The Fifteen Day Essay


The Fifteen Day Essay

Posted on June 17, 2011 by Mac Crary Civil Stories

Day One: Denouncing Paul McCartney is easy for me. He took 20 years from a man crippled by torture and did it to advance selling a hate crime. McCartney either sent Chapman or entered into alliance with Leslie afterwards. His behavior towards me about Midori is very grave. You have to think of McCartney as Scott Toilet Paper being sold by the AIDS Combine at inflated rates.

James MacRyland Crary will forever be hated because a petty yellow fuhrer deemed it so. I will forever be regarded as a traitor for objecting to the AIDS Onslaught. Everyone knows what a traitor is. I deeply resent the U.S. Navy for it. I have come to see the actual contempt as originating with the saluters.

Just thinking about what Lewis Lapham did to Midori against Ward Moore on behalf of scum chokes me up like nothing I know. Play their end back as lies sometime and get the picture ~ HitlerReagan’s final movie writ large by seedy, hateful McCartney Trust and Holding. McCartney could have protected everyone and opted for a scam that will haunt us forever. How carried away that motherfucker Vaclav Havel got fulfilling the dreamnightmare of Gail Burstyn!

Patricia Fripp made an argument that capitulation is chivalry towards the victims, that I’m sure of. The issue of chivalry comes second to lawful behavior, not prior. They shifted this to subvert little Jimmy’s letter. The principle of the Kennedy Assassination, and its lead up to UltraHigh was abolition of civil command, the parochialization of the schools, godfather steps for murder of dissent and omerta, Colin Powell organizing the Black Panthers for a prison camp urban cult.

Sean Strub and Yousou N’dour run a psychological alliance rooted in the way Amnesty International was set up as a front in the Onslaught. One of Strub’s goals is to keep it ego-obsessive. No the resistance may not be enriched. (Meditation is never an ends in itself only a means to read Mac Crary’s poems).

The goal of the Voodoo Economics Taliban was to subvert the hope of establishing civilian jurisdiction. They invented a strategic symbiosis between the puritanical and debased. Since it was an easy kill they are generous to creedence, they care. Hitler of course says the whole thing was just too easy. So go follow Hitler.

I absolutely cannot believe they would do this to someone.

About Mac Crary Civil Stories

deaf poet, victim of terroristic ritual abuse and hate crime, client of ADWAS.

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  1. Mac Crary says:

    June 19, 2011 at 6:35 am (Edit)

    Day Two: Most Pennsylvanians have the decency to become corrupt. Poor Santorum, Rick Santorum. How hard it must be to defend absolute evil so virtuously. Look at how Santorum and Obama first manufactured and now seek to exploit a local tragedy. The murder by Maurice Clemmons of four policemen in a context of prior attack on cops was an absolutely despicable, horrible act; shattering to a neighborhood where we are all very comfortable, haunting and clouding the minds and memories of the area children; and yet due to the influence of these out of state lopers and the strings they pull among us, a second, grave, die, nigger die, travesty was compounded upon the crime when Darcus Allen was spitefully sentenced to twenty years for dropping Clemmons off. This, these rugged individualists in Seattle’s Courthouse called the “getaway driver.”

    For one thing, there is no doubt in my mind that there could only have been doubt in every single mind in that courthouse that that poor man did anything other than drop off a freak of political nature. FURY is the proper response to the conviction of Darcus Allen. The court and police did it to him because they know and understand the great game of voodoo underwriting the crime. It was an organized crime, that much is true. By convicting an innocent person (which is the necessary word to use when guilt is substantially unproved) trivalized the crime that took place on the organized level. In a very real sense, the police became their own killers and it is not only Darcus Allen who will suffer, it is all the children who have been forced first to live in fear, then in sorrow and now in horrible confusion.

    Are these persons too stupid to know when a thing is injustice?

    What the police did in a hardened, abject, moblike response to something that affects us all is its own shameless murdering in advocacy for the aggressor lobby. They have drawn a demarcation that I know well from a police woman formerly married to my mother’s new husband, Office Mariam Lucarelli who was once croaked, “Why should I care if this is a police state, when I’m a police woman?” If the goal is arbitrary power, maniacal, imbalanced intrigue, a citizen commonwealth always on the brink of fear and trembling, then you are so beyond caring that it raises a reasonable question as to why anyone should care about you, in other words, why should we care about those who wear a badge when this is a police state?

    Most of my readers know that I have been subjected to a truly ungodly atrocity heaped with confederacy, much of it even coming at me through my own home, due to the nature of civics in that dishonorable zone: Pennsylvania. One can respect those they criticize, but when criticism is always twisted to insults, you might as well admit that the subject is unworthy. Pennsylvania is an irredeemiably lost cause. That society is so far beneath contempt that it almost isn’t even worth a word of discussion.

    If Al Gore is going to hum on their behalf that all men all brothers, he had better be prepared to embrace, as a brother, child rapists, apparently that’s not hard for him. It was so hard for me that I had to leave the zone in question. They were given more than enough to infer in favor of immediate exoneration of me in 1984 when my name supposedly came up and to go after the people stalking me demanding to know why, really, they were doing it. This didn’t occur because the English saw a cruel and brutal opportunity for profiteer, advancing the guilty against their innocent prey and calling it punishment. The gang after me is after all The Vienna Circle and the theme is after all Plastic Reality, so I don’t think it is too much to say or presume that they knowingly inscripted the suggestion of whether or not Leslie was being sexually provocative, a somewhat typical campus question, unfortunately, knowingly inscripted it that is atypically upon the neuroplasm they’d impacted in little Jimmy itself as a psychological weapon for an idea superglued to a truly horrendous impacted cognitive wound, frightfully eely in that it enwrapped around the vocal centers. They took the question they wanted asked, wrapped it around the psyche using a mnenomic drill and echoed it like a pounding drum until I responded and then began to boo. It has been shown a thousand and ten ways to have been willfully contrived by those who released the AIDS Onslaught. They kept rampaging on their own idea when they knew full well they’d impacted it and preyed on that device neurohypnotically as neurotrauma manipulation.

    I understand how deeply offended some people are by pornography. People probably wonder how I can bear being blamed for the deaths of that many people. I see it as aimed at me. I am firmly an ordinary person. What they did was to create a profile of a person that they wanted to use to justify themselves. How is an innocent person supposed to feel that sort of regret? People have called me corrupt for smoking some pot. Really, girls I knew favored the kids smoking pot. The girls I knew sort of felt like if you were smoking pot you really could be relied upon in other ways. You understood that American injustice and our society depended upon our power to bond in honest friendship with one another. Smoking pot was a nonchalant peer bond. Not for everyone, true. I recall a Midwestern maniac who rolled a joint very tightly and put it down, as if to say, cross this line and we will play a stay out of prison punishment game on you. It forces me to ask, were the cops killed on 911 deserving of death because some of them were corrupt? Who gives the right to declare as an enemy a battered, deaf child, tortured and gang molested, battered and tortured and mauled, just because in peer trauma in college I took a whiff of the doobie with girls who kissed me because they thought it was cool?

    Barack Obama is an international tragedy and a National disgrace. He and Santorum actually wanted a twenty year sentence for an innocent Black man so that they and Cornell West can tabulate their reasons for slicing twenty years from a white life. Their irredeemiably troll-like idea of biological equity is doomed in a nightmare of military rioting over things that have to be policed as consensual issues between adults. The men who went along with Two Virgins Pussyball and the AIDS Onslaught are criminally insane. Yet these out of state lopers see it as the nebulous hand of God enwrapping his fist around the profiled and the dossier.


  1. Mac Crary says:

    June 19, 2011 at 6:57 pm (Edit)

    Day Three (before baseball): When Ronald Reagan (not yet President) and The Vienna Circle assigned me the AIDS Onslaught in gradeschool, it was an illegal cultural assignment. It has shown the falsehood of the faith my generation put in rock stars that they have pushed this crime through as though it wasn’t one. John (magic fingers) Ehrlen at Falk Medical Library where I finally realized the nature of the political action being pushed in 1984 and began mobilizing used to laugh about how prisoners in Colorado had been used by Pitt’s famous surgeon Starzl for his vivisection training. One of the motives behind Pitt’s murder lockdown and attempt to silence me by grim warning and homocidal hate crime is that they realize that I can identify and interpret the meaning of such memories as the macabre way the morbid Jewish community there confesses to acceptance of Hitler’s fundamental excellence interpreting reality.

    Little Jimmy was quite a piece of scratch. First he loved Bill Mazerowski, only to have Kasperowski released from the maze onto his sad sackness. Then he loved King Crimson, only to have them rape his loved one. Then he loved Midori Goto only to have her elope with Kasperowski and unleash a deadly program. Vaclav Havel’s interpretation of the world is so sickeningly remorseless about his own status climb by way of prison ordeal of that he sees the arrest and conviction of innocent, screaming people torn from their families as a heavenly duty to ego experimentation playwrighting. Up from pain, he brays, and into the hands of betrayal.

    Itinerant haters like Dexter King and Ringo Starr are as devious as they are remorseless, they went to the men who tortured and poisoned me most ferociously and embraced them as brothers in a barnburner claiming that little Jimmy was framing Reagan. If you can’t trust yourself to defend innocence then you should lay down power. The accusation is a cover up for child mutilation that led to a nightmare of Texas Chainsaw Massacre dimensions that still has not been halted. Reagan’s Mansonism is too vile to twist what he has done into the claim that it is clever.

    The University of Pittsburgh created a Socratic Murder as hazing, while Ringo Starr hummed that wasjust freely incorporating fiction and embellishment which he protests to be truth, voiding meaning, based on cultivation of false witness. He translated his venomous determination to do disbelief into a license to do murder and vigilanteeism. This ridiculous situation engineered in defense of cold-blooded atrocity has grown no less unhappy with the search for final arguments necessitated by diminished absorption in my battered body, and lack of readership even among my closest kin.


  1. Mac Crary says:

    June 20, 2011 at 4:45 am (Edit)

    Day 3: (before bed)

    First of all, that asshole John Lucarelli who my mother is married to was in on the hit on Jimmy Crary which tells you a chapter in the seven circles surrounding the shittiest organized crime in our history and what Father Migliosi did for Reagan through Pennsylvania Labor. (I did not stand for God Bless America at baseball today for any reason but I was in the mood). Most people realize that media was just a power to obscure what really happened to Kennedy. Ideally objective reporting is light antagonism among men who enjoy being kept honest. Everyone knows it takes an unusual calibre of scoop reporter to maintain fair play and decency without becoming biased by niceties or sensation. My mother Nancy is absolutely incredible in the way she promotes the public relations of nice people while ignoring mass murder. She is decisively Nancy Reagan’s Nancy Moore. There are a relatively large number of intolerable factors in what has been done to (personal self) that John and Nancy cannot escape responsbility for; John as an agent of government crime, Nancy as a cheat and denier.

    When I was arrested unjustly in 1993 mother made clear she supported the police action, went travelling in Rome after screaming at me for compiling evidence, destroyed seven boxes containing my life’s work while I was being tortured in an Iowa jail and has churlishly held me in abject poverty so I can’t even reach New York or see Midori if I wanted to despite vomiting in pain for being unable the last twenty years. She disinherited me in Topeka lying about the origins of my mental health and barked at me that a twenty dollar donation to the Walk For Rice was too much money during her visit. Then she muttered that her stocks had lost 60,000 dollars in value over the last few weeks, meaning this time last year she had 60,000 dollars she didn’t really need. John, meanwhile, pushed a plate towards me meanly when my poisoned stomach rumbled.

    As usual, the union organized the vicious tricks of the trade, during her visit. Mother gave me a two-dollar bill on the ferry and I realized at the Naval Museum I was supposed to donate it as a symbol of Midori Goto as a service animal to the war bride foundation. I did so with a great deal of resentment. As a child trauma victim of torture naturally I associated that terrible experience with militarism in the vague way that children do think about such things, and was very shy and anti-authoritarian afterwards. While I found it helpful to see what our Naval pride actually go through in life at sea, how the men live, feel about what they do, the museum experience did nothing at all to endear me to the criminal non-chalance of Obama in brutally molesting a battered deaf person for the creepy joy his wife takes in manipulation of a rival symbol. My mother helped Ron Reagan sue one of his own torture victims and Obama has reason to be grateful, although, of course, in his Machiavellian disposition, the murder of Jimmy and Nancy is more likely than gratitude.

    The Taliban ciphers down to: T – have Tea with the Klansmen who tortured you or (Muhammed) ALI – will maintain his BAN against the SAMA (super-polite) “goodie-goodie who is (e.g. or was) twice as bad” (Gail Burstyn). Ali and Ono worked with Mickey Obama on the hostile military religious hoax called the Alpana Scam that was Obama’s Johnny Cochran service to Reagan in the pussyball AIDS Onslaught. Alpana pulled her deal through the Pittsburgh English teacher underworld that Lucarelli has a foothold under. Reagan and Obama arrived swiftly with Ivy League Queer parochials, just doing their job. Midori Goto romanticized this illegal act, as did Aaron Dixon, in the name of the Green Party and John Lennon. On top of severe childbeating Pittsburgh and Reagan administered gross ennebriation to traumatic obedient hostage child while Leslie katz designed a lurid system foil, endorsed by a pink shrink. Midori Goto party’ed up with Katz as the revoltingly much-admired priss rabidwoman of Lennon’s nazi cult of Obama. While Mickey Obama plys freshman year sophistries about watching your back in slithering around the most serious political crime in history, you can be sure when the time arrives she and Ichiro will put together the most saccharine lie they can sell concerning their secret race war.

    The Ultrahigh brainbeam (or Whitewater) is a crime against the United States unleashed by Clinton through Pentagon-Disney, so is using a deafness disabled victim of torture as a political instrument in a military overthorw. Americans seem to have specious ideas about their freedom of association that they feel require a tiered society. It camoflagues their soothsay of absolutely impardonable atrocity, all wrapped up in spiritual bondage, collector’s style leering from London. Even under Obama’s worthless, facelying deceit, condoned as a hedge, Reagan’s endorsement of the madmen who mutilationed little Jimmy was both criminal and very disturbing.

    I was tortured as a child because my father (deceased), a Naval Veteran and Peace Corps hero, exercised his Constitutional Right to dissent. Backstabbed after his death by my family I tried as a deaf man to be declared an orphan legally by the courthouse after the rape of my loved one and destruction of my life’s work due to torture and Reagan Labor extortion. To no avail. Magistrate Pechman scorned me publicly and turned me over to estate predators who used me for vivisection.


  1. Mac Crary says:

    June 20, 2011 at 8:54 pm (Edit)

    Day Four: There’s something more than a hair-splitting distinction between saying you don’t know if a date rape took place and full knowing one didn’t but claiming one did in order to cover up mass murder. Vaclav Havel sold the soul of Czech Republic, all of its history, its patriots, its legends and agonies, to Adolf Hitler once and for all and forever by saying there isn’t and this was not just the capitulation of Emil Hacha to overwhelming German aggression. It was a madman’s caprice and zietgiest for being “terribly entertained” as he so loathsomely drawled.

    Sound Mental Health is trying to justify ignoring every warning sign that came with this case: the optic nerve damage, facial nerve rupture, hearing loss, indescribable trauma, scripted evidence of a murder plan, the premeditations of an AIDS test crime predating the virus, ongoing harassment and vivisection, the fact that my father was a human rights author, leader of the Peace Corps and Naval rival of a hostile George Bush. Something galled High Command about a timid little boy emerging from World War Two’s Navy and the ashes of Hiroshima.

    I seldom feel there is a time and place for the dream of romance I reached out to with for Midori. At least you’re alive should be my living epitaph. Because Vaclav Havel is old and cannot have Midori himself he turned what should have been a continuum in the alliance of progress between our countries to terrorism, cold-blooded deceit and unending pain, in a word into hate itself. Pavl McCartney is a virulent asshole surrounded by assholes of which Vaclav Havel is the most monstrous. British Labor didn’t want me to talk so they began shooting both sides and saying I incited it. These kings of deceit pinched a nerve neuro-hypnotically and when I validated that I was an object of a witch hunt, they proceeded to pile on in gang bang, calling their ravenous march of evil in league with HitlerReagan a mutiny. A huge list of terrible crimes attends their evil, despicable lie about my letter to Leslie Katz, their pretext in atrocity, and all it actually revealed.

    It would be hard to decide how faced with murder by her Taliban spousaldom I would feel about seeing Midori Goto again. If Midori Goto is waiting for me through her long spinstership as a golden lady of tremendous ability and shocking beauty, she too has been rendered a tragedy of Yoko Ono’s diseased and criminal insanity. Midori Goto is a fucking asshole playing a stupid game of eternal promise for evil, evil shits like Ringo Starr. How dare she so masterfully and invasively will me to fall in love with her so she can torture The James MacRyland Crary to hell and death in the name of John Lennon just to amuse in recreational sadism Oliver Jewboy Stone? I hate her so fucking badly and so fucking charge her with murder. Carnegie Mellon should be bombed off the Arizona Federal Planet. When 911 came from the Airport of Nurse Skateboard it was with the full prior blessing of the Velvet Revolution, led by the delusions mongered by Sean Strub, a self-inflicted Gay man from the Green Movement with AIDS who plotted the murder of Lennon.

    Robert Fripp believes he has the right to engage in deadly assault as a function of a secret, illegal cult. James MacRyland Crary and Midori Goto could have represented a continuum in American Allied Community affairs but King Crimson threw this away in a joke embraced by the most malicious elements of Pittsburgh’s Public High School student body. When I went to Amnesty International for help with child mutilation abduction crime they turned the case over to Miles Kirshner and Vince Eirene, Pittsburgh gonzo bigots, while Michael Reagan partied his ass off with James Kasperowski, a murdering klansman and Youssou N’dour, God’s gift to Reagan, typical politics of Brian Eno and Elliott Abrams, the latter of whom made his reputation sending El Salvadoran refugees back to be murdered during the heyday of the Arena Party Death Squads. Midori Goto engineered deceit after deceit, making sure that I was blasted off the face of the earth. Together McCartney and Goto are using Lennon for the antithesis of everything he ever stood for in promotion of Sean Strub’s vicious and ugly little trolling. If she is waiting for me, she has been rendered a tragedy beyond all words by Ringo Starr, but she has nothing to fear because she is Reagan’s little darling. I have written on paper plates in the gutters of Iowa about what she did to me and deaf Jeannie yet still she is more welcome than me there. If you judge me by my poetry and my love for King Crimson throughout everything hideous that happened in Pittsburgh you will see that Robert Fripp is a despicable madman who has commited a horrendous, unforgivable crime.

    One of course and immediately asks why Harris Wofford and Ramsey Clark entered into a criminal conspiracy of such depravity simply to debase an already unspeakably depredated upon deaf victim of child torture? Why do these mongerers from the past of American Liberalism side with Reagan long dead still living out his deceits from evil hour? Why do they treat the most important nightmare in human history, comparable only to Auschwitz and Black Plague, like it is best fobbed off on helpless, busy aliens like Ichiro? Because they live in a disordered, eerie, deranged dungeon of classified views, hunkered down by Jim McDermott under military psychiatric bylaws allowing Stalinized snuff crimes against a talking head.

    It was a miracle I survived and Dr. Tracy Tran moved to snuff that miracle. De-commissioned by stomach poison , Major Medical and Death now pending, Tran kicked me over the edge, tired of waiting to see if anyone would ever say anything. Must be a real status kill for Aaron Dixon, the man who proved more than anyone else that the Black Panthers are the villains of the My Lai Massacre, running Colin Powell’s Death Row Syndicate. Pittsburgh will be so indebted his clinics took me out they’ll pee with gratitude. The an English Hitler believes that poison is a legitimate wedge of expulsion from Seattle towards the trifle it so craves: Apology to Hitler in New York City.

    To see Lennon’s name used to engineer the triumph of the worst aspects of the American Military is such a shame. The Velvet aggressor rigged it so they could leer, well Jimmy Crary didn’t rape anybody, happy ending. Galileo bless God.

    Full knowing exactly where I was in the text and what I didn’t yet know, Peter Gabriel worked with George Bush bringing the plot very gradually to full fruition. Sean Strub was like a parallax junkie, self-inflicted to be morally cleansed as an example to us, follow on in the name of Lennon to the promised land beyond and into the sun. How truly remorselessly vile the silent English and their odious, horrific sadism and ruinous Medieval trickery.

    Christians and the NEVA Pornography Corporation have always had an ideological as well as strategic symbiosis in the Onslaught. It’s not something I haven’t seen before, and I don’t just mean the way Andrea Swimmer Nabokov’d little Jimmy with her abject tongue. The United Bible Fellowship found sexploits thrilling as in their sweating and panting mass conventions they insisted that no Jim it was because Jesus had redeemed the hookers. What performances went on detailing the scurvy sacrileges that Jesus had lifted them from! You couldn’t get more for the dollar from Hustler Magazine. Then, day by day, the Queer Party at Seattle Art Museum came lusting in their bitterness to accomplish the ultimate of Ringo Starr’s sick and foul-hearted character content, a parasitic identity structure, Operation: HAHA we got you too, the laugh in the face of the dying that they must be able to endure for Pierre Gurdiev Elliott’s whole hog including the heropass to be sanctified.

    Having led me on and authored a dare with Bush the English skunk came slinking and feeding on their own drama inflicted on me, they punished me and deaf Jeannie for their own pile on. Ringo Starr committed a murder crime against James Crary. He did so in service to the AIDS Combine under the camoflague of Reagan’s military diagnosis. This is the truth. If you abandon it you abandon all that was ever built.

    The beginning of forgetting
    was a great death inside
    a terribly broken heart
    by compare living good
    but final
    mercy’s curse.

    What they did


  1. Mac Crary says:

    June 20, 2011 at 9:22 pm (Edit)

    Lennon was Strub’s souvenir to hell.


  1. Mac Crary says:

    June 20, 2011 at 9:28 pm (Edit)

    Ringo Starr is Sean Strub, goo goo ja goob.


  1. Mac Crary says:

    June 21, 2011 at 1:37 pm (Edit)

    Day Five: My grandfathers lived into their nineties, my father until he was 72 (GB) which the New York Times misrepresented as 70. Obama didn’t want to take the chance that I would live another 20-40 years with sufficient income to commissery two letters a month to disinterested family on this planet of billions for fear it could embarass his munificence, so my stomach was recently very finally poisoned I fear by apparatchiks of the usual variety.

    Peter Gabriel was evidently one of these Dartmouth types beloved to Edwin Meese who confirmedly holds forth that sex is the honorary house of aggression and wanted to prove that liberalism could not the do make it un-so. When I pointed out that I had been interrupted while making love and complied immediately with a relaxing tempo and eased off without protest, he became enraged and brutally raped deaf Jeannie, gnashing around with the bloody towel in Ringo Starr’s rottweiller teeth.

    Ronald Reagan thought it would be fun, since John Lennon was his best best friend to be like an inmate at Attica State, ya’know? Sinead O’Connor was like, poor Pitman Gang, Mr. President, poor rapists, all they did was torture little Jimmy, and he was like, MYUH! Once Midori Goto had connived him into raping deaf Jeannie and giving Dexter King the infra-infra-infra delicacy of her shark meat plate there was no hope that the King Family would knock it the fuck off. They hadda find an REM hadda hadda, all they royalty and human destiny was at stake, to say nothing of the parasite estate mongerers experimenting on a trauma-trauma patient enforcing a code of meniality while they make off with a lifetime, a whole valuable lifetime, of art squeezed out in tears.

    So I am to die in pain, just as I lived.

    First we hear that Adrian Belew thinks torture and rape are art for art’s sake then we hear that the Green River Killer, I mean, excuse Peter Gabriel is suffering from what he did. It’s hardly surprising that a murderer who makes a joke of mass murder then brays that the suburban ends justifies the means would then jeer as to behold the poetry of his victim. For the an English and its gawky twang bar parrot might always makes right. The is the hunlike nature of it ssacrificialism that it has lived to transplant as its hippy utopia. The aw poors must just be panty dew’d with loveslavery for their own assassins’ tears.

    I learned something cut at the Navy Museum where 74 plays such a huge role as the signifier of a command vessel (yup, “sunder here navy man” as coward Fripp leers on his album sporting a picture of Gail Burstyn) the year of her letters reading, “74 is the best number” that an exhibition includes a reverie on midnight snacks a phrase I know only from the house of SONY’s Mike Tive (Lesl Sanetta waited everyday at the Guerilla Theater crossroads church where Luke/Zuke/Nukerello shackled mom by wedding vows for the 74 bus to her house).

    In Chinatown I saw a film but did not know what it was, then read in passing about a true incident related to Bikini Atoll. It is a Black and White Film about the “Lucky Dragon Number 5″ a tuna boat that was accidentally in the vicinity of an atomic test in the 1950′s. True story. Helped inspire Godzilla. Daigo Fukuryu-Maru.

    With a stretch of the imagination you could almost omoja it inspiring Midori Goto. Why, myuh, I know what I’ll do. I use the AIDS testing guinea pig for my sado-masochism fantasies is what I’ll do. I piecemeal him and think about it while I royally fuck his enemies’ brains out at night. I’ll rape his deaf chinky and if he tries to come near me I’ll get Sean Strub and Ben Wecht to stick him with HIV, is what I’ll do. I’ll tell Aaron Dixon, that night of the burning cross that his pale white drawings are worth money. Hahahahahaha. That’s what’s I’ll do. I”ll tell the King Family Peter Gabriel promises, he promises to find and prove an REM rape dag.

    Then we’ll know for sure that Queerball JImmuh CURARY wasn’t really non-violence after all, mang, Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.


  1. Mac Crary says:

    June 22, 2011 at 4:36 am (Edit)

    Day Six: It is an exceedingly cruel act for a madman of riches to subjection a lifelong victim of horrible hate crime to a glimpse, on his deathbed, of what life might have been, almost certainly as an act of religious sadism, so, as an American Consumer, I have a moral obligation to hate and denounce Great Britain. What I am doing is dangerous because I proved AIDS manmade and the guilty still at large. Politically a terrible question remains whether Gabriel and N’dour were fooled by Sean Strub or his partners.

    If it were possible to say Reagan didn’t know and not make me the enemy it would be nice, however Reagan realized he couldn’t go that road without triggering awareness of the monstrosity he had commited towards and innocent person in alliance with the guilty, which in turn renders his own guilt in the premeditation obvious, so he decided to take me with him, call on Pavl, by calling me a friend of assassins and by fulfilling the crime. He was their friend, you see. The an English saw this evil wordplay as a failsafe escape clause justifying accomplice and exonerating blackmail, gratuitous attacks and seedy profiteer.

    The Blue House, Arizona, and UltraQuake have finally tipped me off to Sarah Palin’s partnership with Sean Strub. Hitler’s war game endorsed by McCartney is that life keeps on pushing and waits for no man. I will always blame Lewis Lapham’s denial of the obvious, that a deaf child of a humanist during evil hour surfaced in terrible pain, mutilated, just as Reagan pushed his most bellicose program of tyranny, and Reagan’s reaction to my surfacing was extremely chilling still. Once the HitlerEnglish and its turkey at HARPERS lied and endorsed the psychiatric hit on Ry Crary’s boy doom ran me ragged.

    All the same, when I reported ICHS to the FBI three years ago I cannot apologize even though I knew full well it was Palin or somesuch loper’s attempt to drive a wedge between me and my doctor, which worked. The Blue House had tipped me off to Palin’s partnership with Strub and I vowed to burn out and dissipate rather than incorporate in the AIDS Combine. The attack on my stomach through the ICHS of course was a Federal crime commited by the Federal Government because I refuse to endorse the OverThrow.

    The mess on the sidewalk contained information the Tea Party knew implicated a nurse in prescribing a medicine to an unknown patient many years ago, just as a nurse damaged my heart at Harborview arbitrarily. In the case of ICHS it was more likely a needed prescription, but that’s not my call, neither was it the nurse’s. The persons who scattered the papers also knew I would figure it out. They had hoped they could accuse me by profile of withholding information so the FBI could weasel out of its duty to convict Reagan for his atrocity. This sort of “Hands Off My Agency” was very typical of Schwarzenegger stagecraft in Real Worlds political domain mongering.

    The message to ICHS is one I have given my mother, as well: Don’t come between me and the hope of AIDS Nuremberg.

    An English is known. It purposefully assasinated my children and made accomplish a condition for any hope of a future. This is Nazism. I was only buying their records.

    Nothing can be done about Reagan’s invasion except to pursue justice and denounce its obstruction. The power and brutality will always be with Hitler. The gnarled psychopathy of the ravenous loper Robert Fripp will huant and shadow earth forever in infamy. Midori Goto won’t let me go, because of him what life could we ever hope to have?


  1. Mac Crary says:

    June 22, 2011 at 4:39 am (Edit)

    The HitlerEnglish will weasel to make it appear that it held out for accomplish of the investigation, but the historic record belies this bray. The an English is a destroyer of evidence who wanted the crime to succeed. The word should read: Accomplice, not accomplish.


  1. Mac Crary says:

    June 23, 2011 at 5:01 am (Edit)

    Day Seven: Robert Fripp and George Bush working together in classic rooms that are hidden behind revolving bookshelves were slick. Touchy blood Africa eatacrapcake hazing was not only a thinly disguised cover up for the truth about the origin of AIDS, touchy blood was designed to intimidate dissent. Oh, you protest, well~luh, enjoy your special obligations. It was in fact very effective and not much has been said about AIDS being manmade once Zappa’s super-deception was iron curtain’d into play.

    You will recall that I did not want to go to New York City, that I fought many thankless battles hoping to protect you, that I was venomously abused and repeatedly poisoned for my services. It’s dangerous to tolerate mistreatment of an innocent person this severe. Sorry you don’t know that. Once I leave I will not be back if I can help it, but there’s more to say before I do while there is some time.

    Study denial. It is very revealing and has many secrets. The AIDS Combein knew this better than anyone and made sure to monopolize its variagated weaponry. AIDS was a Black Christian weapon of Black Christian race war. We wanted a Black President. We got one by moral default when HitlerReagan made a monkey of our country. Next we must concentrate not on the color of our President’s skin but the content of his character.

    Non-violence and acceptance are very urgent matters in the era of AIDS, so is justice.

    The way that John Lennon died was tawdry, but one can imagine him growing old with us and dying in peace, with flowers in his hands and a smile on his face. This seems to me a good way to imagine the unimaginable, and a way of restoring his name from the unimaginable purpose for which he was used. I believe it humanizes a man who longed to be humanized even as intoxicated as he was with being deified. There is no doubt that envy played a major role in killing him, as did utility to a strategy. It is not immoral to believe in his faith that love gave life meaning and reward. It was immoral to kill him as a servant to this belief in the hands of others. It was immoral to put his mythic stature before the public safety. It was also tawdry to use his name as a weapon for denial and punishment of dissent, a grave immortal allegation against Hitler’s first cousin Vaclav Havel.

    Hearing them justify it hurts as badly as anything they did.


  1. Mac Crary says:

    June 24, 2011 at 4:13 am (Edit)

    Day Eight: I was disabled by social abuse and then tortured and am now being exploited. This is a ridiculously violent thing to do to the mind of a deaf person. One of the tools for extortion, blackmail and terrorization used by the Gregoire Administration in this sad case is violent Japanese racism distinguished as racial equity in the mask of eugenics, led by Obama as the Noah of the AIDS Onslaught, a role he premeditated. The Beatles for years have tortured me after sexual violence and depravity towards my person demanding that I confederate in a pseudo-rescue operation set up in New York City around the idea of John Lennon as an inspiration to the AIDS victims. They organized this rescue party in advance of the Onslaught. The crime was one conducted by those Above Suspicion, and the response of predators like the King Family was anticipated by The Mellons who gassed me as a child in a place called Kings Estate. As predicted the King Family slandered me and even participated in the rape of my girlfriend, rather than admit a white child had been victimized in their name.

    It’s not clear at this point what all the resources that Gregoire’s criminal mind has organized in her mastermind of piecemeal dismemberment for the purpose of curiosity mongering, only that suspicious persons from The Carnegie and Seattle Art Museum have been mobilized by the University of Pittsburgh in the past. Although I have explained that I was hypnotized by men who tortured me into neurobedience to self-incriminate along the pun of the early Mental Health Group Wana (as in wanna maker her? and Wattenmaker ~ the neuro-scientist who set up the Nuke the Rapist in defense of the AIDS Combine gig that Peter Gabriel used to justify 911 and a testing outrage on Mt. Desert Island) Gregoire has continued to libel me stating that the AIDS war game is extreme and they feel they have the right to state that I commited a defiant trespass that did not take place, they made it up, and it is important to understand their goal…

    …their goal is to help those who released AIDS make money using me for a slave. Cricle of Friends masterminded by Carolyn Hale has been dishonest about the Black Market value of my work, while The Stranger tortured me with threats and criminal terrorism forcing me to write for four years work they know can be distilled into a bestselling book, only they want to confiscate it, change it, use it for lies on behalf of the AIDS Combine.

    Somewhere over the rainbow way up high there may be a place of truth and justice untainted by a shneesh alibi.

    It is my work. They are criminal frauds who have no right to it.

    The putrid English rabid leered that I made love with Andrea Swimmer who used me when I was vulnerable and in profound trauma as a child to advance a cult of kiddie rapists. It is however because I saw Andrea Swimmer, a murderous criminal, as a human being in high school that I failed to ascertain just exactly how vicious the game she was up to really was. Pittsburgh uses a Carrot in the FOOD NOT BOMBS front group for the AIDS Combine. Andrea was a lover of the men who actually did what I was recorded alluding to which I heard when they tortured me as a pedophile hostage.

    Twenty years ago Midori Goto used Rosa Monteleone to give me the signal: I will wait for you forever. What gave the Obamas the right to rape us and come between us, please? Is Midori just lying to me to secure Apology to the truly guilty? In order to secure copyright and spoils from a person they engineered atrocious slanders about?

    The word LOVE doesn’t come as easily to the lips of an Iowan man as it does to a putrid English child brainwasher.

    I have looked at porno-religiously to protest a culture that FAILED to identify properly the social trajectory of the AIDS testing war game. I sought to vindicate America through proposing AIDS Nuremberg. I let the punishment fit the snivel, seeing as my private health care issues are very decidedly none of the rabid’s business.

    We do have a serious problem in the communism of the left being encouraged by the right wing murderers in the Gregoire Adminstration, a brutal and bizarre individual in league with that horror of two-tongues, Barack Obama.

    The White House lives in dread and terror of masturbation and there’s a reason, a very strange one, heaped in the Muslim’s desire to blow up the world. How can anyone not be truly ashamed to the core of their personality about how this sick, sick, violent practical joke was played out on a neurotrauma victim trying as desperately as I was to help and get the truth? It is so insane that there is nothing to say and I am making arrangements to leave Seattle now.

    According to Bill Clinton and his eager recruit, the standing President of the USA, no woman, anywhere, on Earth, much less America ever at any time whenever ever has gotten equal satisfaction from sexual intercourse to a man. This needless to say based on their own limited abilities. Therefore there was no abiding trust whereby their attack prostitutes, used even against a battered child, contracted by Geffen Corporation and Reagan Labaor on a deaf man’s bedroom had no need to and for no reason should be required, according to them, to identify herself as a rugged opportunist on teh make for blackmail thrills. In a case of military trickery so debased our national honor is ruined in madcap sorcery from foreign hippies, chivalry requires that Reagan defend Squeaky Fromme to the point of raping deaf Jeannie, in the mind of Ringo Starr.

    The violence of the Civil Rights Movement involved in a barnburner is the baggage Barack Obama brings to the table with his legend and history. Ringo Starr worships Lennon’s killers. It is not cultural courtesy to pander to a set up, a race pussyball apology being demanded by Muhammed Ali’s bloodoath and top sacred virtueness. In his powermongering Starr where I would have seen evidence vital to timely warning, slovenly and sullenly saw or wrote a script for shrewd, malevolent buccaneer, he saw a license to do torture, rape and murder like a juiced FrankenRambo in the grip of hallucination, and God help us all he actually believed that’s what AIDS patients needed. Indeed, my new world CorporateKarmaExpiationTalibanHypnosis is in point of fact, I feel probably obviously now, a synonym for te Dick Van Dyke word. Ringo dreamed of sucking his plague mass dry by ruthlessness and bringing them to quench by hate. This of course is the an English carrion bird in its purest form. It called this LOVE and proved it, it thinks, through human trafficking in ally of the AIDS Combine.

    Because of his long journey of slander and role-playing in the AIDS Onslaught, it is not too extreme to compare Obama to Adolf Hitler. It is much too extreme NOT to do so. Inevitably the conscience of an evil man gnaws itself in the shadows like Sauron lamenting his lost ring, and comforting himself transfering blame like the coward Fripp shielding his partnership with HitlerReagan by blaming battered children.

    This brings us to the obsession of the United States Secret Service over my pornojunkie hours online. This is no idle fear. Obama is accusing me of being to blame for the deaths of zillions of people when I was the only person who tried to stop the juggernaut, and he does this while protecting those who are truly responsible. To pull off this mission of deceit, he has to make me the hate objec that so many Reaganheads made the AIDS victims and to convince the AIDS victims that their dignity lay in debasing and isolating me. The murder outside the Clubhouse of Shannon Harps was his threat to take me as a souvenir to hell, longstanding, because of Brian Eno and the Gurdjjief Taliban where I found Will Zell Broome. Pigeon-headed queer positives and their pink shrinks fell in with the macabre science fiction of Reagan’s criminal mind. They gloated to see John Lennon’s shadow dramatized as a metaphor by the foetus they left in my toilet before raping my girlfriend. One could argue effectively in a normal society that my soul is my own, you look after your own, but this is more than friendly concern about a neighbor, and to be sure as a Christian I too see something more than a little uneasy about toying with the idea of hell. No something more blasphemous and hoary emits from Peter Gabriel and his racebaiting ruse about a one night stand authored by the guilty woman, akin to Y2K. Gabriel has used me along with Bush, my soul and poetry for expiation of a crime they commissioned and the thought of me with Midori drives the an English so red with rage it wants to blow up the world, when I never did anything wrong to them.

    When I sought to investigate, warn and protect the an English rabid saw only its rabid obsession with penetration of Midori Goto.

    Paul McCartney is a criminal psychopath. It is impossible to know if Goto is his partner or his hostage. It’s very interesting and they think of is as a masterpiece of equity to human traffick further victims of child torture. Hitler tortured little Jimmy, Jimmy squealed. Hitler gits to torture little Jimmy again. Ain’t that equity? MYUH!

    The great mysterian of Africa who yammered his harbinger for Obama, someone Youssou N’dour gloatered, his tongue lolling at the race spoils that came with confederacy. I’ll never forget some details that irk me, mind you, not proof in this one exactly small aside issue, the death of my dad, like Ngyuna Kabugi (pronounced Jagoona Kaboogie) whose presence at Bethany shortly before the death of my father had me singing in the basement of the school, I’m Nyguna Kabugi and I’ve come straightforth to tell you, how to get rid of your teacher today”. Of course everyone knows that it was Chikita Kirshner’s son Miles who had me in D.C. when Reagan shot Hinckley and that Ralph Tive, whose son Michael selectioned me for receipt of the SONY Lennon murder pussyball war papers targetting Ms. Goto, mysteriously appears in dad’s last book (in which his name is quarantined strangely by layout artists) about George Leader. Oh, and the NY Times obituary that doesn’t say he was 72 years old instead saying 70. The words, “injecting”, “Germany” and “LaRoche” in the letter that appears on the back of the obituary published in Pittsburgh shortly after Pitt, particularly magic fingers Erhlen, taunted me about rejecting a nutrition center and dad showed up with a loss of appetite. Erhlen the Magician was in charge of ancient medicine which he called witchcraft.

    I haven’t gotten on a train to New York City, like Bill Buckley’s proverbial Lenin “baccilus” injected into the belly of the beast yet for moral reasons, but with the latest developments to my stomach and heart, health care has suddenly become a very serious problem. I also know that Bill Clinton turned on the brainbeam. Only Bill Clinton can turn it off. Seattle Hospitals wouldn’t cure me even if they could, they’d lash out again as soon as I was a little bit better from their care. This is a congenital immaturity: a Reagan syndrome among even those hwo had the sense to deplore him. Bowie and Ichiro’s tagteam bray of Aaron Burke for my refusal to apologoy. They want me to apology. They compare the situation to Alexander Hamilon.

    Raking the coals of foreign fraud has always been the slink and betrayer Christopher Hitchens. Daddy used the word betrayal toward the end of his life. I never wanted to. I didn’t like the word. It smacks of Reaganheaded suspicion creepies, but I was wrong, that’s exactly what happened. Hitchens was always one of those parasitic creature, a gonzo adventurer, who latched onto the world’s corruption as a hardboiled blacklister from the powerless Left (except when attacking the helpless, then they had power, and friends, like the car thieves on glue from Pittsburgh to whom Ringo Starr sacrificed Princess Diana in pussyball) and to thereby make himself impervious to counterattack on character grounds. He holds forth in character of English that a man is his snivel and a snivel is a man. He is unashamed of murdering his allies, or recognizing their misery. He, like Peter Gabriel, found a jewish boy hiding and crying in the cesspool of the outhouse and took a whizzy at him. This is the nature of an English. A bilious man, he trivialized the public welfare and crowned himself The Prince of Fools.

    Clinton didn’t just cover for mass murder and warp the story to make 911 into catharsis. He unleashed the UltraHigh brainbeam, the gravest tragedy to American Civil Rights imaginable, and he destroyed my good name and that of Midori’s.


  1. Mac Crary says:

    June 25, 2011 at 2:43 am (Edit)

    Day Nine: For many people, the decades long stalking of my person by Rick Santorum has the dreadful overtones of Kent State. Reagan himself said, “I may yet” when I asked if he planned to kill me. Santorum takes very seriously that I’m onto their game. Most readers expect the showdown to be anti-climactic because so familiar with the details, but new ground is broken every time sorceror Rick winds another rationalization. He represents Pennsylvania and a huge chunk of Iowa, he has backing from Yoko Ono and the trust of Barack Obama. Therefore, he can lie, cheat, act-up, do as he pleases, but he has never come out of the hangdog shadows and there’s a reason for this sad fact. He can’t face the content of his own message about me. It has to be sly, encrypted, grapevine and underwritten by the pigs and Bar Associations who walked on me in the name of an experimental right wing …prank… as they call it, and they regard as deadly serious.

    What new ground?

    One of the tawdry tales Santorum and Chris Hitchens love to tell is that a 13 year old devil Jimmy was taken to bed by a 19 year old Don Ostro and 15 year old Andrea Swimmer who had an I.U.D. In asking Santorum what our ages were, and relative experience, he rejoins that this is special, this is Ayn Rand, these weren’t his children, this was the child of a humanist so the laws of Pennsylvania have no application. Beer was present, nothing matters less. Jimmy’s deafness, trauma-related confusion, age 15 had nothing to do with not sending him to the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, nothing to do with street crime singling him out; nothing to do with absence of meaningful adolescent rehab, terror of Shuman Center, crafty, deplorable adults like Chuck Watts, the mind-bending influence of all that acid rock on the airwaves. Nope. Devil Jimmy, humanist, Santorum sneers.

    Santorum appropriates a rehabilitation model for the here and now highly familiar for its droning. Everyone can see Crary’s shadowed eyes, listlessness from being a pornojunkie. What Santorum doesn’t commend to the slurs he emits is that the rehab model is voyeuristic, heaped in the violence behind Ostro and Swimmer. He doesn’t let on that from the age of ten Michael Tive’s goal was to use me to create smut films about Midori Goto whatever her consent. It is this evil and sinister package of Warhol surveillance films, including the rape of deaf Jeannie, that Santorum and his trading partners Al Gore and Larry Flynt are really advocating for through Hillary’s carrot tape and demand for apology. People don’t like when I get to the root of things. They’re-just-words suddenly become insults.

    The claim that Midori Goto is Santorum’s prisoner stands or falls on the idea that Yoko Ono and Ichiro Suzuki would physically attack her if I wasn’t tortured. I think Arnold Schwarzenegger used delusion construction to give this impression so that he could say she had the right to demand I be tortured in defense of herself. The reasoning isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Warlord Reagan felt the tribe was wronged and that anything I did to the tribe he was going to do to her. Legend and counter-legend conflict at this juncture. In one she says, “goodie”. In the other she still waits if I only would give the blessing of my trifle: Apology.

    King Crimson and Billy Graham are the fools we have lived always known. How strange it is that a deaf man can have his life expectancy vanquished in torture construed as hazing over a very serious “ruse”. By gospel of Santorum’s agency the scroll of Gail Burstyn was found and lampooned. Reagan didn’t know but took to it like a zealot. This case is more than a little strange and already was in 1985 when Amanda Harcourt told me the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and some stuff about the treason of succulent machines. On Mt. Desert Island Hillary Logan was present as a tart from a religious devil play political action. In the AIDS Onslaught the idea was to divide and unify. The pisschrists were the greater moral good, you understand. We all value moral good. Excellent learning. Further, the precedent act is that if you pull a very cruel fast one on a child, the child is automatically your slave.

    Hollywood thinks very highly of little Rosa’s services to the U.S. Secret Service. It illustrates very significantly the issue of Oliver Stone’s role in American society. Until Midori Goto became a Crary prospect, the issue of Leslie Katz wasn’t being played. Rosa was given to me quite licentiously and casually. Nobody got dismally or dementedly surreptitious warning Kathy Hayford when we lived together in Montana. But when Obama wanted to dag Helen of Troy all hell broke loose and his crafty intelligence informants have been extremely revealing. They led the enemy to its own self-destruction, warning that way lies hell, and since power holds domain we will be feared and thus have peace the weak would be cheated. Naturally, education is expendible. Freedom of the press quaint. Reality plastic.

    Since Midori cannot sustain the ruse that Ono is trying to attack her for her insufferable insolence in endearing me, it follows they pulled this off together in wicked partnership. If that is wrong and Goto is Reagan’s hostage, why not part ways? The Beatles will kill her? Obama? How awful, Ms. Goto.

    Jimmy was a perfectly nice kid on his own terms who hitchhiked to St. Louis from Pittsburgh to hear Robert Fripp play and put together the relevant casework necessary to ascertain if Reagan was behind Gail Burstyn. The lame and thick-headed defense Hitchens offered is that it was in his psychological profile, but he didn’t know. He was framed. When Santorum thinks he can get away with it, like saying I threatened Leslie, he claims framed by me. If this was in Reagan’s psychological profile why did you vote for him? Why did you not investigate? Why did you not make sure? Likewise if you thought me a rapist why did you elect to send in little Rosa? It is obvious from the fact that they set me up with Rosa that they knew rape was out of the question. It served them to monger the idea while knowing me innocent. Accordingly they can’t and won’t bother explaining the cruelty to a deaf man with neurotrauma in their despicable HIV threat for REM Taliban hoax, and its job in dibs warfare pussyball. Trapped in Pittsburgh, a deaf tragedy, they want to dictate who my friends were. All my friends they say thought it was fitting.

    Why did the Beatles have to take something for the good, like Jimmy and Midori, turn it to evil in order to say they want to take something evil and turn it for the good? They are syphillitic practical jokers who care nothing for the other as such among the rights of man is why. Because they think Reagan didn’t know, that’s all, they think he didn’t, (the evidence he did is so grave they won’t let it be reported), they invented the element of trust. Jump back!


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