Frames and Stills from the Film Project

Here is a storage of the ongoing representation concerning the evidence that Reagan plotted Hitler’s revenge.  Interestingly the Clinton Police Union worked with John Stockwell of the CIA who stalked me to Allentown in 1987 to create a bogus promise to Reagan for control of the writing, a nazi publication heist over the heart of America.  This work is preliminary and under construction.

Contrary to all the leering of the an English, Reagan's film identically replicates the kill zone in Dealey Plaza during the Summer of 1963, plus he attacked me, and had me in D.C. when he claims he was shot. He was framing me, not vice versa.I have been brutally tortured, heart poisoned and my loved one raped by a political action lobby including Clinton and Jim Marrs covering up this information.

A pan of the building corner that illustrates the planning for a sniper's "nest"


One Comment to “Frames and Stills from the Film Project”

  1. Molesting children is nothing new for HitlerReagan. Small surprise John Lennon is his attorney.

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