, having trouble sleeping from skipping heartbeats, the awful breakdown of my digestive tract from an undiagnosed ailment, if it isn’t time to make good on every true blue Pentagon Disney kid’s wish and bolt for NYC. I think of the Straub beer that Kronenbitter incessantly drank.

No, it isn’t.



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