Even academics where such issues are usually open for discussion spurn the subject of British support of Reagan during AIDS.  It’s a blood, sweat and tears topic.  Peter Gabriel engaged in Capitol Offense gaming for Britain in East Liberty of Pittsburgh where a full-developed Nazi Italian girl seduced me before pubscence.  She was younger than me, giving the Reagans claim that a statuatory demarcation had been crossed by me.  Their evil notion was to start young and ingrain the habits of mind they wanted to embalm as the enemy within.  Martin Luther King never left the side of Gandhi.  He was deeper than anyone else.  His philosophy of non-violent advance towards social justice has been derailed by a march of sadism mysterians.  Hollywood corrupted King’s vision.  This fact is terribly important. 

     I read a passage in a book about the fascists in which an Italian woman finally shot a nazi.  She wrote, “I was weeping as I fired.”  Many times Nazis got innocent people to shoot other innocent people, “weeping as they fired,” too.  Shooting nazis is not the same thing.  This fact is used to sell against non-violence.  This haliographic conversion from non-violence to the principle of justified violence was then militated mysterianlike into a principle of violence itself.  Robert Fripp says rightness is defined by principle.  If you are to believe in such absolutes you might say that sincerity is a virtue.  Yet racists are sincere.  Clearly Fripp knows nothing of principle when using violence to titillate those who started AIDS as a thunder and lightning show by Pink Floyd to entertain the afflicted.
    Never underestimate the harm that can be done by the British Tabloid Press.  They are the Pravda of Sir Paul McCartney.  There was always something grating about Beatles hypocrisy, John Lennon, the sexoholic with the Asian wife pronouncing working class rhetoric.  The Beatles themselves liked to hum of themselves being, “the biggest bas-ards of them all” which by the way would include Stalin, putting him in their shadow.  Having established this rhetorical precedent, I see no reason to disagree.  

     Dexter King’s biggest failure has been to underestimate the danger of Intellectual Property absolutism.  The tact he took with his partner at Carnegie Mellon University militated against The Public’s Right to Know in favor of a war game that gave the upper hand to the most reactionary nazism American society has ever faced, a fact of life now, given how widely AIDS has spread, even if you stand in allegiance crowing that Reagan didn’t know.  This catastrophe was negotiated by The Beatles through their attorney for British Labor named Amanda Harcourt.

      Amanda Harcourt, whose name appears on Peter Gabriel’s SO and who my mother Nancy Moore gave testimony to Sound Mental Health regarding, took a concept art approach to AIDS affirmative of the scriptwriters who penned the atrocity in order to bring it to light for British advantage.  Harcourt’s concept art concept was to just keep using me for sex, to keep hiring attack prostitutes, tampering.  I have a severe neuroplasm and am deaf.  This was a strategy of personality change through malpractice intended to justify lighting me on fire in immolation.  Like a nazi demanding that innocent people be fired upon she continues to act as though refusal to persecute over sex was itself a nazi attitude, in much the style that Oliver North compared himself to Martin Luther King when mining Nicaraguan harbors in violation of Congress.  Amanda however is very clever and appeals to toxic attitudes among the Gay Community which she rallies in the name of John Lennon. 

       AIDS was made possible by unstated attitudes about scarcity.  I coined the term:  “Reagan Reds” for his support group among the John Bull fascists of British Labor.  Obama is their salesman, and he is more an extension of Reagan than a march of progress coming from Martin Luther King.  This doesn’t mean that the British do not evoke Africa when it serves them.  When Black Power people in America say that protecting the Black minority is our priority, I agree, but don’t bring Africa into it.  Black racism and Black nazism tend to come with Pan-African baggage.  It’s something you learn when studying AIDS.  Black on Black atrocity is very serious in Africa, even if some of its roots are colonial.  To answer this problem requires a sense of proportion and an understanding of the current situation.  

       Civil Rights and Human Rights are a great divide.  My father Ryland Wesley Crary believed in human rights and joined the African Peace Corps after serving as a Lieutenant in the Navy during the Great Pacific War.  Many people assume that human rights is a subtext of human rights, because Martin Luther King kept this in mind, but for the NAACP the truth has always been just the opposite.  While the role of the NAACP is to protect the minority physically and spiritually, the NAACP is also however very Asia-phobic.  Duvall, a union leader at the Community College of Allegheny County, a Black man, said he supported Bush’s decision to release AIDS.  He also told me that China is “absolute evil.”  People like Reagan put it to Black people like Oprah Winfrey and Dexter King this way:  Do you want us to protect your money from communism?  Yes or no!

        British Labor see me inherently as a statistic.  They rally around the idea that I have no right not to be HIV negative.  My father wrote a book called Humanizing the School.  I could never have imagined a lifetime of such dehumanization.  40 years of criminal sadism in answer to just being a nice person, and these legends just came out of what seemed to be the woodwork when I was just a public school child.  Because they had someone to blame in a silly way they could’t be bothered to approach the crime properly as investigators.  They have used me for hideous entertainment in slavery, abusing me and destroying me in crying atrocities aimed at my soul.

        Cathy Hoog, stunned by Greg Karl’s discourse from within the plot, which included the phrase:  “The listener is led through a bewildering myriad of surface details to arrive at the fundamental theme.”  I offered the word “complexnifying” to describe Harcourt’s virological like ability to morph her arguments into new heaps of lie and aggression, demanding answer because poisonous and deadly.  The creation of desperate art from a creature they regard as a hostage puppetwriter depends much on commissioning identity crime and then sneering that it is all true and demanding answer. 

         There is a reason police will not intervene.  It is a deflating situation for them.  They regard the world through a very simple prism of public relations about themselves.  It reminds me of a Deep Purple concert I saw.  The band played many encores, and throughout the gig I was amazed at the enthusiasm and relentless jamming of a black fan in the audience.  On the last encore the band made a racist comment and the man collapsed in absolute disbelief.  So did I, but in those days Wallace was popular in the City of Pittsburgh.  Mother used to have to student teach at a high school that was often surrounded by burning cars that had been flipped over.  The government of the United States is not in the dark about this report, they are humiliated and holding on by the teeth, hopeful that the Beatles can rescue them with tactical violence aimed at destruction of understanding.

         The NAACP wants to have it both ways.  They compared me to George Wallace, saying I should be asking for forgiveness.  However, it is very presumptious that the NAACP should consider themselves in the position of forgiving anybody.  Probably one of the reasons hearts when out to Wallace is that the NAACP, Alabama church, saw themselves as being redeemed for their noxious support of the Vietnam War.

         The Toxic attitude management style of the Beatles and Harcourt , British Labor, recently resulted in a stomach poison crime.  I now have trouble eating.  The danger of intellectual property is answered of course by the so-well-then here’s what I’ll do style of Reagan by the NAACP.  They home invasion, contract attack prostitutes and cybernanny maliciousness, accusing me of being “offsides” in writing essays in my own personal blog.  Now how does that work?  They even aggressed to the point of Ultrahigh, waking me with words like:  Everyone is so sad about you going to prison for the rest of your life.  They struck at me blindside as child, arbitrarily, as if it was nothing.   

         When I met Jason, who made a television show called Kidsburg with my stepbrother David Lucarelli of 20th Century Fox, I noted his resemblance to Ian Wattenmaker, named in the Lennon murder script sent to me by Gail Burstyn when I was tortured as a child, something I was blamed for because I never understood them.  They were playing Pin the Tale on the Donkey when I first met Jason at one of his birthday parties.  He was very belligerent towards me.  It was never a secret that my sister Laura wanted me dead, she always said so openly in front of her friends, nor that my mother Nancy is entirely enthralled by British Government.  In the stomach poison crime, my mother took me to Portland, Oregon on her annual visit and we stayed at Mark Spenser Hotel.  The trigger is Spencer Tracy.  Tracy Tran is the doctor who gave me Prilosec.  They had in their records that I bite my fingernails until they bleed and this made me paranoid about being forced to lick the wounds of AIDS victims as they demanded, so they inflicted a crime against my stomach lining so that bacteria from nailbiting now causes onset gingivitis.  The eye of suspicion falls on Sharon Tomiko Santos, a local representative from Japan who stood outside my apartment once smoking over furiously.  This is supposed to symbolize protest about my being a pornojunkie.

         I was slow as a child to understand metaphors and puns.  The Send-em-a-Message style of George Wallace is the essence of Peter Gabriel’s Hidden Pun Company.  People who haven’t been in jail don’t understand extortion and blackmail the way people who have endured implicit communication and enforcement battle lines there have.  Gabriel also uses Karma war and Yojimbo technique, or Karma Yojimbo.  Paul McCartney was encouraging Eric Slagle and Kathee DiPietro in Pittsburgh, even though that faction ended up killing Princess Diana, because his only objective was ever to stomp on my being allowed to ever see Midori Goto.  It has the cast of Royalty about it.  Instead, Ringo Starr and Oliver Stone started following me with lookalikes of truly criminally insane assassins who tortured me as a child, financed by Larry Flynt, with the message, if you are going to take up with a poet from the street, you’d better make room for child molesters from the alley.  I’m unfit for high office, lots of people are, how does that me guilty of such an outrage?  Because I had dreams?

         The NAACP has become supreme at the art of doubletalk.  While Aaron Dixon holds that if I were a Black man I would be in prison for the situation that embroiled me, the opposite is far too obviously true.  Jesse Jackson was not only forgiven adultery, if he heard of a black child kidnapped, tortured, molested, deafened and then terroristically threatened by pedophile blackmail he would have brought the roof down.

         As King Crimson says in one of their mentally ill songs, this is a case of “innocence raped” by them.

         Why was a poet really destroyed?  Because I believe that the waste on weapons in our post-Cold War society, inherited from the Cold War, reinforces scarcity which in turn pressures people to de-humanize as each group looks for a scapegoat.  The objective now is to expose the AIDS backstab and force an accounting that redefines the political dialogue in favor of human rights.

          The claim that I was a fake had no basis in reality.  I never claimed to be anything but a library clerk.  Hollywood was using as their measure a Catholic Worker device that holds criminally deranged hate crime to be in the interest of spiritual education, and builds bondage among victims with the leer, “why should you get away?”

the eye of suspicion falls upon the rapist pig

4 Comments to “HELP POLICE!”

  1. Q. Do you really hear voices?
    A. Nah. I’m just defending the principle of the thing.

  2. Q. Did Will Zell speak as reported?
    A. Clinton says no.

  3. Q. If the pigs commit a crime and only the United States Government hears about it, was it one?

    A. Probably not. Does it yammer like a thingummy?

  4. Q. Why were the Strubberlins able to pull off the AIDS Onslaught?
    A. Because child rapists like Martin Luther King III begin to giggle like crazy whenever someone says the word: Thex!
    Prince Charles: Thex! Thex! That’s Prince Charles’ word! My WORD! MY WORD! Give me back my word!

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